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  2. Why, Hello there...

    Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around
  3. Why, Hello there...

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the forums, will hopefully see you in game sometime
  4. Why, Hello there...

    i meet you once or twice already lol nice to see you on forums.=]
  5. Last week
  6. Dreams iron man goals

    it says its a drop from qbd if not then ill take it off tahnks for the support yea going to take a long ass time to do but should be alot of fun thanks for the support =]
  7. Why, Hello there...

    Hell yea dude. As you know i live kinda close to Detroit myself in Oakland County/West Bloomfield Michigan. I'm currently in my sophomore year at Michigan State and i just turned 20 last month myself. Hope to see you ingame, on forums and on discord often
  8. Why, Hello there...

    Hello, name's David or you can call me by my in-game name: Excellence (VVS Chain is my ironman and Ez For Me is my regular account). I'm currently 19 years old (turn 20 in 2 weeks), and I currently reside in this shithole called Detroit and just your average college student. I started playing on this server a few days ago and met some really wonderful people in the past 2 days. I got big into RSPS's when RS went to shit a few years ago, and I just stuck around hopping through different servers looking for a good one to stay in place and hopefully grow in. I look forward to meeting many more people on this server, and I'll be seeing you guys around in-game.
  9. Clue scroll

    Try googling the clue scrolls words, talk to Hassan at south edgeville to acquire all the items that you need, use the cheer emote and headbang emote in the emote tab.
  10. Dreams iron man goals

    oooooo looks like u got quite the journey ahead of u dreams =) good luck that looks like a lot of fun. Cool and unique way of setting up a goal list thread btw
  11. Dreams iron man goals

    Dragon Kiteshield, does that exist on Fury? And the plate drops from Tormented Demons, what are those for? Good luck on your journey, young adventurer! I'm cheering on you from the sideline
  12. Hey everyone i will be starting an iron man soon and i would like to post the goals i have in mind. ill keep this updated when i finish the goals and the date i finished it. ()=not finished (x)=finished Green text= set finished Barrows Dharork's Ahrim's Karil's Torrag's Verac's Arkisae ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon Glacors DKs Ganodermic TDs Corp Edimmu ( ) Steadfast boots ( ) Berserker ring ( ) Gano helm ( ) Dragon claws ( ) Divine ( ) Blood necklace ( ) Glaiven boots ( ) Archer ring ( ) Gano body ( ) Plate slice ( ) Ely ( ) Crystal bow ( ) Ragefire boots ( ) Seers ring ( ) Gano legs ( ) Plate lump ( ) Spec ( ) Crystal shield ( ) Staff of armadyl ( ) Warrior ring ( ) Polypore stick ( ) Plate shard ( ) Arcane Nex Queen Black Dragon ( ) Pernix cowl ( ) Virtus mask ( ) Torva Helmet ( ) Zaryte bow ( ) Royal torsion spring ( ) Royal bolt stabilizer ( ) Pernix body ( ) Virtus Body ( ) Torva Body ( ) Royal sight ( ) Dragon kiteshield ( ) Pernix legs ( ) Virtus legs ( ) Torva legs ( ) Royal frame Godwars Dungeon Capes ( ) Bandos frozen key ( ) Armadyl frozen key ( ) Zammy frozen key ( ) Sara frozen key ( ) Godsword shard 1 ( ) fire cape ( ) Bandos hilt ( ) Armadyl hilt ( ) zammy hilt ( ) sara hilt ( ) Godsword shard 2 ( ) TokHaar-Kal ( ) Bandos chest plate ( ) Armadyl helmet ( ) zammy spear ( ) Sara sword ( ) Godsword shard 3 ( ) Max cape ( ) Bandos Tassets ( ) Armadyl chest plate ( ) Steam battle ( ) Comp cape ( ) Bandos boots ( ) Armadyl chain skirt IGN: iron Dreams I wanted to add some xp goals in some skill but i wasnt sure what to do so this might come up later. Wish me luck on this journey =] it will be a long ass one.
  13. Clue scroll

    I have found a clue scroll however when I have tried to complete it dosn't want to work the scroll says: cheer in the barbarian agility arena, headbang before you speak to me, Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow and bronze boots would you guys be able to sort this as I would like to complete my clue scroll I have tried all different ways for the task to be completed but nothing is working
  14. Free Forum Sigs

    Oh haha, didn't think of that. That's actually making sense haha. I'll give it a go, cheers again man hopefully see you around in-game
  15. Free Forum Sigs

    The background color is identical to that on this forums. So it makes the background look opaque, when it's actually not You might have to fuck around with the background color to match whatever forum you're uploading it to.
  16. Free Forum Sigs

    Are they suppose to show black in the background, or is it how I saved it haha? Looks fine on here, when it's on a different forums, it looks black boxed. (Example) then down a bit it looks fine on here.
  17. Free Forum Sigs

    Glad you like it man!
  18. Free Forum Sigs

    Bro you did a fucking awesome job, I love it 1000% thanks so much <3
  19. Free Forum Sigs

    Here you go man, attempted to add the ironman logo but it's up to you if you like it Ay man looks dope, did you use Photoshop for them?
  20. Free Forum Sigs

    @Examine i did mine, Hci Rollcoal, dreams, trodals check them out
  21. Free Forum Sigs

    Too ez ty
  22. Free Forum Sigs

    I'll do this ASAP, don't have photoshop on my laptop so when I'm home I'll get around to doing this.
  23. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    i meet you a few times =] gald to see you on forums buddy
  24. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    Welcome to the forums side of Fury, I see Kirk is your Legend account. Best of luck with it
  25. Free Forum Sigs

    Name: Fe Network (For another server, HCIM mode). Quote: One Life, Challenge Accepted! With maybe this somewhere in it/behind it somehow?
  26. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    Welcome to Fury Rage! Seen you a few times in-game, also watched you pull a H'ween from a dono box too. Luck mf
  27. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    Hello everyone My name is Kirk, Also known as Rage Awake. I am 19 and I live in Ms, USA and I only speak English. I'm happy to be playing Fury with you all and hope to meet you in game soon!
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