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  1. Haha I love sharing the knowledge. Especially for excellent spots like this for leveling harder modes quicker
  2. So today I am here to bring a guide on is probably one of the best ways to earn combat xp for the harder modes such as Extreme and Legend. This goes for Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic(the quickest) and possibly Ranged if you can get the chins. I also know what you're thinking.. You're thinking "Ragnar... You can do bandits, they're easier and more afkable". That may be true, but I feel that this method I'm presenting gives you a lot more xp for being less afkable. This method does require a portion of money, so I recommend starting small like buying two inventory's of prayer potions and see how much XP you have when you're done. This does NOT require the best gear available, you can wear anything here and still get mad xp. It just helps out more the better the gear obviously. This is for pure xp and not loot. This takes place at the Monkey Skeles, which is located on the third page of the training teleports. On the ancient spellbook, it's the Annakarl teleport. Haven't used lunars yet so I do not know the teleport, but I will update once I do. The spot below is the first area where they spawn in a crowd. I recommend having at least 43 prayer to protect yourself from melee, and just bring lots of prayer potions or restores. They will do zero damage, but if you want to fully maximize your XP. I would get Piety or Turmoil, because for the melee skills you'll be killing them quicker and hitting much harder and more often. Here's some progress on my Legend account Ragnar My attack, strength, defence, and magic have all been trained there. Magic is by the easiest, but also the most expensive. (depending on your mode) Magic becomes incredibly easier at skeles once you hit 62+ due to the multi-target spells. (can get as much as 6-20k XP per cast for extremes and between 1-8k XP per cast for legends. it all varies on your gear and what spells you're using.) For Extremes, it will take about a couple days or less to max out your combat skills here if you really grind. For legends, that is a much different story. I have been there for almost a week grinding and switching back and forth between that and slayer, but for the most part. Monkey Skeles is the best xp for the harder modes. Well that's all I got for now. Will try to make more guides in the future. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  3. lone legend's glacor guide

    Great guide! looks do-able now. Gonna give this a shot later
  4. How's everybody doing?

  5. Thanks for the update man!
  6. Warriors Guild Bug

    So I went to the Warriors Guild to get a dragon defender for my alt, and as I finish killing the first Animated Set. It wouldn't let me spawn another one because the game thinks that the old one is still alive and gives the message "You have already spawned some Animated armor." Re-logging only fixes the issue temporarily, but you have to re-log after every kill. I messaged Badman and he can verify it himself
  7. Hilley911's Goals for Fury

    That's a pretty big goal, hope you got all the time to do legend. Good luck and godspeed
  8. Scimstall @ Home

    ^ lol
  9. Bug Fixes - 04/03/2018

    Thanks for these fixes!
  10. 10k Star Dust accomplished!

    Jesus man, congrats on the 10k dust. Sorry it didn't give you much
  11. Bug fixes - 26/02/2018

    Thanks for the fixes
  12. Moose - Legend Training

    Noice man, been working on my legend as well. See you on the grindfest
  13. Some mad gambling happening only on fury!

    Good god man, literally wet with jealousy