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    If only one person enters then i am out of money. furthermore you blew the final surprise which would of been announced on draw, all profits from this event will be going into wishing well for double resources! thanks for your concern.

    So this is your own money, which I understand. But this is more like a lottery where you buy your way into a price. If a couple of people enter, you'll actually gain bank, instead of giving it away. Smart money maker! Regardless, goodluck to everyone entering.
  5. THE GREAT CHRISTMAS RAFFLE!!! So this Christmas and to mark the first year of fury i am opening a Christmas Raffle with a chance to win 2 cash prizes. This is 100% my money and i want to give back to the community of Fury RSPS and bring everyone closer together! Dont worry this will be drawn a 100% genuinely with a Random Draw Generator. This is open now and will be ending on 20th of december at 18:00pm (GMT) Server Time. I will attach proof of the list of peoples accounts and numbers who hve entered and then draw in forums and discord. It is very simple to enter, Come and find me in game and trade me the amount of tickets you would like to buy and for what cash pot (If i am not online, please message me on discord or comment on this forum and i will get to you asap). I will then issue you a number or numbers if multiple tickets have been bought. CASH POT 1. 100M - Tickets cost 10M ea to enter. CASH POT 2. 1000m(1B) - Tickets cost 100M ea to enter. This means you have a chance to multiply your cash entry by 10x Times. There is a limit of 5 tickets per cash pot per person (e.g. 5 tickets in cash pot 2 = 500m.) So the only thing left to say is Good Luck and Happy Christmas everyone! All profits of this will be going into wishing well for the community to have double resources!
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  7. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

    Thank you to Both, kid trunks and 12qazaq21 much appreciated. i will also be doing a low tier risk guide for pk too! <3
  8. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

    Thanks for the guide. I think this helps alot for anyone who's new to pking. (including me)
  9. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

  10. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

    cheers my man!
  11. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

    fuckk yeah!!! awesome guide brother.
  12. Sym's Resignation

    Oh dayummmmmm not symb
  13. Sym's Resignation

    Sad to see you going, good luck in the future boss man <3
  14. MY ULTIMATE PK BOT GUIDE! In this video below i will show you my personal way on how i go about defeating the pk bots and hope to shine some light and answer some of your guys questions! hope you guys enjoy the video and please feel free to comment and leave feedback, and react! Please excuse my voice. i hate it too!...
  15. Sym's Resignation

    sym you have always had my upmost respect and the effort that you have brought to the server will never go unseen or unmentioned! thank you for everything brother, through the sweat of the grind and the support you provided, i would personally open up to give you a +1M% to have you admin this server again if you ever decide to return! things wont be the same without you and your funny streak! peace brother! <3 :'( im going to miss grinding the soulstones for you to get full dragonbone!
  16. Sym's Resignation

    Symnop noooo I'll miss your bankstanding nub ❤
  17. Sym's Resignation

    Welcome to the other side Chief. It is a dark month for FuryPS indeed.
  18. Sym's Resignation

  19. Sym's Resignation

    The time has come for me to move on to other things in my life now. I will be very busy with school, keeping my GPA up, a part time job, my personal life/health, and my family. I have spent a long 10 months on Fury in total with the exception of about a 3 week break in the summer. I wish @Fury the best of luck with coming up with fresh, original ideas and keeping the server alive. I wish @Nando the best of luck with keeping up with the ideas, suggestions, bugs and all the stress that comes along with developing a 317 RSPS. I wish the rest of the staff team the best of luck with things @Trodal @Dreams @adamr@Astro Maddi I'd like to thank the following people (ex-staff) for making Fury-PS a friendly and enjoyable community: @Ragnar @Muse @UrinalCake @phanny phart @Sammy @Lena @Exivel @The X @Trodal @tomsverk @Badman and of course the one and only @Greg . Nando is just as great as Greg was and thank you very much Nando for everything you have contributed. If you guys wish to contact me I'll probably still be checking Discord and Forums from time to time to check if there's any cool updates. Once again, thanks and good luck to Alex, Greg and Nando. Maybe I'll see you guys around sometime =) Please return my ranks to Diamond or Ex-Staff rank (if it ever happens).
  20. My Resignation

    Big F
  21. My Resignation

  22. My Resignation

    dw u too u big goof <3
  23. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    so you are now saying by asking for peoples comments and them not having an account is now an issue after helping them register. i havent once told people to put what they have done. furthermore i properly started using my forums account after applying as i saw this is what needed to be done (to support the server, which is my best intension) but as stated in previous comment you would have seen that i stated i prefer to help through discord as it is more interactive for people and player friendly. exivel without getting personal your problems between other staff members were leaked onto discord and i am here not judging yourself for this as i am not the type of person to bitch. you have no input to what is good or bad for the server anymore when you gave up on it. farewell. p.s. the people who made forum accounts are actually active donators aswell (ruby/diamond) and support the server greatly. you would know this if you were active.
  24. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    @ZzStaticc, I understand what you're trying to say but i'm just stating the rules here, i'm not saying anything about your behavior or how you act In-game. Rules are there to follow, if you stop following rules, you create chaos. you also currently have 16 forum posts, which half is from this thread. you need 25 posts to apply for a server support function. As you can see from this post, about 4 players who 'supported' you made a forum account just to post on this topic, which means you probably asked them to do so. You seem very desperate to get server support and I think that's not how it should be, you have no experience.
  25. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    for a start exivel, dont say other people when i posted to discord myself..... also i am not saying support it i am saying comment your thoughts its a forum this is what makes people like myself better, constructive critism. i can asure you i am always active when logged in wether you choose to believe this or not thats your own issue!.. furthermore, you have not been active or even had a chance to get to know myself or what i can bring to this server. sorry you were not happy with the server but it upsets me to see you make it a personal thing. i will be giving your comment a -1, good luck in the future. P.s. besides this 2 ex staff members that have recently just resigned commenting on the post shutting myself down for helper when you can clearly see the public of the server who are actually active can see that i am a supportive member are genuinely behind me. I never made anyone comment the kind things they have done.
  26. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    Zzstaticc, You could just as well afk those hours since there is no afk timer implemented. Also, if you would have bothered to read the rules before applying to be a server support, you would've seen this one: You didn't follow this rule as I've heard from other people that you have been advertising it In-Game. You advertised it on discord as well. I don't think you'd be a good addition to the team.
  27. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    i can assure you this has nothing to do with 'power grabbing' i have helped from the very beginning and will help to the very end regardless of helper status because i am genuine. i am also not going to re do a guide if it is ideal just for a position that would be counter productive. im sorry it feels this way to yourself but 420 hours gameplay isnt exactly small amounts, and having a baby on the way and an 8 month old i manage time very well i think. thank you for your constructive criticism, it has been noted and will not stop making guides and helping this server regardless of position. thanks!
  28. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    Your contributions besides donating are supposed to be your 3 Guides. It feels as if this application was rushed for a power grab Good luck
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