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  2. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Cheers for the feedback guys, I'll be working on trying to make it more simple to navigate as well as clean up some of the errors : ), much appreciated on the feedback
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  4. Adamr's Bandos guide

    The guide ls alright, there are some points that need to be worked on to make this a perfect guide tho. Layout is confusing. Table of content. White text appears invisible for the other forum theme. (Which some people use on their phone to save data) Recording the client instead of the whole screen would've been a bit cleaner as well. Just some small tips to work on; it would always be more beneficial to use manta rays instead of sharks due to them healing more hp. Like Ragnar mentioned, you don't need 40 kc as a regular player, you need 15. When using the highest gear, you'd be better of taking some prayer renewals with you. Some spelling errors, Like 'No' instead of 'now' at the end, few others as well. Hope this gives you some feedback, thanks for the guide Adam.
  5. Adamr's Bandos guide

    yea i missed that part, ragnar's right it's 15kc for reg players and i goes down by 2 per higher donation tier i believe
  6. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Unless it was changed Regular players only need 15 KC not 40, other than that I love it. Great job man! This will help out tons of players who've never done Bandos before or don't know the meta
  7. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Great guide! I was about to ask for a guide like this! You have my approval!
  8. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Awesome Bandos guide! nice and clear to the point Keep the useful guides coming each and every guide helps the community just a little more
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  10. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Very nice, using your familiar to tank is exactly what I would do. You can also make your familiar tank Graardor while you take steelwill, but being resourceful with your pet is the important thing Nice guide, thank you!
  11. If you are new to PVM, or don't know the correct method to do Graador in GWD (God Wars dungeon) then hopefully you will be ready for your next Bandos trip by the end of this guide. Item Requirements: Hammer, Runes to cast 'Vengeance', Preferred special attack weapon. Note: Turmoil isn't necessary however it helps tremendously. You can use Piety and protect from melee as a substitute - If you have access to summoning, such as war turtle or Pak Yak make sure to check out medium requirements as well. When teleporting to GWD make sure you have either deflect magic or protect from magic prayers enabled due to Saradomin Priests and spiritual magers at the teleport spot. After teleporting to GWD run West until you reach this goblin with a banner (as shown in the image below.) The reason why you will be getting your kc off this goblin is due to him having 1 hp and spawns every second. You are going to need to kill this goblin until you reach the required kill count (KC); Regular player: 15 Bandos KC Sapphire: 12 Bandos KC Emerald: 10 Bandos KC Ruby: 7 Bandos KC Diamond: 5 Bandos KC Dragonstone: 2 Bandos KC Onyx: None required Ideal minimum gear (some items can be substituted) This is the ideal minimum gear required to kill Graador, depending on your opinion you may want to change a few items or inventory setups, although this is my personal favourite when I was starting up. Below is a link to the method i use to kill Graador in this setup. Next is the medium method of killing Graador as well as the item setup. This is the inventory used within the Pak Yak as well. Note: with the medium method of killing Graador depending on how often you get hit you can stay for up to 3-10 kills roughly. The basic idea is to aggro Sergeant Steelwill (the mager) with your pak yak whether you want to kill Graador himself or Sergeant Grimspike first is entirely up to you. Furthermore you should switch to soulsplit to heal up on minions at the end of the kill unless you are being hit fairly hard by Grimspike or Steelwill. Finally the Best in Slot method. This personally is the best in slot i have available to me but you can upgrade with Dominion sword, Kiln cape/Comp cape Torva helm (if you aren't on task) With the pak yak inventory looking like this. Now the way this method is different to the others, is due to the overwhelming hp bonus you get from Torva, as well as having an sgs to get you to full prayer and high hp using SS (soulsplit) if you want to you can totally ignore the mager however, if you want to avoid taking the risk of extra damage you can use your pak yak to draw aggro from Steelwill like in the medium method. While using this method you can theoretically last forever or until you run out of supplies which will take a very long time. Congratulations, you are now ready to solo Graador with ease. Finally, if you have any questions about any of the methods feel free to contact me via this forum post, in game or discord. I will be happy to clarify anything that you may be confused about. Now i apologise if I've missed anything out on the guide, let me know if i have and i'll be sure to update it. Good luck with your drops.
  12. Bug Drop rate Dragonic Visage

    Drop rate was updated, thank you for reporting this.
  13. Help w/ jar files?

    It tells you on the download page to use jarfix so google it and use it
  14. Lost Donation Items Due to Bug

    Resolved and locked now
  15. Last week
  16. Lost Donation Items Due to Bug

    Hello! Earlier today we had issues with a rollback bug which was exactly as shown in the video. For lost items obtained through donations - proof of donation needs to be provided. As in proof it can be a confirmation email from Paypal which confirms that you've donated. If you're a member of our Discord channel, you could talk to Fury directly and get it solved more quickly. If not, you can find our Discord at the main page on the forums or simply do ::discord in-game. I am sorry for the inconvenience the bug has caused.
  17. Help w/ jar files?

    Try to right click the application, and "open with". Choose java and see if that opens the client.
  18. Lost Donation Items Due to Bug

    C4888CA0-080B-41A1-B469-FA08A88CA93F.MOV A little video showing everything I did after I claimed my donation items and logged out. It shows clearly that when I logged out at rock crabs, it kind of reversed the game time and made me go back to home as if I had never left it even though I did and I logged out at rock crabs, not at home.
  19. I recently donated and bought some items, Sept 21, 2018 22:01:09 PDT. The items were Abyssal Vine Whip Random Color, Vestas Chainbody, Vestas Plateskirt and Berserker Ring (I). I claimed these items from King Arthur and they were placed in my bank. Then, I withdrew the items from the bank and equipped them all. Wanting to test them out, I went to rock crabs and killed 1 rock crab. After, I logged out because I had a League of Legends match starting up. I logged back in a few minutes later, only to find myself standing back at home and not at rock crabs with my items missing and my "amount donated" changed from $64 back to $9. Then, I went to test something out at rock crabs. I removed some gear and placed it in the bank. I trained teleported to rock crabs and did nothing but log out. When I logged back in, the gear that I placed in the bank was still equipped to me and I found myself respawned back at Edgeville Home Bank.
  20. Help w/ jar files?

    https://gyazo.com/31f04f79d008b8896065f3df0d6f5999 https://gyazo.com/4c17ba50adc3cd0bc4df5b81af4b2b2b The downloads bar has my evidence lol
  21. Help w/ jar files?

    When I download the client it wants to open as an internet window, then it asks what i want to open it with. There's no option for java... ??
  22. 21/09/18 - September Updates

    Whoa, that automation is some what a game changer for staff ;p Anyways thanks for the update and keep up the solid work bro
  23. Teleports are gone

    Your spellbook setup was wrong. Glad it got fixed. Issue solved.
  24. 21/09/18 - September Updates

    nice 1 nando! keep up the good work
  25. 21/09/18 - September Updates

    Maybe we could make clues trade-able one day? These are awesome updates nando keep them coming =) I still want vote store and highscores tho
  26. Teleports are gone

  27. Hellooo. I will be updating this as the day goes on and I do more. dungeoneering rune counts has been fixed. Dungeoneering spellbooks has been fixed. Dungeoneering party panel has been fixed when finishing/leaving dungeons. Added a new command for map problems in dung. use ::dungmap Familiar draining/timers fixed. Clue Scroll drops has been fixed. Veracs tomb resetting on exit fixed. Reminders to vote & join forums/discord is now automated every 15mins. EDIT!!! fixed damage prevention from npcs. so u don't gain exp anymore if the npc blocks the damage. It blocked the damage but exp was still being gained. fixed players logging into a black map from a previous dungeoneering session. workshops in POH will now update properly.
  28. Teleports are gone

    Hi all xZeniz here, Ive been having a strange bug for over 7 hours now i cant go anywhere but ::home and ::slayer. Please fix my account fast as you guys can so i can make money again :D:D Yes i tried relogging, Xlogging,redownloading client, and all that good stuff. My other accs don't have the issue. http://prntscr.com/kwx54h
  29. Pest Control "Event"?

    Ryan is getting something together at Saturday 6pm server time I believe. Not sure if I'll be on then but I'll try to be. See you all there!
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