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  1. Bank dissapeared

    So this morning i logged out with 372/374 items in my bank, logged in today and i have 13 items in there. You'd think i've been hacked but im still wearing everything i logged out with, which a hacker would have taken if it was a hacker. Just letting you know as this must be some kind of bug
  2. Bug fixes - 26/02/2018

    Awesome updates! Thanks for the speedy fixes all the time.
  3. stuff not under grave + other glitch

    It was about 10 hours ago
  4. Had a Gorak slay task so went into gwd to find them by the sara part, i had mage pray on but i still was killed by a bunch of mage hits, when i ran back to the grave none of my items were under the grave, lost my imbued wealth ring after about 5 minutes of spending all my points on it, and also my d boots.