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    Summer is finally here guy's, come grab your cold little mojito , forget about the snow, and just enjoy the day playing some Fury RSPS(while profusely sweating your butt off) Anyways this is an update we been promising you guy's for a while and when we make updates we really want to deliver Royal Dragonhide is now craftable into a coif, body, chaps, and vambs. So you can now kill QBD to obtain some good starter range gear to pk with in the future or just simple PvM Fero ring is now finally released to the public to be F2P, the price tag of the ring is $45 in-game and it offers a 6% DR and a +2/+4 att bonuses, making it the best ring after tokhaar ring. To obtain the ring you must first obtain the frozen key pieces from the four gwd bosses, once all the pieces are obtained you combine it to make a key. The key is then used on the four Dagannoth rings i and the ring of wealth i, once used you will get a Fero ring(1). This Fero ring(1) doesn't have any stats or bonuses, you need to unlock its power's and go to the rings original birthplace which is the ancient cavern. Here you will find a Dragon Forge, and you must use the ring on the dragon forge anvil with the blast fusion hammer(350 slayer points). Once used all the power will be inside of the ring and make it a fero ring(5), the fero ring(5) will have more updates in the future regarding its usability, such as teleport's to slayer tasks and other slayer features making it the go-to slayer ring. We have released a promo system where we can release item's on time based events via codes! So people in-game can redeem some cool prizes if they know a code, but to get the prize they need to be online for a certain amount of time without logging out. The first prize to be available via this system is a mystery box - the Christmas cracker. This will be an amazing way to reward you the players We have finally added vote timer notifications, so when you login you will be told when you can vote again, and when you can claim your votes. So you won't be left wondering now what to do Corp is now 1.5k hp from 300, or basically speaking in 10x hp terms. From 3k to 15k, making the boss more difficult and we will raise its drop rate accordingly to it. ::claimvote now works in dung and will go to your bank instead if claiming votes here ::rzone fishing spots are now all responsive You can now catch shrimp and anchovies in peace Prayer mix now works so if you obtain this from the ancient cavern you can now use it as well All the notifications for the event based systems in fury have been fixed Shooting star has been completely redone from the ground up, it will now only mine up to 100% per layer it won't go over 100%, the star will now last 30 minutes without disappearing and will come every 2 hours Evil tree has also been completely redone from the ground up, and now will be a challenging event, a fun event, and rewarding event for woodcutters. It will now happen on a 2 hour basis as well and last 30 minutes as well. We have fully fixed Glacors and should be killed now without a problem thanks to extensive bug testing with X and Dioxin Nex and corp now re-spawn at 60 second times A lot more drop's have been updated for slayer monster's, some you can expect is black demons and grotworms(chaos druids 2.0 i should say) We have added ::guides and ::starter command so it'll be easier to assist new player's who come to the server through all the players informing one another Pest control boats are now 30 seconds and should be fully fixed with the portal's, as you saw this update came in a bit earlier, but wasn't documented, but the games are flawless. In the next update expect a pest control event system with double the points every 12 hours possibly? Thieve guild event has had some more stuff fixed with the chalice for example and how to obtain the chalice/gem, you can now also teleport to the thieving guild via the quest tab by clicking on the event when its active or inactive I would like to thank everyone who helped make this update happen X, Exivel, The staff team, anyone who reported a bug and people who helped us test the bugs. And last, but not least Dioxin our amazing new developer who works around the clock with me and the rest of the players to make these updates happen. Also a big shout out to all the donor's who help fund Fury, they are the ones who help pay for all the server costs and advertisement's and without them Fury wouldn't be a fun and enjoyable F2P game for all of you guys Thank you so much for playing Fury, we are sorry this update took so long, but the next one will be even better. As you know these updates do take some time to test and we don't want to push out anything with bug's anymore, as that will cause us problems down the line, so each update is extensively tested by Us and the staff team. What you can expect next update will be the final bug fix's as I think we went through a lot a lot these last 2 week's. QBD drop table update, an extension to map area's, like you couldn't get to the Karamja resource dungeon, so we will make sure that place is now accessible for example. Possibly some more quality of life, expanding the ::legend zone? And other juicy stuff I won't want to spoil so get excited for the Summer updates (P.S. Wilderness slayer is coming, and Kuradels dungeon too!!!!????!??)
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    Welcome to my thieving guild event guide, I decided to make one, because i get alot of questions on how it works and what to do with the stuff you managed to steal; First of all, how do we know when the thieving guild event is active; As soon as you see this message in game, you know the event has started. How to get to the thieving guild Theres 2 ways of doing so 1. Skilling teleport > Thieving > Thieving guild 2. Quest tab > Thieving guild event > Click on it Once there and the event has started, you will start with 4000 hanky poitns, as soon as this goes to 0 the vault will open. How to get your hanky points to go down u may ask; There are various things you can attempt to pickpocket/steal around the guild, The way i would suggest is the punching bags in the middle of the guild. Once the vault is open, you want to run to the North door: As soon as you enter the room, you want to start stealing from the guild master: IMPORTANT thing to know, do NOT spam click to thiev, you need to let the thieving animation finish in order to have a attempt to steal. There is 5 different things that can happen while you pickpocket him; First one is the normal pickpocket; every succesfull pickpocket will grant you 100k coins, Second one is the 4x pickpocketl everyone succesfull pickpocket will grant you 4x the normal loot, 400k coins. note; the higher your agility level, the higher chances of this to occur. Third one is the failed pickpocket, you will not get any coins and get stunned for a brief period of time. The fourth one will be the jewel steal, if you managed to get the jewel you're in for some profit. You will be able to sell these to the shop, bare in mind they WILL tax 15% off. (4250k) The final one will be the Chalice; same as mentioned above, you will get some good profit of these. Same as the gem, sell-able at the shop, with an 15% tax (8500k) Once the timer runs out, everyone inside the room will be teleported out, and the vault doors will be locked again. The event happens every 4 hours AFTER the previous event is over. I hope people find the guide helpfull, so we can all come in and make some gp gainz. Thanks for reading my guide, hope to see ya'll ingame! X,
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    Hey guy's sorry I was gone for so long, but here is a juicy update log of all the hard to fix bug's we had the last week Thanks for playing Fury and hope you enjoy the updates and content! - Fixed collecting items from GE - No longer lose items if inv doesnt have space - Fixed "you dont have items to cast spell" - ID for required runes were being transformed to dung. added extra check - Fixed shooting star model problems - Star now uses correct ID for correct layer (math was off by 1) - Fixed multi combat spells for PVP - They did not damage the target, only players surrounding targer - Fixed overflowing text in fight caves - When entering with familiar, the dialog text overflowed out of the box - Fixed error with summonning - Certain familiars caused exceptions due to lack of implementation - Fixed frost dragon achievement - Only required 1 kill to get, when task says 100 - Fixed thieve event reward bug - Can only get 1 chalice & gem - Fixed dung lamp bug - Fixed numerous random exceptions (such as ConcurrentMod with logs) - Reduced chalice price to 5m -Reduced magic gem price to 2.5m - Cleaned shooting star - Prepared WorldClock system - Wrote test for FloorItem Would like to thank Dioxin for all the hard work this week
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    Today was an important day because today was the start of all PvP based updates, with additional bug fixes and other content you will love Wilderness is now filled with every single pre-eoc NPC, we will be adding more NPC's to hot spots and building a hot spot map on the web to see where the PvM'ers or PvP'ers are We have now opened up ghoraks fortress and you can lift the rock to get inside, there you will find metal dragons and waterfiends! A soon to be big PK hot spot We have fixed the lava maze ladder and you can now go down and find additional black dragons there! We have also fixed the level 51 staircase which leads to shadow spiders and fire giants We have also fixed all pre-eoc pets that grow, so if they require a food thats said on the Pre-EoC Wikias then thats what you feed them This is just the tip guy's expect so much more this coming week
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    Another Signature done
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    Hello everyone, I see alot of questions about dungeoneering so i'll be making a simple noob friendly guide to get urself the chaotics you always wanted How to get to Daemonheim Click on your skilling teleport > Dungeoneering Make sure you bank all the items you have on you, ur not allowed any items inside the dungeoneering floor. We will be starting at floor 1, complexity 1 ( this is the difficulty ) Floor themes: Frozen floors: Abandoned 1 floors: Furnished floor : Abandoned 2 floors: Occult floors: Wraped floors: Once inside you need to go ahead and open the doors that requires skilling / keys and guardian doors Keys are found throughout the dungeon These guardian doors can only be opened if all HOSTILE monsters within the room are dead. (they only show up on higher complexity, so you dont have to worry about it at early levels) Skilling rooms requires you certain tools, for example mining rocks in front of the door, you will need a pickaxe to do so. NPCS: Forgotton warriors; They will drop high tier gear such as Promethium armor Always try and kill these warriors in order for a chance to get urself these items. If you do manage to get one of Promethium armor pieces, make sure you right click, and press "Bind". This will it will save the armor for the next floors Nightspiders: They will have a chance to drop a Shadowsilk hood, the hood will make you less likely to get attacked by humaniods inside the floor. A very nice tool to have Once you manage to find the boos room, it's time to kill it! Once inside you want to be killing the ice troll with Protect Melee up I didn't die during this screenshot, i'm a tank Once you've killed the boss, the ladder will show and you've completed your very first floor! After this you can advanced to the next floor as explained above. The higher the complexity goes, the harder and more challenger the floors will become i.e more skill doors and higher requirments ect. After you've done all the floors possible for your level you will need to reset your progress and start all over. This is called "prestiging" You can do so by typing ::dungreset After you have prestiged, you will have to start by floor 1 and work your way up again. You will however recieve more XP and tokens per floor! The way to track your tokens is by going to : Rewards: Once outside the dungeon floor you will run South untill you meet this guy: Inside the shop theres alot of good items you can buy with tokens, which you will be rewarded after completing a floor. Bugs: Sometimes when you press on the door it will say in the chat as shown below: If this happens to you, you want to go to options > Video settings > SD This will reload ur map for 0.5 seconds and will show you the correct door "The black room" Sometimes you will occur a bug where you enter a room and its all black, The only way to fix this as of right now is sadly, to leave the floor you're doing and start over I hope this guide will help the newer people on the way to becoming the best at dungeoneering and reach level 120!!! Yes i did say 120, the max level in dungeoneering is 120, so happy grinding X
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    Hello all, I'd like to introduce myself since I am new to Fury, I am Broekie. I am a Dutch guy, so excuse me if my English isn't properly sometimes. (I don't mind if you correct me, it helps me improve my English! I am 21 years old, my hobby is soccer. But i also like to go fitness with mates. Also i like to go out with my friends and have a few drinks. And i love going to hardstyle festivals like Defqon. 1, Q-Base, Dominator etc. From the first log in I felt like this is a nice server with a good community, so i feel like I am staying here for now. I was just searching for rsps's on google and the first one i got in to was Fury. I hope we will have an awesome time here, i'm sure i will! Looking forward to meet you guys in game! = )
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    Read the feedback, looked at the poll, and understand what you guy's want now. What ill tell you from the start about 50% of the stuff here I like and will add, the other 50% is a gamble and might not happen, or for the full 100% of the content ill finds ways to add it in. The least probable thing here to happen is the loyalty titles sadly. Keep voting on the polls though I love seeing the results!
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    1. Vote rewards - Why? voting is important and a lot of people vote, whether it is for the bonus experience you get for opening a book, or if its simply to spend points on cosmetics/rewards. Having these cosmetics, will give people more of an incentive to vote in the long run. 2. Loyalty titles - These are always a cool addition, especially custom and hard earned titles - also adding in titles that represent our chosen game modes. I would like to see more titles open to suggestion via player base. Maybe even add new ways to unlock emotes via completing a task or another emote, or by unlocking certain soundtracks 3. Sycthe via death tasks - This would be cool, a challenge and one hell of a journey. Could also maybe introduce special tasks, which can be assigned via death slayer master, why? - A chance of receiving a special reward via death task can be completely random, for example - a dragon spear, crystal keys (halves) or godsword blades, including an extremely rare item, like bandos piece. (open to suggestions) 4. Pets - skilling pets/boss pets, this makes a skill worth the challenge ahead. Although we already have summoning familiars, it isn't quite the same! killing bosses for pets is more rewarding than farming for loot at times (IMO) these would be a nice addition to the server, if to be implemented and fully functional. 5. Capes- I would like to see capes have their original effects > even more so, master skillcapes with effects. There was something similar on runique to do with donation capes and tiers, in all honesty they were the biggest pile of wank going.
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    Here are a few of the signatures i've done so far.
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    Hello fellow companions I am Sharky, a diamond donor on Fury coming to help you guys out in the start of your adventure following this guide will not make you rich but it will help you to get some quick cash. Without further ado, lets get started! Tip for legend players If you are a legend player your skilling exp is the same as osrs meaning it's very hard to level up a lot of people me included have alts set on either regular or extreme (in my case I have an extreme) to help get you some money from skilling. Method Number 1 This is the method for most Rsps's and that is thieving, on this server there are no random events (yay!) instead we have items that you steal from as shown in the gif below Once you get a full inventory right click the npc Merchant and click sell all Obviously the higher your thieving level the more you will get, well here that isn't the case the most exp will come from the rune stall but it's also the least money so if you wanting faster levels go for rune if not go to last stall some people will stay at 3rd stall until the 4th due to the money that you aren't gaining from those levels. From this stall you can get anywhere from 200-400k gp/invo depending on how many rusty scimitars you get which you can see they are 21k each while iron are only 306. Method Number 2 Smithing is the next method I have for you guys once you get level 35 smithing you can now make cannonballs (A very good money maker but slow sells). You can get steel bars from bosses such at dagganoth rex they also drop coal and iron ore. Alternatively, which is a faster method you can mine them (still slow but rex has low drop rates for ore and bars). The best place to make the steel bars for non donors is tutorial island you can get there by going to the mage book go to skilling teleports click next twice go to mining the very top option then tutorial island. Bank is 3 steps away from the anvil Note: You do not need the cannonball mould in inventory to make cannonballs You get 40 cannonballs per steel bar and depending on how fast you wanna sell them you can get 1-4k from them but this will just keep going down due to the demand is very low for them because so many gets made with the amount of active players Method Number 3 This method will include agility which is a decent way to start out most of the exp you will get from agility comes from agility tickets which you can sell for 50-75k each depending on the buyer. Each course gives more and more tickets with the wild giving 6 tickets to non donors with emerald donors get +1 more ticket per course (any course) and diamond+ getting +2 more tickets per course (does not stack with the emerald +1) Method Number 4 For this method we will be discussing slayer. Slayer so far that I know of is only good when you get to the bosses, god wars bosses, nex, kalphite, dagannoths are all good ways to bring in some decent money. Note that you need level 120 combat and 85+ slayer to get these boss tasks. Method Number 5 (Ruby Donor+ Only) Ruby donors have another zone to go to ::rzone and if the run to the north west corner of the zone they will see some mummy warriors which can drop some good loot check it out [/img] Now regular donors can also fight these but they aren't aggressive like the ones at ruby donor is and you have to either use range or mage against them then telegrab the loot ruby donor zone is much more efficient and is a good way to train up a low level account especially legend because of how afk it is. Turn on protect from melee and sit afk and watch your stats train themself just don't forget to keep prayer up. Here's a short clip of me opening up a pvp box which if you get lucky you can get 2 of them as shown above 1/237 chance. Although that doesn't put in account the drop rate bonus you have You can see the full list of possible loot from the pvp box by typing in game ::drops pvp box
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    Support, guy is pretty helpfull.
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    As many of you know, the evil tree spawns randomly on the server. This is a great way of getting farming, woodcutting and/or firemaking XP How so you say? Well, thats what i'm going to be showing you in this Evil tree guide! The chatlog will announce when the Evil tree has arrived in the world How to get to the evil tree once its spawned Once talked, you will get a dialog and you will have to press "Ask about the Evil Tree, then the tree will ask you, do you wish to be teleported to the tree After you arrived at the tree, you will be able to "Nature" the sapling, gaining you farming XP, Once you have grown the full tree, you can either cut it down, or you can light it up for FM XP, The tree will spawn roots as shown below, you will need to cut them and set the tree on fire in order to "defeat" him After you managed to cut down the whole tree, the tree will reward you with some items and maybe the lumberyack outfit pieces. There's another cool feature, once you've completed the whole tree, you will be rewarded with autobanking, for a set amount of time every log you will cut will be automatic send to your bank. If this effect has worn off, you will get a noticfication in ur chat log I hope this guide helps people understand how the evil tree works, If theres anything else i can help with, feel free to PM me ingame X
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    Approved and allowed to sell for in-game GP boys
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    This is the update you guys, were waiting for! This was the one we lost sleep over and I only slept one hour trying to get this out for you guys ASAP! We have two developers working on Fury currently and again as they learn the source then overtime the updates will be bigger and filled with more quality! I would like to thank the development team and our lead developer Dioxin for helping make this update happen and staying up these long nights with me, I would also like to thank our other developer if he would like his name disclosed or not Lets begin with the updates Thieving guild now has a notification in the quest tab indicating when the event will start, we will also add one of these for double experience and pest control and any other events we have in the future Edimmu is now 100% 95 dung requirement, you guy's had your fun testing it for us and now its good to go Resource dungeons, have all been completed, but the frost dragon one and the moss giant one. I am thinking what to do with the frost dragon room because in the room for wyverns we put frosts there, so then I might have to remove wyverns from ::rzone put them there, put frosts in here and etc, but feedback would be lovely for today's update We have also added all the item spawns to Resource Dungeons so it could be a way to collect those starter herbs, those blue dragon scales, or maybe even limpwurt roots all for free Muddy chest has been released with an amazing drop table falling into four categories , the first being Food, then Bars, Runes, and Gems, if you land on any of them you will get a nice reward, great for iron men and regular players alike We have added in a possible clan chat name dupe fix which would also fix people who have bad wifi and keep dcing and then the server won't let you on because it thinks your ip is still connected to the client We have added a pest control fix so the games all end now properly and we will be doing pest control events again soon Claiming vote books in dung will not work now and will say to claim outside of a dung The activate curse achievement should now be working properly 100% of the time We improved the attack speed of kalphite queen and now she should attack normally instead of 5 times a second Nex Insta-kill dart bug paired with the reloading of the regions bug has now been fixed, so you can now climb up the rocks for nex and then climb back down if you want to start another kill Corporeal beast is now a 40 second timer for re-spawning Fixed the Evil tree and everything about it so it should be 100% smooth now Fixed the Shooting star and everything about it so it should also be 100% smooth now, but we need to observe it live The thieving guild events are still in testing and we want to make the thieving guild a very lively place with all the best thieves so starting a thieving event is still easy and can make you over 20m coins in less then 10-20 minutes making it better then stalls Updated all the fishing experience for shark and monkfish All the fishing spots in Living rock cavern have now been fixed to a normal click range, same applies to dung Familiars can now be brought into construction without fear of them disappearing Added a rocktail fishing spot to ::rzone as well We have also added a new death NPC lurking in the north-west house of edge, its a new Death and hes sitting on his soon to be throne(this is the start of wilderness slayer, souls collection update, and a future death boss fight I would like to thank you guys for sticking with us while we were making this update happen, as you guy's knew we had a lot of bug's reported this week and it was our goal to squash a huge part of them, and I am glad to say we did, and this following week we hope to squash them all! We are making PvP updates here and there, but full focus will go into it possibly by the end of this week or maybe at the end of next week depending on the plan's and suggestions/bugs you guys have for us Thank you once again for patiently waiting, the Fury team loves you guys <3
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    Also support, I could possibly see if i could add a Current event to it, such as a thieving guild event a double exp event or pest control event which is double pc control points on this new update
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    Today I went to the anniversary party with one of my favorite dishes made with the blood of my enemies. I was also drinking some beer and took 3 shots of vodka and right behind me was this fat chick who was giving Cameron a special gift. I opened the gift and found an extremely hairy dwarf who said to me; "Could you scratch my back?". It would be great if the dwarf had bathed once because he smells like a wet dog covered in shit. Well, isn't that rude. I would have tossed that fat hunk of meat out of a moving train except he punched me in the dick.
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    LOYALTY TITLES Just for recognition to other players PETS No need to say why, everybody loves a companion Kiln & TokHaar capes I would love a better cape than firecape, would be a great upgrade. These are my votes, there were only 3 because I would like admins to focus on those ones for now. (my opinion)
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    1. Titles 2. ears 3. kiln 4. gloves 5. toolbelt
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    I understand why you didn't, I was just simply saying you may want to add it since it's also a solid way to earn
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    +1 from me, should be promoted if a spot becomes available
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    Sorry it took so long, but a very big and happy approval from me and the fellow Fury community! Welcome to the staff team.
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    +1, and is generally on when most staff isn't. Would be a health addition.
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    yes yes yes, a big fat +1 from me, we NEEEEEED him <3
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    Considering this is a pre-eoc server, +1 as this would be a great useful tool.
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    I also support this
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    Would be amazing if they could ad this.. Maybe unlock it from lowest donator tier? Would be an amazing feature!
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    i support this, cause i liked when it was on pre eoc
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    You dont need a cannonball mould to make cannonballs. Good guide overal. I had the same one ready to get posted. You discuss some methods I added in it as well, hope you dont mind it if i post it Thanks for the guide!
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    Hello guys and gals of Fury! I'm an old Runique player from the late 2016 era! I finally got around to getting on and joining this new remake of the server. You may have known me as Lusterb2010, but I only played for a couple months before things got crazy IRL. Since then, I've moved, gotten a new job (and a few promotions to boot) and live with my wonderful partner of 2 years. You can call me Bear, or Will! And yes, as my profile avatar indicates, I'm a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan! Chat me up! Add me in game! I'm gonna be grinding for quite a while :)
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    A great list of updates, thanks dio!!
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    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Slayer skill in FuryPS and the answers to them: Where do I find Slayer Master? At Edgeville home, you will see a green portal labeled as ‘Slayer Portal’, enter that and you will see multiple slayer masters that increase in level required to access them from the left side you entered the portal to the right (clockwise). - You can also can type ‘::slayer’ to immediately teleport to slayer cave. What do I need to kill ...? (Required Equipment) NPC - Item Required Cave - Horrors Witchwood Icon Basilisk - Mirror Shield Turoth - Leaf-Bladed Spear/Sword Desert Lizard - Ice Cooler Harpie Bug Swarm - Tinderbox used on Unlit Lantern Banshee - Earmuffs Gargoyle - Rock Hammer Wall Beast - Spiny Helmet Aberrant Spectre - Nose Plug Cockatrice - Mirror Shield Rock Slug - Bag of Salt Dust Devil - Facemask Where can I find …? NPC - Location Aberrant Spectre - Slayer Tower 2nd Floor Abyssal Demon - Slayer Tower Top Floor Ankou - Stronghold of Security Banshee - Slayer Tower First Floor Basilisk Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Bat / Giant Bat - Taverley Dungeon (Giant Bat), Brine Rat Cavern (Giant Bat) Bear - East of Ardougne, South of Varrock Black Demon - Taverley Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon Black Dragon - Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze Bloodveld - Slayer Tower, God Wars Dungeon Blue Dragon - Taverley Dungeon (can kill baby blue drags for task as well) Brine Rat - Brine Rat Cavern Bronze Dragon - Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels Cave Crawler - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Cave Horror - Mos Le’Harmless Cockatrice - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Cow - North of Al-Kharid Gate, South of Lumbridge Crawling Hand - Slayer Tower Dagannoth - Lighthouse, Dagannoth Kings Teleport Dark Beast - Mourner Tunnels Desert Lizards - Kharidian Desert Dust Devil - Smoke Dungeon Dwarf - Chaos Dwarf Battlefield (spirit tree @ home) Ganodermic Beast - Polypore Dungeon Gargoyle - Slayer Tower Ghost - Taverley Dungeon Ghoul - West of Canifis Goblin - Lumbridge area Gorak - God Wars Dungeon Greater Demon - Forinthry Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon Green Dragon - Click Wilderness ‘W’ Teleport in Spellbook Grifolaroo - Polypore Dungeon Grifolapine - Polypore Dungeon Fungal Mage - Polypore Dungeon Harpie Bug Swarm - Karamja Hellhound - Taverley Dungeon, God Wars Dungeon, Forinthry Dungeon Hill Giant - Edgeville Dungeon Hobgoblin - Asgarnia Ice Dungeon, God Wars Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon Icefiend - Ice Mountain, God Wars Dungeon Ice Giant - Asgarnia Ice Dungeon, South of Wildy Agility Arena Ice Warrior - Asgarnia Ice Dungeon Infernal Mage - Slayer Tower Iron Dragon - Brimhaven Dungeon Jelly - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Kalphite - KQ Tele, Climb up rope Kurask - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Lesser Demon - Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze Mithril Dragon - Ancient Cavern 2nd Floor Minotaur - Stronghold of Security Monkey - Monkey Skele Tele, Monkey Guard Tele (3rd page training tele) Moss Giant - Brimhaven Dungeon, Varrock Sewers Nechryael - Slayer Tower Ogre - West of Yanille Pyrefiend - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, God Wars Dungeon Red Dragon - Brimhaven Dungeon Rock Slug - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Scorpion - Al-Kharid Mine Skeletal Wyvern - Asgarnia Ice Dungeon Skeleton - Edgeville Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, Varrock Sewer Spider - Taverley Dungeon, Stronghold of Security Steel Dragon - Brimhaven Dungeon Suqah - Lunar Isle Troll - Trollheim Turoth - Fremennik Slayer Dungeon Vampyre - God Wars Dungeon Wall Beast - Lumbridge Swamp Cave Waterfiend - Ancient Cavern Werewolf - Canifis, God Wars Dungeon Wolves - Stronghold of Security, White Wolf Mountain Zombie - Edgeville Dungeon, Stronghold, Armored Zombie Tele What Slayer level do I need to defeat …? Left Click the Slayer skill icon box in the Skills Tab and select ‘Monster’ on right column. Scroll down until you see monster.
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    I think you'd be a welcomed addition, but that decision is not up to me to decide. Best of luck though
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    Thanks for this! Gonna start referring new people with slayer questions to this thread
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    Hello everyone! I started playing yesterday and so far i'm really enjoying myself, have met a few friendly people already and there seems to be plenty of polite people in the community! Look forward too sticking it out on here and hope to make more friends! Feel free to add me if your ever looking to do something together in-game weather its skilling, chilling or dungeoneering or whatever tickles your fancy! The names Grant btw and i'm 25 years young Catch you all in-game!
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    just had an idea that may be useful when logging on. if you log on after a double exp event has started you wouldn't realise unless asking another player, so is there a way you could add this information onto the quest tab as well as a timer left i.e double mining exp event time left: 32 minutes
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    Hello everyone, if you have stumbled into this thread. It is because you're relatively new and are trying to figure out how to get started, I am here to help. Table of Contents - Home Explanation - Navigation - Commands - Combat/Skills Training - Account&Server Info - Grand Exchange - Recipe For Disaster Home This is where you land every you create an account, use the home teleport in the spellbooks or the command ::home. There are several parts of the home area that are useful when starting out. The Fury Guide is where you can go to Change Password, Set pins, and Switch to Regular mode if you feel you picked too hard of game mode. (Only switches to Regular/Easy and it is irreversible.) There are also Thieving stalls at home to make some money so you can begin your quest to be the best! Next we're gonna take you into the Slayer portal at home so you Slayer nuts like myself can slay your hearts out. Every Slayer Master is available when you hit the level required to use them as a master, and if you're confused on where your slayer task is. This woman in white next to the portal will teleport you to your task (if in the wild, she will say it's too dangerous) for a small fee, the prices will go up the higher the slayer master. Ranges from 5k-125k (will fix if wrong) On the left of the altar we have the surgeon general who heals you for free whenever you teleport home and to the right of the altar is the Food Shop. Food shop has everything from food to most of the potions And next to Food Shop and altar, we have the rest of the Shops ranging from Melee to Bob Here inside the bank you can find Xuan (Loyalty Point Shop) and King Healthorg (Vote Points Shop) Just a short distance from Xuan you'll find King Arthur and the Plinth you use for Strange Rocks. (you need 2 strange rocks per skill, per statue. This means every skill except for Combat skills, Slayer and Dungeoneering. The statue will reset once a week when it is completed.) King Arthur handles all the Donation stuff and the Plinth/Statue has useful skilling stuff. When it comes to the donation store, when you redeem the scrolls it gives you a specific amount of points to be used for the in-game shop. $10 = 1k, $25 = 2.5k, $50 = 5k, and $150 = 15k You'll find Max and the Wise Old Man outside the General Store for your skill capes, skill capes (t), master capes and of course max capes. Next to Max we have a Spirit Tree which allows you to teleport to certain areas, this is what you'll see when you right click on teleport. You can always talk to him, and he will tell you about and where the Evil Tree spawns, but there is another way to see where The Evil Tree's spawn and the Crashed Stars. You can speak to Father Aereck to acquire your better gravestones and Unholy books etc., the altar next to him is where you'll change your spellbooks. Navigation Most of the world can be navigated through by using the teleports in your spellbook. When hovering on the teleports, it will say which teleport is what. (City teleports, Training teleports, Home teleport, Skilling Teleports, Dungeon Teleports, Boss Teleports, Wilderness teleports and lastly Minigame teleports.) Commands The following commands below are the player commands ::vote ::home ::claim ::claimvote ::dzone (All Donors and Donors only) ::rzone (Ruby tier Donor zone) ::discord ::forums ::commands ::empty (will prompt a message saying "you're about to clear your inventory, once done there is no getting your items back") ::duel ::gamble ::help ::highscores ::maxhit ::refer ::referrals ::slayer ::thread (insert thread number after thread) "::thread 277" for example ::store ::train ::xplock ::yell (for donors and staff members) Combat and Skills training We're gonna start with combat training first, as you can see there are a variety on monsters to train on. if you want to teleport to rock crabs you can either use the Training Teleport or use the command ::train, but for most training monsters you will need to use the Training Teleport spell. Next we'll cover skills training Account&Server Info This is currently located in the quest tab, you'll see the following (All those deaths are from Corp) The Grand Exchange The Grand Exchange is located at ANY bank. All you gotta do is right click the bank as shown below. The prices in the Grand Exchange are not the prices for items, It will prompt a message saying "There's is someone buying/selling this item for said price" When in the buy tab be cautious of typing certain characters into the search like $, with the scrolls it can be tricky because it thinks the $ is an invalid character to search by. Recipe for Disaster When starting the RFD quest you will need to use the City Teleport to teleport to Varrock, from there you make your way to the Gypsy tent. Once you've completed the RFD quest you just rotate your camera and the chest is in the same tent, right click and buy-items to purchase the gloves of your choice. Barrows Gloves are 100k each. I hope I covered all the bases and basics. If you guys have any more questions feel free to PM me in-game or on discord for help!
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    /Suppport Great idea. Very useful for both newer and more experienced players.
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    took me a few hours i melee'd them i just do a run i never have to drink a ppot or eat a shark as soon as i loot i just home tele heal and repeat
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    Looking good. There is an achievement shop in lumbridge as well, you might want to check that one out.
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    Really like this progress update stuff, good luck with your goals man!!
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    Well after our recent DDoSing on the website for hours on end which I am fixing btw I decided to do an in-game update, this isn't the full update yet, but it came with some needed bug fixes Evil tree roots now spawn properly and can be burned The star when fully mined will now have an alien appear again Falador shield 3 added to the achievement shop instead of 2 Sir owens sword is now 4 tick attack speed so the speed of a whip(might be faster need to see how it goes on 4 for now) Edimmus now need 95 dung to access Lunar staff is in the vote shop for 5 vote points This really wasn't even supposed to be an update yet, I just updated with what we had already done and tested and could go to the live server. Thanks for playing Fury players!
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    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my guide of acquiring your cannon. That being said we're gonna start from ::home and make our way there. Watch the MiniMap to see where you need to click/go Making our way Downtown Walking fast Face's pass and we're deadass (jokes) This is what he has to offer. The Original Dwarf Multicannon can be purchased by anyone and holds up to 30 rounds The Gold Dwarf Multicannon can be purchased by Ruby tier donors and holds up to 60 rounds compared to the Original The Royale Dwarf Multicannon can only be purchased once you have completed 99 in every skill (Max) and holds up to 90 rounds with an automated reload feature. If your cannon ever breaks try the replace feature before buying it, chances are he will give you another cannon but bring the money to get one just to be safe. And that's how you get your Mutlicannons Have fun and spread the knowledge -Ragnar
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    I was gonna make one of these but you beat me to it! Love the guide, keep it up
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    https://gyazo.com/d66af9b9d1babedbcdf1ecc3f456b25c Karma Sutra - $3250 HCI donator got more pics, and lots of people know me from Runique if thay play on Fury. https://gyazo.com/97b9f576a4ff6fa2955c74a7191d2c74 Ye Im Tanker 1400$ donator was my alt account. happy to comming back