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  1. Flower Poker (FP) Hands Ranked Highest to Lowest BLACK or WHITE are replays, start from the beginning ______________________________________________________ 5 Of a Kind (5oak) X X X X X Strongest hand you can get, unbeatable... unless you draw (yea right) ______________________________________________________ 4 Of a Kind (4oak) X X X X X Second strongest hand you can get, 4 of the same colours ______________________________________________________ Full House (Full/FH) X X X X X Still rare, and usually leads to a victory... ______________________________________________________ 3 Of a Kind (Oak) X X X X X Somewhat common, and a reliable hand to win. ______________________________________________________ 2 Pairs (2p) X X X X X Not bad, not bad at all ______________________________________________________ 1 Pair (1p) X X X X X At least you got something! ______________________________________________________ Nothing X X X X X Better pray your opponent is as unlucky as you!
  2. Hello boys

    Welcome to Fury! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. A Comprehensive Fury Price Guide {WIP}

    Full torva, more than 600m. you probably got that price from toms when he was just stockpiling cash. id estimate 800+ Ags is around 150m Vissy is 50m Divine is 300 Ely is 300 ish Phats are 5b ish Adze is undtradable Mboxes are only 10m ish, nowhere near 20 Not a fan of price guides btw for two reasions: (1) prices are always fluctuating so too much work to keep it updated. (2) prices should be on subjective value to how much a buyer is willing to pay, not to a set price. May as well just use the GE as it adjusts for price instantly. Plus, it'll benefit the game in the long run
  4. Here's my take on new mboxes. Rather than having a low tier and high tier mbox we can have a general mbox (what we have now which can give literally anything), and specialized mboxes which will be the 5-6$ ones. What I mean by specialized mboxes is that it splits up drops into categories, like: Weapons box: Dragon, Barrows, Chaotics, Zaryte, Spirit shields, Whips, Deathtouch Darts Armors box: Dragon, DKS rings, fury, Barrows, Nex Gears Cosmetics box (could be priced more?): Cosmetics attainable from crystal chest, Cosmetics attainable from Xuan, H'ween masks, Santas, Crackers and Phats (maybe) a Misc. box?: mainly skilling supplies/frost bones and stuff buyable from the donator store, xp lamps Or this could be a high tier general mbox just higher rates of the normal 2$ ones Needless to say, we can twiddle around with drop rates and add more "fluff items" There's a few reasons why I think this would work: People can seek out generally what item they want while still keeping some level of "chance" If we can have interactive mboxes based off of interfaces (we discussed this on discord) it can make people want to try more mboxes. Naturally, with less "fluff items" or items the individual does not want, there will be a higher rate of good loot, and thus would be fitting for it to be priced higher.
  5. Getting to Godwars

    You're probably here because this happened to you when you wanted to teleport to Godwars Dungeon: .....aaannnddd you're probably also here because I'm too lazy to type out how to get to the entrance in game so I direct you to this thread. __________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: Either 70 Agility or 70 Strength Rope Other Level/item requirements based on which boss you want to kill: Saradomin: 70 agility Zamorak: 70 constitution Bandos: 70 strength + Hammer Armadyl: 70 ranged + Mith Grapple _________________________________________________________________________________________ Getting There: Go to your spellbook and choose cities teleports, then select trollhiem: It should bring you here: From here, you have two routes to godwars. Use the red path if you have the agility levels to use the shortcuts. If not, use the green path: You should arrive at bolder: If you have 70 strength, choose lift bolder. If you have 70 agility, choose to squeeze past the bolder. Keep running north and you'll arrive at a knight NPC and a hole: First, talk to the knight: Then use the rope on the hole: Climb down the hole, and you're in! now you can start using the godwars teleport from the bosses section! Feel free to reply in this thread or talk to me in game if you have any questions or feedback!~ If you liked this guide, follow me and hit the love button to give me some rep~ Check out my other PvM guides too!
  6. Iron-Man Necessities

    You can make this on your own? Or is it that ironmen can't get to Entrana, can't get a knife, or something like that?

    I have been unable to check ID logs since logs have been offline for the past few days. As soon as they're back we can look into this deeper
  8. this sounds like a neat idea, if you have the patience you could always ::xplock till you get the kill then quickly undo it by typing in the command again before getting the slay xp drop c:
  9. First Official Bossing Event!

    I'd also say Nex, especially since some of us on the server know it while others don't. Would help the server. Just that blood phase may be a tad chaotic c:
  10. Love Sosa's Helper application.

    Also supporting! Best of luck!
  11. Music while playing?

  12. Server Feedback

    Fury pretty much nailed it about the server in its current state. I can understand your opinions on the server feedback and know that Greg and Fury have already taken the feedback to heart. Just a few comments which stuck out to me: -about few questions being answered, it is true and is a problem! Adding new helpers would be great to help new players start out. However I do not think it's the time for that yet as this server is too small at the current moment for new staff members. It will give new players the impression that this server is comprised of only staff members which would be rather offputting. -about the drop rates, I believe that they are representative of the original game. As a heavy PvMer I enjoy the grind of bosses and I'm not a huge fan of easy drop rates. There are Extreme and Legend modes to increase the drop rates. Adjusting factors such as drop rates are really sensitive as it can throw the server in one direction or another (too easy or hard). At the end of the day, while I would like to see more drops I don't wish for an easyscape server. While I'm not involved with many of the decisions made with marketing and development I do agree with the idea of marketable the server when it is in a better state. Let the voting system slowly do its own thing gathering some players who see potential in the server until it's in a truly amazing and marketing state, THEN start throwing out advertising. It would be much easier to attract new players with a kickass server. However, this is all in due time. I know Greg and Fury are working their butts off to make this server the best that it can be by taking in player feedback regarding bugs and server improvements via both forums and discord. Until then, it's just a waiting game. I truly hope that this will flourish in the near future as I love this server and it would be a waste to let this server go down. p.s. thanks for the shoutout :3 really appreciate it
  13. Right, I'm not a big skiller so this won't be a fantastic guide but I did my best so please enjoy! Background Information -Construction is a costly skill, even if you gather all the materials. -There are two new npcs to home, "Estate Agent" and "Sawmill Operator" -the Estate Agent allows you to either move your house to a different portal, or redecorate your house with a theme. -the Sawmill Operator has two functions Allows you to craft your logs into planks, used for construction ****KEEP IN MIND, prices listed are by EACH LOG********* Owns a shop which carries a lot of construction supplies Gathering Supplies The main supply you need for construction training are planks and logs. In this guide, I recommend using Teak logs, which its trees can be found via Skilling Teleport> Woodcutting (3rd page)> Tai Bwo Wannai Trio. You can also find Mahogany trees there, if you opt to use them instead. If you're too lazy to woodcut for your own logs, Corporeal Beast can drop 100 teak plants or 150 teak logs. The next step is turning the logs into planks. As mentioned above, you could always use the Sawmill Operator. However, the cost does add up and you'll find yourself broke really quickly. A cheaper, but slower alternative to that is by using the "Plank Make" spell in the Lunar Spellbook. However, do keep in mind that it will still cost you, but only 60% of the sawmill's price. The Guide First things first, to maximize efficiency the first thing you want to do is talk to the Estate Agent and move your home to Edgeville, so you can teleport home and run to the portal easily. When entering your house, select to enter in buildling mode, your screen should look something like this: Right click on one of the doors, and select "build door hotspot" and select parlour. Make sure you rotate the room (or any room) so that you wont get boxed off. Right cllick on the silhouette which looks like a chair and select build. We will be making "Crude Wooden Chairs" until Level 33. These chairs require 2 planks, and 2 steel nails (obtainable from Sawmill Operator) Create the chair, then after your character makes the chair, right click it, and remove it. Then right click the slot again, to create another wooden chair. This is the break and butter of training construction. Craft, then remove, rinse and repeat until your inventory is out, then bank and come back. At level 33, you will want to build your second room, the Kitchen. Start making Oak Larders until Level 38, 52, or 68. Depending on how much you want to grind and spend. At level 38: You can create Teak Tables, requiring 4 teak planks. I would recommend using this method until level 53 or 58. At level 52: you can make Mahogany Tables in the Dining Room. These require 6 Mahogany planks (Costly Method). You can make Mahogany tables to level 99 if you so choose, but you will find that your bank would have significantly decreased. At level 69: You can make Teak Magic Wardrobes in the Costume Room. These require 6 teak planks. I recommend this method to 99 since It's the highest level teak furniture you can create, while being cheap compared to mahogany. And there you have it! my construction guide! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below, or pm me in game! Don't mind the screenies below, this forum is bullying me by glitching out.
  14. Slayer Shop - 06/01/2018

    something tells me you had a really fun time making the punishment animations :^) and slayer shop hype~