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      If you find any bugs when playing the server, please report them here so that they can be fixed! 

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      A general discussion for all Iron Men. Ask questions, give advice or just discuss anything!

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      Want to give us some kind words on what FuryPS does well? Or even something it doesn't! All feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    3. Server Suggestions

      If you feel like the sever could be improved in some way please tell us!

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    • Haha I love sharing the knowledge. Especially for excellent spots like this for leveling harder modes quicker 
    • Flower Poker (FP) Hands Ranked Highest to Lowest BLACK or WHITE are replays, start from the beginning ______________________________________________________ 5 Of a Kind (5oak) X  X  X  X  X Strongest hand you can get, unbeatable... unless you draw (yea right) ______________________________________________________ 4 Of a Kind (4oak) X  X  X  X  X Second strongest hand you can get, 4 of the same colours ______________________________________________________ Full House (Full/FH) X  X  X  X  X Still rare, and usually leads to a victory... ______________________________________________________ 3 Of a Kind (Oak) X  X  X  X  X Somewhat common, and a reliable hand to win. ______________________________________________________ 2 Pairs (2p) X  X  X  X  X Not bad, not bad at all ______________________________________________________ 1 Pair (1p) X  X  X  X  X At least you got something! ______________________________________________________ Nothing X  X  X  X  X Better pray your opponent is as unlucky as you!
    • Yes thank you for activily being in-game and finding all your issues which you post on the thread <3   Also warriors guild should be profitable now alching dragon defenders! NEW WAY OF CASH
    • I asked you 15 minutes ago about hunter and it's already here in the update. Legendary! Thank you very much for all the hard work!
    • Disruptions over, back to regular consistent updates   Improvements: Gem bag functionality (can hold up to 100 uncut gems) Herbicide (returns grimy herb drops into x2 cleaning exp) ::reset password command for admins Changes: Untradeable items dropped on death in wilderness now only turn to coins if pked Changes to owner ::find command to support non-alphabet characters Changes to dragon defender & dragon 2h alch prices Gravestone interface now shows with other interfaces (gwd kc) Added hunter trap messages to filter Fixes: Fixed client loading bar text/message showing First adventure getting stuck under sage npc
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