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    • All I can say is that I love this server, one of my favourites. I wanna play here more with the friends I made because every one of them were like a family, might be a vague way of saying it, but truly everyone was kind,friendly and helpful. I really do want to get more involved with the server and see the it grow because it has smart things like nex drops for up to 5 people or corporeal beast for up to 3 people, I have not seen that anywhere,tradable pk point system is a great thing aswell it gives a sort of reward for the pkers because you cuold ussualy save up for items or sell them to players for a decent amount of coins, it was sad to see the last few days before the shut down, at that moment I was online a lot and I would see the few (3-4) players online the same ones in fact it was truly heart breaking to see the server dying after the time I spent playing on it with some very cool people who I still tried to hype up for the relaunch (even though I was out of hope at that time). So yeah, I do believe the server can be great if we had updates,bug fixes and some more activities to do. Sorry for the long note for you guys. Thank you for reading, I love you all. Hope for the best!
    • On the Custom Maps/Custom content: I'd say you should add them as long as they fit with the feel and aesthetic of the server. The fact that the server is so similar to pre-eoc rs made using the wiki to find out stuff very handy.   PvP Changes: Not the greatest pvper myself, but a more rewarding pvp environment might be a good idea to draw in new players. Also, make it so there are skilling areas or rewarding bosses in wilderness, to bring the pvmers/skillers to risk areas where they might be attacked (Revenant caves comes to mind).   Levels/Wealth Reset: I'm conflicted on stats/wealth reset.  On one side there's a lot of people (myself included) who have a lot a of exp and bank and wouldn't like a reset of some levels or items such as 120 dungeoneering or an upgraded torva set and dom swords and bows) On the other hand, if it  really needs to be reset for a better server then do it, there is potential fun in building back up.   This is a biased suggestion, but you could keep exp and give these options when someone logs in for the first time: - Reset bank and get all donor points back (this is for you that made poor store choices or lost your donor store items) - Get no donor points and keep only the items that are store exclusives such as inferno adze, dominion items, upgraded torva/pernix and maybe rares/rings).  (this is for you that worked in-game for those high tier donor items).   My reasoning: The prior suggestion only keeps very rare expensive items that have very low liquidity and won't sell/be part of the economy until there is a player base big enough to produce wealth to move them around. This also purges everything from barrows, GWD and NEX making those minigames/bosses useful and relevant again. My Bias: I have a full upgraded torva and dom swords/crossbow that I'd be sad to let go   Still, good luck with your work, Fury. Ps. I'm still emerald donor in the forums lol
    • First post for me! Although i only spent a month or so playing the server, i think we should do a complete reset. Refund the donors as previously stated (I'm not a donor, but believe it's fair). I think what kept me on fury was I really enjoyed the pk bots, because i'm not very good at pking and there was always someone to fight.  There was a solid small but active and fun community. Afterzun and Erix were great. I enjoyed all of the bosses. I also enjoyed the modes you could choose for your character. Just enough options without being overwhelmed.  One thing i may suggest is that, upon creating a new account, automatically redirect to the forum registration page if possibe. I think a major role is going to be community activities.  Thank you for this relaunch opportunity Fury. You've got a great server, we can make it boom again!
    • not stats and no wealth reset we put all our time to collect the items, rares etc if wealth would be resetted its actualy was all our effort for nothing  
    • New things to do would be great. With pre eco you can only do so much without getting burned out.    I would be okay with a level reset.   I would also be okay with a level and wealth reset if we could somehow keep achievements.   Keeping donor would be great as well.  
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