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    • Used this method for a big part of my construction grind. Highly recomment it. Thank you for making a guide for it.
    • Hey guy's so I have been seeing some discussion over Vote store and currently we are adding brawler gloves. We are also considering making a Skilling box which will have rewards following this format Common 650/1000 Item name Uncommon 300/1000 Item name Rare 45/1000 Item name Legendary 5/1000 Item name   If you guy's have any other ideas for the Vote Shop and if you guys can help us fill in the Skilling box which will contain the Rarest skilling outfits then please tell us
    • Nice guide, Added to list of guides
    • Guest Ryann
      Efficient, convenient and cost effective method of training both construction and farming   Cost to max Construction and Farming is 260M   When trading the Sawmill Operator in Edgeville next to the Player Owned House portal, we can see a number of useful bagged plants are stocked. These are a good balance of cost, speed, and experience. As planks are expensive, planting bagged plants offers the cheapest way to reach 99 construction. As it also brings farming experience, this is surprisingly efficient. Note: To install bagged plants, we will need a watering can. This can be obtained by teleporting via Skill > Farming > Ardougne patches. Here, we can trade the master farmer for four full watering cans. I have labelled each of the plants we will be using.  A: Bagged Plant 1. Level 1-5
      B:        Dead Tree. Level 5-10
      C:       Nice Tree, Level 10-15
      D:        Oak Tree, Level 15-30
      E:    Willow Tree, Level 30-45
      F:     Maple Tree, Level 45-50
      G:        Yew Tree, Level 60-75
      H:    Magic Tree, Level 75-99   The Method Bring four full watering cans to the POH shop, with the rest of your slots empty. If your watering cans need refilling (after a run), then use the well at home. Buy the correct tree for your level from the player owned house show Enter your POH in Building Mode. Next to your portal, there is a tree and a small plant slot. This is where you will be planting your trees. Simply right click the grey slot and choose the plant you're dealing with. Once it's built, remove it, then repeat this action of planting and removing until you run out of plants. When you're out of plants, TP home and refill your watering cans in the well. Run back down to the portal and buy the trees, then enter and repeat. I've worked it out, this is more cost efficient than using any type of plank. In my opinion, you should always use the best tree for your level.                     Tested Experience Rates: Regular: 10m construction/farming experience per hour Extreme: 2.4m construction/farming experience per hour Legend: 240k construction/farming experience per hour        
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