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    Okay, basically, it is really easy to kill these demons. Getting to the demons requires little to no effort, in the following images, you will see a step by step guide to getting to them. First step: Find "Boss Teleport" teleport. This is found under the B letter. Second and third step: Navigate the menu, which popped up on top of your chat. Find first, the "More" option, click on it. Following this, find the "Tormented Demons" option. Clicking on this option will teleport you to the demons, run a bit east and you'll see them. You will not need a safe spot, you will be able to make due with just being far enough so that the demon does not use melee to attack you (5 squares I believe). Currently I am using this setup, which of course isn't optimal. Although this is the case, I have no problems killing these Tormented Demons. It is easy and proves easy for even the simplest of RSPS players As you can see, I use an ice barrage juxtaposed with a staff of light. This provides more magic bonus, therefore I prefer this to saving water runes with a water staff. This of course, is purely personal preference and you'll make the money for runes back with just rune armor drops anyway. Using a DFS significantly reduces your magic (by -10), so this is not recommended, but I just kept it on for good looks. From research so far, I have yet to see the Tormented Demons to protect from mage, as well as cause trouble with their shield. You'll be praying mage/range and to know, when you'll be praying which, is not at all hard, especially after a couple kills under your belt. The following bits of this guide will illustrate the process of protecting yourself. So this orange ball is what the Tormented Demons use for their magic attack. The NPC will lay back a little bit, before making a "puking" motion towards you. This is your indicator to protect from mage. Following the motion, they will spit out an orange ball of flame, from which you will need to defend yourself. The ranged attack is a bit harder to spot, due to it's inherit lack of density or eye-catching color. It's stardust looking magical powder, which causes trouble, when gone unnoticed. The demon makes a swinging motion from right to left with his/hers left arm, and then chucks the left arm towards you. This is your indicator to protect from range. Some notable drops include: Currently on the market for ~300 million coins. The dragon claws. Brutal and pimping, this item offers you an offensive item, requiring two hands to use (so no dclaws+dfs for you, mister). The claws are most often used for their special attack, withdrawing 50% of your special bar. The special attack is almost like two dragon dagger special attacks at once. Wild, is it not? The Tormented Demons also drop the three ruined dragon armor pieces, required in the process of making a dragon platebody. The ruined dragon armor slice. The least rare of the three pieces. The ruined dragon armor shard. A bit rarer than the last. The ruined dragon armor lump. The rarest of the three and undoubtedly, the most beautiful. *note, in the eyes of the dragon platebody, all three are equal. The demons also drop a good amount of seeds and herbs, which will accumulate over time, should you take the time to collect them. Should you lose yourself in your thoughts, or get carried away by an interesting inquiry, there's no need to worry. You'll be fine for 4-5 hits, even without prayer. The demons don't hit too hard, but 20+ still. You can use whatever gear you feel like, as long as it's magic. The demons will not be the end of you. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! This will also provide useful for updating the guide with missing information. IGN: Kogemata Hopefully this guide helps at least one of you With kind regards, Kogemata
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    To those reading this, i would like to firstly and foremost thank Alex for creating FuryPS which i had some great times on and enjoyed it so much that i achieved the comp cape, as well as giving me the opportunity to become a Helper and Moderator on the server to help the community out. Secondly I would like to thank the members of the staff team old and new for the assistance in bringing Fury to what it is, a server i enjoyed thoroughly. I would like to personally say that i will miss everyone that was a part of the community that i talked to, I wish you all the best in life, as it is unfortunately passed my time to be able to spend the amount of time expected of a staff member as well as having the increased difficulty to find time as a regular player. Now if you haven't realised as of yet, this is my resignation and probably my farewell at FuryPS, I'm moving to the USA in early January to start university, seeing how i'm already struggling to find time to play the server already it won't be fair to promising staff members and the community itself to hold my rank although i will do my best to try and come on to greet the community whenever possible, if anyone wishes to stay in contact with me feel free via discord. Again, I wish nothing but the best for FuryPS as well as the community as a whole. This will be my final post as a staff member on FuryPS. Again thank you for the long read and making it so special for me in the time that i played it <3. AdamR.
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    Hello everyone! Some of you may know me & others may not. Welcome to my Comprehensive Money Making Guide. This will include *all* of the money making methods I know of, regardless if I have used them personally. Once again, I'm posting from my phone so I'm sorry if it looks weird on a PC due to formatting issues. 1. Slayer. 25 Points = Dragon Chainbody from any Slayer Master. You can cast the High Alchemy spell on it to net yourself 5m 2. Obtaining Dragon PickAxes from Choas Dwarves. They are reasonably easy to get from these guys. High Alching a Dragon Pickaxe = 4m 3. Thieving. The highest stall @ home requires 85 thieving to steal from and gets you ~200/300k per inventory, on average 4. Bloodwood Trees. There are server messages that broadcast their location. They are exclusive to the wilderness so be careful. The logs high alch for, according to the update thread, 500k per log. 5. Bossing. We have a multitude of bosses here on Fury & they are all reasonably profitable - from God Wars Dungeon to Nex to Tormented Demons & I'm sure more are on the way. 6. PvM. There are certain drops from certain monsters that are particularly profitable. Dark Bows from Dark Beasts High Alch for ~2m Abyssal Whips from Abyssal Demons sell for 7-10m Dragon Bones sell, I believe, for ~500k each Frost Dragon Bones sell, I believe, for ~1m each 7. PvP. Each kill drops anywhere from 25k to upwards of 100k gp (depends on level bracket), 1 Soulstone (unless its x2 Soulstone event) - essentially 3m although price might fluctuate depends on supply/demand, a chance at a bounty hunter drop which you can sell to Manderith @ home for some gp, and a chance at pvp gear (statius, zuriels, etc) which usually sell for 30-40m As I think of more ways to make money, I'll add them here.
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    50 chest today https://gyazo.com/5869008131335b60a3cca6c07625eea5
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    I got melee stats while ranging, I was planning on staying 1 attack/strength. Could it be please be fixed and is it perhaps possible to reset my attack/strength?
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    I am willing to pay (CASH) for the following items: Dominion Sword Dominion Crossbow DFS Full Pernix _________________________________________________ Add and PM me in-game if you've got any of these for sale. Thanks! IGN: The Pocay
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    If anyone cares to see what utter failure looks like, here you go. My bank and skills at 89 hrs. Enjoy. Or dont. I dont really care.
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    damn! nice bank dude ill be like that 1 day =]
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    Fantastic effort, Craftwork! I always enjoy seeing new players hop on forums to help out their fellow players =) Keep up the good forum content the whole staff team really appreciates it!
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    Awesome. Thanks so much Lena! The information will be added to the post!
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    Nice and simple guide! A guide which covered Smithing is a guide we absolutely needed. Thanks!! Comments: There's a better smelting and anvil spot @ Skilling teleport -> Mining -> Mining Guild. There's a bank there and the furnace and the anvil is just a couple of steps away. For smelting bars its really efficient with a coal bag so you can have even more coal in your inventory. When you're smelting bars, the coal in the coal bag will get withdrawn for every bar you make. The coal bag can store up to 81 coal. The coal bag can be bought from the Dungeoneering store.
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    Love the application. Best of luck man!
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    I forgot all about this guide. Wish you were still around Haydar :c
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    I'm using the default theme and the white letters don't show on the white background, it's fine on the regular theme, Ignore my comment.
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    What about crocodiles? I've got the task now but can't find them.
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    Nice guide man ! These are really easy and fast money making ways
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    I can see the stock of herbs/secondaries being increased a little by like 50-100 stock. Anything higher than that is too EZ. As for the ones you don't see in the stores, I believe we should add more mass noted amounts (25, 50, 100, etc) of herbs/secondary drops that can be acquired from crystal chest, rare drop table, or from specific monsters that drop them in mass noted amounts as a rare-ish drop.
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    Even though i'm not ironman and the point of ironman is DIY, I think this would make the Ironman gamemode much more enjoyable to newcomers. There currently isnt a great place to sell junk items to for ironmen. Could just place in ironman zone and make it a very subtle easter egg maybe?
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    welcome dude, hope you enjoy the server
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    Thanks for this! Gonna start referring new people with slayer questions to this thread
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    Really like this progress update stuff, good luck with your goals man!!
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    I've literally just noticed this now, but my hunter level has gone into construction! lool
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    Selling evil tree kindling gives you the cash for the amount of kindling you have but only consumes a single one
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    Good god man, literally wet with jealousy
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    Hey bro, another great guide. Keep those coming
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    Before we begin, any donations made to Fury will help fund development, server costs, advertisement costs and basically everything. Each donation helps us tremendously and we would like to thank you for even considering by reading this thread. Now lets begin! Step One - How to get to the Donation Page The first thing you should do in-game is ::donate or ::store both of these commands will open up the donation store from in-game. OR the alternative method since you are reading this thread, you can head up to the navigation bar and press STORE! OR just CLICK HERE Step Two - How to checkout Checking out is the simple part, choosing what you want isn't! On Fury, we have tons of items to choose from and our best deals are always located in sets, as you can get a lot of items for a lower price then buying the item individually. Also keep an eye out for deals and promotions every month as we are always trying to please our players and hopefully give everyone a chance to buy something they want. Once you have everything in your cart that you want, please input your Username, then any promotional codes/coupons you have and accept the Terms and Agreement we have for our store. As you can see below this is an example. Now you can press PAY NOW and you will be redirected to the Paypal website, here you can use a credit card or your Paypal account if you have one to checkout. Step Three - Claiming the Donations In-Game To claim the donation in-game please head to home and talk to our Donation NPC, right click him and press claim. Your items will be sent to your inventory first and any remaining items will go inside the bank. If you completed a successful donation, I would love to thank you as thanks to you Fury can get better! Additional FAQ - Q - Do we accept RSGP, or any other payment method? A - Yes we accept OSRS GP for the current rate its selling for plus a little extra and we accept Runescape 3 gold, as you know RS3 GP is valued less then OSRS so don't be discouraged to ask. As for any other payment methods such as gift cards and also GP please refer to this thread. The whole topic is discussed on that thread. Q - I am having problems to checkout, what is wrong? A - Just contact us in-game or on the discord, or message us on the forums. We will try to resolve the situation for you and hopefully you will get to successfully checkout Q - Can I buy a donation for my friend, or buy a donation and sell it in-game? A - Yes we sell scrolls and that is the safest way of selling a donation for in-game currency or items
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    Much appreciated, it's sad that a post like this is actually necessary, but it definitely is. There are a lot of pieces of shit on the internet, so everyone be weary of where you go on the net. Stay safe out here guys
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    Thanks for both of these, it's crazy the software and dedication people really spend to cause issues like this to people.
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    Hey y'all take a few minutes n listen to my music if you can! I can take bad and good feedback, just looking for feedback so let me know how you guys feel about it! I got other tracks on my soundcloud and will b posting future content thanks! https://soundcloud.com/shaddie2_3/perception
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    Damn son. I've always known your bank was hella sexy cuz of ::check bank :p, but seeing it all laid out it looks nice and neat n sexy and you got like every rare so easily one of the sexiest banks on the server not as good as mine tho jkjk <3
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    Insane! Very nice Trodal, glad you cleaned up your bank.
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    Rimmington Star City Teleports -> Falador run east to the bank then run directly south.
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    Thanks for this event, i'm sure some players, including me, will be timing their voting a lot better!
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    Welcome Yahoo, I remember you, nice to see some familiar faces.
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    Thanks for reporting this! But next time it might be better to private message these sort of bugs to staff privately.
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    fix summoning speccing pls. after 1 spec it depletes fully and doesnt recharge at all
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    Timezone: Central Time Zone (Wisconsin, US) Discord Tag: Plant #8433 Languages: English and limited Spanish In-game name: Ben Your contributions to Fury: Although Fury hasn't been fully released yet and its been going through the stages of Beta testing, I've been here since day one, helping and testing all areas of the game and reporting them to this link Here for Alex and his team to easily target known bugged areas. I've taken a lot of my free-time to help test the game making a better gaming experience for others come full release. I've made forum posts to help educate and inform beta testers on easy ways to make money to give them the necessary resources to purchase supplies and thoroughly test the game. I even created an event for a huge group of beta testers to take on Nex and also create camaraderie among the early group of Fury players. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I'm an easy going guy. Anyone can approach me with questions and I am more than willing to help. I have a lot of knowledge around Runescape from before EOC and after EOC as well as knowledge of the Fury server. I've been a long time member and supporter of Guthix and the future server and dedicated lots of time to learning the best ways to play the game. Not only am I a knowledgeable player, but I'm also easy to contact when offline. I have discord on my phone and laptop with notifications active making an easy route for other members or staff to contact me. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I do go to school and work, but I do a great job at time-management allowing me to spend between 2-6 hours a day. This is also during the Beta version of Fury. When full release comes the hours per day will definitely increase when grinding for that Max Cape I attached a picture of my total time so far while Fury is in Beta mode. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: The three most important qualities that stand out to me are easy-going, knowledgeable, and easy to contact. Reasoning: Easy-going - Having a staff member that other players are either afraid to go to with questions or have a hard time relating to doesn't pose for a healthy growth and acceptance of the server. A laid back approach to situations and not jumping the gun when problems arise helps maintain strong relationships for the future with all players of Fury. This is definitely the route I plan on taking if I was granted Helper Rank. Knowledgeable - A Staff member has to know the ins and outs of the game. If other players are going to be looking to them for answers or help they NEED to know what they are talking about. I have lots of experience with Runescape and the Guthix/Fury Private Server so players would definitely get efficient and thorough answers and a maintained help until it's clear the situation is fixed. Easy to Contact - Helper Ranks can't help people if they aren't easily contactable. Anyone can get a hold of me through the FuryPS discord server or they can direct message me on discord to this tag Plant #8433. I am also very active on Fury so PMing in-game is another viable option. I'm applying for the Helper Rank to ensure the spot gets filled in by someone that more than qualifies for it. If I'm not the one that's chosen, that's okay with me, I'll still be there for those that need help and to help grow the Fury community that has a kind and entertaining community. I hope those that took time to read this application enjoyed what they read and if you have personal feedback don't hesitate to leave a comment. I look forward to seeing everyone when full release comes! In the mean time don't be scared to hop on and do a little PvP action with me or others.
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    Of course, upon release, I will run through and find the best methods to money making and will be updating/improving the thread. Also, I was thinking the same thing about the pictures, but I figured I would just add pictures when I'm completing the guide post-release. Thanks for the input! <3
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    This is the thread to find out if you can donate in another way if Paypal is not an option for you! First Alternative - RSGP The easiest way to donate should be from playing your favorite game! Maybe you have left over gp and you want to donate. Guess what, RSGP has value. These rates are updated constantly OSRS GP - $0.6 a MIL RS3 GP - $0.1 a MIL Second Alternative - Gift Cards/PaySafe Amazon Giftcard - $10 = $9 worth of donations, if its $100 in giftcard we will give $100 in donations Any other giftcards such as subway and etc $10 = $8 in donations. Paysafecards = 1:1 How to use alternatives - Who to message? The people to message are as follows Fury - You can message me InGame any time. Old - He can accept small amounts and inform us if a large amount over $100 is being given. Thank you so much if you donate! It helps Fury out a lot!!!!!