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    Ahhh yes, I bet a lot of you expected this to happen. It's been on my mind for a while, but I've lost interest in the game and it seems many others have. I'm not here to start drama or anything, but it seems to be a constant hierarchy and there's no need for it on such a small server. I'd like to thank @Dreams @Symbiotic @Exivel and Ragnar for supporting me and encouraging me to join the staff team. Also Alex, thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy experiencing being a staff member. I have just been accepted into my dream university course and I need to focus as much as I can on it next year and prepare for what the future has to bring for me. Furthermore, I simply don't need the added stress of the constant bickering.. I signed up to help the community and have the title of a helper, not to get abused daily for trying to help the server. So as of 21/12/2018, I hereby resign of the status of Server Support, but I am not quitting entirely. I will come on and lurk here and there, I just don't have time to help manage a server. Thank you very much for giving me the chance guys, but for now it's goodbye. Also, Zzstaticc, good luck on being a staff, its very different from what you think it would be, don't say I didn't warn you.
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    You Literally pretty much just copied this from the wiki... Direct Quote: Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim in F2P, surpassed by the deadly red spider and revenant knight. Hellhounds are also known for their very high drop rate of hard clue scrolls. 2nd Direct Quote: Hellhounds can be an excellent way to train melee for F2P players, as players can exploit their weakness to slash with the Rune 2h sword and Gravite 2h sword, possibly getting more experience per hour than Deadly red spiders. Keep in mind: hellhounds are found only in the Wilderness in F2P worlds, so beware of the risk of PKers. The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhound
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    Wildy Wyrm Guide (done with basic equipment) Why defeat WildyWyrm? - Reasonably good drops - Only Source of burnt bones (better than frost dragon bones) - Reliable source of flasks (All of them up to super strength, attack, defense and restore) - Can be fought with lower tier equipment - Criminally underappreciated boss WildyWyrm’s drop table: *All items are noted **You can always check online with ::drops WildyWyrm WildyWyrm’s Attack style: - Melee (only when in close tile) - Range (low accuracy, high damage 40+) - Magic (low accuracy, high damage 40+) - Burrow Special attack (High accuracy, high damage 25+) – Stay Away when it burrows! Setups: Method I – Ranging Total investment for setup - (all bought from merchants at home) – 406k (+400k for RoW) Pros: Fastest way to take him down. Only 2 activations of ruby (e) bolts can take 2-4k of his total life if it takes place at the start of the fight. Cons: Requires attention from the player as the ruby (e) activation will take 10% of your current life, and if WW hits you twice successfully you might meet your end. Method II – Magic Total investment for setup - (all bought from merchants at home) – 662k + (400k for RoW) Pros: Safest way to take him down. The blood barrage will heal you for any burst of damage he might occasionally land, and make the fight smoother. Close to a set it and forget it fight. Cons: Quite a bit more expensive, slower and rune consuming. You must consider a bare minimum of 100 casts of Blood barrage per fight to be absolutely sure. Getting there It’s pretty easy getting to WW, Fury has set up a direct teleport (thx pal) = Boss teleports – Wildy Wyrm The locations are: - Chaos temple – Wildy lvl 13, Multicombat Area - West Dragons – Wildy lvl 16, Multicombat Area - Bandit Camp – wildy lvl 19, Multicombat Area - Graveyard – wildy lvl 22 , Multicombat Area - Forgotten cemetery – Wildy lvl 40, Single combat Area - Frost Dragons – wildy lvl 41, Single combat Area - Demonic Ruins – Wildy lvl 44 Multicombat Area *Beware of pvp bots, some are close to the areas where WW spawns, notably Graveyard! The fight! The fight itself is very straightforward: *Set up your preferred prayer, I almost always go with Protect from range, mage might also be useful. *Click Attack at the wyrm and start managing your health *Cross your fingers for your drops! Getting back home The hardest part is getting back home with your noted loot. For the locations of Chaos Temple, West Dragons, Bandit Camp you can teleport home directly as your wildy lvl is below 20 For the other locations you can take the following routes: Wildy Graveyard – Run south until you reach wildy level 20, teleport home. Forgotten cemetery – Run along the path to gated area with demons. Climb down the ladder, pull the lever – You’ll be teled to KBD lair, from where you can teleport home. Frost Dragons – Run along the path to gated area with demons. Climb down the ladder, pull the lever – You’ll be teled to KBD lair, from where you can teleport home. Demonic Ruins – Run along the path to the level 50 gate, Beware of nearby Chaos Elemental. Run northwest to the edge lever isle. Slash web, pull lever, you’re at home now. The ladder to the KBD lever: After you pull the lever to KBD lair, quickly teleport home with ::home or preferred destination General tips: Make the Fight even faster with: - Steel titan pouch can both divert the boss and deal good damage when the scroll is activated, or you can use any adequate familiar. - Use super portions (remember do drink them on wildy, not before) - Better equipment such as Void + chaotics are a “safer” option to take to wildy -Tweak your equipment to your heart’s content! This a simple, cheap setup a new player could use, it is by no means the most efficient. Enjoy your wyrm slaying!
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    Elvarg Guide (low risk approach)* *Part of a series of underappreciated wilderness bosses Why defeat Elvarg? - Guaranteed multiple noted dragon bones; - Guaranteed at least 1 Neitiznot Helm; - Good source of noted higher level herbs; - Source of some valuable items (Vesta spear and visage); - Guaranteed return on investment in one kill; - Nostalgia factor [anyone remember dragon slayer :’)?] Contrary to old school Elvarg, Fury’s Elvarg is a literal monster that will hit you with 50+ magic attacks, some attention is therefore required. Elvarg’s drop table: *All items are noted **You can always check online with ::drops Elvarg Elvarg's Attack style: - Melee attack (decent accuracy and low damage ~4-6) - Breathe fire (decent accuracy, high damage, totally nullified by anti dragon shield + potion) - Magic lance (decent accuracy and very high damage 50+) Setup Total investment for setup - (all bought from merchants at home) – 107k (+400k for RoW) Pros: Very cheap, straightforward setup, requires no special items, focuses on magic defense as Elvarg's melee has a low range of damage. Cons: It lacks sustain, the damage output isn’t stellar and you might end up relying upon dragon daggers special attack. Getting there: It’s pretty easy getting to Elvarg as Fury has set up a direct teleport (thx pal) * If some other player has started fighting Elvarg and given up the dragon might be offset and you’ll be attacked as soon as you teleport, so be advised. The fight! The fight itself is very quick (Elvarg doesn't have much HP), but it requires some attention and tending to your health points: 1. Setup your prayer of preference (I use soulsplit with turmoil, but any combat buffing prayer will work) (ouch!) 2. If you’re in melee, left click Elvarg and go kill it (stab style seems best and aggressive is equally fine). If you’ve opted for barraging or using range, I recommend you move close to it, melee range as you engage; 3. Be careful with you hp, heal as you feel is needed and DO NOT let your HP below 55, as Elvarg has hit 55s with its “magical lance” attack. Heal as needed, and don't let your HP hit that threshold! 4. Elvarg does not have a lot of HP, but can hit quite hard. Elvarg does not have immunity to poison, so dragon dagger (p++)’s poison can provide some extra damage. Getting back home Elvarg is located roughly at level 24-25 making the way home very straightforward: run south until wildy level 20 and teleport home with all your loot. There are nearby green dragons and occasional pkers, but its a short path. General tips: - Always have on a anti dragon or dfs - Always drink your antifire when on wildy - Protection from Magic DOES NOT WORK against Elvarg, so beware! -Tweak your equipment to your heart’s content! This a simple, cheap setup a new player could use, it is by no means the most efficient. You can always go with better gear but it provides higher risks at diminishing returns Enjoy your dragon slaying
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    Hey all! My name is Jess and I'm new to Fury, and just haven't played Rsps's in a long time. Love the game so far and hope to see everyone in-game! Also, If anyone makes signatures, message me or add me in-game and Ill figure out a way to pay you for one! Thanks! JessJess
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    Hello and welcome to this long over OVER due thread. It has been taking a while to make because we are almost done with the next update already and were trying to prepare Fury for the holidays, which you will see next update for sure We have released Castle wars, A FUN mini-game for all to enjoy when more players are down to play mini-games, as we will add juicy rewards for having fun such as new hybrid armors? We have also added over 24 new pets with another pet expansion coming out next update. We are also thinking of adding dialogue to pets and pet renaming, what do you think? Content Updates Polypore Degrading has been added and now you can use it for 3k casts before you need a recharge Ganodermic Degrading has also been added and will require you to refill those flakes! Seaweed and Buckets of sand has been added to Jatix herb shop, this is to boost people wanting to make Molten Glass Nex has a top 5 player damage indicator now giving all 5 top players for damage the loot, which means 5 people can get loot from one nex kill now. This system also applies to Corp and it has a top 3 damage indicator and gives 3 people the loot! Which means bossing with friends is now rewarding and faster. Fire Cape sacrificing has been added to the Jad NPC in front of the fight caves. This is due to the new Jad Pet and allows you to gamble your fire capes for that rare juicy jad pet. Mystery box has been added to loyality shop for 500k points and a $10 scroll for 2.5m points, which means the more you play Fury the more chances at free donator! GWD Kill count requirements have been modified for donors and made better New use action options with items from the Tool Belt Snow has been added to match the Winter theme. Turn it off by doing ::snow in-game Content and Bug Fixes Stealing Creation money pouch fix has been added Dung binding and unbinding is now properly working, but may need another tweak Announcement fix's for the did you know Clan chat ranking fix has been added Final Tool belt fixes, makes the tool belt perfect Thank you for bearing with us for so long without an update thread or information. As you know Fury is back on Track with amazing updates and soon to be Amazing marketing. So tell your friends to come join you on the amazing adventure of FURY! Happy Holidays Everyone from the Fury team!
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    Adam I wish the best to you, you've always been kind, helpful and (too) patient with me. We'll miss you dearly
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    Noo adam, your going to be missed so so much buddy, such a kind genuine guy and i wish you all the best in the future and your amazing life journey brother! its been great to play along side you my friend! <3 :'(
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    Runecrafting is a pretty simple skill, since you only have to change what you're doing once or twice, but the skill is very tedious and time-consuming. Especially in game modes like Legend. The one upside to it is that if you get the clicks down it becomes pretty AFK so you can watch a movie or something while doing it. What you will need: Pure Essence 96+ Summoning (For a Yak) Death Teleport Tabs (Once Level 65) 50+ Defence Tanky Gear You can do Runecrafting without the Gear/Defence by using the safe path to the left in ZMI but this will be longer per run. You can also do it without the Yak but I wouldn't recommend it as you can do 2 inventories per run instead of 1, effectively halving your max time. 1-65/1-99 (ZMI Altar) (Skilling -> Runecrafting -> ZMI Altar) To start Runecrafting you will want to go to the ZMI Altar with your pure essence. I would recommend favouriting the teleport, this is so you don't have to click through the teleports every single time. Once you have teleported follow the path and go down the ladders near the Chaos Altar. If you have a low defence then take the safe route to the left, I wouldn't recommend doing this as it will take you a lot longer. Once at the end of the path, you will need to click on the altar to get your runes/XP, after this teleport home, bank, and repeat. You can do this until level 65 if you want to do Death Runes which will give you more XP an hour but this is reliant on you being focused at all times and will require a lot more essence. If you would rather do it casually then do ZMI from 1-99. 65-77/65-99 (Death Altar) To get to the Death Altar, you will need to teleport to the Runecraft Guild and buy Death Altar Tablets from the Wizard Elriss. After you have bought your Death Altar Tablets keep them in your inventory at all times and follow the same process as before. Get your pure essence, use a tablet to teleport, make your runes, teleport home, bank, and repeat until 99. 77-99 (Blood Altar) Blood runes will get you to 99 slightly quicker than deaths. On Regular there is barely any difference so do whichever you prefer. You can get the tablets the same way as Death altar tablets and you will follow the same routine as deaths. XP RATES All of my XP/Essence calculations are based on a 2 inventory run (56 Essence on ZMI, 54 Essence on others). The ZMI Altar rates will vary as it is random runes, sometimes you will get more, sometimes less. ESSENCE NEEDED Honestly, I'm not sure if this is right, because the essence needed seems a bit extreme but everytime I calculated it I got the same answer. So either you need this amount or I'm an idiot and calculated it wrong.
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    Timezone: EST Discord Tag: killa..#0394 Languages: English, nearly fluent Spanish - ~8 years of being taught it throughout Middle School, High School, & briefly in College. InGame name: Iprometheus Your contributions to Fury: During my time here, I feel like - & others can back me up here - that I have been helpful both with answering questions poised by new comers & doing what I can to make Fury a better place for everyone. Additionally, I have invested a reasonable amount of time (~375 hours on my main account) on Fury to learn everything that I can about our server so that I would be better equipped to help not only other players but myself, too. Guides: Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I believe I would make a good addition to our staff team because helping people is something that I will always go out of my way to do. Not only that but I am nothing but courteous - above all else. I try my best to provide players with answers that are concise & accurate. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: This is a odd question for me to answer. Last week, I had surgery on my left ankle. One of the many requirements of my recovery is that I keep my leg elevated as much as I possibly can. Obviously, if my leg is elevated - I cannot use my PC. To technically answer this question - 0. How much time did I used to spend per day? Probably 3 or 4, sometimes more, dependent upon my day & college. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: The three most important qualities, to me, are transparency, honesty, and dignity. You have to be able to be proud of your decisions & their subsequent impacts or else why make them at all? Screenshot of my in-game time: http://prntscr.com/lxqlu1
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    Really in depth guide, great job on explaining the different areas where you can find this boss.
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    Very in depth guide and an original guide that we did not already have for bosses. Hope to see some more bossing guides like this from you in the future.
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    +1, we could use the extra staff members, once you get more active in game that is lol
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    This is a very helpful guide! Good job, especially on the "Fish Needed" tab. Looks like I need a lot of sharks!
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    Welcome to my fishing guide, this is my first guide so please comment any mistakes I may have made and I will fix it. The equipment that you will need to get from 1- 99 are as follows: 1 Small Fishing Net 1 Fishing Rod & Bait (None Ironman) 1 Fly Fishing Rod & Feathers (Ironman Only) 1 Lobster Pot 1 Harpoon Keep all the fish you get to then cook later for XP Levels 1 - 25 (Shrimps & Anchovies) To start, you will want to bring your small net and go to Draynor using the woodcutting teleport. (Skilling Teleport -> Woodcutting - > Draynor) Levels 25 - 40 (Pikes) (None Ironman) After getting level 25, switch to bait fishing in the same spot. There is also a bank right beside you in case you forgot your fishing rod and bait. Level 25 - 40 (Trouts & Salmon) (Ironman Only) If you are playing an Ironman then you will want to fish Trout & Salmon at the Barbarian Village instead. This is because you can get the feathers from chickens easier and quicker than bait. (Skilling Teleports -> Fishing -> Barbarian Village) Level 40 - 62 (Lobsters) Once level 40, you should move to Lobsters at the Fishing Guild. If you prefer at Level 50 you can move to harpoon fishing the lobster spots to get Tuna and Swordfish. Swordfish will give you more XP than lobsters, but Tuna gives you less. I prefer to just do lobsters straight to 62 since it is consistent but Harpooning could potentially be faster if you are lucky. (Skilling Teleports -> Fishing -> Fishing Guild) Level 62 - 76 (Monkfishes) After getting Level 62, collect your small net and teleport to the Fishing Colony. Be aware that the fishing spots say Lure and Bait but this is wrong, just click on any of the fishing spots to the north and you will get Monkfish. (Skilling Teleport -> Fishing - > Fishing Colony) Level 76 - 99 (Sharks) Finally, once you have made it to Level 76, make your way back to the Fishing Guild. This time Harpoon fish the spots shown below and not the same ones as lobsters, these will only give you Tuna and Swordfish. (Skilling Teleport -> Fishing -> Fishing Guild) Since it is impossible to know how many of each fish will drop, such as Shrimp and Anchovies. Each "Fish Needed" will be how many of that certain fish you would need without any of the other. Remember to bank and cook all the fish you have after getting 99. This should also get you 99 cooking. XP Rates Fish Needed
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    +1. would be a great member to the staff team always helpful in discord, in game when online. Good luck!
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    +1. If someone deserves it, its you.
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    Thank you Lena! Not gonna lie, Limpyboy made me laugh 😂😂 Thank you for the +10, I really appreciate it!
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    At this time, I doubt forum posts ++ are important. But nonetheless, imo you're the most friendly and positive guy in the community. I've noticed you've wished everyone a great day and asked how everyone are doing every single day which shows that you care about the community. You're pretty active on the discord as well as in-game before you had your surgery. You're a good guy, Limpyboy. Continue making Fury a great place for everyone! I will +10 this app since you're more than qualified to become a server support. Good luck on your application!
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    This application I will +1 for, you've always been helpful whenever I've seen you online. Granted your contributions should also contain your 3 guides, but never the less. I think you'd be a good helper. Best of luck and godspeed.
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    Wasn't quite expecting to see that here, to be honest. lol
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    Great guide man, it looks like one of your pictures had an issue though but you can fix that later. Good information and the "fish needed" table is helpful.
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    Thanks for the guide, 'll try it out soon, I need some charms!
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    For any new person joining or any current member struggling to find charms look no further, charms can be a pain to sit there and grind out. but Hell Hounds found at Taverly Dungeon are the easiest way to farm then. Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim. . The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. Once you teleport to the dungeon go through the tunnel to the dragons and stay right and youll run into black demons, then poison spiders and youll be there! ~Mokuba
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    1. You did not take this application seriously and don't meet ANY of the requirements. 2. Your Contributions to Fury is the three guides you've made yourself and not copied and pasted from rswiki. Not the amount of money "you're about to donate". Good luck lol
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    Charms are easily obtained from slayer tasks or Bossing. That's why I have 80m summoning xp on legend mode. Nice copy and paste from the wiki though 😂
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    To those reading this, i would like to firstly and foremost thank Alex for creating FuryPS which i had some great times on and enjoyed it so much that i achieved the comp cape, as well as giving me the opportunity to become a Helper and Moderator on the server to help the community out. Secondly I would like to thank the members of the staff team old and new for the assistance in bringing Fury to what it is, a server i enjoyed thoroughly. I would like to personally say that i will miss everyone that was a part of the community that i talked to, I wish you all the best in life, as it is unfortunately passed my time to be able to spend the amount of time expected of a staff member as well as having the increased difficulty to find time as a regular player. Now if you haven't realised as of yet, this is my resignation and probably my farewell at FuryPS, I'm moving to the USA in early January to start university, seeing how i'm already struggling to find time to play the server already it won't be fair to promising staff members and the community itself to hold my rank although i will do my best to try and come on to greet the community whenever possible, if anyone wishes to stay in contact with me feel free via discord. Again, I wish nothing but the best for FuryPS as well as the community as a whole. This will be my final post as a staff member on FuryPS. Again thank you for the long read and making it so special for me in the time that i played it <3. AdamR.
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    Oh dayummmmmm not symb
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