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  1. Pest Control Rejuvenation

    I'm getting between 10-50k per run right now. But yes, I think it should be at least 100k base. On the current points system, the most you can get is 6 points per veteran boat, so 12 on a double event. You currently get 80 (f2p), 100 (emerald+) or 120 (ruby+) points per hour, which on f2p is even less than RuneScape (~100). For reference, the base points for veteran boat on here is 4, RS has 5, and rsps are generally supposed to be at least a little bit easier than rs. I think the commendations per hour could aim to be around 200-300 per hour without an event, and 400+ per hour with an event. To do this, the base points would have to be increased and the donator benefits I mentioned in the original posts would have to be added.
  2. Watari's Tips & Tricks {WIP}

    Some additions: Con: You can get 100 teak planks as a kind of common drop from corp, if you're patient and want free construction XP Dung: Only kill NPCs in rooms where you need to open a guardian door to get out Kill forgotten warriors for a chance at better items to bind Slayer: Kill bork as often as possible, loads of XP and charms Smithing: Smelt ores in dungeoneering for great & free XP Firemaking: As mentioned in here, manually firemaking is around 3 times faster than bonfires. Nice thread
  3. Pest control is dead right now, which is a real shame. I think a fair bit of work went into making it and nobody is playing. Here's a list of suggestions that, if they all come at once during a "Pest Control Rejuvenation" Update, would hopefully encourage activity. 1. Fix points structure - the veteran boat should give a hefty bonus over the intermediate and novice boat. 2. Donator Incentive - the +1 at emerald+ and +2 at ruby+ aren't great. Maybe give each rank +2: (sapph +2, emerald +4, ruby +6, etc..). Keep in mind full elite void with all helmets is a whopping 1475 points. 3. Coin Reward - the current coin reward is terrible, if pest control is halfway ok money (nothing great) it's a viable strategy for new players, which would give a refreshing alternative to thieving. Also more interesting for new players who ask "how do i make money to start". Scaling the money reward with donator status would be nice too. Dstone and Onyx already have this. (Possible suggestion: +10% Saph, +20% Em, +30% Ruby, +40% Diamond, +50% Dstone, +100% Onyx). On top of this, maybe for the first hour of a new account, a +100% coin boost from PC? Not sure, could be fun. 4. Bots - when Greg added pc he said if not enough people played he would consider adding bots. I think bots would not only make it playable at non-peak times, they would also encourage more real players, because they wouldn't have to wait / spam people to go to pc. 5. Events - double points on weekends. Also, the random PC event system that was mentioned in an update post either doesn't work or doesn't announce it. 6. Achievements - Easy: complete 1 pest control boat, Medium: complete 5 pest control boats, Hard: complete 25 pest control boats, Elite: complete 50 veteran pest control boats As a side note, the veteran knight should tell you the correct amount of points you got, he doesn't include your donator bonus right now. Also, the portal dropping messages shouldn't be filtered by the Game: Filter option.
  4. LMS's suggestion

    Posted 2nd of Feb.
  5. Changes - 23/02/2018

    Merchant sell all, QBD rewards and skill menus work great. The familiar change is unfortunate for pvm and familiars don't work in multi now either.
  6. The picture I drew on is from a newer revision than the maps in fury, so that shortcut isn't ingame afaik.
  7. Instead of an item mystery box, a perk mystery box: - high chance of nothing - permanent +0.5% drop rate to account - permanent +5% skill xp in a random skill - permanent +2 slayer points per task - permanent +2 void points per run - permanent double tokkul from jad attempts - unlimited free slayer task cancels etc. I think as long as there's a high chance of getting nothing, this might be interesting? Not too sure tbh. I don't think there's any items missing from regular mystery boxes except maybe XP lamps.
  8. You're missing one at keldagrim mine entrance: If you want to add (best way to get there is running south from rock crabs, out of relleka, then northeast)
  9. Clues?

    Have you tried digging here:
  10. Cannons - 13/02/2018

    Does the 200m royale cannon come with any benefit other than the 90 cball quiver?
  11. Nail biting exciting from start to end - Rotten Tomatoes Couldn't look away! - IMDB
  12. [REQUEST] FuryPs Price Guide

    Imo, price guides are a cancer that I hope nobody ever makes.
  13. You can buy untrimmed capes separately, so that shouldn't be an issue fyi
  14. Bug Fixes - 03/02/2018

    Yes! works great. Thanks Greg
  15. First Official Bossing Event!

    I personally would think Nex would be funnest, since it would teach everyone the mechanics and is more likely to produce a drop than Corp. Also corp really doesn't require a team to kill