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    Not a lot of servers can say they have been up for one year, but we have and its been a long ride I have had such a great time running Fury and we have been working to make it the best possible Pre-EoC server every single day and that's a lot of work, but considering where we started then its a BIG BIG JUMP From the start of Fury we have OVER 5 PAGES of Update logs. Can you believe how many updates we have done? We never stopped and we never want to stop, your donations have been helping fund Fury to keep it up this long and keep the game running for all the current, old and future players to enjoy. I would personally like to thank Nando for being an important part of Fury and helping it grow to what it has today, and I would also like to thank Greg the guy who created this all with me, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have Fury. I would like to thank all the Staff members who were apart of Fury over the last year Such as Muse who was our Ex-admin and an all around great guy. Urinalcake who was a great Moderator for many many months, but real life finally caught up to him. Badman the servers number one complainer, but was the first to get a comp cape, but a decent mod. Trodal a staff member who has been on and off many times, but also a great help by donating a ton to the server(still here). Lena Oxton a staff member who we hope will be back to enjoy Fury as this was his favorite game and his donations alone helped grow Fury beyond anything possible. Symbiotic the bank stander of the year award who recently got admin and actually put his time to good use by helping other players and making the forums active! (Still here) Ragnar is a guy who I had to help out when he had no money and I personally sent him $100 when he was at a low point in life, watching him grow with Fury in real life and in-game was a great sight and I am very proud of him and consider him a top moderator! Phanny Phart a name I hate saying, but it has to be done, you have been here since Fury started and became a helper and helped this server and played it for as long as I remember, thank you so much! Sammy a staff member who made some of the best guides on Fury, but again life took over and her time on Fury was here and there, but her commitment back then was amazing. Exivel I had no idea how to spell your name, and I still struggle..... its a weird name, but you have been a great moderator and really cared for the staff and tried to be the best staff member there was with your ideas and support in-game! X Even though your time was short, you did have a small impact on making Fury great for those months you were staff and I would like to thank you, sad to see you go though AdamR even though you are still kind of new to the staff team, your impact the last few months has been memorable and I would like to thank you! I would also like to welcome all the new Staff Members such as Dreams and Astro Maddi We hope you make your impact on Fury and make your place remembered for the players and myself! I would also like to thank all the donors we have had Each one of you is amazing and Anciency your a funny guy, you are our top Donator, but even when you don't play I love hearing about your crazy Belgium lifestyle, your partying your clubbing, your Girlfriend, and of course YOU MAN! Thank you for your donations and I hope your got your money's worth by playing Fury and helping it grow. I would also like to Thank all the players who report bugs, and keep logging in everyday and telling me hello when I login! I love you guys and I love logging in to Fury to make the players happy, because when you guys are Happy I AM HAPPY! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT YEAR, Lets make it another and fill it with AMAZING MEMORIES! <3
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    1. Nomad Boss World Event Every 2 Hours(?), a Nomad will spawn in the center of Varrock, Yanille, Ardounge, Lumbridge, Lunar Isle, Taverley, etc. A server message will appear in chatbox saying: "Nomad has spawned at Yanille!!! Kill him for all sorts of goodies!!!" Also, add 'Nomad: Active/Inactive' category in Quest Tab. We could give nomad a shit ton of hp so that players will be forced to kill it as a team. Also, Nomad could drop useful and rare pvm/pvp/skilling items very often, so players will actually want to kill it together. We could also have one Nomad spawned by Death in the Wilderness that is twice as rewarding as the Safe-Zone one. Ideas for Drops: Item Name, [Amount], (Drop Rate) * LMK WHAT YOU THINK FURY & COMMUNITY * - Amulet of Fury or Uncut Onyx, [1-3], (1/65) - Shards of Armadyl, [20-40], (1/3) - Armadyl Runes in Bulk, [250-750], (1/3) - Single Dharok's Pieces, [1-4], (1/60) - Armadyl Crossbow, [1], (1/150) - Mystery Boxes [2-4] (1/40) - Dragonstone Bolts (e) [275-875], (1/12) - Ruby Bolts (e), [125-675], (1/18) - Onyx Bolts (e), [275-875], (1/15) - Hard Scroll [1-3] (1/5) - Elite Clue Scroll [1-2] (1/10) - Noted Frost Dragon Bones or Ourg Bones or Infernal Ashes,Dragon Bones, [10-25], (1/1) - Noted Pure Essence, [3k-7k], (1/4) - Runite Ore, [75-225], (1/14) - Zamorakian Spear, [1], (1/215) - Ganodermic Flakes, [165-875], (1/17) 2. Buff Drops of the following: - Sigils from Corp by [4.5%]? - WildyWyrm in general, add drops as well 3. Welcome Back To Fury-PS Login Interface A custom Log-In Interface that greets returning players back into the game with recent updates and currently Active Events. 4. Add Armadyl Crossbow to Commander Zilyana's & Minions' Drop Table: 5. Wildy Slayer NPC list I provided Fury 6. Did You Know? Server Message Quick Facts 7. Christmas Event: Frozen Key Chest that drops Xmas Ghost Robes, Anti-Santa, Regular Santa costumes, Xmas Wand, Cane, & Sled !@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@! 8. In-Game Respected Member (Ex-Staff or $2500 Claimed?):Respected Member (Group List - Courtesy of Forums AdminCP) 9. In-Game Veteran Rank (2 Million Loyalty Points or 1 Year of Playing on Fury-PS. (ex. I Have 2 Million Loyalty Pts.) Veteran lol @ZzStaticc 10. In-Game Global Moderator Rank for Ragnar and future staff members similar to him: 11. In-Game Forum Moderator Rank for Dreams and future staff members like him: 12. Give DragonBone Melee & Mage both outstanding stats given they cost 750 Soulstones: - Give them a nice full set effect 13. Fight Kiln Minigame If we have TokHaar-Kal cape in-game, we need Fight Kiln Minigame. 14. Fix Un-Binding/Binding in Dungeoneering & Add Smithing & Fix Dungeoneering Bugs 15. Badman's Custom Dungeon for Dominion Gloves (Goliath, Spellcaster, & Swift): 16. Make Dominion Sword 1-Handed, Buff Dominion Staff slightly. 17. Boss Pets of all Current Bosses: - General Grarrdor, TDs, Jad, Glacor, Ice StrykeWyrm (Freezie), WildyWyrm, Kree'Arra, Dagg Kings, Nex, Corp, Bork, Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole, Commander Zilyana, & K'ril Tsutsaroth etc. - This will give players more incentive to kill bosses even after they have all their armor/weaponry/rare drops. Players will actually want to kill Kalphite Queen or Giant Mole for example if that means there's a rare drop of a Boss Pet involved in the drop table. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THESE SUGGESTIONS BELOW! LMK WHAT I MISSED! @Fury
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    You can access the youtube video by clicking on the title of the video, or by clicking on the 'youtube' button on the bottom right hand corner of the video. Make sure that you like, comment your IGN and suggestions, subscribe and turn on the notification bell to get posted when I make videos to ensure you get the first comment and a potential reward! =)
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    Hey guys, I once livestreamed on this server for a little bit and quite enjoyed it. At school just recently before I finished, I learnt how to edit videos and want to record some of my own to see how I go. This server will thrive off active YouTube videos and may inspire others to participate and make Fury just that little bit better . I would like you guys to comment down below and/or like this thread if you think I should go ahead with this. Also, I would very much appreciate content ideas that I could try to cover to showcase the awesome and unique features Fury has to offer, giving other's a reason to join the server and for you guys to enjoy some Aussie entertainment . Some content ideas could be like:- loot from 100 clue scrolls Road to Iron Man Collection Log Completeion loot from 2-3 hours of Frost Dragons Road to Completionist Cape Donator in a Day Challenge Thanks, Astro Maddi
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    Application Form Timezone: GMT (UK) Discord Tag: Zzstaticc (Saphire Donator) Languages: English InGame name: Zzstaticc Your contributions to Fury: $35. 420hours in 3 months. No AFK. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I Feel i would make a great addtion to the team as i will always go out my way to make sure players are understaning what they are doing and go the extra mile to support them and help with the Fury experience wether its just being someone to talk to when online, needing help with supplies or quests/achievements or even giving them items to help with the first step into the true expierence of Fury RSPS. Furthermore with the growing number of people wanting to start youtube for the server i will also be able to assist in this due to my knowledge of youtube background and video editing software. i am currently studying in my spare time HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for front end webdevelopment. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I am a very active player spending between 4-6 hours a day throughout my day. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Communication. Eagerness to help. Ability to be active as much as possible.
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    Sorry to see you go, bud. The server will never be the same without you, Lena, Phanny and Exivel.
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    Alright So ima Try to Explain This Phase By Phase For soloing, Although Watching the Guide will help you ton's more with placement seeing it in action so on so forth. However For Phase's Im Going to Be Breaking Them Down. Tip: Don't Go In Mid stay on the outside Phase 1: Prayer Melee: The Fight: Hop in The Fight and Start Dpsing Nex Down With Melee Prayer On (You should be preoverloaded) Continue to Fight Nex (Make Sure to use Your Specs Early) If needing to Eat make your yak grab nex attention that way you can save more food/Hp. Once Nex Hits The Hp for you to attack the Minion Make your Yak attack nex agian and turn your prayer to Mage Prayer (Melee When Nex Is On You,Mage when not) Switch Your side prayer onto piety and get your rapier out and dps the minion down. Phase 2: Prayer: Range The Fight: As usual this is Hell Phase, KEEP RANGE PRAYER UP THIS WHOLE PHASE. Go ahead and switch back to your range gear with range prayer and rigour on (ReOverload here) Go ahead and start dpsing Nex and continuing to use your yak as a tank when needing to eat here (Super useful with the amount of damage you take on this phase) When Nexspawns the shadow's under you, GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE FAST. Once Nex reach's the HP to attack the minion go ahead and switch to Piety and Rapier and unload your Spec's and dps it Down, KEEP RANGE PRAYER ON. (Drops Brew's Towards the Next Minion if needed if your yak is low, as shown in the video and juggle them) Phase 3: Prayer: Melee This is the 2nd hardest phase, Go ahead and switch back to your range weapon and turn on protect from melee, Spawn your Titan Once your yak dies (It should die somewhere around this phase) Nex has abilities on this Phase such As, Siphon: Don't attack Nex when this happens if you hit a 50, she heals a 50. Blood Reavers: She can Spawn anywhere from 1-3, Make sure you get rid of these quick as she can absorb them and heal herself. Blood Sacrifice : She will try to steal some of your HP to herself, Make sure you're paying attention to chat as you will get a warning for it. Just move a tad Bit away. Once Nex is Low enough Get your Steel Titan to tank for you and switch your prayer to Mage and Melee her Minion down (Using Your Specs of course, and switching to piety) Phase 4: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Not Much goes on in this phase, Just keep melee prayer Up and Continue to Fight her until she call's for her minion to help, get your steel titan to tank as needed throughout the phase and once you get on her minion use your titan to tank while killing it and switch over to Piety/Mage Prayer. Phase 5: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Your Steel titan may die on last phase or the phase before, Just spawn your 2nd titan pouch and Unload on Nex the entire time, Use your Scroll's throughout the fight of P3,P4,P5 as needed. Nex Has Some abilities on this phase but nothing DPS Heavy, She will switch between Soulsplit and Protect Melee, Obviously don't use your spec's when Nex is praying Melee, Continue to Fight Nex down and Once toward's the end of the phase make sure you eat up so you don't die to the wraith and the end as it can hit 60, You can still go back in and get your loot (It's not gone forever) But try not to die as you just accomplished something that is pretty hard to do which is soloing Nex. Congrats to everyone who may have achieved a solo kill and Anyone who plan's to do so. I hope you all the best Luck and all the Best fortune! Happy Hunting! -Max
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    Alright So this is My first time making video's/Editing So the quality of it is Not fantastic at this time, and i was extremely Nervous Making This, But however i was super excited to start making video's Of this server. My Editing and Transitions will be better Over Time but for the time Being Here is a Video ShowCasing QBD and How to defeat it.
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    FLOWER POKER (FPING) So i have decided to make a Flower Poker guide as the number of people wanting to get involved is rising and the amount of scammers is becoming apparent so this guide will stop them if the steps are followed.. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS GAMBLING SO LOSS OF CASH AND ITEMS ARE AT RISK. PLEASE ONLY GAMBLE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. 100M NETT WORTH NEEDED TO FP. MIDDLE MAN NEEDED TO WITNESS EACH HAND AND HOLD ITEMS/CASH. PLEASE USE A MEMBER OF STAFF IF AVALIABLE OR A HIGH LEVEL DONATOR. TRUSTED MIDDLE MAN ONLY. IF NO MIDDLE MAN AVALIABLE TO WITNESS PLEASE USE SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE IN CASE OF SCAM. BOTH PARTIES PLANT AT THE SAME TIME. DONT GET AHEAD OF YOUR OPPENENT IN THE PLANTING PROCESS BY MORE THAN 2 PLANTS. So in order to get started all you need is 100m net worth and a brave heart to part with your cash or items! In this guide i will simply explain how to play and the colours of the flowers to help you understand. First thing you need to do is get yourself over to ::gamble. This will teleport you to the gamble area which is the enterance to castle wars. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE A WARNING MESSAGE IN CHAT WHEN YOU TELE THERE. After this go talk to the Gambler and buy yourself some Mithril Seeds ready to play FP. So now you have your seeds and you are ready to FP. find yourself an opponent and agree an amount to FP and make sure a MIDDLE MAN is present! so the aim is to plant 5 seeds and hope you match the following hands but beware if you dont match any of the following your hand will be a bust. so in this order, your hands will be: 1P - 1 Pair of any colour 2P - 2 Pairs of any colour 3Oak - 3 of a kind. 3 plants of the same colour FH - full house. 3 plants of the same of one colour and 2 plants of another colour 4Oak - 4 of a kind. 4 plants of the same colour 5Oak - All 5 colours are the same! white and black plants can be your friend or a nightmare. They automatically repeat the plant process for both people. So if your on the way to a bust and your last plant is a white or black, then it will of saved you losing to your opponent for that hand. In the above example, this is what a 3OAK will look like. Now you know the basic in's and out's of flower poker you can get yourself out there! Anything you guys want me to add comment below and ill be sure to add it! also if you want me to run through FP with you and im online ill be more than happy to do so! Enjoy!
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    Hello all players new and old! This video will be explaining all of the awesome features FuryPS has to offer! Here is a list summary of the things that will be explored: - - New interface - Quick tour of home - Stealing Creation - Wildy Player Bots - Wildy Slayer - Poly dung - Jadinko Lair - Corporeal Beast - Fully Working Nex - Fully Working Queen Black Dragon - Advanced Agility Courses - Blood Tree - Shooting Star - Fully Working Dungoneering - Construction - Whole new teleport menu - Working achievements and completionist cape - Donator shop with high rewarding items - Dzone (Mummy Warriors, NPC, Runite Ore, Coal, Teleport to Forinthry dungeon and KBD) - Rzone (Forinthry Dungeon and KBD Teleport, All fishing spots, Grenwalls, Mummy Warriors, runecrafting ZMI altar Skeletal Wyverns, 4 runite rocks + 4 adamatite rocks + 3 iron ore for 2 ticking, a furnace and bank deposit, Magic trees + yew trees, dwarf guy to pickpocket for good money) DISCLAIMER: I forgot to pick a third winner, here it is
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    1. Boss yes, drops no way re-do them 2. Maybe, I was thinking instead for Nex and Corp to make all the people killing the boss if they do over 100-200 damage to get a drop as well, so up to 5 people can get a drop per kill? 3. Draw it out how it will look like in paint 4. Armadyl crossbow no 5. 6. 7. So you got a chest with keys, but how do you obtain the keys, whats the event? Is the event just a chest you buy keys from the donor store? 8. Maybe 9. Whats the point if only one rank shows? Your an admin and want to be a vet too? 10. Again multiple ranks 11. Again multiple ranks 12. Could be used to make PvP gear, and make it do bonus damage in PvP like 15-20% more 13. It is being added yes 14. If we add smithing, we will only make it able to smith and smelt 3-5 items a dungeon run. 15. Will be considered if you can think of different requirements for it, and a location for it with a cord and the full drops tables 16. Already being done on our next major donation store update 17. Boss pets is a boring add imo, but if people want it, it could be possible. Just feels too custom
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    looks great mate +1 to everything well thought out suggestions and detailed post good job my guy <3 oh and first. Still a +1 to all suggestions, would also like to see construction cleaned up in the future after all these updates
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    Hope you enjoy the video =) If you enjoyed it, leaving a like, comment and a subscribe on the video is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Just Some Note's Sorry For the Music at 2:20 Forgot to stop my Spotify, I thought it edited the volume out of the clip but i guess Not. The Mouse Get's Fixed afterawhile(I started recording this before the nex guide last guide, Thanks to Astro for Telling me the fix solution for it) I hope you guys enjoyed this video, it took a long ass time to make. -Max
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    I'm in the Process of Getting better at Making Video's/Intro's Etc. Slowly Trying to Teach Myself so hope you guys enjoy.
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    Logs: Base XP: With Vote: With x2 Event/Weekend and Vote: Arrow Shaft's 200 290 390 ShortBow's 200 290 390 Long Bow's 400 580 780 Oak Shortbow 660 957 1287 Oak LongBow 1000 1450 1950 Willow Short 1332 1931.4 2597.4 Willow Longbow 1660 2407 3237 Maple Short 2000 2900 3900 Maple Long 2332 3381.4 4547.4 Yew Short 2700 3915 5265 Yew Long 3000 4350 5850 Magic Short 3330 4828.5 6493.5 Magic Long 3660 5307 7137
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    Edit: I know i fucked up the spelling in the first Slide, It's a happy Little Accident. Just Paint a Tree over it in your Mind. I Do Not Add Blood Tree's In This Guide, As this should be considered a beginner guide and entry level into Woodcutting, This is Just XP Rate's For Regular Account's. This Does Not Include Extreme/Legend and so On. Log Type: Base XP: With Vote: With Vote And X2 Weekend Or X2 Event For WoodCutting: Regular Log 1000 1450 1950 Oak Log 1500 2175 2925 Willow Log 2700 3915 5265 Maple Log 4000 5800 7800 Yew Log 7000 10150 13650 Magic Log 10000 14500 19500
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    Discord Tag:Green bay113#3557 Languages:English InGame name:Dreams Your forum contributions to Fury: four in death guides to in game content and forums. And more to come with new updates Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?:I'm already apart of the staff team and i love it.love helping players in game and hope to help on fourms now as well.i have forums open almost every time i'm in game and i even check on it on my phone as well. How much time do you spend on the Fury forums daily?:10+ What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?:Communication with other staff members owner and normal players of the game.with out it everything just falls apart.loyalty, being loyal to the server will only help it grow i spend a lot of time online because i enjoy the game and enjoy talking with the players and its hard to be unloyal if you enjoy what you do.and last active.when i'm online i am active and replying to questions on forums i read all the post and try to respond in helpful and positive ways to keep players happy to come to forums and not feel like they will be heard. I really hope you take my application in to consideration. i really do spend a lot of time on here and would love to help out the community as much as i can.
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    So this is your own money, which I understand. But this is more like a lottery where you buy your way into a price. If a couple of people enter, you'll actually gain bank, instead of giving it away. Smart money maker! Regardless, goodluck to everyone entering.
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    Thanks for the guide. I think this helps alot for anyone who's new to pking. (including me)
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    dw u too u big goof <3
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    Going to miss you. I'm happy to have been a member of the staff team at the same time as you
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    +1 helpful and friendly guy, and very active ingame and in cc, would make great addition to staff team
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    You are extremely friendly, good to talk to and an overall good guy, good luck with your application and try pump out a couple of guides.
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    +1 from me bro. try and make some vids or guides on forums tho, cuz that's where the mertis happen
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    Hello from the other side
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    @Symbiotic make the zammy spear drop rates a lot lower like 1/50 considering its only 100-150m. keep the armadyl crossbow where it is and the value on it could start at 1b and be around that price
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    I Definitely think it should be some sort of splitting feature. I thought that a splitting feature would be fair when u get 'Single Dharok's Pieces [1-4]' so multiple people would get rewarded. Plus noted bones could be picked up from someone as well (1/1). Also, good chance of Arma Shards/Runes/P. Ess. Thanks, what do you think about the Zam. Spear & Arma. Crossbow drop Rates?
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    Love the suggestions. The drop rates seem fair and reasonable and provide initiative to convoy together to mass the world boss, whilst not breaking the economy. If anything, more items can be added like rares with a 1/1000 drop rate Definitely +1
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    Yes I will do some more pvming for the sets That's in the plans! probably this month some time.
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    Yoo, so thought I'd post a bank pic before I get cleaned again, I'm not showing full bank cause its just one, huge unorganized tab Instead I've just put all my good shit in one tab, I don't have an impressive number of skilling resources or anything so no point showing Bank Not in pics: Another set of claws, set of steads, ragefires, glaivens, pernix set, torva helm and plate, tok ring Drop Log 4x blanks in common drops are glaiven boots
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    Sorry it took so long, also I can redo yours if you like, didn't really like the outcome myself but on a bit of a time crunch atm. I assumed it wasn't for this forum since he didn't request it so I tried to add some sort of background to it, I can remove it and just do it plain like the others but it's up to you. Same as above though, wasn't too sure of the outcome but I got things to do today so I can retry later on today when I got some time if he likes.
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    Some recommendations for the video would be the following Make a proper title so you rank properly on youtube and people can find Fury "Fury RSPS - Skilling Plinth/Rock Guide" That will put you up towards the RSPS keyword and people will click on the title more based on that Next write a description and don't link runescape.com You could make it a simple 2-3 liner such as the following "Hey guys and welcome to my Fury RSPS guide, I hope you learned something from it and if you want to play Furyps go to https://furyps.com/" That would work better for the description Now you would also have to make proper tags "Rsps" "Runescape" "OSRS" "Furyps" "Fury RSPS" "rs ps" "runescape private server" "rs private server" "runescape ps" Those are just some examples All those tips would help increase views and rank you higher on youtube You can also like the video yourself and share it in the Fury discord and other RSPS based discords so people can find the server better I recommend doing this for all videos as this will help increase exposure Thanks for the great videos!
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    There is No template from what i can see for this application so i while make my own. Your Username: MaxMeout Current Rank: Ruby Time Zone: EST Rank Being Applied For: YouTuber Rank Why You Think You Deserve This Rank: I Believe i Deserve this rank by the amount of time i put into my guides, I have dropped 4 Guide's In 2 Days and Currently in the Process Of Making 7 more (4 Of My Own, 3 that I'm keeping low for Now but Fury Know's Of them) I Plan to continue to help the growth of the server because as most of everyone else here this is a great server with a good backing behind It. If we could push it and make it more active it would be the best thing for the growth of Fury and the continued devolopment. Myself and Astro have both been working extremely hard recently to push guide's and help the server for the better. We have talked amongst each other about video idea's and what would be best for the server and to make sure we don't cross guide's so everything is new and fresh and exiciting and not just both of us pushing the exact same guide's. We want to create different guide's with various Styles and different Boss's/Skilling Guide's Series. We're working hard to get this server to a better steady player growth and i speak for myself and Astro when i say this we will continue to try to reach that goal with the best of our abilities. I have taught myself how to Edit/Make Video's/Titles/intro's Just for the sake of Fury i have worked hard to try to teach myself and have suceeded in doing so just to put out guide's for the community. It would be a honor to get this rank and i promise it would be a great thing to be able to work side by side with other's to see the continued growth of Fury and not let it come down without a fighting chance. I hope you guys take this into consideration when thinking about choosing Me for the rank. Additional Info: I'm a really layed back person and i don't try to cause no drama. Just here to play and Have fun and create Content For Fury!
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    approved =) make sure the videos keep coming.
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    So Welcome To My Fury Nex guide today i have a video of a duo with me and hole that we did recently, Now i explained the best i can in the video and you can watch the video for tactic's and what to do on each phase but for the sake of it im going to break this down into Phase's and how do handle each one aswell in text. So lets get Started! Helpful Tip: NEVER step foot into the cross on the middle of the boss arena, stay on the outskirt's at all times. If you walk into the middle and she does her ability you will get recked. Hard. Other Helpful Tip: When your Yak Run's Out Of Food,Spawn a steel Titan as a pack yak would be pointless at this Point, Helps alot with extra Dps and Tanking! Phase 1: Prayer: Mage This will be a Standard Tank and Spank if you will. You will be in the North West Corner of the fight arena, and will be praying mage You will DPS nex down until she say's "Fumus Don't Fail me" At this point you will attack Fumus, and get your yak to attack Nex for you. (See the guide for a demonstration on that) Phase 2: Prayer: Range This is BY FAR the worst Phase, Once you're done dpsing Fumus down you will switch to Range Prayer and start pulling nex to the North-East corner of the Map, She will occasionally spawn these dark circle's under you that will absolutely Wreck you (Hole and i got hit by them one each in the video and it wreck's your hp) Try not to stand there for to long, as soon as they spawn get the hell out of dodge. Fast. Nex does alot of Dps on this phase and will wreck you alot so be very careful here and making sure you're full Hp constantly. Once you have Nex down enough Hp on this phase see will Say "Umbra Dont fail me" This is the Time you will Turn and start attacking the minion.( Make sure you make your yak attack Nex and tank for you to reduce damage) REMINDER: She can( and will ) Continue to keep spawning the dark shadow's under you so don't think you're safe just yet. Phase 3: Prayer: Melee Congrats, You made it out of the worst possible part of this fight by far, Once you're down with Hell Phase (Phase 2) Switch your prayer to melee and proceed Down to the South-East Corner, This phase is pretty cake she will spawn Blood Siphon Reaver's from time to time, Make sure you immediately get off Nex and DPS them down, if you don't kill them in time she will eat them and regen Hp and make the fight Longer then it need's to be. She will occasionally target you and it will give you a message in your chat to "RUN" make sure you do just as that says and RUN (Not far a few steps will do, don't take it literally and circle the whole boss area like i've seen people do) Once you're down enough with her HP you will ask her minion for assistance like the other Phase's get off Nex and start dpsing the Minion Down. (Continue to Use your Yak To tank while doing so to reduce Damage) Phase 4: Prayer: Melee After You're Down Attacking Her Minion and Killing it, Move on Down to The South-West Corner where most of the remainder of the fight will happen. This Phase is super simple there is Nothing to Actually worry about here but just eating (Hope you brought Enough Food) Keep that Melee Prayer up and Proceed to Just Dps Nex and when she call's for her minion to help her, just DPS and kill it and you're clear of Phase 4! Phase 5: Final Phase Prayer: Melee Once that Minion Is Down, Nex will call for the help of Zaros, She will occasionally switch between SoulSplit And Protect Melee. This Final Phase is Super Easy as well Just a simple Tank and Spank while Keeping that HP up Until the End of The Fight, Once the fight is nearing a close, Make sure you're pretty full Hp as Nex will Use Wraith when she die's and it hits Around 40-60. Don't Die to This and absolutely Hate yourself. You can still go back and grab your loot, but Imagine Thinking you're done and you managed to do and then getting one shot and wondering what just went wrong so fast. Roller Coaster of Emotion's There (Try to Avoid That in all seriousness) Congrat's Everyone You have completed Nex and are now Super excited to start Grinding Nex for those sweet Gear everyone love's so much. I Hope Everyone enjoyed the Guide and the Video and i wish you all Luck in your Quest to Combat Nex and Succeed. God Speed -Max
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    Great video, I think the audio is slightly quiet? Also, instead of dzone for magics, u can go to isafdor which has a bank right next to it.
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    Approved =) if i ever catch u not being active on Forums i'll demote u tho make sure you also try to get more people active on here, maybe make some more guides, help me regulate the forums, etc
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    nice man! good work, little tips tho. bone cursher useless at mummys. agility if your rank diamond i think u get 2 extra tickets per lap. there is a dg dung that has more frost dragons.other then that nice work brother
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    Made an account as requested by yourself like I said to you, I am unware of your age but life is too short for ifs and buts and if that's what you want to do to share your experience of fury rsps then you do so brother! do what you enjoy in life as you only have one take and you will look back thinking ok ive wasted a little time messing around editing or it could go the other way and be simply life changing! you got my vote astro!