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  3. Forum Signatures

    I would love to see what you could make for me Username: Ragnar Rank: Yes Theme: Lava Colors: Red and Black Other: add a crow? (you can skip this part, not an issue)
  4. Forum Signatures

    Hey guys so I've decided to start a service for forums signatures. Please use the format supplied below to apply for one, I am yet to decide on the price for them we can come to an agreement Username: Rank(If you want it included): Theme(eg Lava/Lightning edited to text): Colour(s): Other(please note here if you have the idea in your head we can work together): I have an example of what I can do below
  5. Donating for bars

    Sorry will fix it this update, thanks for donating bud <3
  6. Donating for bars

    I donated for addy bars earlier today and only recieved 25 of the 250 i was supposed to get (this was resolved by fury when he was on). I later donated for rune bars and had the same issue. Only 25 bars sad times
  7. Yesterday
  8. It takes too much time

    We will miss you, and there will always be a spot for you here if you decide to come back <3
  9. Haha! all good, glad you like the post!!
  10. Spectral* was close enough >_>
  11. Good job on the spectral sigil drop!
  12. Love it man, logged into seeing you get an Arcane. Keep it up and keep us posted!
  13. Gl on it man if i do this challenge ill probably stay at 0 at the end of the 1k kc lmao
  14. nice work my man keep it up bro
  15. Solo 1k kill count on Corporeal Beast

    Sounds like a great idea, gl on the drops pal and cant wait for the updates!
  16. Hey guys. Ive decided to log my legend account towards my goal of 1000 kill count on Corporeal beast I'll be keeping this up-to-date with the loot and special "rare" drops i hope to get meanwhile. The stats/gear on the account are as followed: Total KC: 200 Bank tab @ 0 KC: Bank tab @ 50 KC : Bank tab @ 100 KC: Bank tab @ 150 KC: Bank tab @ 200 KC: Bank tab @ 250 KC: Special loot: KC 33 :
  17. It takes too much time

    Sad to see you go. If you change your mind, Fury will always be available Take care
  18. It takes too much time

    Take care yahoo, It was nice having you around.
  19. Are you a cool iron man? You got some cool pictures or videos you want to share? Then share it over here at our amazing iron man MEDIA section! I will be giving 3 COOL Iron man a mystery box each for those COOL media posts you guys make. Show us what you are made of Fury Iron man!
  20. Well an iron man has to do things differently, they can't obtain item's as easily as regular players and they have to unlock content harder like enchanted valley for an example. An iron man is a very fun and rewarding game mode, but Fury has so many hidden gems that the best way for iron man to play is to share the information he knows with other iron man in these amazing guides you guy's make. This is a very important section as the road of discovery for iron man is a long one, and if you guy's can contribute some guides towards this mode, It will make it more fun to play, as an experienced player helping a noob learn Fury Iron man is great. So because there is a limited amount of iron man and there is no guides here I will give for the first 5 guides made in the iron man section by iron man 3 mystery boxes each depending if it fits the quality Fury looks for Thank you very much and enjoy playing Iron man!
  21. The Ironman club

    I don't see this section used very often and there was a good reason behind it, no one could of made threads, but now all that is enabled. I would like to tell all you solo players, all you iron man! WELCOME to your own forum section, here you can discuss the things you overcame and can help other iron man along the way.
  22. And the cape is basically tokhaar kal in stats has +8 str bonus for comp cape, the only item that will have ava's effect is ava and comp cape
  23. It takes too much time

    Oh no Yahoo I'll miss your daily updates on the achievement grind, take care on ur exams bro. You always know your way back to fury, we will always welcome you back with open arms
  24. It takes too much time

    Just learn to manage it my g and keep having fun on Fury <3
  25. It takes too much time

    Well it did not last too long but playing this RSPS is simply taking too much time, I can not let my IRL things suffer because of playing this. I want to thank @The X for helping me in this server with many things. The RSPS has lots of potential and I believe that @Fury will make it even better then it is now. Bye. Ps. @Fury please delete my account on this forum and in-game, thanks.
  26. Last week
  27. Huge June Update - Part 2!

    Thousands of thumbs ups for the effort you're laying in this project. Imo Fury is one the best RSPS i've played through the years, that because of the features Fury has to offer. I'm looking forward to future updates! Keep up the good work!
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