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  1. Hunter bug

    Doesn't need much explanation either... hunter bug.mp4
  2. Added all! Thank you guys!
  3. What are crashed/shooting stars? Crashed stars are 'rocks' which can be mined for mining exp and rewards, such as uncuts, cash and ores. They spawn all over the RS map once in a while. Ingame every player gets a notification if that happens : If you missed that message, you can click your achievements tab, between the 'stats' and 'inventory' tab, where it shows the spawn location. Can everyone mine them? It depends on your mining level. If you have 90+ mining, you can mine all crashed stars. If you don't have the required mining level, you can wait till the layer is mined. Right-click on the rock and click 'prospect'. You will get the following message: The size star multiplied by 10 is the required level to mine the crashed star. So in this case it is a size 8 star, which means you need a mining level of 80 to mine it. The mined percent of a layer means how long it is mined on it's way to the next layer, which is one number lower. So in this case it's mined 11% and it will soon be a size 7 star. This means you can mine the crashed star if you have 70 or higher mining. After you have mined the crashed star, you will find stardust in your inventory. These will give you, per 200 stardusts, rewards. Talk to the NPC which appears after the star explodes. It will give you rewards The rewards (per 200 stardusts) include = Cash, cosmic and astral runes, gold ore and uncut diamond! Since the xp and level of the crashed star vary, I cannot give a list of earned xp per size. Note: Stardusts are limited to 500/ inventory. Bank your stardusts if they reach the amount of 500 and mine the star again if it still exists. Locations (Being updated!) Bandit's camp [WILDERNESS AND MULTI] Fight Arena Fremenik Isles (Thanks to White!) Shilo village Keldagrim [Thanks to Badman!] Mage Arena [Wilderness] Ardougne Monastery West Falador Crafting guild Lava Maze [Wilderness] Nardah Rellekka North Brimhaven South Brimhaven Edgeville [Wilderness] South-west Wilderness [Wilderness] [Thanks to Watari!] Pirates Hideout [Wilderness] Lunar Isle Coal trucks Varrock [2 places] Miscellania [Thanks to Chainz!] Canafis Duel Arena
  4. Since there were some troubles getting a Fire cape, I made an easy guide on how to kill Jad! Watch the video and reply if you have questions/comments!
  5. Staff Update 04/03/2018

    Thank you! <3
  6. Smithing bug

    I don't think this need a lot of explanation smithing bugg.mp4
  7. Sammy's Staff application

    Timezone: GMT +1 Discord Tag: sammy#2957 Languages: Dutch, French, German, English, InGame name: Sammy Your contributions to Fury: Made some guides, helping (new) players ingame when needed, gave advice to players etc. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I am a helpful person. When players have questions or problems, I will always try to help them. I know the ingame stuff pretty well, made some guides on several subjects (planning to do more ). Furthermore, sometimes I hope I had staff power's to kick players when they were stuck or mute bots logging ingame, since not every staff member is actively playing. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: mostly more than 4 hours, especially on weekends (6+ hours). What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Being honest, helpful and respectful towards every player.
  8. I know! This guide is made so players can search the star faster (because not every location is ingame) and how to get there fast Thank you! added! Thank you!
  9. Sammy's summoning guide

    Thank you all!!
  10. Dear reader, Welcome to my Summoning guide! While I was training Summoning, I recognized that I wasn't getting more xp, while summoning a higher level pouch. I was searching for the 'sweet spots', which were the pouches that gave the most xp, while not requiring a higher level. That's why I created this guide. This way you are guaranteed to get faster 99 summoning, unless changes happen after revealing the xp's for several pouches . If that's the case, then I am sorry . My guide consists 3 chapters: 1. How to train summoning. 2. Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. 3. My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. So lets start! Chapter 1. How to train Summoning Firstly, teleport to home using your spellbook. Outside the Edgeville's bank, you will see a small trapdoor, which is next to the crystal key chest. Note: Look how I organised my inventory, put your cash in your pouch and get every charm, your pouches and spirit shards in your inventory. After you went down the trapdoor, you will see a obelisk, which has 2 options: 'Infuse-pouch', we use this option to open the summoning pouch interface and 'Renew-points', we use this every time we are done with 1 inventory of summoning pouches. Beside the obelisk, we can see Pikkupstix wandering around. We need to trade him to get the required summoning supply. Toggle the 'creatable' on. This will save you time to search for your desired summoning pouch. Thats it! If you have the required supplies for your desired pouch, open the interface with the option 'infuse-pouch' on the obelisk and click on the pouch. If you have an inventory full of pouches, teleport home and bank them. You can sell them or summon them afterwards if needed. Now we know where to train summoning and how. Note: There's also a teleporting option to train summoning, but I don't recommend this as Pikkupstix is way too far. Beside that, the bank is nowhere to be found and you will lose time to teleport the entire time. Chapter 2: Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. Look at the table under. I highlighted the highest xp per charm and beside that, I give a top 3 per charm, which are always a lower level than the pouch which gives the most xp. Note: These xp drops are obtained on a 'regular' game mode, without bonus xp! level pouch Type charm Extra item How to obtain extra item Xp 1 Spirit wolf Gold Wolf bones Trade Pikkupstix 300 8 Spirit spider Gold Spider carcass Trade Pikkupstix 600 13 Thorny snail Gold Thin snail Trade Pikkupstix 720 17 Spirit mosquito Gold Probiscis Trade Pikkupstix 2.820 18 Desert wyrm Green Bucket of sand Trade Pikkupstix 1.860 19 Spirit scorpion Crimson Bronze claw Trade Pikkupstix 4.980 22 Spirit tz-kih Crimson Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 5.820 23 Albino rat Blue Raw rat meat Trade Pikkupstix 12.120 25 Spirit kalphite Blue Potato cactus Trade Pikkupstix 13.200 28 Compost mound Green Compost Trade Pikkupstix 3.000 31 Vampire bat Crimson Vampyre dust Trade Pikkupstix 8.160 32 Honey badger Crimson Honeycomb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 33 Beaver Green Willow logs Use woodcutting teleport to Draynor 3.480 40 Bull ant Gold Marigolds Trade Pikkupstix 3.180 42 Evil turnip Crimson Carved evil turnip Trade Pikkupstix 11.100 46 Pyrelord Crimson Tinderbox Buy from Bob at home 12.120 47 Magpie Green Gold ring Thief the crafting stall at home 4.980 52 Spirit terrorbird Gold Raw bird meat Trade Pikkupstix 4.080 56 Ibis Green Harpoon Buy from Bob at home 5.940 66 Barker toad Gold Swamp toad Trade Pikkupstix 5.220 67 War tortoise Gold Tortoise shell Trade Pikkupstix 3.540 68 Bunyip Green Raw shark Buy it or fish them 7.200 69 Fruit bat Green Banana Thief the food stall at home 7.260 71 Arctic bear Gold Polar kebbit fur Trade Pikkupstix 5.580 72 Phoenix Crimson Phoenix quill Trade Pikkupstix 18.060 73 Obsidian golem Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 38.520 74 Granite lobster Crimson Granite (500g) Trade Pikkupstix 19.560 77 Talon beast Crimson Talon beast charm Trade Pikkupstix 8.100 78 Giant ent Green Willow branch Trade Pikkupstix 8.220 80 Hydra Green Water orb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 83 Lava Titan Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 43.800 88 Unicorn stallion Green Unicorn horn Trade Pikkupstix 9.240 92 Wolpertinger Crimson Raw rabbit Trade Pikkupstix 24.300 95 Iron titan Crimson Iron platebody Buy at home 25.080 96 Pack yack Crimson Yak-hide Kill them, training -> Yaks and pick it up 25.320 So the top xp's per charm are: Gold charm Blue charm Green charm Crimson charm 1. Arctic bear (71) 1. Lava Titan (83) 1. Unicorn stallion (88) 1. Pack yack (96) 2. Barker toad (66) 2. Obsidian Golem (73) 2. Hydra (80) 2. Iron titan (95) 3. Spirit terrorbird (52) 3. Spirit kalphite (25) 3. Giant ent (78) 3. Wolpertinger (92) 4. War tortoise (67) 4. Albino rat (23) 4. Fruit bat (69) 4. Granite lobster (74) I hope this table and the top 4 gives you enough information to train efficiently! Chapter 3: My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. This chapter depends on how many charms you have from each type and what your level is, but I am going to try to give you a good guideline. 1 - 8 Spirit wolf 8 - 13 Spirit spider 13 - 17 Thorny snail 17 - 22 Spirit mosquito 22 - 25 Spirit tz-kih 25 - 46 Spirit kalphite 46 - 73 Pyrelord or 25 - 73 Spirit kalphite (depends on your charms) 73 - 83 Obsidian golem 83 - 99 Lava Titan or, if you run out of blue charms, start with granite lobster (74) till you reach 92. 92 - 95 Wolpertinger 95 - 96 Iron titan 96 - 99 Pack yack Note: If you have passed level 71, use ALL of your Gold charms on Arctic bear, as you don't need them anymore and Arctic bear gives the most xp for gold charms! Congratulations! You have reached level 99 Summoning! I hope this guide has helped you a lot! For comments/inaccuracies etc. please comment down below!
  11. Scimstall @ Home

    I do not think that is the intention of the Scimitar Stall... Are you sure you got it from the stall though?
  12. World Map

    Is it possible to implent the map in-game (later on)? Where we can see our location and scroll within the map?
  13. Changes - 23/02/2018

    Good suggestion! They can download the new client too (http://furyps.com/play/?landing ) Nice content Greg! Keep it coming!
  14. That's is already included, under the 'how to get there'. Thanks for your reply nonetheless!
  15. Thank you both! will add them too!
  16. Dragon Pickaxe Drop - KC 6

    You bought the pickaxe... Or you should try your luck at the casino.. Either way, Gratzzz!
  17. Will post that soon! Thank you for your suggestion and compliment!
  18. Thank you for your hint, will add it if I have the pictures!

    Was told Trisha was Geoff Here are some screens, as Geoff (aka Trisha) didn't paid her losses:
  20. Vote book rewards

    Was about to sell my wizard boots... tyyyy
  21. Love Sosa's Helper application.

    Supporting! Goodluck!
  22. Jadinko Lair - 25/01/2018

    You mean abyssal vine whip? Nice work!!
  23. https://imgur.com/a/Fe2zm https://streamable.com/nn62w https://streamable.com/rac1y https://streamable.com/sbnr3 https://streamable.com/5he4y https://streamable.com/3y31h
  24. Tweaks & Fixes - 23/01/2018

    I always wondered, are you like one of Jagex's staff members who didn't like the EoC update? Is this your revenge? Are you getting paid by angry Pre-Eoc-lovers? You're doing a great job Greg! keep em coming!
  25. Badman's Suggestions

    Nice list! Dont worry, Greg will take care of these soon when he's done with the big ones!