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  1. Yes thank you for activily being in-game and finding all your issues which you post on the thread <3 Also warriors guild should be profitable now alching dragon defenders! NEW WAY OF CASH
  2. Suggestion/bug list

    so about the runecrafting, you didn't provide a source, but you get experience for essence, you never got experience per rune you crafted because then air runes a level 1 method would be best experience!
  3. Sosa's Agility guide.

    Awesome guide man, really love it and I am glad you are back in action. This will help out the new players a lot
  4. Watari's Forum Moderator application

    Since we are finishing up the new theme, its fresh new look would make it more active and we will without a doubt need a great guy like you to keep things in check. Welcome to the team!
  5. lone legend's helper application

    Iv seen the guides and we have decided to promote you to helper Welcome to the staff team lone!
  6. Actually its something we wanted to add with master capes and gloves of silence
  7. Hilley911's Staff Application

    Make the youtube videos mate Try to help Fury out more with guides or videos!
  8. We are glad and taking more improvements to the engine and client
  9. Pest Control Rejuvenation

    All great suggestions, I love it, what do you think the base coin amount should be like 100k+? Because im sure its around 100k already since the update The event if it did double the pest control points with the best donor benefits you should get around 15 points average on novice boat, and 18-20 on higher boats. We feel like that's a good amount if you can do runs every 3 minutes which would mean 20x15 = 300 points an hour. If anything we could also increase this, but 5 hours for full set with all helmets isn't too shabby. I like the achievements we can add that right now Bots we could add in a few months it takes time to code a bot with AI logic Thank you for the suggestions and reply to my post so we can look deeper into this issue and improve on it.
  10. Sammy's Staff application

    Accepted, welcome to the staff team!
  11. All your guides on Fury are amazing, second time I am reading it and a lot of work really went into them. Glad to have you on Fury <3
  12. Sammy's summoning guide

    Amazing guide, will pin this
  13. Love Sosa's Helper application.

    I respect this helper application, sorry it took one month to reply as we are now looking for 2 new staff members I like your forum activity, but still there is a 3 guide requirement, currently you have 1 and I have not seen you in-game for a while?
  14. lone legend's helper application

    We respect your application, and I see you in-game on a time zone which is kind of needed What we would also like to see is more forum activity, 3 posts is not much and you would need to make 3 guides to help future members and to leave your mark
  15. Voting is not giving rewards!

    Actually your votes are being tracked, but on our next update it should automatically fix itself, resulting in 4 vote books per every 12 hour claim for the other days you voted. This is what I guess will happen or should happen, but I am not sure all the way.