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  1. Disruptions over, back to regular consistent updates Improvements: Gem bag functionality (can hold up to 100 uncut gems) Herbicide (returns grimy herb drops into x2 cleaning exp) ::reset password command for admins Changes: Untradeable items dropped on death in wilderness now only turn to coins if pked Changes to owner ::find command to support non-alphabet characters Changes to dragon defender & dragon 2h alch prices Gravestone interface now shows with other interfaces (gwd kc) Added hunter trap messages to filter Fixes: Fixed client loading bar text/message showing First adventure getting stuck under sage npc
  2. Herbicide nonfunctional

    Can confirm the functionality is not something that was added, will be out in today's update though
  3. Just some small updates the past day or two, thanks for all the messages feeling much better today. Also travelling again so lots of disruptions with updates but regular schedule will return by the end of the week Changes: Master cape shop buy requirements Fixes: Warriors guild bank Dragonstone bolt enchanting Song/music region unlocking Hitpoints & prayer skillcape shop requirement
  4. The Rare Drop Table Some information on how the rare drop table (RDT) works and what items you can receive. All combat npc's have the chance to drop from the RDT, by default the chance is 1/1000. If you have a regular ring of wealth the chance becomes 1/900, an imbued ring of wealth 1/800. If you "hit" the RDT then an item from either one of the two sub-tables (depending on row again) will be dropped. Common table Name Amount - Alch Value Uncommon Name Amount - Alch Value
  5. ThonySlk prensatation

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the server and best of luck going for that comp cape!
  6. Client Issues go here!

    Hi, can you post your client.log file too
  7. Lack of updates this week because I was ill the past few days But recovering now so wanted to get some updates out for you guys Master capes are now out, show off to your friends that you've achieved 200m experience in a skill! Improvements: Master capes! Skill cape shop @ home Wilderness ditch warning can been disabled in settings interface Lighthouse dungeon spawns added Dagannoth drops added Changes: Waterbirth island dungeon ladders now all functional Agility now gives strange rocks based on obstacles not per lap Changes to ::players command Increased crop potential amount for all farming harvesting Fixes: Fixed jadinko lair fires Puro puro wheat Wall beast attacking Fixed accursed & impious ashes id's
  8. Some noticeable improvements to the client performance, memory usage won't increase the longer you have the client open anymore. More client improvements soon Improvements: Client memory performance Fixes: Evil tree kindling selling Spirit spider special move
  9. I've lost my hunter level

    What were you doing, where did you logout? Will investigate further, pm in-game and I'll swap them back for you
  10. Just some bug fixes while larger content changes are being worked on Improvements: Bonfires now give strange rocks Added big fishing nets to bob's store Decreased cooking burn rate by ~17% Changes: Shooting star mining message is now filtered Added description to "promote a friend achievement" Fishing guild cage/harpoon spot no longer contains sharks Iornmen can no access slayer rewards & multi-cannon shops Fixes: Player save backups Fixed items kept of death for two or less items "Complete a medium clue" achievement "Kill an npc with wrath" achievement Drop fixes for several npc's Enter a firned ot refer exiting fix Cannonball restocking Diamond bolt enchanting
  11. Bank dissapeared

    Confirmed bug which has been fixed; luckily or unfortunately depending how you look at it, you and Muse were the only player's effected. As with our confirmed bugs policy you will be refunded as best as possible.
  12. Lot of small-medium changes today, you can now filter game messages by right clicking the "game" button under the chat box and selecting filter. We've also introduced a rare drop table; a 1/1000 (effected by row's) chance of receiving rewards valued on average ~1m to help new players but also worth while for everyone else too. And rare drops are now announced to the whole server Improvements: Game chat message filtering Npc death/drops rewrite Boss drop announcements Rare drop table ::moveto command for admins Changes: Decreased nex shadow rate Dragonstone ring (i) renamed to Ring of wealth (i) Ring of wealth effects now shown on drop tables Fixes: Farming strange rock fix Combat bracelet entering to warriors guild Bank tab lost if over capacity Grand exchange unnotable items fixed & broken slots auto removed Fixed donate admin command Setup a cannon achievement fix Gravestone correctly removes timer on collapse Strykewyrm stomping fix Ice strykewyrm attack speed & bonuses fixed Fixed getting stuck on gnome agility course log
  13. Improvements: Strange rocks missing piece's list Coal bag Evil tree kindling can be sold to leprechaun Desert strykewyrm entrance via al kharid ::unlock command for admins Changes: Decreased tormented demon's aggressive distance Strykewyrms an only be attacked if assigned Quest tab shooting star details now shows % Ironmen can now access statue shop Ironmen can now access prayer book shop Dungeoneering runecrafting exp now 2% regular not 50% Fixes: Fixed strange rock experience calculation Exit tutorial fix Refer a friend npc id fix
  14. World Map

    Link can be found at http://furyps.com/play/game/map.png It's fairly accurate, only slight differences are trollheim & draynor. World map button will now link to this too.
  15. Changes - 23/02/2018

    Thanks Couldn't find what you were talking about with familiars, tested in single & nex and multi & td's and familiar's worked fine