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  8. One Year Anniversary

    Good stuff love seeing still up when i check from time to time.. Great job
  9. When im trying to log in i get message: Unexpected server response. Please try a differente world. Someone can help me Nick in game: Todera

    Ourg bones 150k and frost dragon bones 400-500k and nearly same prayer xp from both? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Other than that good job though, great guide or are frost drags more expensive just cause rich noobs go for comp maybe lol, hmm
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  12. Goliath gloves need buff

    big difference in price just for +1
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  14. Regis Staff application

    Accepted to the staff team, welcome
  15. Regis Staff application

    Really nice guy, very knowledgeable, best of luck!
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  17. Regis Staff application

    by far the best candidate for helper. kind and out going and willing to help everyone with a genuine aspect to helping the server get the support it needs! 1 million percent yes! <3
  18. Anciency's Staff Apply

  19. Regis Staff application

    Timezone: Venezuelan Standard Time (VET), (GMT-5) Discord Tag: Regis#1411 Languages: English and some degree of Spanish Ingame name: Regis Your contributions to Fury: I have made three decently popular guides revolving around underappreciated wilderness bosses and have helped many players in-game. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team? I have never hesitated to help or take people around to show the server and its features. I maintain good relations with current staff (and even some ex-staff) and no players seem to hold grudges towards me [I hope so]. I have a good understanding of the game and even some of the best features of the server. It is said you need 1000 hours to become an expert on a field. I'm probably 73% expert on Fury already. And getting better everyday How much time do you spend on Fury daily? I try to clock in at least 1-2 hours on week days. Generally during the window of 08:00-12:00 (server time) or 20:00-24:00 (server time). During weekends I try to spend quite a bit of time in here, at least 4 hours daily. Whenever possible I also try to hop in every other hour just for a bit (you can't miss the evil tree event! Too good!) What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team? 1. Knowledge - without a deep understanding of the game and the rules you can't help others, no matter how nice you are. 2. Willingness to help - Being staff is a life of solving other peoples problems and answering questions, one must be prepared to do so, and patiently deal with players of all levels of in-game knowledge. 3. Reliability - Simply put, you have to be there to be able to help. Thank you for the opportunity, folks.

    A good measure of how accurate the price guide is how many times you've seen the items sold/bought for the suggested price. This represents nicely the average and the range of prices I've seen in a good period of time. Great guide, ZZ we were really in need of this!

    Thanks for this static its really helpful

    Thanks for the price guide, keep up the good work !

    So everyone has been asking in game for a more up to date price guide. now please note this is current market and prices always fluctuate, so please use this a rough guide only and should stop you getting scammed. Price's correct as of 30/01/2019.. Anything missed please let me know and ill be happy to add it. Things like Void/Chaotics/Kiln Cape/Tok Ring/Charming Imp are untradeable. Torva, Pernix and Virtus sets - 1.2B ea (400m ea piece) Bando's Set - 140-160M (70-80M ea piece) Armadyl Set - 120M (40M ea piece) Royal Dhide Set - 20M ( Dhide obtained from killing Qbd) Ganodermic Set - 80-100M (Beware.. This does Degrade) Dagonhai Set - 20M Dharok's Set - 40M (10M ea piece) Akrisae Set - 40M (10M ea piece) Verac's Set - 32M (8M ea piece) Guthan's Set - 28M (7M ea piece) Karil's Set - 24M (6M ea piece) Torag's Set - 20M (5m ea piece) Frozen Key Pieces - 200M ea Purple P'hat - 2.5B White P'hat - 4B Green P'hat - 3B Yellow P'hat - 3.5B Red P'hat -4B Blue P'hat -5B All Hween Masks - 1B ea Santa Hat - 700M Generic Cosmetics - 2M ea piece Gilded Armour - 10M ea piece Donor Scrolls - 300M every $10 Vote Books - 5M Mystery Box - 30-40M Overload Potions -900K-1M Rocktails - 10K ea Coal - 20K ea Cannon Ball - 3K ea Hexcrest & Focus Sight - 30M ea Black Mask - 5-10M Agility Tickets - 100K ea D Bones - 100-150K ea Frost Bones - 400-500K ea Ourg Bones - 150K ea Dag Bones - 200K ea Infernal Ashes - 85K ea Mahogany Logs - 10K ea Magic Logs - 15 -20K ea Grenwall Spikes 15K ea Dragonbone Upgrade Kit - 450M Dragon Boots - 5M Bando's Boots - 8-10M Steadfast Boots - 180M Ragefire Boots - 140M Glaiven Boots - 150-160M Ranger Boots - 15M (Robin Hat 10M, set 25M) Dominion Bow - 2.5B (Hard to find seller) Dominion Staff - 2B (Hard to find seller) Dominion Sword - 2.3B (Hard to find seller) Armadyl Godsword - 150M Zamorak Godsword - 130M Saradomin Godsword - 100-110M Bandos Godsword - 35M Saradomin Sword - 20M Staff Of Light - 20M Armadyl Staff - 70-90M Poly Staff - 120-150M Zamorak Spear - 300-350M Dragon Claws - 300M Zaryte Bow - 300M Abyssal Whip - 8-10M Abyssal Vine Whip - 150M Dark Bow - 3-5M Obby Maul - 5-10M Granite Maul - 5-8M Dragon Hatchet - 7M Dragon Pickaxe - 5M Gilded Dragon Pickaxe - 10-15M Vesta Set - 120M (40M ea Piece) Statius Set - 90M (30M ea Piece) Morrigans Set - 75M (25M ea Piece) Zuriels set - 60M (20M ea piece) Statius Warhammer - 35M Vesta Longsword - 50-60M Vesta Spear - 30M Zuriel's Staff - 30M Soulstones - 3M ea PLEASE NOTE> CURRUPT IS THE SAME VALUE. BOTH TYPES DONT DEGRADE Spectral Spirit Shield - 150M Arcane Spirit Shield - 180-200M Divine Spirit Shield - 800M Elysian Spirit Shield - 1B Dragon Fire Shield - 40M Ring Of Wealth - 200k (Can be made easily) Ring Of Wealth (i) - 50M Berzerker Ring - 5M Berzerker Ring (i) - 30M Warrior Ring - 5M Warrior Ring (i) - 25M Seer's Ring - 3M Seer's Ring (i) - 20M Archer's Ring - 4M Archer's Ring (i) - 20-22M Amulet Of Fury - 30-40M Berzerker Necklace - 40M Uncut Onyx - 35 - 40M Blood Necklace - 300M Fero Ring 800-850M
  24. Anciency's Staff Apply

    100% yes from me, seem such a nice person when i have spoken and knowledge is carried so far in this server. be a great addition to the team without a doubt! hopefully see you on board with us!
  25. Anciency's Staff Apply

    +1 you are one of the most knowledgable players and clearly enjoy fury best of luck sir
  26. Anciency's Staff Apply

  27. Anciency's Staff Apply

    FuryPS needs new staff members, and out of all the players, i'd say you are probably the best candidate since you are a veteran player, have plenty of experience and knowledge in the game and have donated an incredible amount to keep the server alive. Definite +1 GL
  28. Anciency's Staff Apply

    Timezone: GTM +1 (Belgium) Discord Tag: Glenn#4503 Languages: English & Dutch InGame name: Anciency & Legend Anc Your contributions to Fury: Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: Can spend much time online in the next months because im free of work. And most of the time that I am active there is no other staff member online to help other players. Loyal to the server and also (one of) the highest donator of our RSPS to stay Fury alive. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Changed day to day.. Minimum 3-4 hours a day What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Active, helpfull and Trustworthy
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