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    Bolin's Farming Guide Hello Fury players, and welcome to my comprehensive farming guide! I hope through this guide, I can show you how to train your farming skills, as well as show the benefits of being a skilled farmer! Why train farming? Not only is it a requirement for the max cape (one of the best capes in the game), the fruit and items gained from farming are useful for a variety of skills, such as Summoning, Herblore, Woodcutting, Fletching and more! This is a fantastic method for ironmen to get items they need for Herblore and Summoning. Plus the farming cape looks nice: How do I start farming? Like the majority of skills in Fury, we have a Skills Teleport located here: Click on it and hit next until you get to this screen: Then the game will give you many different options to teleport to. These are where are the farming locations are to train at. Teleport to Catherby, as this is the closest farming shop to a teleport. Go to the shop located just a short walk from the teleport location. Talk to Martin the Master Gardener and he will open the farming shop! You will need the following: Rake, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Spade, and Woodcutting Axe to start. (Rake) - Used to pull weeds from various patches, you only need this in inventory in order to clear a patch of weeds. (Seed Dibber) - Used to plant seeds in empty patches and also tree seeds in plant pots. (Watering Can) - Used to water allotment and tree patches, is essential for survival of plants. (Spade) - You can find this in the Bob's general shop at home, as well as all the farming tools: If you use a spade on a grown tree after you check it, you can clear it out without having to cut it down, or you can cut it to get logs from the trees you plant. In addition, there are a couple other useful things in this shop: (Plant Cure) - Used to cure diseased herb patches and trees. Will prevent from dying if they are diseased. (Filled plant pot) - Used to plant tree seeds and used in tree patches. I've got the tools, now how do I earn EXP? I'm glad you asked! So now we have all the tools necessary for farming, but where do we start? In Catherby, we have a variety of seeds for sale, but in limited quantities. This will help us get started. There are 4 types of patches and allotments for farming, each with their own types of seeds, I always recommend planting the highest you can. Here are the 5 types of patches you will see in Fury: Allotment - Used for vegetable and fruit farming, usually the least amount of exp, but they grow really quick. Flower - Used mainly for crop protection, very minimal exp. Herb - The most useful of the patches, used to grow every herb needed for Herblore. Medium amount of exp. Fruit Tree - Grows all types of fruits, Large amount of exp. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Wood Tree - Grows the 5 main types of trees used in woodcutting, the most amount of exp per patch. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Where can I find all the patches? For Herb, Wood Trees, and Fruit Trees, I recommend a specific rotation to ensure maximum exp. All of these teleports will be found in the Farming Teleports in the Skilling section. Each Herb patch comes with allotments and flowers, whereas fruit tree and wood tree patches are by themselves. HERB ROTATION - Falador (Patches), Canafis, Catherby, Ardougne. Wood Tree Rotation - Lumbridge (City Teleport), Varrock (City Teleport), Falador (Farming Teleport), Taverley (Farming Teleport), Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Trees) Fruit Tree Rotation - Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Fruit), Catherby (run east until you hit the mountain/beach), Tree Gnome Village (Farming Teleport), Brimhaven (Farming Teleport), Lleyta (Mining teleport, Isafdar, north and east) I understand this but the EXPERIENCE! What do I need to plant? Patience. Farming is all about patience. Learn it well. So for level 1 Potatoes are good as they are the only item you can plant at level 1. (Allotment) Level 2 - Marigolds are the next you can plant until level 5 (Flower) Switch potatoes out for onions until level 7. (Allotment) Switch onions out for cabbages until level 12 (Allotment) Add Guam to your farming rotation at level 9. (Herb) Switch Marigolds out for Rosemary at level 11. (Flower) Switch Cabbages out for Tomatoes at level 12. (Allotment) Switch Guam out for Marrentill at level 14. (Herb) At Level 15, you can start planting Oak trees from Acorns. This will increase experience drastically. At this point, I only recommend doing trees and herbs. Allotments are still ok exp, but not worth the time invested usually. Switch Marrentill out for Tarromin at level 19 (Herb) Switch Tarromin out for Harralander at level 26 (Herb) Add Apple Tree Seeds to your rotation at level 27. (Fruit Tree Seeds) At level 30, switch Oak trees (Acorns) out for Willow Trees. At Level 32, switch Harralander for Ranarr (Herb) At Level 33, switch Apples for Bananas (Fruit Tree) At Level 38, switch Ranarr out with Toadflax (Herb) At Level 39, switch Bananas with Oranges (Fruit Tree) At 42, switch Oranges with Curry (Fruit Tree) At 44, switch Toadflax with Irit (Herb) At 45, switch Willow Trees with Maple Trees (Wood Tree) At 50, switch Irit with Avantoe (Herb) At 51, switch Curry with Pineapple (Fruit Tree) At 56, switch Avantoe with Kwuarm (Herb) At 57, switch Pineapple with Papaya (Fruit Tree) At 60, Switch Maple Trees with Yew Trees (Wood Tree) At 62, switch Kwuarm with Snapdragon (Herb) At 67, Switch Snapdragon with Cadantine (Herb) At 68, Switch Papaya with Palm (Fruit Tree) - Cap on EXP on Fruit Trees At 73, Switch Cadantine with Lantadyme (Herb) At 75, Switch Yew with Magic Seeds (Wood Tree) - Cap on EXP on Wood Trees At 79 , Switch Lantadyme with Dwarf Weed (Herb) At 85, Switch Dwarf Weed with Torstol (Herb) At 91, switch Torstol with Fellstalk (Herb) - Cap on EXP on Herb patches How do I get seeds? Help! Alright here comes the tricky bit. Not all seeds are found in the farming shop. Some are dropped by NPC's (monsters) and others are awarded from nests dropped while woodcutting. Here are my best recommendations for Seeds for Farming: Giant Mole - Drops claws and skins which can be traded for nests. Dagannoths - Drop Herb seeds frequently, and are really easy to kill. Woodcutting - Drops nests which contain seeds and rings. Mutated Jadinkos - Drops pretty much one of every seed. Nex - Drops Magic Seeds, Torstol Seeds Glacor - Drops maple seeds. Desert Strykewyrm - Yew, Torstol, Maple seeds Ice strykewyrm - Torstol, Maple, Snapdragon seeds Abberant Spectres - Drop each type of herb seed pretty frequently. Elite Clue Scrolls - Elite clues sometimes give tree seeds. Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed my farming guide! Please let me know if you have anymore NPC's that drop tree seeds, or any additional information for this guide!
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    Bug fixes Wishing-Well - You can only input whole numbers by mills. so for example; 1,200,000 is OK to input, but 1,200,001 is NOT. Dungeoneering tab dissapearing should be fixed now. Npc respawns; Rock crabs timer fixed and npcs being invisible/not showing has been fixed. Rev cave 'invisible wall' has been fixed. It is now fully accessible. Dfs effect has been rewritten. it now holds 50 charges max and deducts 1 charge every use. It has a cooldown of 1 minute after every use. Teleporting method has been adjusted to fully block any incoming hits. (please report if anything still occurs) Divine prayer drain has been fixed for magic hits (it did not apply correctly for magic hits before) Cooking burn rate has been adjusted to be more realistic. Bloodwood logs are now alchable. Dag king tasks have been removed. A new task has been added as 'Dagganoth Kings' which all 3 will now fall under so you may kill any of the 3 for this task. Player combat pathfinding has been adjusted so no more funny movements while combating. Soulstones are no longer obtainable from any bots in deep wilderness. ONLY EDGEVILLE now. EDIT!!!! Rare drops/announcements has been fixed. Slayer exp has been fixed. Berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons has been added. Player combat running up/disturbing position has been fixed.(safe spotting ect) Soulstones x2 & pest points x2 displaying active on panel fixed. Npcs attacking while dead has been fixed. I will be doing ongoing bug fixes ect while I'm finishing up wilderness slayer so expect that soon.
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    I agree with what Dreams has said. Maxing a skill on Legend takes a very long time (especially Slayer, Herblore, Mining, etc.). If I had those 99 - what I would get from Prestige would have to be *so* worth it that I would want to grind them to 99 again. 99 Slayer took Sym ~2 months to get as an example
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    If you are new to PVM, or don't know the correct method to do Graador in GWD (God Wars dungeon) then hopefully you will be ready for your next Bandos trip by the end of this guide. Item Requirements: Hammer, Runes to cast 'Vengeance', Preferred special attack weapon. Note: Turmoil isn't necessary however it helps tremendously. You can use Piety and protect from melee as a substitute - If you have access to summoning, such as war turtle or Pak Yak make sure to check out medium requirements as well. When teleporting to GWD make sure you have either deflect magic or protect from magic prayers enabled due to Saradomin Priests and spiritual magers at the teleport spot. After teleporting to GWD run West until you reach this goblin with a banner (as shown in the image below.) The reason why you will be getting your kc off this goblin is due to him having 1 hp and spawns every second. You are going to need to kill this goblin until you reach the required kill count (KC); Regular player: 15 Bandos KC Sapphire: 12 Bandos KC Emerald: 10 Bandos KC Ruby: 7 Bandos KC Diamond: 5 Bandos KC Dragonstone: 2 Bandos KC Onyx: None required Ideal minimum gear (some items can be substituted) This is the ideal minimum gear required to kill Graador, depending on your opinion you may want to change a few items or inventory setups, although this is my personal favourite when I was starting up. Below is a link to the method i use to kill Graador in this setup. Next is the medium method of killing Graador as well as the item setup. This is the inventory used within the Pak Yak as well. Note: with the medium method of killing Graador depending on how often you get hit you can stay for up to 3-10 kills roughly. The basic idea is to aggro Sergeant Steelwill (the mager) with your pak yak whether you want to kill Graador himself or Sergeant Grimspike first is entirely up to you. Furthermore you should switch to soulsplit to heal up on minions at the end of the kill unless you are being hit fairly hard by Grimspike or Steelwill. Finally the Best in Slot method. This personally is the best in slot i have available to me but you can upgrade with Dominion sword, Kiln cape/Comp cape Torva helm (if you aren't on task) With the pak yak inventory looking like this. Now the way this method is different to the others, is due to the overwhelming hp bonus you get from Torva, as well as having an sgs to get you to full prayer and high hp using SS (soulsplit) if you want to you can totally ignore the mager however, if you want to avoid taking the risk of extra damage you can use your pak yak to draw aggro from Steelwill like in the medium method. While using this method you can theoretically last forever or until you run out of supplies which will take a very long time. Congratulations, you are now ready to solo Graador with ease. Finally, if you have any questions about any of the methods feel free to contact me via this forum post, in game or discord. I will be happy to clarify anything that you may be confused about. Now i apologise if I've missed anything out on the guide, let me know if i have and i'll be sure to update it. Good luck with your drops.
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    Hellooo. I will be updating this as the day goes on and I do more. dungeoneering rune counts has been fixed. Dungeoneering spellbooks has been fixed. Dungeoneering party panel has been fixed when finishing/leaving dungeons. Added a new command for map problems in dung. use ::dungmap Familiar draining/timers fixed. Clue Scroll drops has been fixed. Veracs tomb resetting on exit fixed. Reminders to vote & join forums/discord is now automated every 15mins. EDIT!!! fixed damage prevention from npcs. so u don't gain exp anymore if the npc blocks the damage. It blocked the damage but exp was still being gained. fixed players logging into a black map from a previous dungeoneering session. workshops in POH will now update properly.
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    This will be a step by step guide on how you can post your awesome pictures on the fury forums. =] Lets get started I'm going to assume you have taking the picture already. Step 1. go to https://imgur.com Step 2. Log in Step 3. Click New post on the top left of the screen Step 4. Click browse Step 5. Choose your picture and click open Step 6. Rick click the picture and click Copy image address Step 7. Now on forums click insert other media and click insert image from URL on the bottem right Step 8. right click and paste into bar Now click insert into post and it should show your picture! =] I hope this helped anyone that wanted to make guides or show pictures of there account. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in game =]
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    Quick bank post because I guess all the cool kids are doing it now. Main Bank: Skilling Supplies Tab Skillcape Tab Potions/Food Tab Runes Tab Charms/Summoning Tab Miscellaneous Tab Barrows Tab Gear/Rare Tab Other things: Cash Stack Stats (not impressive I know) Game time plus donation total And since my stats for my regular probably aren't amazing, figure I would throw my legend account stats on here as well just for fun. Thanks for the time guys, I will try to update this legend one as I progress on it.
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    Hello everyone, I thought I could jump on the account progress/bank pics train on the forums, but with a little twist. As most of you know I'm aiming for being the first regular account achieving 200m experience in all skills. Account details/progress As shown, this is my account stats. Don't mind my Dungeoneering level, thanks. If you're interested in looking at my current exp, visit the highscores below by clicking on "Highscores". -> Highscores <- Current bank Pvm/Gear tab Rares/Miscellaneous tab Runecrafting/Runes Tab Skilling supplies All mastercapes (200m exp capes) I've obtained Miscellaneous tab #2 Feel free to leave a feedback below. I'll update the thread once in a while or after I've achieved something big! Thanks for visiting my post!! xx
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    Hey guys and welcome to this weeks update thread! Its a juicy update for all of you and we hope you like it. ! Don't forget to update your client for the new client changes to take places ! Lets start with the first update Bloodwood Trees - These trees offer 100 experience more the Magic logs per log, and the log alches for 500k a log currently, and you can only get 50 per tree, this will be analyzed if it works for economy. Also to promote pking during the chopping of these trees it takes 6-12 seconds to chop a log, and if you die you will lose all your logs and pker will get 375k per log you had on you! Another problem we have is we felt the client quest tab was being too cluttered, so we fully reworked it and separated thing's made it more user friendly, this is the second page and the first can be seen when logging in on the new client Its a surprise Content Updates Water runes are now passive when using tome of frost You can't lure Pk bots outside of where they spawned now All the battleaxe proper animations have been added Cure plant should now be working and has been released and shows the proper runes required for it Fixed and reworked proper pathing for PvP so you won't get stuck behind object's now when chasing people as it will always find a path around the object now unless you are completely unreachable Content and Bug Fixes Living Rock Cavern monsters fixed with the spawning and de-spawning Dragon-bone Upgrade kit was been properly fixed Npc gearing through king lanthus has been fixed with some prices being lower then they should of have been Fixed NPC path finding with fight caves (was a huge pain in the ass) but enjoy fight caves now and get those fire capes! Dragon arrows added to the fletch arrows achievement Loot 1000 implings achievement has been fixed now Any temporary item issues we had with equipping such as fire cape and ahrims robe top was fixed (was a problem which shouldn't have even happened) Longsword's speed has now been properly been fixed Brine saber was fixed now and should properly attack now Any disconnects from mass clicking should be fixed now Morrigans throwing axes should now give the proper amounts in the pvp box As you can see this update benefit's everyone! With the new quest tab and blood wood trees this will give PvP more activity and in turn generate more revenue for people who participate in the event Bloodwood tree will make more sense with the wilderness slayer update we are planning soon. It was also important for us to fix bug's and make PvP more smoother with each update to make sure every style is usable and make sure the fight itself is fun and proper without a reason to blame the server and instead your own skill.
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    1. Dungeoneering Boss Drops Floor 1 - 11: Icy Bones Common: Kratonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Archleather Equipment Roseblood Equipment Utuku Bows and Staff Uncommon: Fractite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Dromoleather Equipment Bryll Equipment Spinebeam Bows and Staff Rare: Zephyrium Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Spinoleather Equipment Duskweed Bovistrangler Bows and Staff Floor 12 - 17: Unholy Cursebearer Common: Fractite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Dromoleather Equipment Bryll Equipment Spinebeam Bows and Staff Uncommon: Zephyrium Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Spinoleather Equipment Duskweed Bovistrangler Bows and Staff Rare: Argonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Gallileather Equipment Soulbell Equipment Thigat Bows and Staff Floor 18 - 29: Rammernaut Common: Zephyrium Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Spinoleather Equipment Duskweed Bovistrangler Bows and Staff Uncommon: Argonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Gallileather Equipment Soulbell Equipment Thigat Bows and Staff Rare: Katagon Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Stegoleather Equipment Ecto Equipment Corpsethorn Bows and Staff Floor 30 - 35: Unholy Cursebearer (again) (I don't know if it's the same NPC ID like Floor 12 - 17, if so change npc ID for these floors, I believe there are some other NPC ID's for the same dungeoneering boss model) Common: Argonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Gallileather Equipment Soulbell Equipment Thigat Bows and Staff Uncommon: Katagon Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Stegoleather Equipment Ecto Equipment Corpsethorn Bows and Staff Rare: Gorgonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Megaleather Equipment Runic Equipment Entgallow Bows and Staff Floor 36 - 47: Runebound Behemoth Common: Katagon Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Stegoleather Equipment Ecto Equipment Corpsethorn Bows and Staff Uncommon: Gorgonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Megaleather Equipment Runic Equipment Entgallow Bows and Staff Rare: Promethium Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Tyrannoleather Equipment Grave Creeper Bows and Staff Spiritbloom Equipment Floor 48 - 60: Dreadnaut Common: Gorgonite Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Megaleather Equipment Runic Equipment Entgallow Bows and Staff Uncommon: Promethium Equipment, Weapons and Arrows Tyrannoleather Equipment Grave Creeper Bows and Staff Spiritbloom Equipment Rare: Primal Equipment and Weapons Sagittarian Equipment, Bows and Arrows Celestial Equipment and Staff 2. Progress Reset Make the reset button work, so players don't need to type ::resetdung. It would be alot easier and many new players won't ask how to reset their progress 3. Going to the next floor When players finish a dungeon floor they are teleported to the "exit lobby". I think it should be easier if player finish a dungeon floor they go to the next floor immediately, if they have the dungeoneering level to to enter the floor ofcourse. If not they will re-enter the same floor dungeon. Also to make it easier, add the "choose floor" interface, so players can see which floor they can enter (also great when you team up with other player): Maybe the interface for Complexity would be great too: 4. Guide Map Not every player likes dungeoneering, so to make it a bit easier add a guide map, so players won't be confused where the unlocked rooms are or if they died which way it was to the boss room:
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    +1 - I think it's time to focus on dungeoneering. Smithing needs fixing, so you can make armor and weapons with the required level. Interfaces are currently buggy and inviting people to your party is tedious due to the buggy restrictions to invite. Primal weapons/gear needs adding, and boss drops seem like the obvious way to include them. It feels like it wouldn't take too much work to fix the reset button. Potions need to work inside dungoneering to ensure C6 floors are all completeable. Right now, some doors require level 104 to open. Priority I'd say is: 1) Create a user friendly interface 2) Fix exp rates. Prestige exp formula code is complicated and makes no sense. It equates to 1 exp per floor completed before prestige, the code could be replaced all together as it's not doing what its intended to do. Add bonus exp for being in a party - encourage team play. Increase the exp for completing all complexities, with the most exp increase at C6. 3) Add boss drops. This feels like it would be easy to implement. 4) Fix smithing and potions. Again, easy to implement. All the supplies are there in the shop and as drops, so it's pretty straight forward to make them work.
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    Would just like to say ever since i started this server it has got better and better! The community is really cool everyone knows everyone , we all get on and help each other out. Staff have been brilliant , really welcoming and kind its nice to see. Other than that theirs Awesome Fury deals if you want to donate speak with him he'll Huck you up big time It really is the most complete server out there and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys gaming, anyway enough sucking up peace out.
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    Props to Ryann for making me shit my diaper @bobbydaniel
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    Hey guys this is my first guide for Fury (please give critical feedback) Herblore is a skill that is mostly used for the level 96 ability, making overloads. Cleaning Herbs To start herblore, cleaning herbs is a must. It is recommended to level your herblore in stages that will be in the following. 1 - 5 Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf 5 - 11 Cleaning Grimy Marrentill 11 - 20 Cleaning Grimy Tarromin 20 - 25 Cleaning Grimy Harralander 25 - 30 Cleaning Grimy Ranarr 30 - 40 Cleaning Grimy Toadflax 40 - 48 Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf 48 - 54 Cleaning Grimy Avantoe 54 - 59 Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm 59 - 65 Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon 65 - 67 Cleaning Grimy Cadantine 67 - 70 Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme 70 - 75 Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed 75 - 99 Cleaning Grimy Torstol ****Disclaimer**** Cleaning herbs is decent experience but not the best. However, it is recommended to clean all herbs that you have if possible. A clean herb is required for the next part of this guide, potion making. Making potions is where the experience will flow in easily. Experience Rates without bonus experience or vote Regular and PvP Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 200xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 152xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 252xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 300xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 320xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 352xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 400xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 452xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 472xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 500 Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 524xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 552xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 600xp Ironman Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 50xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 76xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 126xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 150xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 160xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 176xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 200xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 226xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 236xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 250xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 262xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 276xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 300xp Extreme Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 25xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 38xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 50xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 63xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 75xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 80xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 88xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 113xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 118xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 125xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 131xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 138xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 150xp Legend Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 2.5xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 5xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 3.8xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 6.3xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 7.5xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 8xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 8.8xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 10xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 11.3xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 11.8xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 12.5xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 13.1xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 13.8xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 15xp Making Potions 3 - 30 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Guam + Eye of Newt 30 - 34 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Marrentill + Bear Fur 34 - 38 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Toad's Legs 38 - 45 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Ranarr + Snape Grass 45 - 63 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Irit + Eye of Newt 63 - 66 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs (can be obtained from using special ability on spider familiar) 66 - 72 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Cadantine + White Berries 72 - 76 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak 76 - 78 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Lantadyme + Potato Cactus 78 - 81 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Torstol + Jangerberries 81 - 88 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Crushed Nest 88 - 89 Recipe: Super Attack (4) + Clean Avantoe 89 - 90 Recipe: Super Strength (4) + Clean Dwarf Weed 90 - 91 Recipe: Super Defence (4) + Clean Lantadyme 91 - 92 Recipe: Magic Potion (4) + Ground Mud Runes 92 - 96 Recipe: Ranging Potion (4) + Grenwall Spikes (obtained through hunter or off other players) 96 - 99 Recipe: Extreme Attack (4) + Extreme Strength (4) + Extreme Defence (4) + Extreme Magic (4) + Extreme Ranging (4) + Clean Torstol (use Clean Torstol on one of the potions to combine) Experience Rates without Bonus Experience or Vote Regular and PvP Attack Potion - 1000xp Defence Potion - 1800xp Agility Potion - 3200xp Prayer Potion - 3500xp Super Attack Potion - 4000xp Super Restore Potion - 5700xp Super Defence Potion - 6000xp Ranging Potion - 6500xp Magic Potion - 6900xp Zamorak Brew - 7000xp Saradomin Brew - 7200xp Extreme Attack - 8800xp Extreme Strength - 9200xp Extreme Defence - 9600xp Extreme Magic - 10000xp Extreme Ranging - 10400xp Overload - 40000xp Ironman Attack Potion - 500xp Defence Potion - 900xp Agility Potion - 1600xp Prayer Potion - 1750xp Super Attack Potion - 2000xp Super Restore Potion - 2850xp Super Defence Potion - 3000xp Ranging Potion - 3250xp Magic Potion - 3450xp Zamorak Brew - 3500xp Saradomin Brew - 3600xp Extreme Attack - 4400xp Extreme Strength - 4600xp Extreme Defence - 4800xp Extreme Magic - 5000xp Extreme Ranging - 5200xp Overload - 20000xp Extreme Attack Potion - 250xp Defence Potion - 450xp Agility Potion - 800xp Prayer Potion - 875xp Super Attack Potion - 1000xp Super Restore Potion - 1425xp Super Defence Potion - 1500xp Ranging Potion - 1625xp Magic Potion - 1725xp Zamorak Brew - 1750xp Saradomin Brew - 1800xp Extreme Attack - 2200xp Extreme Strength - 2300xp Extreme Defence - 2400xp Extreme Magic - 2500xp Extreme Ranging - 2600xp Overload - 10000xp Legend Attack Potion - 25xp Defence Potion - 45xp Agility Potion - 80xp Prayer Potion - 87.5xp Super Attack Potion - 100xp Super Restore Potion - 142.5xp Super Defence Potion - 150xp Ranging Potion - 162.5xp Magic Potion - 172.5xp Zamorak Brew - 175xp Saradomin Brew - 180xp Extreme Attack - 220xp Extreme Strength - 230xp Extreme Defence - 240xp Extreme Magic - 250xp Extreme Ranging - 260xp Overload - 1000xp All the herbs can be easily obtained through farming, killing dark beasts or off players. Most of the ingredients listed are buyable from the NPC that gives herblore supplies. The other's were listed on how to obtain the said ingredient. CONGRATULATIONS! You just reached the milestone of Level 99 Herblore. Thanks for reading my guide, Astro
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    I've already spoken to Fury about a prestige system a couple months back and it appeared to me that a prestige system to him is a waste of time and he didn't really see the point of it. To be honest, back then I didn't understand, but now I understand why he thought that. There are 5 game modes: regular, extreme, legend, pvp, and ironman. How long is it gonna take us to work out 5 different modes and make a reason point system based off that? Or even make 5 different shops maybe? That's gonna take a lot of work into something we've already seen on other servers that has died long ago. Maybe in the future we can revisit this, but for now, I'm worried someone's gonna fuck up the fairness of the different game modes we already have and cause me to resign and quit the server. Don't fuck up legend/extreme mode whatever you guys do... that will kill long-term player base and loyal members which are essential to the server. If i were to pick on method here, it would be the second. These points need visits, from what I see these points aren't fair to the exp rates at all for legend mode when we have 5x combat and 1x skill exp. It took me ages to get 99 slayer and 98 thieving and 99 wc and 99 fm on top of maxing combat skills....
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    Craftwork again! Back with a guide this time! In fact a 1-99 Smithing Guide, which I didn't seem to find on the forums already, aside from the dungeoneering-based guide, unless I'm just really blind. I'm making this guide for the skillers out there who don't get any combat xp, if there are any. In this guide, I will try to provide you with the best explanation of how to get to 99 Smithing based on my personal experience as a Regular Player. A list of wanted information will be posted at the very bottom of this guide if anyone would like to pitch in -- You will receive special thanks, also at the bottom of this post! I received 99 Smithing with the help of Vote Book XP + Server Bonus XP, so I'm not sure about the static XP Rates, if anyone would like to help me gather this information! I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave any feedback you'd like about the guide! Everything helps! ***Unless a better spot is found with a shorter walk to a bank booth, all of your smithing experience will be gained in the Mining Guild*** Skilling Teleport -> Next -> Next -> Mining Next -> Mining Guild *There is both a furnace and a bank booth very very close to each other, making bank trips almost obsolete* EXTRAS: Coal Bag: Obtainable from Dungeoneering Shop with 4,000 Tokens. Carries up to 81 Coal Ores that are automatically taken out of the bag and used for smelting bars. Makes runs much more effective, as without a Coal Bag, you can make 3 Runite Bars in a full inventory. WITH a Coal Bag, you can make 11. Goldsmith Gauntlets: Obtainable from the Skill Point Shop for 4,000 Skill Points. Using these gauntlets smelting Gold Bars, you will receive more experience per bar than you would if you were trying to smelt Runite Bars. Investing Skill Points into these gauntlets is a wonderful idea. Levels 1-20 Smelting Bronze Bars Requirements: 1 Copper Ore + 1 Tin Ore Levels 20-50 Smelting Iron Bars Requirements: 1 Iron Ore Levels 50-70 Smelting Mithril Bars Requirements: 4 Coal Ore + 1 Mithril Ore Price: Levels 70-85 Smelting Adamant Bars Requirements: 6 Coal Ore + 1 Adamantite Ore Levels 85-99 Smelting Rune Bars Requirements: 8 Coal Ore + 1 Runite Ore ***Alternate Method #1*** Steel Bars - ~80-100k Each Mithril Bars - ~90-120k Each Adamant Bars - ~150-250k Each Runite Bars - ~300-350k Each Levels 35-50 Smithing Steel Bars into Cannonballs (Platebody Lv48) Requirements: # of Steel Bars based on Level Location: Anywhere with an anvil and a bank booth in close range. *** Steel Bars - 80k Each Cannonballs - 3k Each 1 Steel Bar = 40 Cannonballs (120k) ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- Even if you buy Steel Bars, you're profiting ~40k per Steel Bar, averaging right under 1.1m profit per inventory of 27 Bars. ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- 27 Steel Bars (80k Each) = 2,160,000 1080 CannonBalls (27x40) (3k Each) = 3,240,000 3,240,000 - 2,160,000 = 1,080,000gp profit per inventory. *** Levels 50-70 Smithing Mithril Bars into Items (Platebody Lv68) Requirements: # of Mithril Bars based on Level Location: Anywhere with an anvil and a bank booth in close range. Levels 70-99 Smithing Adamant Bars into Items (Platebody Lv88) Requirements: # of Adamant Bars based on Level Location: Anywhere with an anvil and a bank booth in close range. Levels 85-99 Smithing Runite Bars into Items (Platebody Lv99) Requirements: # of Runite Bars based on Level Location: Anywhere with an anvil and a bank booth in close range. ***This last 85-99 section is only if you're rich and can afford all these runite bars. If you're like me and don't have any money, just stick with making Addy Platebodies to 99*** ***Alternate Method #2*** Levels 40-99 Smelting Gold Bars with Goldsmith Gauntlets Requirements: 1 Gold Ore, Goldsmith Gauntlets ***SPECIAL THANKS*** --Lena: More efficient Smithing Location, Coal Bag Addition to Guide --Exivel: Goldsmith Gauntlets + Gold Ore XP > Runite Bar XP ***NEEDED INFORMATION*** - XP Rates for Smelting Bronze/Iron/Mithril/Adamant/Runite Bars on Regular, Extreme, and Legend Gamemodes - XP Rates for Mithril and Adamant Platebodies on Regular, Extreme, and Legend Gamemodes
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    yea i think this could be a great idea. just have to make it fair for every mode. someone has to spend alot of time and in game money to reach max on a legend and thats an achivment on its own. and the reward for prestige has to be worth them wanting to restart
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    Hey guys, it's Craftwork and I'm gonna be sharing my experience through my first 24 hours of playtime here on Fury. -- Original Post -- 09/04/2018 /// 3:24 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So far, meeting the community has been one of the best parts of this server, which is unusual to say, because most servers aren't like that. Starting off as a Level 3 Skiller, with no intention of getting combat xp, is a bit more difficult because skilling supplies are expensive as hell for newbies like myself. Everyone I've met in the community so far has been an absolute pleasure to get to know and become friends with. **Special Shoutouts to Supports Lena and Ryann, and Skinlegendz for showing me the ropes and helping me get to know the server** Now onto my Goals for the Server. Key: Completed /// In Progress /// Not Started ***I also decided to start just training combat now, to make a zerk pure for PvP reasons. Combat, though, is almost out of the way already.*** Skills 80 Attack (70/80) 99 Strength (53/99) 45 Defence (45/45) 99 Range (99/99) 95 Prayer (88/95) 99 Mage (99/99) 99 Hitpoints (99/99) 99 Summoning (86/99) 120 Dungeoneering (1/120) 99 Runecrafting (1/99) 99 Construction (1/99) 99 Agility (72/99) 99 Herblore (55/99) 99 Thieving (99/99) 99 Crafting (85/99) 99 Fletching (99/99) 99 Hunter (1/99) 99 Mining (84/99) 99 Smithing (93/99) 99 Fishing (99/99) 99 Cooking (99/99) 99 Woodcutting (99/99) 99 Firemaking (99/99) 99 Farming (79/99) Bank / Value / Items **Some items won't be obtained until completely maxing out every skill, when I will then max combat stats, get certain items, and reset combat stats to remain just a skiller.** Godsword Set Dharok's Set Karil's Set Ahrim's Set Torag's Set (1 / 4 Pieces) Guthan's Set (1 / 4 Pieces) Verac's Set (1 / 4 Pieces) Akrisae's Set Steadfast / Glaiven / Ragefire Boot Set Fire Cape Kiln Cape 100m Cash Stack (11m/100m)) 250m Cash Stack (11m/250m) 500m Cash Stack (11m/500m) 1b Cash Stack (11m/1b) 2b Cash Stack (11m/2b) Sapphire Donator ($10/10) Emerald Donator ($10/50) Ruby Donator ($10/150) Diamond Donator ($10/500) Dragonstone Donator ($10/1500) Onyx Donator ($10/5000) Hopefully you've read this far down, to thoroughly check out what my goals are for Fury, and if so I really appreciate it. Let me know what you think about the layout of my post and whatnot, and I'll continue to make posts. This is only the beginning of my forum experience! Expect more to come. ***It's come to my attention that waiting until every Saturday is too long of a wait for just a Reg account. I will be updating every 2-4 days.*** *UpdateLog* 09/04/2018 - Updated Stats, Updated Cash Stack, Transferred from a 100% Skiller to a Zerk Skiller Pure to incorporate some PvP into the account.
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    This update post was supposed to come a while ago, but ol Fury is in Vietnam for a few more days and will come back on the 2nd! Other then that I wanted to delay the post because we had an issue with our untradables update. People were losing massive amounts of GP and for that I will be refunding people who were affected, amounts from 10m-300m. Also next update is Pk bots, GWD rework, and more gp will be put into the economy through our events coming out. Content and Bug Fixes There has been a ton of updates for pk bots and while fighting them we learned a lot more PvP techniques to add, so same way AI learn we learn as well from them, they are almost 99% polished to be out for everyone New accounts being made has been fixed for good, we will also be working on a new tutorial soon Items kept on death has been fully reworked and includes untradables now, but if they are not valuable enough untradables they will be lost on death Teleporting to target has now been fully fixed and now is a 5 minute cooldown for teleporting Gearing at edge now takes a defense requirement Death is displaying souls again and this is for our future update, plus you can see how much pk activity is happening Target teleporting to the wilderness agility course now takes 52 agility to be allowed to teleport Iron man are not allowed to stake (only was out for a few hours) Skill restoring and draining has been reduced to 1 minute per level and will happen much slower now instead of instantly when you sip a potion Content updates All Un-Tradables will be lost on death inside of PvP and the pker will get GP for it, but what we added now is outside of PvP people won't lose expensive un-tradables as we reworked the items kept on death, so you have a 100m tok ring you will keep it as its the most expensive item Dominion crossbow is now banned from wilderness, but the sword and staff are allowed for risk fighting Bolas should now prevent you from moving for 20 seconds if hit, and if range prayer is on, it will only be 10 seconds Updated proper food delays for PvP Sorry guys it might not seem much happened for updating this week, but it has been a busy week for us here at Fury We will be back in action soon and the updates will be better then ever! Love you all and keep enjoying Fury boys
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    Hey everyone! I'm making this post to maybe generate some interest in Pest Control! I've noticed that not a lot of people do it. If you would like to do it with me (maybe sometime this [9/20/18] weekend?), just comment on here or message me in game at iPrometheus Cheers everyone, lets get that Void!
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    This is my first guide so feedback is appreciated. Apologies in advance for the wall of text but I prefer to be as in depth as possible. Thank you Sym for providing the gear screenshots! Gear You want to use either magic or range. Further breakdown below! Magic Setup I recommend using Ganodermic or Virtus with either Staff of Light, Staff of Armadyl - probably wont have this because it requires an Amardyl Orb which can be obtained by gathering 100 Shards of Armadyl (obtained from Glacor) and making the orb, then put it onto a battlestaff -, Chaotic Staff, or Dominion Staff. In your offhand, use whatever you can that will give you the highest magic possible - Arcane Spirit Shield or Unholy Book preferably. Ragefires or Infinity Boots. As far as rings are concerned - this is more up to personal preference. You could use Seer's Ring (i) but then you miss out on the +% to your drop rate by not using rings like Ring of Wealth, Ring of Wealth (i), Fero, or Tokk. For necklaces, I recommend getting an Arcane Stream Necklace from Dungeoneering because, and correct me if I'm wrong, it is the BiS (Best in Slot) necklace for mage. If not, Amulet of Fury will be fine. Range Setup In terms of range equipment, I recommend either Pernix or full Void with either Chaotic Cross Bow or Dominion Bow. Similarly to magic, use whatever you can that will give you the highest range bonus. For boots, use Glavens or Robin Hood Boots. In terms of rings, similar to mage except swap out Seer's Ring (i) for Archer's Ring (i). For necklaces, I would use an Amulet of Ranging or Amulet of Fury. Important Note: Max Range (Dom bow, full void, ranged amulet, glavens, and Unholy Book/Elysian Spirit Shield) is stronger than Max Mage (Dom Staff, Virtus, Arcane Stream, Ragefires, and Arcane Spirit Shield) but I know that gear is *very* difficult to get so for most - mage will be your best bet. Inventory I recommend some (~2/3) Overloads - if you don't have those just bring the best Magic and Defense potions that you have. Super Restores and Prayer potions will help a ton as well. Take some rocktails. Take some air and fire runes (or your preferred spell runes) along with a Steel Titan Pouch & Recovery Scrolls to heal the Titan if it gets low HP. This will dramatically increase your damage output. Prayer In terms of Prayer, I recommend SoulSplit but if you do not have that then you have to pay attention to the moveset of the Glacor. If he throws something out of his right hand, he will use his range attack. It is a projectile that comes straight at you - the Glacor will also go up into the air a bit. If he throws something out of his left hand, it is his magic attack. Switch prayers accordingly. The Fight! One last attack to cover: his special attack. It is a three pronged icicle that you need to dodge. Just move out of the square that you were in and you should be fine. Now that we have all of this covered, we move to actually killing the Glacors. During the fight, Glacor will summon 3 Glacytes. Important Note: I do not know if the Glacytes act the same way they do on here than on RS but I will include this section anyway. This section is from memory so the numbers might be a little off. The first one you want to kill is called the Sapping Glacyte. Every attack will drain 20 prayer points. If it is killed last, the Glacor will drain 50 prayer points per hit for the remainder of the fight. The second Glacyte that you want to kill is called the Enduring Glacyte. The closer in proximity this Glacyte is to the Glacor, the less damage it will take. If it is killed last, the Glacor will take 60% less damage for the remainder of the fight. The last Glacyte you want to kill is called the Unstable Glacyte. If you are next to it when it explodes, it will deal damage equal to 33% of your current HP and it will damage itself for 90%. If it is killed last, the Glacor will behave similarly except with a larger blast radius. The last part of this fight is, you guessed it, finishing off the Glacor. Keep in mind the ability it has gained from whichever Glacyte you killed last. I will do more testing when I'm not so bogged down with classwork. If needed, I'll update this guide with the appropriate pictues/information. Again, sorry for the large wall of text - I wish you all the best of luck!
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    Nice guide man, I am so bad at PvM so i know it will help
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    Yes i'm taking sym's idea =] and no im not even on the same level as him lol. lets get started Im a legend account and is where im at atm. My crystal key's tab some random drops and loots tab My pots and food tab my pvp/ mummy's tab My runes tab My skilling tab My summoning tab My gear tab My cash and stats atm Thanks for reading! cya in game =]
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    thanks boss. but im broke af atm lol
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    Thanks for conforming to the trend, Dreams haha jk I love ur bank its nice and organized and you got a fair amount of valueables already.
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    Thank you, Dreams! And thank you for your support! I hope to hit level 2 Dungeoneering by next year, but it'll be a long journey. I'm trying to mindset myself towards getting it done, but I got in mind - "One step back, two steps forward". I hope you'll continue following me on my journey to level 2 Dungeoneering!
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    Hehe, hey dreams, glad to see you on forums.
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    Thanks for the guide, will be really helpful to some people.
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    Clean bank. I should take you lads as an example and clean up mine to be pretty as well.
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    Hey nice bank man, you are cool because you gamble with me <3. Hope to see some updates on this when you have more time invested on the server!
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    Thank you!! I’ll add it into the guide asap!
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    There have been a few people asking about what the most efficient method is to train dungeoneering. Since it's a fairly slow skill which takes a lot of effort, you'd probably want to train the fastest possible way. i'll quickly try to explain this so you lads don't have to figure it out yourself. So I did some tests and wrote the exp I achieved on each floor down. Keep in mind that the experience rates provided below are on the extreme gamemode, without any bonus exp and with every room completed within the floor. I did do C2 floors for this test since that's the quickest way to train. I would recommend to always open all the rooms since it drastically decreases your experience when you leave some rooms unopened. So as you can see, the most efficient method to train is by completing the highest floor you can do, and resetting your progress afterwards. There is no point in doing all the floors and resetting. Having a high prestige barely increased the experience rate while it's time consuming to do the lower floors which will grant you less experience. I Hope this clears some stuff up.
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    damn sym keep up the grind man
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    Hmm.. I can't seem to find any..... Moonclan. Jk, nice bank. Organized and clean, mmm.
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    I don't think the boots are the only items who needs a more reasonable price, lel. I think the Moonclan outfit will suit the vote store better, Symby #moonclangang
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    can't edit furys post =( anyways, both players dying in a duel result in a 'tie' now. divine shield prayer drain fix. fixed bug where players end their own streak when dying to npcs. pkbots; they all respawn in 30 seconds after being killed. adjusted prayer mechanics, prayers should be fine now. all are now aggressive, but randomly, at a randomized rate. removed account restrictions when killing bots. bots don't get stuck at ditch anymore. all bots within distance of you in a multi area will now attack you(CAREFUL!)
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    lol u guys are some goons u better come back, X. i'll have to hunt u down and kidnap u if not.
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    I like the prestige system. Runique had the same thing. You could go from 1-99, if you wanted to reach 120, you had to prestige and start that skill from 1. The exp rates are a lot slower here, and nobody in his right mind would reset his 99 slayer and various other skills on a legend to achieve some points. Very nice suggestion, but no support from me.
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    agree. we do have 5 mode with different perks. if dr is want you want you can make a legend and if u want to be reg you can buy in game $ scrolls that inc drop rate at different donor ranks. im on board any way you go. i just dont want my hard work on my legend account. and find out i can make a reg account and do the same thing way faster. maybe just a loyalte thing at 150k points u can buy an dr inc or somthing idk
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    Glad to hear it we love people who love rsps at the end of the day and enjoy building a longlasting, friendly community <3
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    ***Craftwork's Money Methods*** Back with a few more methods to increase that stack of cash which, if you're like me, looks really depressing 99% of the time: These methods are going to be using a variety of different skills, and prices will be posted as accurately as I can get them. As always, any information is appreciated, and will be added to the guide as soon as I get a chance. Thanks ahead of time, guys, and I hope you enjoy these few methods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #1: Making Overloads Requirements: -- 96 Herblore -- A bit of cash, if you don't want to farm the herbs yourself. How-To: -- First, create Super Sets (Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, and Magic) -- Then, turn those Super Sets into Extreme Sets -- Combine the Extreme Sets with Clean Torstols to receive Overloads. -- Overloads sell for approximately 1m each. Media: SUPER SETS = + /// Super Attack = Level 45 = + /// Super Strength = Level 55 = + /// Super Defense = Level 66 = + /// Super Ranging = Level 72 = + /// Super Magic = Level 76 EXTREME SETS = + /// Extreme Attack = Level 88 = + /// Extreme Strength = Level 89 = + /// Extreme Defense = Level 90 = + /// Extreme Magic = Level 91 = + /// Extreme Ranging = Level 92 OVERLOADS = + + + + + /// Overloads = Level 96 Extra: -- This method is also a great guide to getting 45 - 99 Herblore. Stock up to mass produce Overloads on your grind to 99 Herblore! -- Herbs can become pretty expensive, so farming them yourself is 100% the cheapest option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #2: Raw Fish Requirements: -- If 40 Fishing: Lobster Pot -- If 62 Fishing: Small Fishing Net -- If 76 Fishing: Harpoon How-To: -- Based on your Fishing Level, gather whichever tool you'll need from the above list. -- Adventure to the Fishing Guild, where 99.9% of your money will be made. -- FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! Prices: -- Raw Lobsters = 10k a piece ///// 270k per inventory (27 + Pot) -- Raw Monkfish = 15k a piece ///// 405k per inventory (27 + Net) -- Raw Sharks = 20k a piece ///// 540k per inventory (27 + Harpoon) Fishing Locations: -- Lobsters and Sharks: Fishing Guild ///// Bank is to the left of my location in the picture. -- Monkfish: Fishing Colony ///// Bank is directly to the right of my location in the picture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #3: Logs Requirements: -- 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 Woodcutting How-To: -- Based on your Woodcutting Level, you will go to either: -- Draynor (30) -- Seer's Village (45/60) -- Isafdar (75) -- Cut trees down, and bank the logs! Prices: -- Willos = 2.5k a piece ///// 70k per inventory -- Maples = 5k a piece ///// 140k per inventory -- Yews = 10k a piece ///// 280k per inventory -- Magics = 15k a piece ///// 420k per inventory Woodcutting Locations: -- Willows: Draynor Village -- Maples and Yews: Seer's Village -- Magics: Isafdar Well those are the basic 3 methods I have right now, on top of the one I made a separate guide for yesterday. Let me know what you think, for those of you who actually read all the way down to this point. Thanks for checking out my content, and you can expect more to come. If you guys want to see anything specific, whether it's a guide, update posts, media, or anything else, let me know. I'll post about what you guys want to see! As always, feedback is always appreciated! Thanks guys!
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    Fantastic effort, Craftwork! I always enjoy seeing new players hop on forums to help out their fellow players =) Keep up the good forum content the whole staff team really appreciates it!
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    Nice guide! I was about to make a Herblore guide myself, but you have already covered Herblore so never mind! Good job of figuring out the experience rates of all those herbs and potions! Keep it up!
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    nice guide man! ill recommend to players for sure. nice job on xp rates for every mode.
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    Awesome guide, Astro! Best herblore guide I've seen in awhile and we've been needing one for quite some time =) thanks man
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    Sounds awesome. I need to max my account first before I can make my legend account though XD.
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    Welcome on the forums!😁 Legend is a hard grind. Best of luck with that!
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    This is an interesting event idea and this is the first time we are hosting it, its basically a member of the month, but for Donators! We are thinking of passing on the title each month to a new person or make it stick with you forever the top donor title and put what month and year it was in Everyone who donates during this time period your donation amount will not be dis-closed of how much you donated. The system works on total donated added, so if you buy strictly scrolls then as a F2P Fury player you can participate as well! We wanted to make the rewards as juicy as possible for you guys so give us feedback on how we do this month for this event. The prizes are as follows #1 Donor of the month gets -A Custom item of their choice, could be a new revision item of an item you love such as a Nex look Nex set or anything really that comes to mind, maybe 3rd age? -A title showing your the top Donor for that month or in general a title which is passed down each month(undecided yet) -$50 in $10 scrolls -10 Mystery Boxes #2 Donor of the month gets -$50 in $10 scrolls -10 Mystery Boxes #3 Donor of the month gets -$30 in $10 scrolls -5 Mystery boxes We might even consider making runner up titles for this event! Any feedback is appreciated and all donations will help fund ads and development to get Fury to the top!