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  2. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Currently looking for exp rates for Oak, Teak, and Mahogany planks, if you can simply make an item and tell me what mode you are, it would greatly help! Thanks!
  3. Bolin's Construction Guide

    I'll get right on it!
  4. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Awesome guide, the amount of detail is amazing. I would like knowing with Skilling guides is the XP for everything that's listed, maybe even ask around all the different modes for their XP rates for that extra detail. Other than that, excellent job Bolin!
  5. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Next time just multi quote, that way doesn't look like spam comments for post count and no problem for the feedback.
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  7. ill Start streaming guides

    Go for it! We always need video makers!
  8. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Great guide! I would train construction using the same methods
  9. Thanks man! I'll look into doing that as I improve my guide
  10. Ryan's ULTIMATE FAQ and Starter Guide!

    Holy crap! This is great! I would only suggest adding pictures for NPC's and their shops what they sell etc.
  11. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Bolinbear's Construction Guide Hello, and welcome to my Construction guide! Here in this guide, is all you need to know about Construction, the benefits and perks, and how to train to have the best Player-Owned House in all of Fury! Benefits of Being a Master Constructor So first of all, you'll have a sexy cape: Secondly, there are many useful stations in a player-owned house that are useful for other skills: Gilded Altar: Learned at 75 Construction, this increases exp gained from training prayer, which can be put in the chapel. Crafting Table: Learned at 16 construction (upgrades at 25, 34, 42 cons) this station allows you to make various items. Range/Oven: Learned at 42 construction, you can cook food on this in your kitchen! And much, much more! How do I start Construction? Be warned, this skill will take a lot of monetary investment. You'll easily drop 100m+ trying to train this as there are various methods and items that you can create. Let's start with all of the rooms you can have in your house. To get to your Player-Owned House, teleport home and go over to the purple portal right outside the bank: Once you click on the portal you will see 3 options: In order to build and add rooms, please choose "Go to your house (building mode)". In this building mode, you will see a lot of greyed out areas and mostly transparent objects. These are stations you can build on and create items. You can also remove items once they are built. Here are the list of rooms you can have alongside their prices: A lot of rooms right? Luckily, at level 99 construction, you can have up to 32 rooms in your house, with capabilities of upstairs and downstairs levels as well! Here are the important rooms to build for training/utility purposes: Parlour (Level 1) Kitchen (Level 5) Dining Room (Level 10) Workshop (Level 15) Study (Level 40) Chapel (Level 45) All of the other rooms are simply for decoration and fashion-scape purposes. Outside of the portal, you will see a Sawmill Operator. Trade him to get this shop: Buy a hammer, saw, and about 500 nails or so. You will use more or less, depending on the game mode. Here comes the expensive part. Planks. Planks are CRUCIAL to train construction. You need them to build most pieces of furniture. If you click on Buy-Plank on the Sawmill Operator, you will get this screen: You will need the specific type of log + that much money to make a plank. Each type of plank has a certain xp rate, going from normal planks to mahogany. I always recommend training woodcutting before training construction, so you can have planks to use to train construction. Experience per plank used: Planks Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Wooden Plank 1,200 exp ea. 600 exp ea. 300 exp ea. 30 exp ea. Oak Plank 2,400 exp ea. 1,200 exp ea. 600 exp ea. 60 exp ea. Teak Plank 3,600 exp ea. 1,800 exp ea. 900 exp ea. 90 exp ea. Mahogany Plank 4,800 exp ea. 2,400 exp ea. 1,200 exp ea. 120 exp ea. Here is my loadout and guide for construction training: At level 1, build the Parlour, and start creating Crude wooden chairs (2 planks, 2 nails each). There are 3 spots to build them in the Parlour, simply build and remove them for exp. At Level 5, build the Kitchen. This will be useful later. Continue making crude chairs until level 8. Then you can start making regular Wooden Chairs (3 planks, 3 nails) for a bit faster experience. Build the Dining Room at level 10. Build the Workshop at level 15 (optional, more for utility than training purposes). At level 33, you will need to start making Oak Planks, and build Oak Larders in the Kitchen. Each Larder takes 8 oak planks, but also results in a huge exp boost. Continue making Oak Larders until level 52 construction. At level 40, build the Study (optional, more for utility than training purposes). At Level 45, build the Chapel. This will be necessary for the Gilded Altar which is a must have at 75 construction. At level 52, switch to Mahogany Tables in the Dining Room. This will be EXPENSIVE and requires 6 mahogany planks each. I recommend cutting the logs yourself, or buying from other players. You can make these until 99, or use alternative methods I will list below. At Level 75, you can build your gilded altar. This will require 2 marble blocks, 4 gold leaves and 2 bolts of cloth, all of which can be bought at the Sawmill Operator outside the house portal. You will also need to build 2 incense burners to get maximum prayer exp. All types of burners give same exp and stay lit for the same amount of time. To match the altar aesthetically, will take 2 marble blocks and 2 steel bars each, for a total of 4 marble blocks, and 4 steel bars. Alternative Methods to training Construction: For those of us who can't drop 100's of mil on a skill, there are some alternative methods I've found will be useful. At level 69 construction, you can build Carved Teak Magic Wardrobes which can be put in the costume room in a POH. This takes 6 teak planks. At Level 74, you can build Oak Dungeon Doors, which can be built in the Dungeon of a POH. These doors take 10 oak planks to build. What if I don't like how my house looks? Talk to this Estate Agent, and you can have your house redecorated! Well I think that should do it! Let me know if you have any questions or feedback for this guide, and I'd be happy to include them! -Bolin
  12. How do I make money? Early game, you can Thieve for money. Slayer is also a good option. You can purchase Dragon Chains for 25 slayer points at any slayer master. This will alch for 5m. What do I do with Strange Rocks? When you get a pair of rocks from 1 skill, you can use them on the Plinth at home for experience. Sometimes it wont be a pair - you just have to try and see if your rocks work. How do I get to my slayer task? Right inside the ::slayer portal, there's a woman dressed in white called the slayer teleporter. She will take you right to your task for a small fee. What's the difference between accounts? Legend is the slowest account to train. Regular skills are excruciatingly slow, and combat skills are considerably faster than RS. Extreme is faster, skilling is around 10x faster than RS. Combat stats are pretty quick still. Ironmen are twice the Exp rate of Extreme, and stand alone, meaning they cannot trade with other players to get items and must acquire them alone. Regular accounts are fast to train, twice the speed of Ironmen. PvP accounts allow you to train combat extremely quickly, faster than regular accounts. Skilling is the same as regular. Does summoning work? Summoning is fully functional, beast's of burden work, as do the special's of almost all summoning creatures. Does Dungeoneering work? You can level dungeoneering, complexities and floors function correctly. Dungeoneering works, however Fishing, Crafting and Smithing inside is a work in progress. Which gear Degrades or Decays? No gear degrades. Chaotics have infinite use, as do barrows, even PVP gear such as Statius. How do I start Herblore without the Druidic Ritual quest? You can clean Guam's from level 1 When is bonus exp activated? Bonus exp is activated Thursday Night at Midnight, and lasts until Sunday Night at Midgnight, server time. You also get bonus exp from vote books. A vote book PLUS weekend exp give 1.95x experience, almost double the regular exp. How do I get Barrows Gloves? There's a Gypsy Tent in Varrock that contains the culoromancer's chest. If you speak to the Gypsy, she'll let you start the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is just a boss battle. The boss battle is completely safe, and deaths will not cause you to lose your items. You can start the boss battle by teleporting to Varrock using the City teleport in the spellbook, you then speak to the Gypsy and walk into the portal. The toughest boss is the Horror From the Deep boss, the Gelatinous Mother, who has to be killed using specific attack styles. Some people opt to just use melee, which can takes some time. To break this fight down, you kill a number of bosses before the Gelatinous Mother spawns. She will change colors ever few seconds, with each color representing her weakness. Orange: Melee Green: Ranged Red: Fire Spells Brown: Earth spells Blue: Water spells White: Air spells. You can switch attacks to kill her efficiently using this color guide. How many waves do I have to complete to get my fire cape? The fight caves is wave 60-63. Jad is similar to how he was in Pre-Eoc, with the same animations and graphics as in the 2012 era. You will need to learn to pray switch based on his animations or sounds. An easy way to complete this: Sit on protect magic spell. If Jad shakes his hands, pray ranged until this hits, then switch back to protect magic. Recognizing his ranged attack with the wiggly arms will make the fight much smoother. You can get to Jad via the Minigame Teleport in the spellbook. I want to donate, is there any promo codes? I believe that "Thread" gives a discount. Are there any freebies? If you played runique, you can ::claim runique to get a mystery box. You can also ::claim furylove when you've played for a certain amount of time. I believe this is around 50 hours play time. This also gives a mystery box. Can I apply for Staff? See ::thread 8. More experienced and helpful players will have their applications considered. What are the players named PB07, PB42 etc? These are PK Bots. You can kill them for gold. They're found all across the wilderness. Some are agressive, others are not? I got a message in chat saying that 'The presence of an Evil Tree has been felt across the land'. What is this? The evil tree can be grown, and chopped to give farming, firemaking and woodcutting experience. You can get to this using the spirit tree at home next to the general store. Talk to him, if there's an evil tree present you can teleport right to it. I got a message in chat saying that a star has crashed. How do I get to this? You will have to navigate here yourself. If you check the quest tab, it will say where the star has landed. Type ::thread 257 for a star location guide. What is a Bloodwood Tree? A Bloodwood Tree spawns in the Wilderness and can be chopped for it's valuable logs. You can alch these for 500k each! So chopping a tree can grant 25m, based on 50 logs obtained. What's the Wildywyrm? The Wildywyrm spawns in the wilderness and is a boss with high health and low accuracy. You can teleport straight to it using the Boss Teleport. What gives a drop rate increase? Your gamemode gives varying drop rates, generally the harder the game mode the higher the drop rate. Additionally, a ring of wealth gives a 2% increase. Ring of Wealth (i) gives a 4% increase. Ferocious ring gives a 6% increase, Tok ring gives an 8% increase. How do I find the price of an Item? You can ask help chat for a price check. ::thread 396 has a list of general prices. For any more questions, reply to this thread and I will answer! TIPS: Starting Slayer Killing Bork grants 200,000 Slayer Exp on a regular account. 100,000 on Ironman. 50,000 on extreme. 5,000 on Legend. You can get to Bork by using the Boss teleport in the spellbook, then going to page 3. There's a range of slayer masters at ::Slayer Starting hunter You can catch Baby Implings from level 1 at Puro Puro. Obtaining a Cannon Cannons are obtained from Nulodean. He's in the usual spot next to the dwarven mine, west of Edgeville. You can walk here by heading west from home, past the monastery and west onto the base of the mountain. Here is the dwarven camp where Nulodean resides. An early goal for a combat oriented account is to get a cannon. They're around 800k for the set, and cannonballs can vary from 2k to 4k a piece. You get 40 cannonballs for each steel bar, so i'd recommend making them. You can have thousands of cballs for about 30 minutes of work, mining and smithing. If you're familiar with Dagannoth Kings, Rex drops Steel Bars, Coal and Iron Ore, making him a great source of cannonballs. He can be killed easily with magic and safe-spotted early on. If I had to start again, the first thing I'd do is get 43 prayer and 70 magic, then i'd safespot Rex until I have enough Steel Bars for about 10k cannonballs. Training Prayer You can use your bones/ashes on the altar at home for prayer experience. A gilded altar gives more, and the wilderness chaos altar gives the most exp.
  13. ill Start streaming guides

    ill start streaming guides, bossing maybe pvp ill post here my channel and everyone is welcome to watch stream !
  14. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Thanks i'll need to think of what guide to do next though haha
  15. Adamr's Bandos guide

    I'm glad you like it : )
  16. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Fixed it, thanks for letting me know, and thanks for the feedback
  17. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Cheers for the feedback guys, I'll be working on trying to make it more simple to navigate as well as clean up some of the errors : ), much appreciated on the feedback
  18. Adamr's Bandos guide

    The guide ls alright, there are some points that need to be worked on to make this a perfect guide tho. Layout is confusing. Table of content. White text appears invisible for the other forum theme. (Which some people use on their phone to save data) Recording the client instead of the whole screen would've been a bit cleaner as well. Just some small tips to work on; it would always be more beneficial to use manta rays instead of sharks due to them healing more hp. Like Ragnar mentioned, you don't need 40 kc as a regular player, you need 15. When using the highest gear, you'd be better of taking some prayer renewals with you. Some spelling errors, Like 'No' instead of 'now' at the end, few others as well. Hope this gives you some feedback, thanks for the guide Adam.
  19. Adamr's Bandos guide

    yea i missed that part, ragnar's right it's 15kc for reg players and i goes down by 2 per higher donation tier i believe
  20. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Unless it was changed Regular players only need 15 KC not 40, other than that I love it. Great job man! This will help out tons of players who've never done Bandos before or don't know the meta
  21. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Great guide! I was about to ask for a guide like this! You have my approval!
  22. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Awesome Bandos guide! nice and clear to the point Keep the useful guides coming each and every guide helps the community just a little more
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  24. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Very nice, using your familiar to tank is exactly what I would do. You can also make your familiar tank Graardor while you take steelwill, but being resourceful with your pet is the important thing Nice guide, thank you!
  25. If you are new to PVM, or don't know the correct method to do Graador in GWD (God Wars dungeon) then hopefully you will be ready for your next Bandos trip by the end of this guide. Item Requirements: Hammer, Runes to cast 'Vengeance', Preferred special attack weapon. Note: Turmoil isn't necessary however it helps tremendously. You can use Piety and protect from melee as a substitute - If you have access to summoning, such as war turtle or Pak Yak make sure to check out medium requirements as well. When teleporting to GWD make sure you have either deflect magic or protect from magic prayers enabled due to Saradomin Priests and spiritual magers at the teleport spot. After teleporting to GWD run West until you reach this goblin with a banner (as shown in the image below.) The reason why you will be getting your kc off this goblin is due to him having 1 hp and spawns every second. You are going to need to kill this goblin until you reach the required kill count (KC); Regular player: 15 Bandos KC Sapphire: 12 Bandos KC Emerald: 10 Bandos KC Ruby: 7 Bandos KC Diamond: 5 Bandos KC Dragonstone: 2 Bandos KC Onyx: None required Ideal minimum gear (some items can be substituted) This is the ideal minimum gear required to kill Graador, depending on your opinion you may want to change a few items or inventory setups, although this is my personal favourite when I was starting up. Below is a link to the method i use to kill Graador in this setup. Next is the medium method of killing Graador as well as the item setup. This is the inventory used within the Pak Yak as well. Note: with the medium method of killing Graador depending on how often you get hit you can stay for up to 3-10 kills roughly. The basic idea is to aggro Sergeant Steelwill (the mager) with your pak yak whether you want to kill Graador himself or Sergeant Grimspike first is entirely up to you. Furthermore you should switch to soulsplit to heal up on minions at the end of the kill unless you are being hit fairly hard by Grimspike or Steelwill. Finally the Best in Slot method. This personally is the best in slot i have available to me but you can upgrade with Dominion sword, Kiln cape/Comp cape Torva helm (if you aren't on task) With the pak yak inventory looking like this. Now the way this method is different to the others, is due to the overwhelming hp bonus you get from Torva, as well as having an sgs to get you to full prayer and high hp using SS (soulsplit) if you want to you can totally ignore the mager however, if you want to avoid taking the risk of extra damage you can use your pak yak to draw aggro from Steelwill like in the medium method. While using this method you can theoretically last forever or until you run out of supplies which will take a very long time. Congratulations, you are now ready to solo Graador with ease. Finally, if you have any questions about any of the methods feel free to contact me via this forum post, in game or discord. I will be happy to clarify anything that you may be confused about. Now i apologise if I've missed anything out on the guide, let me know if i have and i'll be sure to update it. Good luck with your drops.
  26. Bug Drop rate Dragonic Visage

    Drop rate was updated, thank you for reporting this.
  27. Help w/ jar files?

    It tells you on the download page to use jarfix so google it and use it
  28. Lost Donation Items Due to Bug

    Resolved and locked now
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