Small Changes - 11/12/2017

Speak with Jesmona in the Slayer portal to for quick teleports to your slayer tasks; for a price. Improvements: ::gamble command Ogre's added to castle wars & training teleports Jesmona slayer task teleporting Changes: Improved player logs for selling items to shops Added ring of kingship to new accounts Fixes: Dragon chain id fix (talk to a member of staff if you can't equip yours) ....
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Enchanted Valley - 10/12/2017

The enchanted valley, a mysterious area where creatures of the earth roam, great for gathering resources. Access it using fairy ring code bkq. Due to the influx of pvp armour in the economy all pvp armour now has halved bonuses outside of pvp areas. This will hopefully bring incentive for players to kill other monsters and obtain better armour sets. Improvements: Enchanted valley Added Entrana monks to Port Sarim Iron....
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Donor benefits - 07/12/2017 Full list of donor benefits Improvements: Donor portal Kalphite queen, corporeal beast & dagannoth king instances for donors Daily donor points New king black dragon combat script Changes: Experience counter no longer displays xp drops on login Metal dragon breath damage fix Bug lantern added to slayer shop ....
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Server Stats

  • Players Online: 40+
  • Server Status: Online
  • Staff Online: 5
  • Top Donator: Trodal
  • Top Poster: Chillpwned