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  2. Haha I love sharing the knowledge. Especially for excellent spots like this for leveling harder modes quicker
  3. Flower Poker (FP) Hands Ranked Highest to Lowest BLACK or WHITE are replays, start from the beginning ______________________________________________________ 5 Of a Kind (5oak) X X X X X Strongest hand you can get, unbeatable... unless you draw (yea right) ______________________________________________________ 4 Of a Kind (4oak) X X X X X Second strongest hand you can get, 4 of the same colours ______________________________________________________ Full House (Full/FH) X X X X X Still rare, and usually leads to a victory... ______________________________________________________ 3 Of a Kind (Oak) X X X X X Somewhat common, and a reliable hand to win. ______________________________________________________ 2 Pairs (2p) X X X X X Not bad, not bad at all ______________________________________________________ 1 Pair (1p) X X X X X At least you got something! ______________________________________________________ Nothing X X X X X Better pray your opponent is as unlucky as you!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Yes thank you for activily being in-game and finding all your issues which you post on the thread <3 Also warriors guild should be profitable now alching dragon defenders! NEW WAY OF CASH
  6. I asked you 15 minutes ago about hunter and it's already here in the update. Legendary! Thank you very much for all the hard work!
  7. Disruptions over, back to regular consistent updates Improvements: Gem bag functionality (can hold up to 100 uncut gems) Herbicide (returns grimy herb drops into x2 cleaning exp) ::reset password command for admins Changes: Untradeable items dropped on death in wilderness now only turn to coins if pked Changes to owner ::find command to support non-alphabet characters Changes to dragon defender & dragon 2h alch prices Gravestone interface now shows with other interfaces (gwd kc) Added hunter trap messages to filter Fixes: Fixed client loading bar text/message showing First adventure getting stuck under sage npc
  8. Watari's Tips & Tricks {WIP}

    Updated this thread with more content. I hope this helps everyone!
  9. Haha great work was gonna make a similar guide myself but u pretty much told me this method like a month ago anyway lol Cheers
  10. Herbicide nonfunctional

    Can confirm the functionality is not something that was added, will be out in today's update though
  11. I apoligize about the spike lagsss! My Movie.wlmp
  12. Last week
  13. Suggestion/bug list

    You're correct, I had another look into this and the current exp is correct. I'll edit it accordingly but that the zmi altar is a bit buggy, so would appreciate if you guys could look into that.
  14. Suggestion/bug list

    so about the runecrafting, you didn't provide a source, but you get experience for essence, you never got experience per rune you crafted because then air runes a level 1 method would be best experience!
  15. Watari's Helper Application

    Timezone: GMT+1 (Ams) Discord Tag: Watari#5940 Languages: Dutch & English InGame name: Watari Your contributions to Fury: Suggestions and bug list Watari'stips&tricks{wip} Fixing lagg/Smoothen gameplay Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I'm always looking for ways to improve the game for everyone to enjoy by finding bugs in the game and helping others. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I play at least a few hours a day depending how busy I am. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: 1. Loyality 2. Transparency 3. Maturity Thank you taking your time reading my application! Watari in-game time:
  16. So today I am here to bring a guide on is probably one of the best ways to earn combat xp for the harder modes such as Extreme and Legend. This goes for Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic(the quickest) and possibly Ranged if you can get the chins. I also know what you're thinking.. You're thinking "Ragnar... You can do bandits, they're easier and more afkable". That may be true, but I feel that this method I'm presenting gives you a lot more xp for being less afkable. This method does require a portion of money, so I recommend starting small like buying two inventory's of prayer potions and see how much XP you have when you're done. This does NOT require the best gear available, you can wear anything here and still get mad xp. It just helps out more the better the gear obviously. This is for pure xp and not loot. This takes place at the Monkey Skeles, which is located on the third page of the training teleports. On the ancient spellbook, it's the Annakarl teleport. Haven't used lunars yet so I do not know the teleport, but I will update once I do. The spot below is the first area where they spawn in a crowd. I recommend having at least 43 prayer to protect yourself from melee, and just bring lots of prayer potions or restores. They will do zero damage, but if you want to fully maximize your XP. I would get Piety or Turmoil, because for the melee skills you'll be killing them quicker and hitting much harder and more often. Here's some progress on my Legend account Ragnar My attack, strength, defence, and magic have all been trained there. Magic is by the easiest, but also the most expensive. (depending on your mode) Magic becomes incredibly easier at skeles once you hit 62+ due to the multi-target spells. (can get as much as 6-20k XP per cast for extremes and between 1-8k XP per cast for legends. it all varies on your gear and what spells you're using.) For Extremes, it will take about a couple days or less to max out your combat skills here if you really grind. For legends, that is a much different story. I have been there for almost a week grinding and switching back and forth between that and slayer, but for the most part. Monkey Skeles is the best xp for the harder modes. Well that's all I got for now. Will try to make more guides in the future. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  17. Herbicide nonfunctional

    will not let me pick which herbs to toss and keep. didnt work for a grimy guam drop for sure. cant gurantee any other herbs until further use
  18. Bug Fixes - 13/03/2018

    Thanks for the update greg! keep em comin!
  19. ThonySlk prensatation

    Welcome to fury man glad to hear that the server is just your style. Gl on comp cape and i hope to see u often in-game. Cheers!
  20. Wildy Bug

    Was just putting a note on here , wondering when the wildy update is going to be fixed. not just in the wildy but, when we switch weapons it goes automatically to the attack combat style instead of the one we choose...no rush, just wondering. thanks! -Aaronn
  21. Just some small updates the past day or two, thanks for all the messages feeling much better today. Also travelling again so lots of disruptions with updates but regular schedule will return by the end of the week Changes: Master cape shop buy requirements Fixes: Warriors guild bank Dragonstone bolt enchanting Song/music region unlocking Hitpoints & prayer skillcape shop requirement
  22. The Rare Drop Table Some information on how the rare drop table (RDT) works and what items you can receive. All combat npc's have the chance to drop from the RDT, by default the chance is 1/1000. If you have a regular ring of wealth the chance becomes 1/900, an imbued ring of wealth 1/800. If you "hit" the RDT then an item from either one of the two sub-tables (depending on row again) will be dropped. Common table Name Amount - Alch Value Uncommon Name Amount - Alch Value
  23. ThonySlk prensatation

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the server and best of luck going for that comp cape!
  24. Client Issues go here!

    Hi, can you post your client.log file too
  25. ThonySlk prensatation

    Greeting members of Fury My name it's Anthony Adam, I played RuneScape since before the arrived of Dungeoneering approximately, I am 20 years old, and I work in a hardware store, Rona. Yes, Rona it's a Canadian store, so i am a Quebecker. Then pardon-me if my English leaves something to be desired. I'm really happy to have found Fury 'cause all members are really sweets & actives. 2010 it's my favorite time of RuneScape, so this Server it's really what's I need. My challenge with FuryPS, everything them Achievements possible is to carry out ! I know CompCape it's not possible for right now, but I hope/Believe when i'm soon to get all of that, Moderators can do something ! ;-) - ThonySlk
  26. Suggestion/bug list

    Gem bag doesn't work also
  27. Suggestion/bug list

    Updated my list with plenty new suggestions and updated the completed list as well. Thanks again Greg for your hard work <3
  28. Client Issues go here!

    Client Downloading via: https://storage.googleapis.com/furydownload/cache.zip Launcher Checking for old directory Directory loaded: C:\Users\Travis/.fury/ Checking cache exists... Loading update files... Checking files... Files checked: 1 exist: 1 Checking existing file versions... Checking; fury_client.jar Loading Client... Process exited. Logger closed.
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