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    sorry for the long vid but i wanted to make sure u Guy's really understand my pathing on how i do this on a really easy way
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    Pest control is dead right now, which is a real shame. I think a fair bit of work went into making it and nobody is playing. Here's a list of suggestions that, if they all come at once during a "Pest Control Rejuvenation" Update, would hopefully encourage activity. 1. Fix points structure - the veteran boat should give a hefty bonus over the intermediate and novice boat. 2. Donator Incentive - the +1 at emerald+ and +2 at ruby+ aren't great. Maybe give each rank +2: (sapph +2, emerald +4, ruby +6, etc..). Keep in mind full elite void with all helmets is a whopping 1475 points. 3. Coin Reward - the current coin reward is terrible, if pest control is halfway ok money (nothing great) it's a viable strategy for new players, which would give a refreshing alternative to thieving. Also more interesting for new players who ask "how do i make money to start". Scaling the money reward with donator status would be nice too. Dstone and Onyx already have this. (Possible suggestion: +10% Saph, +20% Em, +30% Ruby, +40% Diamond, +50% Dstone, +100% Onyx). On top of this, maybe for the first hour of a new account, a +100% coin boost from PC? Not sure, could be fun. 4. Bots - when Greg added pc he said if not enough people played he would consider adding bots. I think bots would not only make it playable at non-peak times, they would also encourage more real players, because they wouldn't have to wait / spam people to go to pc. 5. Events - double points on weekends. Also, the random PC event system that was mentioned in an update post either doesn't work or doesn't announce it. 6. Achievements - Easy: complete 1 pest control boat, Medium: complete 5 pest control boats, Hard: complete 25 pest control boats, Elite: complete 50 veteran pest control boats As a side note, the veteran knight should tell you the correct amount of points you got, he doesn't include your donator bonus right now. Also, the portal dropping messages shouldn't be filtered by the Game: Filter option.
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    Just some small updates the past day or two, thanks for all the messages feeling much better today. Also travelling again so lots of disruptions with updates but regular schedule will return by the end of the week Changes: Master cape shop buy requirements Fixes: Warriors guild bank Dragonstone bolt enchanting Song/music region unlocking Hitpoints & prayer skillcape shop requirement
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    Some noticeable improvements to the client performance, memory usage won't increase the longer you have the client open anymore. More client improvements soon Improvements: Client memory performance Fixes: Evil tree kindling selling Spirit spider special move
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    Selling evil tree kindling gives you the cash for the amount of kindling you have but only consumes a single one
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    Improvements: Strange rocks missing piece's list Coal bag Evil tree kindling can be sold to leprechaun Desert strykewyrm entrance via al kharid ::unlock command for admins Changes: Decreased tormented demon's aggressive distance Strykewyrms an only be attacked if assigned Quest tab shooting star details now shows % Ironmen can now access statue shop Ironmen can now access prayer book shop Dungeoneering runecrafting exp now 2% regular not 50% Fixes: Fixed strange rock experience calculation Exit tutorial fix Refer a friend npc id fix
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    Dear reader, Welcome to my Summoning guide! While I was training Summoning, I recognized that I wasn't getting more xp, while summoning a higher level pouch. I was searching for the 'sweet spots', which were the pouches that gave the most xp, while not requiring a higher level. That's why I created this guide. This way you are guaranteed to get faster 99 summoning, unless changes happen after revealing the xp's for several pouches . If that's the case, then I am sorry . My guide consists 3 chapters: 1. How to train summoning. 2. Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. 3. My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. So lets start! Chapter 1. How to train Summoning Firstly, teleport to home using your spellbook. Outside the Edgeville's bank, you will see a small trapdoor, which is next to the crystal key chest. Note: Look how I organised my inventory, put your cash in your pouch and get every charm, your pouches and spirit shards in your inventory. After you went down the trapdoor, you will see a obelisk, which has 2 options: 'Infuse-pouch', we use this option to open the summoning pouch interface and 'Renew-points', we use this every time we are done with 1 inventory of summoning pouches. Beside the obelisk, we can see Pikkupstix wandering around. We need to trade him to get the required summoning supply. Toggle the 'creatable' on. This will save you time to search for your desired summoning pouch. Thats it! If you have the required supplies for your desired pouch, open the interface with the option 'infuse-pouch' on the obelisk and click on the pouch. If you have an inventory full of pouches, teleport home and bank them. You can sell them or summon them afterwards if needed. Now we know where to train summoning and how. Note: There's also a teleporting option to train summoning, but I don't recommend this as Pikkupstix is way too far. Beside that, the bank is nowhere to be found and you will lose time to teleport the entire time. Chapter 2: Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. Look at the table under. I highlighted the highest xp per charm and beside that, I give a top 3 per charm, which are always a lower level than the pouch which gives the most xp. Note: These xp drops are obtained on a 'regular' game mode, without bonus xp! level pouch Type charm Extra item How to obtain extra item Xp 1 Spirit wolf Gold Wolf bones Trade Pikkupstix 300 8 Spirit spider Gold Spider carcass Trade Pikkupstix 600 13 Thorny snail Gold Thin snail Trade Pikkupstix 720 17 Spirit mosquito Gold Probiscis Trade Pikkupstix 2.820 18 Desert wyrm Green Bucket of sand Trade Pikkupstix 1.860 19 Spirit scorpion Crimson Bronze claw Trade Pikkupstix 4.980 22 Spirit tz-kih Crimson Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 5.820 23 Albino rat Blue Raw rat meat Trade Pikkupstix 12.120 25 Spirit kalphite Blue Potato cactus Trade Pikkupstix 13.200 28 Compost mound Green Compost Trade Pikkupstix 3.000 31 Vampire bat Crimson Vampyre dust Trade Pikkupstix 8.160 32 Honey badger Crimson Honeycomb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 33 Beaver Green Willow logs Use woodcutting teleport to Draynor 3.480 40 Bull ant Gold Marigolds Trade Pikkupstix 3.180 42 Evil turnip Crimson Carved evil turnip Trade Pikkupstix 11.100 46 Pyrelord Crimson Tinderbox Buy from Bob at home 12.120 47 Magpie Green Gold ring Thief the crafting stall at home 4.980 52 Spirit terrorbird Gold Raw bird meat Trade Pikkupstix 4.080 56 Ibis Green Harpoon Buy from Bob at home 5.940 66 Barker toad Gold Swamp toad Trade Pikkupstix 5.220 67 War tortoise Gold Tortoise shell Trade Pikkupstix 3.540 68 Bunyip Green Raw shark Buy it or fish them 7.200 69 Fruit bat Green Banana Thief the food stall at home 7.260 71 Arctic bear Gold Polar kebbit fur Trade Pikkupstix 5.580 72 Phoenix Crimson Phoenix quill Trade Pikkupstix 18.060 73 Obsidian golem Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 38.520 74 Granite lobster Crimson Granite (500g) Trade Pikkupstix 19.560 77 Talon beast Crimson Talon beast charm Trade Pikkupstix 8.100 78 Giant ent Green Willow branch Trade Pikkupstix 8.220 80 Hydra Green Water orb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 83 Lava Titan Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 43.800 88 Unicorn stallion Green Unicorn horn Trade Pikkupstix 9.240 92 Wolpertinger Crimson Raw rabbit Trade Pikkupstix 24.300 95 Iron titan Crimson Iron platebody Buy at home 25.080 96 Pack yack Crimson Yak-hide Kill them, training -> Yaks and pick it up 25.320 So the top xp's per charm are: Gold charm Blue charm Green charm Crimson charm 1. Arctic bear (71) 1. Lava Titan (83) 1. Unicorn stallion (88) 1. Pack yack (96) 2. Barker toad (66) 2. Obsidian Golem (73) 2. Hydra (80) 2. Iron titan (95) 3. Spirit terrorbird (52) 3. Spirit kalphite (25) 3. Giant ent (78) 3. Wolpertinger (92) 4. War tortoise (67) 4. Albino rat (23) 4. Fruit bat (69) 4. Granite lobster (74) I hope this table and the top 4 gives you enough information to train efficiently! Chapter 3: My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. This chapter depends on how many charms you have from each type and what your level is, but I am going to try to give you a good guideline. 1 - 8 Spirit wolf 8 - 13 Spirit spider 13 - 17 Thorny snail 17 - 22 Spirit mosquito 22 - 25 Spirit tz-kih 25 - 46 Spirit kalphite 46 - 73 Pyrelord or 25 - 73 Spirit kalphite (depends on your charms) 73 - 83 Obsidian golem 83 - 99 Lava Titan or, if you run out of blue charms, start with granite lobster (74) till you reach 92. 92 - 95 Wolpertinger 95 - 96 Iron titan 96 - 99 Pack yack Note: If you have passed level 71, use ALL of your Gold charms on Arctic bear, as you don't need them anymore and Arctic bear gives the most xp for gold charms! Congratulations! You have reached level 99 Summoning! I hope this guide has helped you a lot! For comments/inaccuracies etc. please comment down below!
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    Abyss now works correctly and you can fight the creatures for a chance at receiving runecrafting pouch drops, you can't get a pouch size until you have the size below (doesn't have to be in inv). Also ironmen can now trade 50 yak hairs with morten holdstrom in neitiznot for a helm of neitiznot. Improvements: Abyss & runecrafting pouches Edge, falador & yannile shortcuts Morten holdstrom at nezitnot Changes: Ladder messages are now filtered Made all fishing spots in living rock caverns reachable Fixes: Warrior guild token depletion Smithing level requirement fix Herbicide effect for all players Coal bag message & options Brine rats
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    Disruptions over, back to regular consistent updates Improvements: Gem bag functionality (can hold up to 100 uncut gems) Herbicide (returns grimy herb drops into x2 cleaning exp) ::reset password command for admins Changes: Untradeable items dropped on death in wilderness now only turn to coins if pked Changes to owner ::find command to support non-alphabet characters Changes to dragon defender & dragon 2h alch prices Gravestone interface now shows with other interfaces (gwd kc) Added hunter trap messages to filter Fixes: Fixed client loading bar text/message showing First adventure getting stuck under sage npc
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    Yes thank you for activily being in-game and finding all your issues which you post on the thread <3 Also warriors guild should be profitable now alching dragon defenders! NEW WAY OF CASH
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    I asked you 15 minutes ago about hunter and it's already here in the update. Legendary! Thank you very much for all the hard work!
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    Haha great work was gonna make a similar guide myself but u pretty much told me this method like a month ago anyway lol Cheers
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    The Rare Drop Table Some information on how the rare drop table (RDT) works and what items you can receive. All combat npc's have the chance to drop from the RDT, by default the chance is 1/1000. If you have a regular ring of wealth the chance becomes 1/900, an imbued ring of wealth 1/800. If you "hit" the RDT then an item from either one of the two sub-tables (depending on row again) will be dropped. Common table Name Amount - Alch Value Uncommon Name Amount - Alch Value
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    Gem bag doesn't work also
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    Awesome guide man, really love it and I am glad you are back in action. This will help out the new players a lot
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    Lack of updates this week because I was ill the past few days But recovering now so wanted to get some updates out for you guys Master capes are now out, show off to your friends that you've achieved 200m experience in a skill! Improvements: Master capes! Skill cape shop @ home Wilderness ditch warning can been disabled in settings interface Lighthouse dungeon spawns added Dagannoth drops added Changes: Waterbirth island dungeon ladders now all functional Agility now gives strange rocks based on obstacles not per lap Changes to ::players command Increased crop potential amount for all farming harvesting Fixes: Fixed jadinko lair fires Puro puro wheat Wall beast attacking Fixed accursed & impious ashes id's
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    Timezone: GMT+1 Discord Tag: Watari#5940 Languages: Dutch & English InGame name: Watari Your forum contributions to Fury: Suggestions and bug list Watari'stips&tricks{wip} Fixing lagg/Smoothen gameplay I always report spam. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: Besides my banter, I always enjoy to seek ways to improve and safeguard the forums from unwanted content. I'm pretty easy to talk to, transparent with my actions and uphold a certain quality. At the moment I would prefer a forum staff role over in-game, as I'll be starting my job the 14th and I have almost monthly little holidays to my misses in the UK. (7th to 12 this month) How much time do you spend on the Fury forums daily?: I always have a tab open with the forums when I play, so average a few good hours a day. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: 1. Loyality 2. Transparency 3. Maturity Thank you for taking your time to read my application, Watari
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    You're still missing Canafis. Fastest way to get there: Teleport -> Training -> Ghouls edit: You're also missing south-west Wilderness
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    So I went to the Warriors Guild to get a dragon defender for my alt, and as I finish killing the first Animated Set. It wouldn't let me spawn another one because the game thinks that the old one is still alive and gives the message "You have already spawned some Animated armor." Re-logging only fixes the issue temporarily, but you have to re-log after every kill. I messaged Badman and he can verify it himself
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    Some additions: Con: You can get 100 teak planks as a kind of common drop from corp, if you're patient and want free construction XP Dung: Only kill NPCs in rooms where you need to open a guardian door to get out Kill forgotten warriors for a chance at better items to bind Slayer: Kill bork as often as possible, loads of XP and charms Smithing: Smelt ores in dungeoneering for great & free XP Firemaking: As mentioned in here, manually firemaking is around 3 times faster than bonfires. Nice thread
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    What you guys think? 12 Mithril dragons killed and got my first rare drop. Playing on legend mode using Row (i)
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    Rules and Regulations In-Game Rules Please find below a list of the rules and regulations that are in place at FuryPS, please also read the notes section at the bottom of the post as they will constantly be updated. 1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment, and Inappropriate Content FuryPS welcomes all types of members to join our community. Therefore, members will be respectful to one another no matter who they are or what they believe in. Antagonizing members outside of playful banter will not be tolerated. If you have seen someone breaking this rule or you feel like someone is antagonizing you, please report them on the forums to a staff member showing adequate proof of the crime. Examples: a. The use of inappropriate, slanderous and/or disrespectful language towards another’s race, belief system, ethics, or sexual orientation is not tolerated whatsoever. To avoid minor antagonizing, we ask you to use the ignore system InGame. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = Jailing and/or any mute lasting up to 24 hours. Second Offense = 48-hour mute. Third Offense = Permanent mute. 2. Advertising We operate a zero tolerance policy on advertising, if seen fit by the member of staff, the player breaking this rule will be instantly banned, permanently. Examples: a. Widespread, ordinary links (YouTube, RuneLocus, Rune-Server, etc.) are acceptable and will usually be allowed unless someone decides to take advantage of this privilege. b. Discussing other active servers InGame or on the forums is absolutely not allowed. Anyone caught advertising another active RSPS will be immediately muted and/or banned. If you believe your situation allows an exception, please ask an administrator first or else you will face the same punishment as the common advertiser. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = Jailing and/or a mute of 24 hours or more, depending on the severity. Second Offense = Permanent IP-ban. 3. Spamming Everyone plays this server to have a good time and no one has a good time when someone is spamming. Even if the spam is to be taken as a joke, a player has the right to report you and you can be punished for this. Examples: a. If a member happens to be a donator, flooding ::yell with your messages is not allowed. Be wary of this when you are one of the only members using the ::yell feature because you may be sending messages in longer than 15 second intervals, but there is no other text to break it up. b. An auto-typer is allowed in the public chat, but it has to be set to 15 second intervals between each message. c. Flooding the chatbox with messages even if they are in 15 seconds or longer intervals. If no one else is chatting to break up your text, players might report you for spamming and there is a chance you will be punished for it. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = Jailing and/or any mute lasting up to 24 hours. Second Offense = 48-hour mute. Third Offense = Permanent mute. 4. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threats Misleading links are not allowed. Although your excuse may be that you were trying to prank your friends, people have the right to be lead to the page that was rightfully advertised by your link and you can be punished for your “prank”. Almost anytime this rule is broken, it will result in your account being permanently banned from FuryPS. 5. Punishment Evasion Punishments are given for a reason. If you feel that you were unfairly punished, we urge you to appeal your punishment on the forums. Do not create/log-on to another account in order to continue talking or to beg for your account to be unmuted/banned. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 24-hour ban. Second Offense = One Week IP-ban. Third Offense = Permanent IP-ban. 6. Real World Trading The only time any kind of real world trading is allowed is if it is approved on this thread: Donation Options Thread Even if the trade does not happen, any attempt at real world trading will be follow the same punishments. If items are found that have been acquired via real world trading, they will be wiped from the account. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 24- hour ban. Second Offense = Permanent IP-ban. 7. Account Sharing Account sharing is allowed on FuryPS, but do it at your own risk. If your account is stolen, hacked, or wiped, it is not a staff member’s fault and the staff team will do nothing to help you. We highly recommend for you to keep your password safe and not share it with anyone. 8. Third Party Software Due to an increased amount of abuse of third party softwares, please note that none are allowed. This includes the use of auto-clicking and ghost mousing, and any other types of software that will give players an unfair advantage over others. No warnings will now be given, any profits made from using the third party software will be taken from the player and removed from the game. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 24-hour ban. Second Offense = One week ban. Third Offense = Permanent ban. 9. Multi-Logging Multi-Logging is when one person logs into multiple accounts at one time. This is permitted, however both accounts must abide with our other rules and regulations including, but not limited to: Section 8, Third Party Software- When Multi- Logging, the user will abide by our Third Party Software rules as neither account is permitted of using such software whether it is an auto clicker or ghost mouse. Violators of this rule will be subject to the disciplinary action stated in Section 8. Section 11, Bug Abuse- The user will shall not be abusing bugs or glitches to gain any form of advantage over other users. Violators of this rule will be subject to the disciplinary action stated in Section 11. Section 15, VPN Usage: As our client limits only 2 connections per IP address, this will be the maximum accounts in which a user can have operating at one point in time. Multi- Logging will not be tolerated if a VPN is used to gain additional operational accounts. Violators of this rule will be subject to the disciplinary action stated in Section 15. Section 18, AFKing: The user will abide with the rules for AFKing as stated in section 18. The user is not permitted take advantage of purely AFK activities which provide a benefit to the account when operating multiple accounts. Violators of this rule will be subject to the disciplinary action stated in Section 18. Should the violation not fit under the aforementioned sections, staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 24-hour ban on both accounts. Second Offense = One week ban on both accounts. Third Offense = Permanent ban on both accounts. 10. Encouraging Others to Break Rules Although you yourself may not be breaking the rule, encouraging other people to break a rule can result in a punishment for you as well. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = A warning or any mute/jailing lasting up to 24 hours. Second Offense = One week mute. Third Offense = Permanent mute and/or ban. 11. Bug Abuse Any bugs or glitches found within FuryPS should be immediately reported to a staff member either on the forums or through a PM InGame. Our server is and will always be working toward perfection, but there will be bugs/glitches. If a player is found abusing these bugs/glitches, then they will be punished. Safe-spotting monsters/bosses that are not meant to be safe-spotted counts as a bug and you will be punished the same as if you were abusing any other bug. In short, if you are found safe-spotting a boss, or fighting it in any way that you are unable to do it on rs that provides you with an advantage you shouldn't have, the following will be carried out. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = At least a 24-hour ban and/or Jailing, depending on the severity. Second Offense = One week ban. Third Offense = Permanent ban. 12. Refunds (Scams, Disconnects, etc.) Examples: a. If you lost items due to a disconnection, make a thread about it showing adequate proof of your losses. Most of the time, disconnections will not be refunded. b. Donations will not be refunded at any time. c. If the server has been reset or rolled back, then a player can request for their items back by showing adequate proof of their losses on the forums. d. Scammed members will only be refunded if the following evidence is provided: - Video Evidence of the scam. - The person who scammed you admits to the scam. Note – Photo reports will NOT be accepted as proof of a scam. e. Hacking refunds will only be given if adequate proof of the hack is provided on a thread on the forums. f. Glitch refunds will only be refunded if adequate proof of the glitch causing you to lose your items is provided on a thread on the forums. You also have to prove that you owned the items before the time of the glitch. False reports will result in a deny of a refund and a punishment. g. If a player charges back a donation made to FuryPS, the player will be banned. 13. Player versus Player (PvP) Examples: a. PvP Point Farming will result in an automatic ban. A second offense will be a permanent ban. b. Luring is allowed as long as it is not done over ::yell or through the “Help” Clan Chat. Luring a staff member by asking them for help will result in an instant 24-hour ban and any items stolen will be retrieved and returned. 14. Invading Other Communities Invading other community will result in a permanent ban from FuryPS. We understand how difficult the process of creating and growing an RSPS is and we respect every server out there. Therefore, we do not approve of any kind of advertising on any server. If we receive word from another server of one of our players advertising, we will find that player and ban them. 15. VPN Voting VPN voting is when someone changes their IP Address in order to continuously vote on the voting pages in order to obtain the voting rewards. This is not allowed for two reasons: one, it can result in our server being banned from voting page and two, it gives the player an unfair advantage of voting rewards which will saturate the market with voting items. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = Warning. Second Offense = 24-hour ban. Third Offense = Permanent ban. 16. Staff Impersonation Impersonating a staff member to take advantage of another player will result in a permanent ban. If you see anyone impersonating a staff member, report them immediately. 17. DDoS Threats or DDoS’ing DDoS’ing extremely simplified is when a player disconnects you from your internet. If someone is threatening to DDoS you, report them immediately. If you are being DDoS’ed, create a report thread with proof of the DDoS’ing. If caught DDoS’ing, you will be permanently IP-banned from our server. Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 24-hour mute. Second Offense = 48-hour ban. Third Offense = Permanent ban. 18. AFK Rules Being AFK in Fury is allowed if you are not carrying out an activity. If you are carrying out an activity, for example; training, alching, attacking NPCs or anything else, the following will be implemented Staff members will determine if the situation is punishable and will abide by these punishments: First Offense = 12-24 Hour Jail Second Offense = 24 Hour Ban Third Offense = One week-Pemanent Ban Forum Rules Forum punishments go by a warning system. Warnings can be given by staff members for members breaking any of the rules. Staff members will give warnings points based off of the severity of each situation. 5 Warning Points = Restrict from Posting for 24 hours. 10 Warning Points = Restrict from Posting for 72 hours and ban for 24 hours. 15 Warnings Points = Restrict from Posting indefinitely and ban for 72 hours. 20 Warning Points = Indefinite ban. 1. Inappropriate Language and Content Any content posted onto the forums that is deemed inappropriate can result in warning points added to your account or temporary bans depending on the severity. Keep the forums clean. Examples: a. Flaming, obsessive cursing, threats, harassing, or obnoxious trolling. b. Pornographic material. c. Content promoting rule and/or law breaking. 2. Advertising Advertising on the Forum without the appropriate permissions of staff members will result in you being removed from the forum. Examples: a. Widespread, ordinary links (YouTube, RuneLocus, Rune-Server, etc.) are acceptable and will usually be allowed unless someone decides to take advantage of this privilege. b. Discussing other active servers InGame or on the forums is absolutely not allowed. Anyone caught advertising another active RSPS will be immediately restrained from posting or banned. If you believe your situation allows an exception, please ask an administrator first or else you will face the same punishment as the common advertiser. 3. Spamming Examples: a. Posts that consist of one word are considered spam and will be deleted off of the thread and the poster will receive a warning point. This rule does not apply in the Off-Topic section. b. Please take a second to consider where you are posting a thread before you do. Posting a thread in the wrong section will not earn you any warning points, but your thread will probably be moved. c. Grave digging is when someone posts on an inactive thread. There can be exceptions to this if the player is posting useful information, but for the most part, do not post on any thread that is over a month old. 4. Misleading Links, Hacking, and Threats Misleading links are not allowed. Although your excuse may be that you were trying to prank your friends, people have the right to be lead to the page that was rightfully advertised by your link and you can be punished for your “prank”. Almost anytime this rule is broken, it will result in your account being permanently banned from FuryPS. Hacking an account will result in a permanent IP-ban. Threatening another player will result in warning points or an automatic ban depending on the severity. 5. Backseat Moderation Backseat moderation is when a regular player acts like a moderator and tries to handle situations a staff member is needed for. This often just causes even more problems and can even result in warning points being given to the backseat moderator who is probably just trying to help. If you feel like you have the answer to a situation, report the thread/post and a staff member will read your description. 6. Encouraging Others to Break Rules Although you yourself may not be breaking the rule, encouraging other people to break a rule can result in a punishment for you as well. Most of the time, this is when veteran players will try and take advantage of newer players and this just leads to a toxic community. Treat your fellow players with respect. 7. Influencing Polls Asking people to vote for a certain option on a poll is strictly prohibited; this will result in your vote not counting and you will receive warning points. 8. Reputation Boosting The reputation system is meant for players showing other players how much they appreciate their content. If a player bribes, threatens, or even just asks players to boost their reputation count, they will be punished by having their reputation count reset as well as receive warning points. 9. Chatbox The chatbox is implemented for the use of general purposes without having to post on the forums. Although it is a great convenience, it is a privilege and can be taken away if abused. Examples: a. Flaming another member in the chatbox will result in a 24-hour mute from the chatbox and warning points added to your account. b. Flooding/Spamming the chatbox will also result in a 24-hour mute from the chatbox and warning points added to your account. c. Staff Impersonation will result in a ban from the forums. d. Advertising will result in a permanent ban from the forums. The above rules apply to the discord server too, similar consequences will be applied there if anyone is found to be abusing it. NOTE If any player is found to be breaking any of the rules listed in this thread, the staff members of FuryPS do have the power escalate any of the punishments if seen fit. It is at the discretion of the staff to punish where seen fit. If anyone requires any clarity on the rules of FuryPS, feel free to contact any of the staff members, the list can be found HERE Remember to keep an eye on the rules thread, things in here are subject to change, but you will be notified about it in game. and via discord.
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    Hello everyone! Here is the first installment in my videos showing me getting maxed out on my legend account "Moose" Please let me know what you would like to see!
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    Location - Varrock How to get there - skillin teleports - mining - Varrock south - East
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    So people asked me to do a Glacors guide, here it is. ***Note that a lot of the problems with items, summons and NPC collisions will eventually be fixed so I’ll update the guide when they do. Until then, these are methods I would use.*** Main points: -Glacors here are quite different from the main game in a few ways: -1st, Glacors don’t have their special attack (yay!) -2nd, Glacytes (their minions) automatically agro to you, so you won’t have to lure the Enduring Glacyte away from the main Glacor (also yay!) -3rd, Due to the fact that there is no NPC collision at this time on the server, we will have to kill the Glacytes in a different order, but we’ll go over that later. Gear Setup: A few of people requested that I do this guide as welfare as possible since my previous Nex guide had me wearing Pernix and a Divine Spirit Shield, so I did this as welfare as possible, here’s a screenshot of my recomended setup after a kill: Yes! If you’re familiar enough with Glacors you can do them naked except for runes and a few pray pots. Here’s the low tier setup: And here's the high level /mindless setup: -You want to be using a magic setup for Blood spells (best fire spells if you can't) with a Crush style melee swap (if no Chaotic Maul, you can use the Obsidian maul). -The amount of food to pray pot ratio depends on how experienced you are with them, but this setup is assuming you have little experience with Glacors. -I already have a unicorn summoned so save me the inventory space, the empty slot is for the maul switch (so you don't have to drop any pots) -Why so much food? I’ve seen videos of people doing it without food!~: Since their special attack is instant, undodgable, unblockable range damage sometimes the unicorn can't outheal that, so we'll just use food (assuming you aren't using blood spells) -If you're using the high level setup with ganodermic, all you have to do is pray protect against range, as Ganodermic's magic defense is absurdly high. General Concepts: -Glacors are like mini Tz-Tok-Jads, where prayer swapping is a must. -Glacors can hit through protection prayer, but only small hits. -Turn Auto-Retaliate off as it will make it difficult to lure the glacytes away -Glacor attacks register when they hit you unlike other monsters in Runescape who’s attacks are registered instantly. This allows you to prayer swap in time. -Glacors are REALLY weak to magic, really can’t recommend using any other style. -Their minions Glacytes on the other hand, are REALLY weak to crush attacks. -Watch your positioning. I tend to fight Glacors here around this rock: The Fight The Glacors: -Glacors technically have 4 attacks; however you should only be worrying about 2 of them. -Magic: Characterized by the Glacor lifting its left and firing a slow moving blue ball at you. It can freeze you. -Range: Characterized by the Glacor lifting its right arm and firing a slow moving icicle at you. -Melee: If you’re too close to him he’ll lunge at you with a really accurate melee attack. You shouldn’t even be this close to him so you won’t have to worry about it. -Special Attack: Not in game, but the Glacor will throw both his arms into the ground. It automatically does unblockable range damage, so you're just going to have to tank it -Keep your distance. Since the hits are registered when the actual projectile animation hits you, the further you are from the Glacor, the more time you have to react to their attacks and prayer swap accordingly -Blast the Glacor with your strongest fire spells until he reaches around half health. -At half health, the Glacor will summon the glacytes. The Glacytes: -At around half health, the Glacor will become invincible and summon his 3 minions who will run at you and attack, each with a different property to them: -Sapping Glacyte (bright blue): This glacyte’s perk is that every hit it does (doesn’t have to deal damage) will take away 20 prayer points. -Unstable Glacyte (red): One dangerous one of the group. This glacyte will continually regenerate HP until full. At full HP the glacyte will go kaboomy and explode dealing damage to both itself and you (equal to half your remaining hp). After exploding it’s HP will be 1, and start to regenerate again for another explosion -Enduring Glacyte (dark blue): This one is just a pest, it resists all damage. In the main game, the further this glacyte is from the Glacor which summoned it the lower the defense it has. However, this glacyte just seems to be resistant no matter the distance in this server. -All of the glacytes attack with only melee, with their attacks not hitting much (however all 3 can add up) -***The order in which you kill the glacytes matter as the Glacor will take the perk of the last glacyte killed and have it amplified.*** After the Glacytes spawn, you will want to use the rock shown to lure the you and the glacytes away from the Glacor. -Run a little away from the Glacor, enough so that the rock can be used to separate you and the glacytes away from the Glacor like so: -Notice how the Glacytes and I are isolated, so the Glacor can no longer attack me as I deal with the glacytes. -Take out your crush based melee swap and turn on piety and pray melee and smash the glacytes in the following order: Unstable/Sapping First, and Enduring Last. Here’s why: -Sapping can make your runs shorter by sapping your prayer. In addition, if you kill sapping last, the Glacor will inherit the sapping ability, but rather than sap for 20 pray points a hit, he will sap for 50 a hit. -Normally, you’d kill Unstable last as he has the least defenses and he damages himself. However, due to the fact that NPC collision isn’t working at the current moment you will want to kill him ASAP because you won’t know when he will explode so the damage is almost unavoidable. -Enduring is just really bulky. If you kill him last, the Glacor will be a little more defensive. However, you will take less HP damage and pray point damage in total if you kill him last. -After killing the glacytes, reset your prayers and autocast and continue to kill the Glacor as you have been previously until it dies. Don't forget to keep your distance! And there goes my Glacors guide, I expect to see more level 75 boots in the game!~ Tell me in game or in a reply which boss guide you want to see next! I may be making a Tormented Demons guide after this, but depends on how this guide is recieved~ If you liked this guide, follow me and hit the love button to give me some rep~ Check out my other PvM guides too!
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    Jesus man, congrats on the 10k dust. Sorry it didn't give you much
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    Lot of small-medium changes today, you can now filter game messages by right clicking the "game" button under the chat box and selecting filter. We've also introduced a rare drop table; a 1/1000 (effected by row's) chance of receiving rewards valued on average ~1m to help new players but also worth while for everyone else too. And rare drops are now announced to the whole server Improvements: Game chat message filtering Npc death/drops rewrite Boss drop announcements Rare drop table ::moveto command for admins Changes: Decreased nex shadow rate Dragonstone ring (i) renamed to Ring of wealth (i) Ring of wealth effects now shown on drop tables Fixes: Farming strange rock fix Combat bracelet entering to warriors guild Bank tab lost if over capacity Grand exchange unnotable items fixed & broken slots auto removed Fixed donate admin command Setup a cannon achievement fix Gravestone correctly removes timer on collapse Strykewyrm stomping fix Ice strykewyrm attack speed & bonuses fixed Fixed getting stuck on gnome agility course log
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    Confirmed bug which has been fixed; luckily or unfortunately depending how you look at it, you and Muse were the only player's effected. As with our confirmed bugs policy you will be refunded as best as possible.
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    Found this puppy trying to fish swordfish, was gonna use the fish for cooking but as you can see I stumbled upon this. Swordfish/Lobster spot thinks it's shark spot when harpoon fish.
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    All your guides on Fury are amazing, second time I am reading it and a lot of work really went into them. Glad to have you on Fury <3
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    Amazing guide, will pin this
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    Thank u very much sammy. This guide saved my life on legend mode due to the fact that higher level pouches doesnt mean higher xp rewards!
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    Location - Fremenik Isles How to get there - Training -> Yaks
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    Just some changes & fixes, was meant to be with tomorrows update but some players need it now Improvements: Merchant sell-all option Construction set added to donor store Client url's now supported on mac (e.g ::forums) Changes: Penance horn price increased to 10k Skill points quest tab refreshes correctly Familiar's can no longer attack in single combat areas Floor items checked to prevent drop tricks (strange rocks & clue scrolls) Queen black dragon rewards automatically given when killed Fixes: Level reset error fix Fixed multiple Runebound behmoth bosses Fixed bank size for donors given manually via commands Dungeoneering smuggle fix Fixed skill menus
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    Also, directions/closest teleport would be a great addition to each location (For racing for that finders XP)! Thanks Sammy!
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    Something strange has happened with skills, random pieces can be found while training the following skills: agility, herblore, farming, crafting, runecrafting, mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, thieving, construction & hunter. Each skill has 2 pieces to be collected, which can be added to the statue at home in exchange for experience & skill points (see quest tab). Once the statue is complete it will be reset once a week. Also four time day on week days there will be 2 double pest control points & 2 random non-combat skill double exp events which last 1 hour each. Improvements: Stranger Rocks Daily event system Changes: Removed elf from home Changes to point handling & saving [dev] Fixes: Fixed file cleaning on server restart (voting/daily donor points) Strange rock rewards: Penance horn - +0.5% bonus mining, firemaking & agility experience Magic secateurs - +10% experience & increase amount of produced received from farming Cooking gauntlets - reduces the chance of burning while cooking Goldsmith gauntlets - x2.5 experience when smelting gold bars Golden hammer - +1% bonus experience when smithing Ring of fire - +2.5% bonus experience when firemaking Gloves of silence - increased chances of successful pick pocketing Magic butterfly net - increased chances of catching imps
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    Welcome to fury man
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    Welcome to the server Acid i hope you enjoy yourself. Need any help feel free to ask See you around ingame.
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    Right after a week of prep, traveling & technical difficulties; now back in action with updates back to frequent. We have an engine update in progress which is being put through the runs on a test server which we'll soon open up to staff for testing, although that update probably won't be seen for a little while. The next week will be bug fixes & issues with a few smaller content updates such as 120 capes. Then the week after that we'll be putting out pvp/combat content & changes. Improvements: Free decayed cannon replacement via Nulodion Cannon decay times changed to 25m, 30m, 35m Skill reset npc (free until next update, will be charged after that) Client loading screen redo (smoother, no image flickering) Client now downloads extra files not launcher Fixes: Player message error fix Dwarf multi-cannon target bonus crash/fix Voting bonus experience timer fix Grand exhcange file loading changes New account dialogue tweaks Interface override fixes for exiting dialogue by mistake
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    Two I've noticed aren't on here. "Wilderness" and "Mage Arena"
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    We will try to change it in the future, it requires a lot of code to be re-written, possibly when we design a new website we will make sure we will redo our back end. So I don't know how long this will take, but we are thinking soon.
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    Non Irons as well but especially Irons should have access to cooking gauntlets
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    Here's my take on new mboxes. Rather than having a low tier and high tier mbox we can have a general mbox (what we have now which can give literally anything), and specialized mboxes which will be the 5-6$ ones. What I mean by specialized mboxes is that it splits up drops into categories, like: Weapons box: Dragon, Barrows, Chaotics, Zaryte, Spirit shields, Whips, Deathtouch Darts Armors box: Dragon, DKS rings, fury, Barrows, Nex Gears Cosmetics box (could be priced more?): Cosmetics attainable from crystal chest, Cosmetics attainable from Xuan, H'ween masks, Santas, Crackers and Phats (maybe) a Misc. box?: mainly skilling supplies/frost bones and stuff buyable from the donator store, xp lamps Or this could be a high tier general mbox just higher rates of the normal 2$ ones Needless to say, we can twiddle around with drop rates and add more "fluff items" There's a few reasons why I think this would work: People can seek out generally what item they want while still keeping some level of "chance" If we can have interactive mboxes based off of interfaces (we discussed this on discord) it can make people want to try more mboxes. Naturally, with less "fluff items" or items the individual does not want, there will be a higher rate of good loot, and thus would be fitting for it to be priced higher.
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    The picture I drew on is from a newer revision than the maps in fury, so that shortcut isn't ingame afaik.
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    Does the agility shortcut not work?
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    bruh this guide is my lord and saviour!
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    List of Guides _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Guys! This was a thread orignally posted by Chillpwned. However, since his departure a lot has changed, so please find below an updated list of guides. Hope this helps everyone! Muse. Just Ctrl + F and search for the guide you are looking for. Example Ctrl + F "Thieving" _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skills Agility Construction Combat Cooking Crafting Dungeoneering Farming Firemaking Fishing Fletching Herblore Hunter Magic Mining Prayer Runecrafting Slayer Smithing Summoning Thieving Woodcutting _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Miscellaneous Guides A Few Tips to Make Money Getting Started Guide to Gambling How to prevent being "hacked" Methods to Making Easy Money The Way to KBD Crashed Star locations _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would like to say a huge thank you to those who have written the guides contained in this thread. By creating a guide you are doing an amazing thing by helping out the community. If you would like your guide featured on this page then please just let me know!