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  1. Haha great work was gonna make a similar guide myself but u pretty much told me this method like a month ago anyway lol Cheers
  2. Bug Fixes - 13/03/2018

    Thanks for the update greg! keep em comin!
  3. ThonySlk prensatation

    Welcome to fury man glad to hear that the server is just your style. Gl on comp cape and i hope to see u often in-game. Cheers!
  4. Maybe as a cool addition to the thieving skill we add like tier 90, 95, 99 npcs that we can pickpocket for good cash, faster exp, or other miscellaneous items. Also, as a neat addition to the aesthetics of home, we could add a unique monster npc that says funny and interesting stuff when u click on it and interact with it.
  5. House Party - Dungeon ADDITION!

    I say Yay. I think if we had house parties that would surely attract new players., but Watari's also got a point, there are more important things to address first in the game before we get to this point. but yes im 100% for it later down the road.
  6. Video [Racing Time]

    Hey man keep up the videos and keep making them better and better! Love the stuff and I hope that one day we can all make a groundbreaking promotional vid together to help spread word of our server! The more people we got working together on promoting the server or just making fun videos in general, the more people will join and the more fun everyone will have.
  7. Clans

    I agree with this 100% i was thinking the same thing when i first joined the server, but thought i'd give it a couple months to see if the server would get large enough to the point where we don't need to have most of the server all in one help cc. As important as it is to have a large help cc so that new players dont get lost, i feel as if its also a great idea to have clans competing against one another to get the whole server's competitive juices flowin'. This way the game is more interesting and ya know its fun organizing a small little group with friends and coming up with a cool clan name
  8. lone and cuuz duo guide for corp

    Aye nice vid, lone! We need more people making vids for the server for sure. I may start making some myself. Good to see u guys around corping me and lms gonna put in some corpmass work this weekend
  9. Hello boys

    Great to meet u Sam! I'm people call me sym, but my real names tyler Welcome to furyPS we hope you stay a long time! Let us know if you need some help.
  10. Hey all!

    Welcome to FuryPS, Torment! I've already seen you in-game and u seem to be enjoying the server already from what i can observe! have fun and welcome to the community!
  11. Client performance - 05/03/2018

    Thanks for this client update! On my mac it works smooth and there were absolutely no issues when i downloaded the new client file! Keep up the outstanding work greg you're da best!
  12. Pest Control Rejuvenation

    I agree with this 100%. If not bots, there could be a lower player count requirement maybe. I also think that maybe extreme and legend game modes should be considered as another variable to increase point reward.
  13. NOTICE: Due to the fact that FuryPS is approximately 3-4 months old as of the creation of this price guide thread, prices will inevitably fluctuate on a daily/weekly basis. Given this, I will make it a duty of mine to continuously check-in and update this adjustable price guide when requested or as I observe the prices as they change over time. So, in order to create a stable economy altogether, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN I NEED TO UPDATE THE PRICE GUIDE! Thanks in advance! "Imo, price guides are a cancer that I hope nobody ever makes." - Badman (Helper) "Prices fluctuate all the time. Surely you could make an average price list but it will never be truly accurate. Not even talking about the mad discussion about the prices and the influences on them. Sure it feels shit when you don't know a price and have to rely on others but a price list is not easily made and maintained imo." - Watari (Active Player & Emerald Donator) "Pricing guide will probably be done by someone once the server has more players and a more stable Eco. At this time, all prices can and will fluctuate." - Lms (Active Player & Emerald Donator) "Not a fan of price guides btw for two reasons: (1) Prices are always fluctuating, so too much work to keep it updated. (2) Prices should be based on the subjective value of how much a buyer is willing to pay, not to a set price." - UrinalCake (Moderator) With these four perspectives in mind, let us all have a collective, cautionary approach when dealing with this delicate price guide. PRICE GUIDE: (March 4th, 2018) Green: Confident about price Yellow: Uncertain about price Red: No idea Abyssal Whip: 8-10m Dragon Hatchet: ~10m Dragon Pickaxe: ~10m Armadyl Godsword: 120-150m Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak Godsword: ~25-30m Bandos Tassets: 60m+ Bandos Chestplate: 60m+ Bandos Boots: 5m Full Torva Set: 700m+ Dragon Boots: ~5m Dragon Platelegs/Plateskirt: 2-5m Dragon Chainbody: 5-8m Votebooks: ~5m Ganodermic Armor: 40-50m a piece Dragonfire Shield: ~45-50m Dragon Visage: ~45-50m Master Wand: 20-25m Amulet of Fury: 15-25m Dragon Bones: 100k-200k each Frost Dragon Bones: ~500k each Steadfast Boots: 100-120m Ragefire Boots: ~100m Glaiven Boots: 100-120m Spectral Spirit Shield: 150-175m Arcane Spirit Shield: 150m Divine Spirit Shield: 300-350m Elysian Spirit Shield: 300m Armadyl Chestplate: 60m? Armadyl Plateskirt: 60m? Armadyl Helmet: 30-40m? Partyhats: ~1.5-5b Staff of Light: 30m Berserker Ring (i): 15-20m Archer's Ring (i): 10m Seer's Ring (i): 15-20m Warrior's Ring (i): 10m Berserker, Archer, Seers, Warrior Ring: 5m each Spirit Shield: ~10m Inferno Adze: Untradeable Mystery Boxes: 10-15m Crystal Key Loop/Tooth Half: 500k each Crystal Key: 1m Ring of wealth: 5m at most Ring of Wealth (i): ~20-25m? Infinity Boots: 5m Infinity Gloves: 3m Cosmetics acquired from ckey chest: ~2-3m Statius: Vesta: Barrows pieces: 5-10m a piece Dharok Full Set: 60-70m REMINDER: This Price Guide is a work in progress. Let me know ASAP when a price should be adjusted. I'm aware that many items aren't included yet in this guide and I will add them once I realize i missed them or someone comments about it in this thread or in-game.
  14. Staff Update 04/03/2018

    Myself and many others are very pleased about this decision! Best of luck sammy <3
  15. Lucky?

    Oh my god if Lms sees this thread he will be infuriated lmao. he got 400 kills on extreme and couldnt get visage. I got it on legend with sapphire donor and row (i) in under 40 kills, so we both pretty lucky