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    • Guest Big girl
      This is more of a design flaw imo. The lack of enjoyable things at the beginning is the problem. Not the slow leveling. Grinding can be fun if you have something to do while doing it. There's tons of mmos that are "grindy" but still manage to have a grand player base due to the experience they provide. 
    • Guest Sammy
      Hi Fury, Sammy here. Somehow I can't reach my forum account... Make the XP-rates easier and don't copy everything exactly as it was in pre-EOC. Since I am maxed on this server, I know the XP-struggle. No other server has this big of a grind, which is a big difference. The purpose of a server is that it is enjoyable to play, with faster loot and faster XP than the actual RS. Even tho I was playing on normal mode, I had to play for 2 hours straight to max out a single combat stat, if I am not mistaken. This takes too long in my opinion and unsatisfies the new players. For a server, I reckon that I can get 99 strength within half an hour, since new players want to start bossing asap. This way, they can get new and better items.    Dont copy everything exactly as it was in pre-EOC. With this I mean, for example: - degradable armour (polypore degrading, ganodermic, barrows etc.) - bossing being hard, and only with teams (almost impossible to do GWD alone, Nex, KBD, QBD) This will demotivate new players, since they need grind even more. Only then they can kill a boss and since not much people are online, they cant team on bosses. This makes new players demotivated.  - droprate  PLEASE, change the droprate of the high-tier items. For example, I had to kill for maybe 5-7 hours straight to get a vine for my whip. If people want to grind their XP, they can choose the mode, but no new player wants to grind 5-7 hours for a single vine. This is a private server which must be fun to play and less of a grind than the actual RS. I'm not saying that it must be really easy to get a high tier item, but right now only people with torva, dominion can boss. - Make the highscore cap at 200M xp and let the total level be the dominant factor. This will motivate new players.  - Like Muse said, I can help wherever needed.    - If youre giving the items back to players who have donated, whats the point of resetting bank/xp? This gives a big headstart for donators compared to normal players. It will take a long time to get the items for the new players compared to donators. I would suggest  to keep atleast the stats as they are now. - remove the pk bots. I HATE them and everyone knows why.  
    • I support the relaunch, reset in both levels and gold. Improvements on the donor zones etc would be good as well as refunding ranks so people don't lose out on money! 
    • You can consider me back, also don't mind helping out the process @Fury I've been learning lots of things while I've been gone.   Muse.
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