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    Would be cool to add a little box somewhere on the screen that is a countdown for things such as potions (anti-fire, overloads..etc) so you know when you need to take another sip, vengeance so you know when you can cast again, teleblock so you know when you can tele if it has been cast on you and so on. Would help out PvM'ers and PvP'ers a ton. Could be a toggle on and toggle off button as well for the people who do not want it. Or at least make the warning text for things such as anti-fires a different color than the rest of the chat box so it doesn't get lost in the non stop "youre potion protects you from the heat of the dragons breath, your shield absorbs most of the dragons fiery breath" text. Sincerely, Someone who has died from dragons a few too many times lol
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    Usually I post my suggestions in my list, but I thought this would require a bit more information. My suggestion is as following: When you die, you'll get teleported to Death's office. This is similar when you die for the first time in Runescape. Why? When you die and get teleported to Death's office, you will have to leave first by the portal which will then spawn the grave and start the timer. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to reach their graves in time even when connectivity issues happen or log out bugs. edit: This excludes death in wilderness.