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    Summer is finally here guy's, come grab your cold little mojito , forget about the snow, and just enjoy the day playing some Fury RSPS(while profusely sweating your butt off) Anyways this is an update we been promising you guy's for a while and when we make updates we really want to deliver Royal Dragonhide is now craftable into a coif, body, chaps, and vambs. So you can now kill QBD to obtain some good starter range gear to pk with in the future or just simple PvM Fero ring is now finally released to the public to be F2P, the price tag of the ring is $45 in-game and it offers a 6% DR and a +2/+4 att bonuses, making it the best ring after tokhaar ring. To obtain the ring you must first obtain the frozen key pieces from the four gwd bosses, once all the pieces are obtained you combine it to make a key. The key is then used on the four Dagannoth rings i and the ring of wealth i, once used you will get a Fero ring(1). This Fero ring(1) doesn't have any stats or bonuses, you need to unlock its power's and go to the rings original birthplace which is the ancient cavern. Here you will find a Dragon Forge, and you must use the ring on the dragon forge anvil with the blast fusion hammer(350 slayer points). Once used all the power will be inside of the ring and make it a fero ring(5), the fero ring(5) will have more updates in the future regarding its usability, such as teleport's to slayer tasks and other slayer features making it the go-to slayer ring. We have released a promo system where we can release item's on time based events via codes! So people in-game can redeem some cool prizes if they know a code, but to get the prize they need to be online for a certain amount of time without logging out. The first prize to be available via this system is a mystery box - the Christmas cracker. This will be an amazing way to reward you the players We have finally added vote timer notifications, so when you login you will be told when you can vote again, and when you can claim your votes. So you won't be left wondering now what to do Corp is now 1.5k hp from 300, or basically speaking in 10x hp terms. From 3k to 15k, making the boss more difficult and we will raise its drop rate accordingly to it. ::claimvote now works in dung and will go to your bank instead if claiming votes here ::rzone fishing spots are now all responsive You can now catch shrimp and anchovies in peace Prayer mix now works so if you obtain this from the ancient cavern you can now use it as well All the notifications for the event based systems in fury have been fixed Shooting star has been completely redone from the ground up, it will now only mine up to 100% per layer it won't go over 100%, the star will now last 30 minutes without disappearing and will come every 2 hours Evil tree has also been completely redone from the ground up, and now will be a challenging event, a fun event, and rewarding event for woodcutters. It will now happen on a 2 hour basis as well and last 30 minutes as well. We have fully fixed Glacors and should be killed now without a problem thanks to extensive bug testing with X and Dioxin Nex and corp now re-spawn at 60 second times A lot more drop's have been updated for slayer monster's, some you can expect is black demons and grotworms(chaos druids 2.0 i should say) We have added ::guides and ::starter command so it'll be easier to assist new player's who come to the server through all the players informing one another Pest control boats are now 30 seconds and should be fully fixed with the portal's, as you saw this update came in a bit earlier, but wasn't documented, but the games are flawless. In the next update expect a pest control event system with double the points every 12 hours possibly? Thieve guild event has had some more stuff fixed with the chalice for example and how to obtain the chalice/gem, you can now also teleport to the thieving guild via the quest tab by clicking on the event when its active or inactive I would like to thank everyone who helped make this update happen X, Exivel, The staff team, anyone who reported a bug and people who helped us test the bugs. And last, but not least Dioxin our amazing new developer who works around the clock with me and the rest of the players to make these updates happen. Also a big shout out to all the donor's who help fund Fury, they are the ones who help pay for all the server costs and advertisement's and without them Fury wouldn't be a fun and enjoyable F2P game for all of you guys Thank you so much for playing Fury, we are sorry this update took so long, but the next one will be even better. As you know these updates do take some time to test and we don't want to push out anything with bug's anymore, as that will cause us problems down the line, so each update is extensively tested by Us and the staff team. What you can expect next update will be the final bug fix's as I think we went through a lot a lot these last 2 week's. QBD drop table update, an extension to map area's, like you couldn't get to the Karamja resource dungeon, so we will make sure that place is now accessible for example. Possibly some more quality of life, expanding the ::legend zone? And other juicy stuff I won't want to spoil so get excited for the Summer updates (P.S. Wilderness slayer is coming, and Kuradels dungeon too!!!!????!??)
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    This is an amazing update and an update everyone has been waiting for We worked so hard and we are so glad to finally have it out for you guys to enjoy The most important update is wilderness slayer, here is where you can start it. This is north of edge near the ditch The wilderness reward shop is amazing, it has special restores and blood diamonds which teleport you to bloodwood trees. And the most important is Dreadnips, being the first 317 server to have this we are making history! Another big plus from this update is us re-working clue scrolls fully and fixing everything that didn't work, plus adding a clue scroll shop to get items you need for clues, also rewards will be reworked in future to be made much much better <3 The new NPC is named Hassan and south of edge You can also now examine a clue scroll to know the reward it will have! Content Updates Added a limit on the amount of bots you can kill for rewards a day to 5 a day, this will reset when you kill 5 players or wait 24 hours Added plant pot and trowel to iron man store so you guys can plant trees We have added crossbow limb smithing which is also amazing for iron men Wildy Wyrm teleport tab/scroll has been added, same with the blood diamond it has been added to teleport to bloodwood trees More nechs have been added to the slayer tower with respawn time cut in half Some code has been cleaned up to put less strain on the server in the future to reduce any lag the longer fury runs like for example when it ran this week for a whole week and it lagged sometimes Cooking burn rate has been fully reworked and you should burn less food now You can now use a bucket of water on clay to make soft clay Clue scrolls are now only 1-3 solves for easy 2-4 for meduim 3-5 for hard and elite Content And Bug Fixes Hits bug fix so sometimes when people and NPC's didn't take damage Wrath and Retribution prayers have been fully fixed and are now good to go for PvP and most importantly Dh pking Skill x2 event is properly showing in the quest tab now Ornament kits has been re-written such as infinity and putting on and off the items Dragon fires shield is full now messages are now being filtered properly Wilderness item noting has been properly fixed Cannon lag spikes have been fixed The way PK bots bank has now been reworked Amulet of glory now teleports at 30 wilderness and so does other dragonstone jewels, before it was 20 which was improper Kicking animation has been properly fixed Dragon Hally Special animation has been fixed Obby dagger now has all the proper animations and attack interface Honestly this update was all Nando he really worked hard and listened to a lot of you guy's to make it happen, even with his broken charger and old Laptop he always makes sure to make these updates happen Your ol Fury has a lot of IRL stuff to do atm because hes in America. When I get more free time or when i come back which in less then 10 days then I will be grinding 10 hours+ a day again, because currently I can only do maybe 4 hours a day or so which is not a lot for what Fury needs. That is the honest truth and we hope this update can really show you what Fury is about, we are doing thing's you won't see on any other server and we do it the best with the best gaming experience We are also designing lots of interfaces currently so you guy's will have some amazing content in the future added
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    Not a lot of servers can say they have been up for one year, but we have and its been a long ride I have had such a great time running Fury and we have been working to make it the best possible Pre-EoC server every single day and that's a lot of work, but considering where we started then its a BIG BIG JUMP From the start of Fury we have OVER 5 PAGES of Update logs. Can you believe how many updates we have done? We never stopped and we never want to stop, your donations have been helping fund Fury to keep it up this long and keep the game running for all the current, old and future players to enjoy. I would personally like to thank Nando for being an important part of Fury and helping it grow to what it has today, and I would also like to thank Greg the guy who created this all with me, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have Fury. I would like to thank all the Staff members who were apart of Fury over the last year Such as Muse who was our Ex-admin and an all around great guy. Urinalcake who was a great Moderator for many many months, but real life finally caught up to him. Badman the servers number one complainer, but was the first to get a comp cape, but a decent mod. Trodal a staff member who has been on and off many times, but also a great help by donating a ton to the server(still here). Lena Oxton a staff member who we hope will be back to enjoy Fury as this was his favorite game and his donations alone helped grow Fury beyond anything possible. Symbiotic the bank stander of the year award who recently got admin and actually put his time to good use by helping other players and making the forums active! (Still here) Ragnar is a guy who I had to help out when he had no money and I personally sent him $100 when he was at a low point in life, watching him grow with Fury in real life and in-game was a great sight and I am very proud of him and consider him a top moderator! Phanny Phart a name I hate saying, but it has to be done, you have been here since Fury started and became a helper and helped this server and played it for as long as I remember, thank you so much! Sammy a staff member who made some of the best guides on Fury, but again life took over and her time on Fury was here and there, but her commitment back then was amazing. Exivel I had no idea how to spell your name, and I still struggle..... its a weird name, but you have been a great moderator and really cared for the staff and tried to be the best staff member there was with your ideas and support in-game! X Even though your time was short, you did have a small impact on making Fury great for those months you were staff and I would like to thank you, sad to see you go though AdamR even though you are still kind of new to the staff team, your impact the last few months has been memorable and I would like to thank you! I would also like to welcome all the new Staff Members such as Dreams and Astro Maddi We hope you make your impact on Fury and make your place remembered for the players and myself! I would also like to thank all the donors we have had Each one of you is amazing and Anciency your a funny guy, you are our top Donator, but even when you don't play I love hearing about your crazy Belgium lifestyle, your partying your clubbing, your Girlfriend, and of course YOU MAN! Thank you for your donations and I hope your got your money's worth by playing Fury and helping it grow. I would also like to Thank all the players who report bugs, and keep logging in everyday and telling me hello when I login! I love you guys and I love logging in to Fury to make the players happy, because when you guys are Happy I AM HAPPY! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT YEAR, Lets make it another and fill it with AMAZING MEMORIES! <3
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    1. Nomad Boss World Event Every 2 Hours(?), a Nomad will spawn in the center of Varrock, Yanille, Ardounge, Lumbridge, Lunar Isle, Taverley, etc. A server message will appear in chatbox saying: "Nomad has spawned at Yanille!!! Kill him for all sorts of goodies!!!" Also, add 'Nomad: Active/Inactive' category in Quest Tab. We could give nomad a shit ton of hp so that players will be forced to kill it as a team. Also, Nomad could drop useful and rare pvm/pvp/skilling items very often, so players will actually want to kill it together. We could also have one Nomad spawned by Death in the Wilderness that is twice as rewarding as the Safe-Zone one. Ideas for Drops: Item Name, [Amount], (Drop Rate) * LMK WHAT YOU THINK FURY & COMMUNITY * - Amulet of Fury or Uncut Onyx, [1-3], (1/65) - Shards of Armadyl, [20-40], (1/3) - Armadyl Runes in Bulk, [250-750], (1/3) - Single Dharok's Pieces, [1-4], (1/60) - Armadyl Crossbow, [1], (1/150) - Mystery Boxes [2-4] (1/40) - Dragonstone Bolts (e) [275-875], (1/12) - Ruby Bolts (e), [125-675], (1/18) - Onyx Bolts (e), [275-875], (1/15) - Hard Scroll [1-3] (1/5) - Elite Clue Scroll [1-2] (1/10) - Noted Frost Dragon Bones or Ourg Bones or Infernal Ashes,Dragon Bones, [10-25], (1/1) - Noted Pure Essence, [3k-7k], (1/4) - Runite Ore, [75-225], (1/14) - Zamorakian Spear, [1], (1/215) - Ganodermic Flakes, [165-875], (1/17) 2. Buff Drops of the following: - Sigils from Corp by [4.5%]? - WildyWyrm in general, add drops as well 3. Welcome Back To Fury-PS Login Interface A custom Log-In Interface that greets returning players back into the game with recent updates and currently Active Events. 4. Add Armadyl Crossbow to Commander Zilyana's & Minions' Drop Table: 5. Wildy Slayer NPC list I provided Fury 6. Did You Know? Server Message Quick Facts 7. Christmas Event: Frozen Key Chest that drops Xmas Ghost Robes, Anti-Santa, Regular Santa costumes, Xmas Wand, Cane, & Sled !@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@! 8. In-Game Respected Member (Ex-Staff or $2500 Claimed?):Respected Member (Group List - Courtesy of Forums AdminCP) 9. In-Game Veteran Rank (2 Million Loyalty Points or 1 Year of Playing on Fury-PS. (ex. I Have 2 Million Loyalty Pts.) Veteran lol @ZzStaticc 10. In-Game Global Moderator Rank for Ragnar and future staff members similar to him: 11. In-Game Forum Moderator Rank for Dreams and future staff members like him: 12. Give DragonBone Melee & Mage both outstanding stats given they cost 750 Soulstones: - Give them a nice full set effect 13. Fight Kiln Minigame If we have TokHaar-Kal cape in-game, we need Fight Kiln Minigame. 14. Fix Un-Binding/Binding in Dungeoneering & Add Smithing & Fix Dungeoneering Bugs 15. Badman's Custom Dungeon for Dominion Gloves (Goliath, Spellcaster, & Swift): 16. Make Dominion Sword 1-Handed, Buff Dominion Staff slightly. 17. Boss Pets of all Current Bosses: - General Grarrdor, TDs, Jad, Glacor, Ice StrykeWyrm (Freezie), WildyWyrm, Kree'Arra, Dagg Kings, Nex, Corp, Bork, Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole, Commander Zilyana, & K'ril Tsutsaroth etc. - This will give players more incentive to kill bosses even after they have all their armor/weaponry/rare drops. Players will actually want to kill Kalphite Queen or Giant Mole for example if that means there's a rare drop of a Boss Pet involved in the drop table. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THESE SUGGESTIONS BELOW! LMK WHAT I MISSED! @Fury
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    Welcome to my thieving guild event guide, I decided to make one, because i get alot of questions on how it works and what to do with the stuff you managed to steal; First of all, how do we know when the thieving guild event is active; As soon as you see this message in game, you know the event has started. How to get to the thieving guild Theres 2 ways of doing so 1. Skilling teleport > Thieving > Thieving guild 2. Quest tab > Thieving guild event > Click on it Once there and the event has started, you will start with 4000 hanky poitns, as soon as this goes to 0 the vault will open. How to get your hanky points to go down u may ask; There are various things you can attempt to pickpocket/steal around the guild, The way i would suggest is the punching bags in the middle of the guild. Once the vault is open, you want to run to the North door: As soon as you enter the room, you want to start stealing from the guild master: IMPORTANT thing to know, do NOT spam click to thiev, you need to let the thieving animation finish in order to have a attempt to steal. There is 5 different things that can happen while you pickpocket him; First one is the normal pickpocket; every succesfull pickpocket will grant you 100k coins, Second one is the 4x pickpocketl everyone succesfull pickpocket will grant you 4x the normal loot, 400k coins. note; the higher your agility level, the higher chances of this to occur. Third one is the failed pickpocket, you will not get any coins and get stunned for a brief period of time. The fourth one will be the jewel steal, if you managed to get the jewel you're in for some profit. You will be able to sell these to the shop, bare in mind they WILL tax 15% off. (4250k) The final one will be the Chalice; same as mentioned above, you will get some good profit of these. Same as the gem, sell-able at the shop, with an 15% tax (8500k) Once the timer runs out, everyone inside the room will be teleported out, and the vault doors will be locked again. The event happens every 4 hours AFTER the previous event is over. I hope people find the guide helpfull, so we can all come in and make some gp gainz. Thanks for reading my guide, hope to see ya'll ingame! X,
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    Welcome guys to Fury! After working hard and long on our server we will finally be releasing, with this we are releasing this event! This event will consist of many challenges, but the main being the first to max. So lets begin The first challenge is maxing out, and the first one to do it can win a cash prize or in-game donations. This includes 99 in every skill, but construction and includes 120 Dungoneering 1st place - $100 sent to your Paypal, or $150 of in-game donations 2nd place - $50 of in-game donations 3rd place - $25 of in-game donations Next we will be giving donation prizes to Iron men accounts to manage to max out first 1st place - $100 of in-game donations(Means you can choose any item you want in the donation store which is usually off limits to iron men) 2nd place - $50 of in-game donations 3rd place - $25 of in-game donations Now we will be giving prizes for specific things you would get on Fury 120 Dungoneering - $25 in-game donation Completing every achievement - $50 in-game donation We might offer more Paypal options for some of these, but all in all first one to do anything please post it on the forums with a picture Once the picture is posted on the forums it serves as a time stamp. Thank you very much and hope you guys enjoy the event! It will be great to track all the winners and give everyone their prizes -Fury Team
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    The biggest update log in Fury history are you ready? The work that has been put into this update is insane, and sadly it did take 10 days since the last update to release it, so bear with us and enjoy it! Fully New tutorial is finally finished, the best part of it you can now get a fire cape and 5m if you kill the pk bot. You will get to experience the best gear Fury has to offer and will get taught things you never knew before about Fury as a new or old player. Hope you enjoy! Another thing you guys wanted to be added was a statue collection bag, and guess what that is added, but will be added into the vote shop soon, or any other suggestions you guys have While we are finishing up our drop interface and teleport we have added a ::whatdrops command so people can now find out what drops your dragon claws? Content Updates Players can now recolor already colored items by using the item such as a blue SoL on the loyalty npc again to maybe make it pink? Items worth over 100k will now be removed from the general store every 5 minutes Whip vine, and all the glacor boots will now be added to the world drop notification's A combat level limitation has been added to the easy wilderness slayer tasks Added more kalphite spawns to the kalphite caves and some that were missing Clue scroll drops has now been added to the drops command and examine NPC's option An edgeville lever has been added which will take you to 50 wilderness and then back to egde to promote the pking, no point of taking you to ardougne Content and Bug fixes Elvargs head was sell-able for 5m, but now its alchable as well The skill 2x event which happens twice a day is finally fully fixed Fixed clue types being dropped after you already have that one Corpreal beast has fully been fixed now, with all the attack animations and gfx and timers Tormented demons have been fully reworked and fixed with the proper attack animations gfx and timers as well Zamorak was a big pain in the ass as it had so much stuff to redo specifically, but that was also all fixed Any other chamber monsters and other gwd bosses and minions have had their Attack animations and gfx and timers fixed also(the most important for most of you) Bloodwood tree and forsaken bloodwood tree has been all fixed(if you didn't know you couldn't chop the forsaken one, and it also gives double the logs) Leather crafting has been fully fixed and the cowl now displays correctly also the window will now close properly Thieving stall directions have now been corrected Wilderness Moss giants have been fixed now with the proper animations Sorry guys this update took so long, we promised it would come out earlier, but we kept adding in more and more amazing things. We will have another big update soon and that one will be even more packed then this one We will keep making Fury better thanks to your support and help guys with the bugs we have and content suggestions you guys offer us! Lets also give a big thanks to Nando for doing an amazing job this update and for taking some of the work load while I was gone I will be back now and the updates will be more action packed and insane, plus you will see me in-game more again because ill be back!
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    Hello everyone, I see alot of questions about dungeoneering so i'll be making a simple noob friendly guide to get urself the chaotics you always wanted How to get to Daemonheim Click on your skilling teleport > Dungeoneering Make sure you bank all the items you have on you, ur not allowed any items inside the dungeoneering floor. We will be starting at floor 1, complexity 1 ( this is the difficulty ) Floor themes: Frozen floors: Abandoned 1 floors: Furnished floor : Abandoned 2 floors: Occult floors: Wraped floors: Once inside you need to go ahead and open the doors that requires skilling / keys and guardian doors Keys are found throughout the dungeon These guardian doors can only be opened if all HOSTILE monsters within the room are dead. (they only show up on higher complexity, so you dont have to worry about it at early levels) Skilling rooms requires you certain tools, for example mining rocks in front of the door, you will need a pickaxe to do so. NPCS: Forgotton warriors; They will drop high tier gear such as Promethium armor Always try and kill these warriors in order for a chance to get urself these items. If you do manage to get one of Promethium armor pieces, make sure you right click, and press "Bind". This will it will save the armor for the next floors Nightspiders: They will have a chance to drop a Shadowsilk hood, the hood will make you less likely to get attacked by humaniods inside the floor. A very nice tool to have Once you manage to find the boos room, it's time to kill it! Once inside you want to be killing the ice troll with Protect Melee up I didn't die during this screenshot, i'm a tank Once you've killed the boss, the ladder will show and you've completed your very first floor! After this you can advanced to the next floor as explained above. The higher the complexity goes, the harder and more challenger the floors will become i.e more skill doors and higher requirments ect. After you've done all the floors possible for your level you will need to reset your progress and start all over. This is called "prestiging" You can do so by typing ::dungreset After you have prestiged, you will have to start by floor 1 and work your way up again. You will however recieve more XP and tokens per floor! The way to track your tokens is by going to : Rewards: Once outside the dungeon floor you will run South untill you meet this guy: Inside the shop theres alot of good items you can buy with tokens, which you will be rewarded after completing a floor. Bugs: Sometimes when you press on the door it will say in the chat as shown below: If this happens to you, you want to go to options > Video settings > SD This will reload ur map for 0.5 seconds and will show you the correct door "The black room" Sometimes you will occur a bug where you enter a room and its all black, The only way to fix this as of right now is sadly, to leave the floor you're doing and start over I hope this guide will help the newer people on the way to becoming the best at dungeoneering and reach level 120!!! Yes i did say 120, the max level in dungeoneering is 120, so happy grinding X
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    LENA OXTON'S CRAFTING GUIDE Dear Fury community, Welcome to my Crafting guide! In this guide I'll cover everything you need to know about Crafting on Fury RSPS. A short introduction of myself. I am going by the name Lena Oxton in-game and I am a highscore competitor on Fury RSPS. I like to do mostly skilling content since Fury have a lot to offer content wise. I am currently working my way towards 200m experience in all skills and in the near future I'll continue my journey towards 2.1b experience. Why did you want to make this guide - and why did you choose Crafting in particular? I chose to make a guide about Crafting because Crafting can be confusing for some - in terms of buying materials, where to buy materials and if its worth training Crafting. Is it worth training Crafting? The answer is: YES! So if you're interested in training Crafting, hold tight and read my guide! ~ Table of contents ~ - Introduction to the Crafting skill. • What is Crafting? • Which methods are available on Fury? • Level requirements. • Where to obtain Crafting supplies and gems. • Where to obtain leather. • Level requirements. - Exp rates across account modes. - Regular, Ironman, Extreme, Legend. • Normal exp rates. • Vote book bonus exp rates. • Bonus experience weekend exp rates. • Bonus experience weekend + Vote book exp rates. - Other efficient ways for training Crafting. - Introduction to the Crafting skill. - What is Crafting and which methods are available on Fury? Crafting is a skill used by many in RuneScape to help give them an edge in combat or make some quick cash. Players often use Crafting to make items like amulets, armour which can enhance your fighting stats, or give you protection. You will need a number of supplies to begin crafting. For leatherworking, you will need leather as well as a needle and thread. To cut gems you will need a chisel and an uncut gem. The higher the level, the better the gem. The same as well for leather. It is important that you are familiar with these things to make Crafting much easier. - Where do I obtain Crafting supplies and gems? You can obtain Crafting supplies by talking to the Master Crafter at the Edgeville Furnace. The Master Crafter do sell a variety of gems, as well as chisels, needle and thread to craft leathers. The Master Crafter do also have a stock of a good amount of flax which you can use to make bow strings - which is also decent exp for Fletching. To cut gems, you'll need a chisel and an uncut gem. First of all you'll need to cut Opal and then continue crafting higher level gems once you're leveling up. Please note that the exp and time to level up may vary on your account mode and level, and if you're an ironman you cannot buy anything from this store. (As you've noticed - you have the option to choose your mode as soon as you've created your account, as Regular is the fastest and Legend is the slowest) The gems have a stock as shown above. The gems are restocking fast so you don't have to wait long to continue your training. Be aware that Dragonstones are not restocking in the shop - but they're obtainable from pvming, crystal chest or trading with other players. • Opal - Level 1. • Jade - Level 13. • Red Topaz - Level 16. • Sapphire - Level 20. • Emerald - Level 27. • Ruby - Level 34. • Diamond - Level 43. • Dragonstone - Level 55. • Onyx - Level 67. Onyx can be hard to obtain. It is a drop from the Rare Drop Table or you can kill Jad multiple times to obtain Tokkul to buy it from the Tzhaar gem shop. The onyx is also very useful on Fury since you can craft an Amulet of Fury. To craft an Amulet of Fury also requires a Crafting level of 90. You will also need a cut Onyx, amulet mould and ball of wool. Use the cut onyx on a furnace with the mould and ball of wool in your inventory to create an Amulet of Fury. - Where do I obtain leather? Leather is obtainable by killing dragons. The available leathers is from green, blue, red and black dragons. These are located at various places across Fury. Before fighting any dragons, bring an Anti-dragon Shield/Dragonfire Shield and a antifire potion as that is used for protection against the dragon fire. When combining the shield and the potion, you are fully protected from the dragon fire. - Green Dragons The green dragons are located in the Wilderness. You can easily get to the green dragons by clicking into your spellbook -> Wilderness Teleport -> West/East Dragons. Please note that it is possible to kill other players in the Wilderness, so be aware of pkers! You are entering the Wilderness at your own risk, so don't bring anything you don't want to lose. - Blue Dragons The blue dragons are located in the Taverley Dungeon. Go into your spellbook and click the "Dungeon Teleport" and click next until you find Taverley Dungeon. Once you are there, you can either use the agility obstacle or run around to get into the blue dragon lair by using the door. The agility obstacle requires an Agility level of 70. It is recommended to get 70 agility first so you don't spend time running around as it takes a little bit of time if you're planning to kill blue dragons for a while. The white line on the map is the quickest path to the Blue Dragons. - Red Dragons The red dragons are located in the Brimhaven Dungeon. Go into your spellbook and click the "Dungeon Teleport" and click next until you find Brimhaven Dungeon. Be sure to bring a hatchet of any kind as you will need to chop away roots to get further into the dungeon! Follow the path shown in the attached picture. Once you've arrived the Brimhaven dungeon, run down the stairs until you've reached a pair of roots. Chop down the roots and continue through the passage. Along the way you'll encounter an agility obstacle. To cross these stepping stones, you'll need an Agility level of 12. Continue following the path until you've encountered a second pair of roots. Chop down the roots and continue through the passage. A little ahead of you, you'll need to cross a second agility obstacle. You'll need an Agility level of 30 to cross the bridge. Once you have arrived the at Red Dragons, drink a dose of an Antifire Potion to be fully protected from the dragon fire. - Black Dragons. The black dragons are also located in the Taverley Dungeon. Follow the instructions as shown in the Blue Dragons section of the guide on how to get to Taverley Dungeon. This time you have to either run through the Blue Dragon lair and continue ahead, or you can cross the agility obstacles. If you have 70 agility, you can go through the pipe into the Blue Dragons Lair and continue south. If you have 80 agility, you can cross the Spiked blade obstacle to the left ahead of the ladder. Look at the pictures attached below. The dungeon map includes the route you will have to take to get to the black dragons if you don't have any of the required Agility levels. Follow the white line. Please note that the level 63 agility obstacle and Cerberus Lair does not exist. The map is originally made for OSRS. It is recommended to have an Agility level of 80 so you can cross the obstacle above. It is the quickest way to get to the black dragons. Since black dragons are weak to ranged, it is most efficient to safespot them with ranged as they cannot attack you. You don't necessarily need to bring either a Anti-dragon shield/Dragonfire Shield or an Antifire Potion, but you can bring a shield or a potion just in case. Safety first! Quick tip: You can bring telegrab runes to telegrab your loot. - How do I tan leathers once I get them? Right-click the Master Crafter at the Edgeville Furnace and click "Tan Hides". You will then access the leather-tanning screen. Right-click the leather you want to tan and choose what you like. To start crafting hides, you will need some thread and a needle. The amount of thread varies of what you're making. For example, you'll use more thread if you're making a green d'hide body. Since thread has a low cost in the shop, don't worry about buying bulks if you're planning to craft leathers as a training method. From level 1 you'll need to start with cowhides. You can buy cowhides from the Master Crafter at a low cost. You can then tan these into leather and make your first pair of warm leather gloves! - Level requirements for crafting leathers: • Leather - Level 1. • Hard Leather - Level 28. • Green Dragonhide - Level 57. • Blue Dragonhide - Level 66. • Red Dragonhide - Level 73. • Black Dragonhide - Level 79. • Royal Dragonhide - Level 87. You can also craft equipment from Royal dragonhides. Royal is unfortunately not listed in the skill guide in-game, but it is possible! You can obtain Royal dragonhides by killing Grotworms and Queen Black Dragon. Grotworms are found by the entrance to the Queen Black Dragon. - What is the experience rate crafting gems and leathers? Please note that the experience rate table is still a "Work in Progress" project as it'll take a long time for me to complete the whole table with the correct experience, but i'll try my best to complete it. I'll update the guide with the correct experience rates as soon as I find out. If you're an Ironman, Extreme or a Legend, I would appreciate your help a lot filling out the correct exp rates either by pm in-game or pm on discord! If you haven't joined Fury's Discord server yet, please do so by typing ::discord in-game! Your name will be written as a contributor in the bottom of the guide. Experience Rates | Normal Exp | Cutting Gems Gems Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Sapphire 2,000 exp ea. N/A 500 exp ea. 50 exp ea. Emerald 2,680 exp ea. N/A 670 exp ea. 67 exp ea. Ruby 3,400 exp ea. N/A 850 exp ea. 85 exp ea. Diamond 4,380 exp ea. N/A 1,075 exp ea. 108 exp ea. Dragonstone 5,555 exp ea. N/A 1,375 exp ea. N/A Onyx N/A N/A N/A N/A Experience Rates | Normal Exp + Vote Book | Cutting Gems Gems Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Sapphire 2,730 exp ea. N/A 650 exp ea. 65 exp ea. Emerald 3,658 exp ea. N/A 871 exp ea. 87 exp ea. Ruby 4,420 exp ea. N/A 1,150 exp ea. 111 exp ea. Diamond 5,869 exp ea. N/A 1,397 exp ea. 139 exp ea. Dragonstone 7,508 exp ea. N/A 1,788 exp ea. 179 exp ea. Onyx N/A N/A N/A N/A Experience Rates | Bonus Experience Weekend | Cutting Gems Gems Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Sapphire 3,000 exp ea. N/A 750 exp ea. N/A Emerald 4,020 exp ea. N/A 1,005 exp ea. N/A Ruby 5,100 exp ea. N/A 1,275 exp ea. N/A Diamond 6,450 exp ea. N/A 1,612 exp ea. N/A Dragonstone 8,250 exp ea. N/A 2,063 exp ea. N/A Onyx N/A N/A 2,512 exp ea. N/A Experience Rates | Bonus Experience Weekend + Vote Book | Cutting Gems Gems Regular Ironman Extreme Legend Sapphire 3,900 exp ea. N/A 975 exp ea. 97 exp ea. Emerald 5,226 exp ea. N/A 1,306 exp ea. 131 exp ea. Ruby 6,630 exp ea. N/A 1,658 exp ea. 166 exp ea. Diamond 8,385 exp ea. N/A 2,096 exp ea. 209 exp ea. Dragonstone 10,725 exp ea. N/A 2,681 exp ea. 268 exp ea. Onyx N/A N/A N/A N/A An experience table for leather and dragonhides will be added in the near future! I'll try to fill out most of the experience rates on the gems before-hand. The more people contributing with exp rates, the quicker I can start with the experience rates on dragonhides! - Other efficient ways for training Crafting. When you're finished cutting your gems, you can use the gems to craft bolt tips. You can make bolt tips from each of the gem in the crafting store, but the bolts you need may vary. Please note that it is not possible to add Emerald bolt tips to mithril bolts at this time as they're not working. Fury and the dev team are working on it to get fixed as soon as possible. Opal Bolt tips -> Bronze Bolts. Jade Bolt Tips -> Mithril Bolts. Red Topaz Bolt Tips -> Steel Bolts. Sapphire Bolt Tips -> Mithril Bolts. Ruby Bolt Tips -> Adamant Bolts. Diamond Bolt Tips -> Adamant Bolts. Dragonstone Bolt Tips -> Runite Bolts. 🎈🎈 You have now reached the end of my Crafting guide! Congratulations! You have now reached 99 Crafting! 🎈🎈 I hope this guide has helped you start Crafting or even 99 Crafting! Thank you and good luck! I would also like to thank my contributors for the experience rate table here! - X (Legend Exp-rates) (Experience Rates | Normal Exp | Cutting Gems / Experience Rates | Normal Exp + Vote Book | Cutting Gems) - dreams (Legend Exp-rates) (Experience Rates | Normal Exp + Vote Book | Cutting Gems) - Old (Extreme Exp-Rates / Legend Exp-Rates) (Experience Rates | Normal Exp | Cutting Gems) (Experience Rates | Normal Exp + Vote Book | Cutting Gems) (Experience Rates | Bonus Experience Weekend + Vote Book | Cutting Gems) - Ryann (Extreme Exp-Rates) (Experience Rates | Bonus Experience Weekend | Cutting Gems) - Gimik (Regular Exp-Rates) (Experience Rates | Normal Exp | Cutting Gems)
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    You can access the youtube video by clicking on the title of the video, or by clicking on the 'youtube' button on the bottom right hand corner of the video. Make sure that you like, comment your IGN and suggestions, subscribe and turn on the notification bell to get posted when I make videos to ensure you get the first comment and a potential reward! =)
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    Yoo, so thought I'd post a bank pic before I get cleaned again, I'm not showing full bank cause its just one, huge unorganized tab Instead I've just put all my good shit in one tab, I don't have an impressive number of skilling resources or anything so no point showing Bank Not in pics: Another set of claws, set of steads, ragefires, glaivens, pernix set, torva helm and plate, tok ring Drop Log 4x blanks in common drops are glaiven boots
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    Hey guys, I once livestreamed on this server for a little bit and quite enjoyed it. At school just recently before I finished, I learnt how to edit videos and want to record some of my own to see how I go. This server will thrive off active YouTube videos and may inspire others to participate and make Fury just that little bit better . I would like you guys to comment down below and/or like this thread if you think I should go ahead with this. Also, I would very much appreciate content ideas that I could try to cover to showcase the awesome and unique features Fury has to offer, giving other's a reason to join the server and for you guys to enjoy some Aussie entertainment . Some content ideas could be like:- loot from 100 clue scrolls Road to Iron Man Collection Log Completeion loot from 2-3 hours of Frost Dragons Road to Completionist Cape Donator in a Day Challenge Thanks, Astro Maddi
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    Hey guy's sorry I was gone for so long, but here is a juicy update log of all the hard to fix bug's we had the last week Thanks for playing Fury and hope you enjoy the updates and content! - Fixed collecting items from GE - No longer lose items if inv doesnt have space - Fixed "you dont have items to cast spell" - ID for required runes were being transformed to dung. added extra check - Fixed shooting star model problems - Star now uses correct ID for correct layer (math was off by 1) - Fixed multi combat spells for PVP - They did not damage the target, only players surrounding targer - Fixed overflowing text in fight caves - When entering with familiar, the dialog text overflowed out of the box - Fixed error with summonning - Certain familiars caused exceptions due to lack of implementation - Fixed frost dragon achievement - Only required 1 kill to get, when task says 100 - Fixed thieve event reward bug - Can only get 1 chalice & gem - Fixed dung lamp bug - Fixed numerous random exceptions (such as ConcurrentMod with logs) - Reduced chalice price to 5m -Reduced magic gem price to 2.5m - Cleaned shooting star - Prepared WorldClock system - Wrote test for FloorItem Would like to thank Dioxin for all the hard work this week
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    As many of you know, the evil tree spawns randomly on the server. This is a great way of getting farming, woodcutting and/or firemaking XP How so you say? Well, thats what i'm going to be showing you in this Evil tree guide! The chatlog will announce when the Evil tree has arrived in the world How to get to the evil tree once its spawned Once talked, you will get a dialog and you will have to press "Ask about the Evil Tree, then the tree will ask you, do you wish to be teleported to the tree After you arrived at the tree, you will be able to "Nature" the sapling, gaining you farming XP, Once you have grown the full tree, you can either cut it down, or you can light it up for FM XP, The tree will spawn roots as shown below, you will need to cut them and set the tree on fire in order to "defeat" him After you managed to cut down the whole tree, the tree will reward you with some items and maybe the lumberyack outfit pieces. There's another cool feature, once you've completed the whole tree, you will be rewarded with autobanking, for a set amount of time every log you will cut will be automatic send to your bank. If this effect has worn off, you will get a noticfication in ur chat log I hope this guide helps people understand how the evil tree works, If theres anything else i can help with, feel free to PM me ingame X
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    Abyss now works correctly and you can fight the creatures for a chance at receiving runecrafting pouch drops, you can't get a pouch size until you have the size below (doesn't have to be in inv). Also ironmen can now trade 50 yak hairs with morten holdstrom in neitiznot for a helm of neitiznot. Improvements: Abyss & runecrafting pouches Edge, falador & yannile shortcuts Morten holdstrom at nezitnot Changes: Ladder messages are now filtered Made all fishing spots in living rock caverns reachable Changed baby impling level requirement in hunter skill menu Fixes: Warrior guild token depletion Smithing level requirement fix Herbicide effect for all players Coal bag message & options Brine rats
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    Astro Maddi's Slayer Guide Hello and welcome to my slayer money making guide. In this guide, you will learn what monsters are good for loot and making money and which aren't. From this guide, you can make the choice to either continue with the task although it doesn't give much money, or you can do a very hard task which provides great loot! Most of the good alchable loot has been highlighted. So, without further or do, let's begin the guide! *Note* These drop rates are according to a regular game mode with sapphire donator rank. Step 1: - (Ctrl + f) [enter your task monster’s name] Step 2: - (Ctrl + f) [enter specified loot if you are in search of any]
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    This is my first Guide so please bear with me. Please comment below anything I could change or that I did good with. Thank You! So you'll start your fishing career off by buying the supplies you'll need. The first shop you'll need to visit is in Catherby, fastest way here is under the fishing teleport to Catherby. Here you'll want to buy a small fishing net, fly fishing rod, a lobster pot and a harpoon. Next you'll want to make your way over to the fishing guild. Fastest way is under the fishing skills teleport to fishing guild. Here you will buy feathers. So now that you have your supplies time to head back over to Catherby with small fishing net to fish Shrimp and Anchovies. You'll fish these until level 30. As you reach level 30 it's time to move onto Trout and Salmon with fly fishing rod and feathers in Barbarian Village. Fish these until 40 fishing. Next you'll want to grab your lobster pot and move over to the fishing guild! You'll fish lobsters until you reach level 80! Home stretch now! Grab your harpoon time for Sharks! You'll want to fish sharks all the way to 99! Now that you're 99 fishing time to cook all those raw fish you caught! Best place is the Rouge's Den. It has a fire that never goes out and a nearby bank, Rouge's Den teleport can be found under the skilling teleport then cooking then clicking on rouges den! Just cook your raw fish in the order you fished them, Shrimp, anchovies, trout, salmon, lobsters and then sharks! There you have it! A guide to 1-99 fishing and cooking! Hope this helps!
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    If you'd like a shitty forum sig like my current one, post below and I'll make one up for you. Obviously the design will be slightly different (different colours and variations in text effect), and there will only be a quote under your name if you tell me what quote you want. Guess you could use this template; Name: Quote:
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    Ahhh yes, I bet a lot of you expected this to happen. It's been on my mind for a while, but I've lost interest in the game and it seems many others have. I'm not here to start drama or anything, but it seems to be a constant hierarchy and there's no need for it on such a small server. I'd like to thank @Dreams @Symbiotic @Exivel and Ragnar for supporting me and encouraging me to join the staff team. Also Alex, thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy experiencing being a staff member. I have just been accepted into my dream university course and I need to focus as much as I can on it next year and prepare for what the future has to bring for me. Furthermore, I simply don't need the added stress of the constant bickering.. I signed up to help the community and have the title of a helper, not to get abused daily for trying to help the server. So as of 21/12/2018, I hereby resign of the status of Server Support, but I am not quitting entirely. I will come on and lurk here and there, I just don't have time to help manage a server. Thank you very much for giving me the chance guys, but for now it's goodbye. Also, Zzstaticc, good luck on being a staff, its very different from what you think it would be, don't say I didn't warn you.
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    You Literally pretty much just copied this from the wiki... Direct Quote: Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim in F2P, surpassed by the deadly red spider and revenant knight. Hellhounds are also known for their very high drop rate of hard clue scrolls. 2nd Direct Quote: Hellhounds can be an excellent way to train melee for F2P players, as players can exploit their weakness to slash with the Rune 2h sword and Gravite 2h sword, possibly getting more experience per hour than Deadly red spiders. Keep in mind: hellhounds are found only in the Wilderness in F2P worlds, so beware of the risk of PKers. The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhound
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    Application Form Timezone: GMT (UK) Discord Tag: Zzstaticc (Saphire Donator) Languages: English InGame name: Zzstaticc Your contributions to Fury: $35. 420hours in 3 months. No AFK. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I Feel i would make a great addtion to the team as i will always go out my way to make sure players are understaning what they are doing and go the extra mile to support them and help with the Fury experience wether its just being someone to talk to when online, needing help with supplies or quests/achievements or even giving them items to help with the first step into the true expierence of Fury RSPS. Furthermore with the growing number of people wanting to start youtube for the server i will also be able to assist in this due to my knowledge of youtube background and video editing software. i am currently studying in my spare time HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for front end webdevelopment. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I am a very active player spending between 4-6 hours a day throughout my day. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Communication. Eagerness to help. Ability to be active as much as possible.
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    Sorry to see you go, bud. The server will never be the same without you, Lena, Phanny and Exivel.
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    Welcome to AdamR's Corporeal Beast guide, in this guide i will be displaying the new method and minimum gear to solo corp. Note- for this guide you will need to have at least 99 magic, Ganodermic armor either, a Farseers kite-shield or any kind of spirit shield and minimum a Staff of Light. Firstly lets begin with items and inventory: Item setup Now you need Ganodermic armor due to the high magic defence bonus you get from wearing ganodermic armor. you want your best tier ring although you can just wear a Ring of Wealth (I) or whatever you have available to you. Also, as a substitute to Max Cape you can wear a god cape from mage bank (which has better magic attack stats), shield wise you have to have any type of spirit shield or a Farseers kite-shield due to the high magic defence bonuses they provide, boots can either be Ragefire or Infinity boots, use your best in slot. Finally, barrows gloves are a must along with either a Fury or an Arcane Stream Necklace. Inventory Setup Inventory wise you need at least three 4 doses of Extreme magic potions 4 brews if you make a mistake and 5 super restores or 2 super restores and 3 prayer potions as well as the runes to cast blood barrage. Blood barrage cast Note make sure you have the defence symbol enabled before you go to the Corporeal Beast when casting blood barrage Prayer- The Method- You can skip to 45 seconds if you only want to see how to deal with the dark core. Also, you want to space at least 7 game spaces away from corp. Note- When dealing with the dark core you want to move as soon as he dives until at least 3 squares away. Within the video you can see first hand what i mean by doing so. Welcome to the end of the guide, i hope you understand fully on the method and gear setup. Now good luck on getting your spirit shield pieces. Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on discord, in game or comment on this forum. AdamR
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    Alright So this is My first time making video's/Editing So the quality of it is Not fantastic at this time, and i was extremely Nervous Making This, But however i was super excited to start making video's Of this server. My Editing and Transitions will be better Over Time but for the time Being Here is a Video ShowCasing QBD and How to defeat it.
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    So I won 25 deathtouched darts from Zachtx's giveaway and thought I'd show the loot from my nex kills (: +2% droprate for regular account +3% for Ruby donor +6% ferocious ring (5) -> Thanks Iprometheus for letting me borrow the ring +10% Zeesaa Hax Thanks again Zachtx!
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    Yes let it sink in, we didn't have an update for two weeks because we have been working on new insane interfaces, and of course STEALING CREATION to which we had to make 6+ separate interfaces to match the original ones from pre-eoc We will be the first 317 with stealing creation or any server in 317-500 revision. This is a major because we will be finishing up the other minigame's which players loved and remembered and maybe fist of guthix might be next I am so proud of this achievement that we will be going on and hiring youtuber's to let everyone know that we did it! And we will keep breaking records and make sure Pre-EoC servers can live on and prosper without any OSRS. Stealing Creation Yes this is on Fury, GET YOUR DOUBLE EXP ITEMS RIGHT NOW! Fun with the Fury boys! Amount of clay left in a game, map and and clay amount scales with players in the game! And when you finally win, coughs I mean lose You will get this amazing score board New Drops Interface - Easy to use and noob friendly, just do ::drops Content Updates Warning message added to ::gamble command. Added a Gamble block command which will prevent people from being cleaned. Slayer helmet bonus has been added while on tasks. Content and Bug Fixes Tutorial accounts getting stuck has now been fixed. Armadyl minion now fly around freely and are there to destroy YOU! Clue scrolls not dropping properly has been fixed. For example if you have a clue scroll tier you will not receive another one of the same tier until you finish the clue. Tutorial rewards has been fixed because some people sometimes got two rewards instead of one! Pm chat options was temporarily broken due to adding new interfaces, but has been fixed. Bloodwood tree spawns have been fixed and now spawn in three locations, not just two. Blood diamond has been fixed to teleport you to the new third location and so fort. Any issues related to teleport interface has now been fixed. Sorry this update took so long, but all our focus was to make this mini-game happened, it was super difficult, but it has been done! We are now officially the first and we will keep expanding our mini-games and content this coming month. So tell your friends to hop on and enjoy Fury with us
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    I am so excited to finally announce our first interface which was hand made and took a lot of work to implement. All this took a long time to produce this one interface, but its the start of something great with many more interfaces to come! So this is it, our Teleport interface! It comes with a toggle to teleport the old way if wanted, but this way is 100x faster so no point really. Content Updates Molten glass making has now been added, the full process from seaweed to soda ash, to getting buckets of sand and using it on a furnace. Any Slayer tasks assigned now will never be the same one you just had. Also amazing new Nex sets have arrived in the donor store, these nex sets give half of the void bonus of what they are intended for, such as pernix now has the void effect but halved + the nex set effect making it the best in slot armor for any situation. Bug and Content Fixes We have recently discovered some memory leaks in old code left from the old development team, this has now been fixed for good and the small lag spikes you recently experienced should never happen again. This also now allows us to expand construction fully to the 2nd floors and to the dungeon floors. Godwars dungeon was broken for a bit for hitting and spawning from the last update when we fully reworked it, this has now been fully fixed. forever and GWD should be very enjoyable to do now! Fixed an issue with NPC's not processing or re-spawning properly due to height changes, such as slayer tower monsters and mithril dragons. Bonus exp + vote book mixing together or separate has now been fully fixed as well . We recently experienced an issue with shooting star, but that has been fixed so you should see your alien friend again now! Slayer tasks have now been fixed which still give a task when its on your cancelled list. Noted helmet of neitznot has been fixed now. We are sorry about this weeks lack of update, we were focused on fixing bugs and making a system to which we can implement all our future interfaces much quicker. We are also very happy to even now have an interface, its a big step forward into the right direction and we are excited to add interfaces to everything in Fury!
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    Thank you so much for this huge update, Fury and Nando! And just in time for my bday! These boss/gwd/pvm/wildy updates will greatly improve the quality of the server! Love u guys! haha can't wait for the vote store and highscores =)
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    Bolin's Farming Guide Hello Fury players, and welcome to my comprehensive farming guide! I hope through this guide, I can show you how to train your farming skills, as well as show the benefits of being a skilled farmer! Why train farming? Not only is it a requirement for the max cape (one of the best capes in the game), the fruit and items gained from farming are useful for a variety of skills, such as Summoning, Herblore, Woodcutting, Fletching and more! This is a fantastic method for ironmen to get items they need for Herblore and Summoning. Plus the farming cape looks nice: How do I start farming? Like the majority of skills in Fury, we have a Skills Teleport located here: Click on it and hit next until you get to this screen: Then the game will give you many different options to teleport to. These are where are the farming locations are to train at. Teleport to Catherby, as this is the closest farming shop to a teleport. Go to the shop located just a short walk from the teleport location. Talk to Martin the Master Gardener and he will open the farming shop! You will need the following: Rake, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Spade, and Woodcutting Axe to start. (Rake) - Used to pull weeds from various patches, you only need this in inventory in order to clear a patch of weeds. (Seed Dibber) - Used to plant seeds in empty patches and also tree seeds in plant pots. (Watering Can) - Used to water allotment and tree patches, is essential for survival of plants. (Spade) - You can find this in the Bob's general shop at home, as well as all the farming tools: If you use a spade on a grown tree after you check it, you can clear it out without having to cut it down, or you can cut it to get logs from the trees you plant. In addition, there are a couple other useful things in this shop: (Plant Cure) - Used to cure diseased herb patches and trees. Will prevent from dying if they are diseased. (Filled plant pot) - Used to plant tree seeds and used in tree patches. I've got the tools, now how do I earn EXP? I'm glad you asked! So now we have all the tools necessary for farming, but where do we start? In Catherby, we have a variety of seeds for sale, but in limited quantities. This will help us get started. There are 4 types of patches and allotments for farming, each with their own types of seeds, I always recommend planting the highest you can. Here are the 5 types of patches you will see in Fury: Allotment - Used for vegetable and fruit farming, usually the least amount of exp, but they grow really quick. Flower - Used mainly for crop protection, very minimal exp. Herb - The most useful of the patches, used to grow every herb needed for Herblore. Medium amount of exp. Fruit Tree - Grows all types of fruits, Large amount of exp. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Wood Tree - Grows the 5 main types of trees used in woodcutting, the most amount of exp per patch. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Where can I find all the patches? For Herb, Wood Trees, and Fruit Trees, I recommend a specific rotation to ensure maximum exp. All of these teleports will be found in the Farming Teleports in the Skilling section. Each Herb patch comes with allotments and flowers, whereas fruit tree and wood tree patches are by themselves. HERB ROTATION - Falador (Patches), Canafis, Catherby, Ardougne. Wood Tree Rotation - Lumbridge (City Teleport), Varrock (City Teleport), Falador (Farming Teleport), Taverley (Farming Teleport), Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Trees) Fruit Tree Rotation - Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Fruit), Catherby (run east until you hit the mountain/beach), Tree Gnome Village (Farming Teleport), Brimhaven (Farming Teleport), Lleyta (Mining teleport, Isafdar, north and east) I understand this but the EXPERIENCE! What do I need to plant? Patience. Farming is all about patience. Learn it well. So for level 1 Potatoes are good as they are the only item you can plant at level 1. (Allotment) Level 2 - Marigolds are the next you can plant until level 5 (Flower) Switch potatoes out for onions until level 7. (Allotment) Switch onions out for cabbages until level 12 (Allotment) Add Guam to your farming rotation at level 9. (Herb) Switch Marigolds out for Rosemary at level 11. (Flower) Switch Cabbages out for Tomatoes at level 12. (Allotment) Switch Guam out for Marrentill at level 14. (Herb) At Level 15, you can start planting Oak trees from Acorns. This will increase experience drastically. At this point, I only recommend doing trees and herbs. Allotments are still ok exp, but not worth the time invested usually. Switch Marrentill out for Tarromin at level 19 (Herb) Switch Tarromin out for Harralander at level 26 (Herb) Add Apple Tree Seeds to your rotation at level 27. (Fruit Tree Seeds) At level 30, switch Oak trees (Acorns) out for Willow Trees. At Level 32, switch Harralander for Ranarr (Herb) At Level 33, switch Apples for Bananas (Fruit Tree) At Level 38, switch Ranarr out with Toadflax (Herb) At Level 39, switch Bananas with Oranges (Fruit Tree) At 42, switch Oranges with Curry (Fruit Tree) At 44, switch Toadflax with Irit (Herb) At 45, switch Willow Trees with Maple Trees (Wood Tree) At 50, switch Irit with Avantoe (Herb) At 51, switch Curry with Pineapple (Fruit Tree) At 56, switch Avantoe with Kwuarm (Herb) At 57, switch Pineapple with Papaya (Fruit Tree) At 60, Switch Maple Trees with Yew Trees (Wood Tree) At 62, switch Kwuarm with Snapdragon (Herb) At 67, Switch Snapdragon with Cadantine (Herb) At 68, Switch Papaya with Palm (Fruit Tree) - Cap on EXP on Fruit Trees At 73, Switch Cadantine with Lantadyme (Herb) At 75, Switch Yew with Magic Seeds (Wood Tree) - Cap on EXP on Wood Trees At 79 , Switch Lantadyme with Dwarf Weed (Herb) At 85, Switch Dwarf Weed with Torstol (Herb) At 91, switch Torstol with Fellstalk (Herb) - Cap on EXP on Herb patches How do I get seeds? Help! Alright here comes the tricky bit. Not all seeds are found in the farming shop. Some are dropped by NPC's (monsters) and others are awarded from nests dropped while woodcutting. Here are my best recommendations for Seeds for Farming: Giant Mole - Drops claws and skins which can be traded for nests. Dagannoths - Drop Herb seeds frequently, and are really easy to kill. Woodcutting - Drops nests which contain seeds and rings. Mutated Jadinkos - Drops pretty much one of every seed. Nex - Drops Magic Seeds, Torstol Seeds Glacor - Drops maple seeds. Desert Strykewyrm - Yew, Torstol, Maple seeds Ice strykewyrm - Torstol, Maple, Snapdragon seeds Abberant Spectres - Drop each type of herb seed pretty frequently. Elite Clue Scrolls - Elite clues sometimes give tree seeds. Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed my farming guide! Please let me know if you have anymore NPC's that drop tree seeds, or any additional information for this guide!
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    Bug fixes Wishing-Well - You can only input whole numbers by mills. so for example; 1,200,000 is OK to input, but 1,200,001 is NOT. Dungeoneering tab dissapearing should be fixed now. Npc respawns; Rock crabs timer fixed and npcs being invisible/not showing has been fixed. Rev cave 'invisible wall' has been fixed. It is now fully accessible. Dfs effect has been rewritten. it now holds 50 charges max and deducts 1 charge every use. It has a cooldown of 1 minute after every use. Teleporting method has been adjusted to fully block any incoming hits. (please report if anything still occurs) Divine prayer drain has been fixed for magic hits (it did not apply correctly for magic hits before) Cooking burn rate has been adjusted to be more realistic. Bloodwood logs are now alchable. Dag king tasks have been removed. A new task has been added as 'Dagganoth Kings' which all 3 will now fall under so you may kill any of the 3 for this task. Player combat pathfinding has been adjusted so no more funny movements while combating. Soulstones are no longer obtainable from any bots in deep wilderness. ONLY EDGEVILLE now. EDIT!!!! Rare drops/announcements has been fixed. Slayer exp has been fixed. Berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons has been added. Player combat running up/disturbing position has been fixed.(safe spotting ect) Soulstones x2 & pest points x2 displaying active on panel fixed. Npcs attacking while dead has been fixed. I will be doing ongoing bug fixes ect while I'm finishing up wilderness slayer so expect that soon.
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    I agree with what Dreams has said. Maxing a skill on Legend takes a very long time (especially Slayer, Herblore, Mining, etc.). If I had those 99 - what I would get from Prestige would have to be *so* worth it that I would want to grind them to 99 again. 99 Slayer took Sym ~2 months to get as an example
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    Hey guys so we been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes for the updates, the next stuff we want to release will be duel arena and PvP bots. PvP is very important to us right now and you will see how crazy this new update is! We have now added an NPC called King Lanthus who will gear you up with 3 different style sets, pure, zerker and main. This will take GP out of your pouch and gear you up instantly for the fight ahead. ENJOY! As you can see I went to Pures, and clicked on the HYBRID option! This geared me up, also when i want to refill my inventory he can do that as well Akrisae the doomed is finally here and shares the crypt with Veracs, get the brand new barrows armor now! Content Updates Objects not removing/spawning fixed, this applies to doors and stuff Tutorial has been removed from new players needing to do it for rewards and now instantly get its rewards until we rework the tutorial to fit the PvP changes and other content Fury now offers Soulstones are now tradeable. Duel arena fixes & changes, its 99% done, just final stages for staff to test Content and Bug Fixes Fixed npc combat aggression 1x combat rate while in player-vs-player combat in wilderness, sorry for about the last update. Now you will only get 1x experience when in COMBAT VERSUS A PLAYER ONLY NO MORE NPCS! Fixed achievement unlocking for ironmen for iron platebody/antidrag shield. Fixed doric shop not opening for ironmen. Fixed attacking players outside wilderness glitch. Fixed strykewyrm digging attack. Fixed teleporting to target issues. Fixed Wildy Wyrm pulling players into a non-clipped tile. Fixed anti-macro showing in tutorial for new players. Mystery boxes not opening fixed which you get from claim codes Thank you guys for another amazing week, we will keep working hard to make sure all our updates are insane before the end of August. Thank you once again for playing Fury and enjoy the updates guys brought to you by Nando!
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    Hey guys so today we added our wilderness bosses, the final one will be Death, and possibly another one, but I don't want to do something too custom that is why i am trying to tread on a good road and stick with pre-eoc logic Wilderness/Wildy Wyrm The first wilderness boss was wilderness wyrm, he can be found around the wilderness and drops the new ancient mace which will be smiting noobs down and making people lose banks soon <3 It also drops a fury and other noticeable drops Picture *coming soon* Elvarg The next wilderness boss we added was Elvarg, we thought it made sense and he somehow flew to the wilderness to reconnect with his brothers, he is an older green dragon and the wisest, so his drops are much better then other green dragons and he will drop 1-3 noted dragon bones, and 1-3 green dragon hides tanned, yes you heard me tanned, because he tanned himself while flying(not really, but yeah) and other good drops! He can be found in 16-18 wilderness north of west dragons, do you think we should move elvarg deeper into wild, possibly north of east drags? PvP mode A PvP Game mode has been added! It will have 0% drop rate increase, offer 1500x combat experience, and same experience rates for skilling as a regular, but now regulars get 2% extra drop rate thanks to this new game mode for PvPers Do you guys think with this update we should up the iron man drop rate then as well to possibly 5% since they can't trade and are as hard as extremes in a sense where you get your owns equips? Now lets separate the rest of these updates into 2 sections Bug/Content Fixes Soulsplit was draining the prayer from the other person wrong, it would actually drain double then what it should have, and we have made soulsplit a proper prayer now, draining 1/5 of the damage now 1/2.5 of the damage We fixed the global drop message completely, now you should get all the rare drop notifications when i finish updating prices for all items, and you will have the proper notification of the person getting the drop if there is two or more of you Fixed maul defence style experience, it gave shared, now gives only def Bone offering for all the altars has been updated and been made properly, The best altar is in the wilderness, the worst is at ::home, the 2nd best is burners inside your PoH home You can now chop Ivy with a full inventory since Ivy doesn't give you anything anyways, but experience Ground item's have been re-worked again with another fix Fixed a null pointer with some staff multiplying, applies to the new staves we wanted to add such as (colored ancient staffs) Enchant crossbow bolts interface has been properly updated with all the correct rune amounts, please don't click on enchant lvl 5 or 6 to enchant your bolts like some of you did, just click on the crossbow on the normal spellbook, an interface will appear and you will be fine once you have the runes and the bolts you want to enchant in your inventory! Lootshare has been properly fixed and gives the proper notifications now for drops The evil tree has been fixed and now will show all the EVIL Trees not just normal and oak? We don't know how it happened, but should be properly working now Content Updates We have now added a players in wilderness counter inside the quest tab Legend now get 3x Dung experience as opposed to 1x before! We have re-worked the dialogue system so people can't skip it so fast, this means people can't get stuck on the tutorial anymore from skipping it too quickly, but this will not affect teleportation dialogues. All strange rocks when you get one now will say to go to the plinth in edge bank home, and to gather two rocks to actually be able to put it on the plinth not one, so this will save a lot of staff time. All tracking for Top Donors and Top Voters of the month has been added, we will implement this system to track the top Pkers of the week soon Anytime you try and use an overload in wild now, or come into wilderness overloaded, it will revert your stats to pre overload All untradables when you kill someone in wild will give 85% of their coin value, 15% gets taxed to the server and for the person to get it back he has to pay 100% of the price! This in turn makes pking untradable item users profitable and creates a nice little money sink. We hope you guys enjoy this weeks update, Nando has worked really hard to make it happen, after our mess up's last week, we take our updates really seriously and are making sure they come out properly now, even if it is a slower process its much more worth it. This update was split apart into two parts and the second part will be updated before the end of the day. We have been working tirelessly so you guy's can enjoy your Summer playing Fury, we want you guys to tell all your friend's about Fury! It means a lot to us that everyone who plays loves Fury. We keep getting more and more bugs out of the way and keep adding in content slowly, but surely. By the end of the August we expect full PvP content to be done, Fury to be much more Bug FREE, and possibly our first minigame done(not counting tournaments)
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    Today was an important day because today was the start of all PvP based updates, with additional bug fixes and other content you will love Wilderness is now filled with every single pre-eoc NPC, we will be adding more NPC's to hot spots and building a hot spot map on the web to see where the PvM'ers or PvP'ers are We have now opened up ghoraks fortress and you can lift the rock to get inside, there you will find metal dragons and waterfiends! A soon to be big PK hot spot We have fixed the lava maze ladder and you can now go down and find additional black dragons there! We have also fixed the level 51 staircase which leads to shadow spiders and fire giants We have also fixed all pre-eoc pets that grow, so if they require a food thats said on the Pre-EoC Wikias then thats what you feed them This is just the tip guy's expect so much more this coming week
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    Dear reader, Welcome to my Summoning guide! While I was training Summoning, I recognized that I wasn't getting more xp, while summoning a higher level pouch. I was searching for the 'sweet spots', which were the pouches that gave the most xp, while not requiring a higher level. That's why I created this guide. This way you are guaranteed to get faster 99 summoning, unless changes happen after revealing the xp's for several pouches . If that's the case, then I am sorry . My guide consists 3 chapters: 1. How to train summoning. 2. Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. 3. My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. So lets start! Chapter 1. How to train Summoning Firstly, teleport to home using your spellbook. Outside the Edgeville's bank, you will see a small trapdoor, which is next to the crystal key chest. Note: Look how I organised my inventory, put your cash in your pouch and get every charm, your pouches and spirit shards in your inventory. After you went down the trapdoor, you will see a obelisk, which has 2 options: 'Infuse-pouch', we use this option to open the summoning pouch interface and 'Renew-points', we use this every time we are done with 1 inventory of summoning pouches. Beside the obelisk, we can see Pikkupstix wandering around. We need to trade him to get the required summoning supply. Toggle the 'creatable' on. This will save you time to search for your desired summoning pouch. Thats it! If you have the required supplies for your desired pouch, open the interface with the option 'infuse-pouch' on the obelisk and click on the pouch. If you have an inventory full of pouches, teleport home and bank them. You can sell them or summon them afterwards if needed. Now we know where to train summoning and how. Note: There's also a teleporting option to train summoning, but I don't recommend this as Pikkupstix is way too far. Beside that, the bank is nowhere to be found and you will lose time to teleport the entire time. Chapter 2: Xp rewards per pouch and required item for it. Look at the table under. I highlighted the highest xp per charm and beside that, I give a top 3 per charm, which are always a lower level than the pouch which gives the most xp. Note: These xp drops are obtained on a 'regular' game mode, without bonus xp! level pouch Type charm Extra item How to obtain extra item Xp 1 Spirit wolf Gold Wolf bones Trade Pikkupstix 300 8 Spirit spider Gold Spider carcass Trade Pikkupstix 600 13 Thorny snail Gold Thin snail Trade Pikkupstix 720 17 Spirit mosquito Gold Probiscis Trade Pikkupstix 2.820 18 Desert wyrm Green Bucket of sand Trade Pikkupstix 1.860 19 Spirit scorpion Crimson Bronze claw Trade Pikkupstix 4.980 22 Spirit tz-kih Crimson Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 5.820 23 Albino rat Blue Raw rat meat Trade Pikkupstix 12.120 25 Spirit kalphite Blue Potato cactus Trade Pikkupstix 13.200 28 Compost mound Green Compost Trade Pikkupstix 3.000 31 Vampire bat Crimson Vampyre dust Trade Pikkupstix 8.160 32 Honey badger Crimson Honeycomb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 33 Beaver Green Willow logs Use woodcutting teleport to Draynor 3.480 40 Bull ant Gold Marigolds Trade Pikkupstix 3.180 42 Evil turnip Crimson Carved evil turnip Trade Pikkupstix 11.100 46 Pyrelord Crimson Tinderbox Buy from Bob at home 12.120 47 Magpie Green Gold ring Thief the crafting stall at home 4.980 52 Spirit terrorbird Gold Raw bird meat Trade Pikkupstix 4.080 56 Ibis Green Harpoon Buy from Bob at home 5.940 66 Barker toad Gold Swamp toad Trade Pikkupstix 5.220 67 War tortoise Gold Tortoise shell Trade Pikkupstix 3.540 68 Bunyip Green Raw shark Buy it or fish them 7.200 69 Fruit bat Green Banana Thief the food stall at home 7.260 71 Arctic bear Gold Polar kebbit fur Trade Pikkupstix 5.580 72 Phoenix Crimson Phoenix quill Trade Pikkupstix 18.060 73 Obsidian golem Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 38.520 74 Granite lobster Crimson Granite (500g) Trade Pikkupstix 19.560 77 Talon beast Crimson Talon beast charm Trade Pikkupstix 8.100 78 Giant ent Green Willow branch Trade Pikkupstix 8.220 80 Hydra Green Water orb Trade Pikkupstix 8.460 83 Lava Titan Blue Obsidian charm Trade Pikkupstix 43.800 88 Unicorn stallion Green Unicorn horn Trade Pikkupstix 9.240 92 Wolpertinger Crimson Raw rabbit Trade Pikkupstix 24.300 95 Iron titan Crimson Iron platebody Buy at home 25.080 96 Pack yack Crimson Yak-hide Kill them, training -> Yaks and pick it up 25.320 So the top xp's per charm are: Gold charm Blue charm Green charm Crimson charm 1. Arctic bear (71) 1. Lava Titan (83) 1. Unicorn stallion (88) 1. Pack yack (96) 2. Barker toad (66) 2. Obsidian Golem (73) 2. Hydra (80) 2. Iron titan (95) 3. Spirit terrorbird (52) 3. Spirit kalphite (25) 3. Giant ent (78) 3. Wolpertinger (92) 4. War tortoise (67) 4. Albino rat (23) 4. Fruit bat (69) 4. Granite lobster (74) I hope this table and the top 4 gives you enough information to train efficiently! Chapter 3: My suggested way to get the fastest and most efficient 99 Summoning. This chapter depends on how many charms you have from each type and what your level is, but I am going to try to give you a good guideline. 1 - 8 Spirit wolf 8 - 13 Spirit spider 13 - 17 Thorny snail 17 - 22 Spirit mosquito 22 - 25 Spirit tz-kih 25 - 46 Spirit kalphite 46 - 73 Pyrelord or 25 - 73 Spirit kalphite (depends on your charms) 73 - 83 Obsidian golem 83 - 99 Lava Titan or, if you run out of blue charms, start with granite lobster (74) till you reach 92. 92 - 95 Wolpertinger 95 - 96 Iron titan 96 - 99 Pack yack Note: If you have passed level 71, use ALL of your Gold charms on Arctic bear, as you don't need them anymore and Arctic bear gives the most xp for gold charms! Congratulations! You have reached level 99 Summoning! I hope this guide has helped you a lot! For comments/inaccuracies etc. please comment down below!
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    Another Signature done
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    I skipped all PVP achievements (they will be removed) and the broken one (elite clues). These are simple explanations for all possible achievements. It is a frustrating task to complete them all as it is much harder than RS. Easy: Talk With The Guide: Talk to the lady called "Fury Guide" in the middle of Edgeville Kill A Yak: Training Teleports > Yaks Bury A Bone: Click on any bone Kill A Chicken: Training Teleports > Chickens Offer Bones On An Altar: Use a bone on the altar north of edgeville bank Cut A Tree: Get an axe from Bob, then click a tree Light A Fire: Get a tinderbox from Bob, then use it on logs Cook Yak Meat: Kill a yak (Training teleports), then use the meat on the stove in edgeville Catch A Trout: Buy feathers from Bob at home, buy a fly fishing rod from fishing shop in catherby, tele to skilling>fishing>barbarian village, and lure on a fishing spot Eat A Salmon: Lure fishing at barbarian village till you get a salmon, cook and eat it Catch A Crimson Swift: Tele Skilling>Hunter>Feldip Hills, buy a bird snare, tele Skilling>Hunter>Karamja and catch a crimson swift Pick A Flax: Skilling>Crafting>Flax Field, click a flax plant Spin A Bowstring: City teleport>Lumbridge, Climb up a floor in castle, click spinning wheel and make bow string from flax Cut An Oak Tree: Buy an axe from bob, city teleport>lumbridge, next to the fountain is an oak tree Fletch Arrow Shafts: buy a knife from bob, use it on logs Fill A Vial: get an empty vial from Jatix, and use it on well in edgeville Mine Copper Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island Mine Tin Ore: buy a pickaxe from bob, skill teleport>mining>tutorial island Smelt a bronze bar: click a furnace with tin and copper ore in inventory Smith a bronze dagger: buy a hammer from bob, click an anvil with a bronze bar in inv Equip Leather Boots: Kill a cow, tan the hides, craft leather boots and wear them Eat Chocolate: City tele>varrock, go to gypsy tent, buy chocolate from the chest in there Buy an iron platebody: melee shop at home sells them for 211gp Craft an earth rune: with lvl 9 runecrafting, bring essence to the abyss and go to earth altar Listen to a musician: North of the edgeville bank is a musician, click him Cross A Log Balance: skilling tele>agility>gnome course Summon A Dreadfowl: make a dreadfowl pouch using summoning skill and summon it Attack A Bandit: training tele>Bandit Camp Eat Some Meat: eat some cooked meat Pray at an altar: click the altar north of edgeville bank Pickpocket a man: in the man house north of edgeville bank, right click a man and pickpocket Dismiss A Familiar: summon a familiar and click the dismiss button Add coins to pouch: right click on gp in your inventory, then add to pouch Talk to dung tutor: skilling teleport>dungeoneering, talk to dung tutor Deposit All: open a bank and click deposit all button Complete A C1 Dung: skill tele>dungeoneering, complete a dungeon with complexity set to 1 Talk to Rewards Trader: skill tele>dungeoneering, walk south to rewards trader and talk to him Buy an anti-dragon shield: buy an anti-dragon shield from shops at home Use the taverley shortcut: dungeon teleport>taverley dungeon, crawl through the pipe Kill a Baby blue dragon: dungeon tele>taverley, go through pipe and kill a baby blue dragon Grind blue dragon scales: buy pestle and mortar from jatix at home, and use it on blue dragon scales Steal a cake: city teleport>ardougne, steal from cake stall Get a slayer task: ::slayer and ask an npc for a task Use a teleport tablet: buy a teletab from shops at home and click it Teleport using spirit tree: right click spirit tree south of edge general store, and teleport somewhere Price check a cake: get a cake from stall in ardougne and put it in the price check interface Talk to king healthorg: talk to him in bank in edge Switch to ancient spellbook: east of the general store is an altar, use it to switch to ancients Add a friend: add someone to your friends list Air guitar!: use the air guitar emote Medium: Have a rest: right click your run energy, and rest Cut a yew tree: buy an axe and cut down a yew tree Burn 5 yew logs: use a tinderbox on 5 yew logs Kill a Blue Dragon using range: use a ranged weapon to kill a blue dragon in taverley dungeon Bury a dragon bone: kill a dragon and click its bone Tan Blue Dragonhide: get a blue dragonhide in taverley dungeon, then skill>crafting>al kharid to tan it Craft Blue d'hide vambraces: use needle and thread on a tanned blue dhide Switch to lunar spellbook: pray at altar east of gen store in edge Perform a special attack: use a weapon with a special attack and click the bar Setup a dwarf cannon: run to nulodion, buy all pieces of a cannon and set it up Kill a white wolf: go to white wolf mountain (run from catherby, skill>fishing>catherby) Make 10 spirit wolf pouches: use wolf bones to make 10 spirit wolf pouches using summoning Tablet tele to nature altar: buy a nature tablet from the runecrafting shop (skill>runecrafting) Craft 50 natures runes: go to nature altar and craft 50 rune ess into nature runes Travel to law altar by abyss: talk to zamorak mage in edgeville wilderness by the river, tele to the abyss and then enter the law rift Craft runes using ZMI altar: skill>runecrafting>ZMI, then run to the altar with ess in inv Switch to curses: pray at chaos altar north of edgeville bank Withdraw 10k: withdraw 10k coins Buy an air battlestaff: city>varrock, then trade Zaff Sell an item: sell any item to the general store Sell an item GE: put an item into ge for sale, and ask someone else to buy it Add a song to playlist: click the green + next to a song in the music tab Catch 20 lobsters: Buy a lobster cage in catherby, and fish lobsters in karamja Bake a cake: city>varrock, gypsy tent, buy food from chest, get cake tin, milk and flour. Use flour on tin, then use the cake on a fire or stove Mine a shooting star: find a shooting star and mine it with a pickaxe Mine 100 coal: mine 100 coals, i recommend mining guild Fletch 100 arrows: use a knife to cut logs into 100 arrow shafts, buy feathers from bob and buy arrow heads at minigames>pest control Cut 50 Maple trees: skill>woodcutting>seers' village, cut 50 maple trees Search 5 bird's nests: chop trees till you get 5 bird's nests and search them Crush a Bird's Nest: use pestle and mortar on a bird's nest Kill an unholy cursebearer: dungeoneering boss inside dung Bind an item: right click an item (armour/weapon) in dung and bind it Complete Dung no death: complete a dung without dying Create a gatestone: use runecrafting inside dung to make runes for create gatestone spell and do it Catch a salamander: buy ropes from bob, and small fishing nets in catherby, then skill>hunter>hunter areas>canifis, and set traps on the young trees Kill a Monster with Salamander: equip a salamander from hunter and then kill an npc with it Loot the barrows chest: complete 1 round of barrows at miningames>barrows Repair a broken item: drop a piece of nex equipment and use it on bob at home Finish a game of pest control: minigames>pest control Kill a portal: inside a pest control game, help kill a portal Finish pest control without death: don't die during a pest control game Join a clan chat: leave the help cc and rejoin it Name your clan: join your own cc and open the settings and change the clan name Activate lootshare: in your own cc, open the settings and activate lootshare Receive a lootshare drop: kill an npc while lootshare is on Promote a friend: have a friend enter your cc, right click his name in the cc and give them a rank Talk to smithing tutor: skill>smithing>varrock Kill a dagganoth king: bosses>dagganoth kings Complete a med clue scroll: kill NPCs till you get a medium clue and complete it (i recommend barraging chaos dwarves for fast mediums) Hard: Kill 100 glacors: boss teleport>glacors, kill 100 Kill 100 chaos dwarves: spirit tree teleport>chaos dwarf battlefield Get a hand cannon drop: chaos dwarves drop them Low alch a item worth 1m: Go to construction store in edgeville, buy a marble block and low alch it Catch 500 grenwalls: buy box traps at skill>hunter>feldip hills, then tele to skill>hunter>hunter areas>isafdar Loot 1000 Impling Jars: skill>hunter>puro-puro, catch 1000 imps and open them, i recommend banking them first Pickpocket 5000 people: skill>woodcutting>draynor, then pickpocket master farmer 5000 times which gives around 100m gp Kill With Wrath: use rock cake from melee shop to make yourself low hp, pray against a strong npc and get them low hp, they have to kill you for wrath to work Smelt 1000 Rune bars: mine 1000 runes ores, you need 8000 coals too which you can mine or get from nex (drops 2400), fastest smelting place is mining guild Use Fairy Ring Teleport: bring nothing, skill>fishing>entrana, climb down to entrana dungeon and kill zombies for an axe, chop the spirit tree and use a knife on the branch, then go to a fairy ring and go somewhere Defeat Jad: minigames>fight caves, kill jad Open the door: Open a door Get off the floor: pick an item up off the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur: Kill a mastyx in dungeoneering Complete 5 C6 warped dungeons: complete floors of level 48-60 5 times on complexity 6 Complete 35 slayer tasks: go to ::slayer and complete 35 tasks Pretty fire: use a coloured firelighter from a clue scroll to burn a log Grow a pet: use a bird egg on incubator in a summoning shop, then let it chill on ground till it grows, if it gets hungry feed it ground fishing bait (pestle&mortar + bait) Attack using a DFS: right click operate an equipped DFS then attack something Kill the KBD: tele to frost dragons/bandit camp and then walk to KBD entrance and kill it Defeat Nex: boss tele>nex, kill nex Make 100 overloads: get 99 herblore and make 100 overloads Craft 6000 blood runes: rc shop sells blood altar tablets, which I recommend using for this Steal 100,000 items: steal from the stalls at home 100k times, if you want gp thieve scims, otherwise ::empty and magic stall are fastest Make 500 steel titan pouches: buy steel platebodies from horvik in varrock and make 500 steel titans Cut 2000 magic logs: cut 2000 magic logs, if you claim rewards from an evil tree you get magic log banking which helps a lot with this Burn 2500 magic logs: use a tinderbox on magic logs 2500 times Complete 1000 agility laps: run around an agility course 1000 times, you can sell spare tickets for quite a lot of gp Reach 200m exp in a skill: train a skill to 200m XP Seal the deal: use 'seal of approval' emote, it's the last one Elite: Fire 50,000 Cannon balls: use dwarf cannon to fire 50k cannon balls, this achievement is MUCH easier if you are maxed and can use royal cannon which auto-reloads, you can smith cballs or get them from corp Receive 100m from alchemy: if you are maxed, alch royal cannon pieces, otherwise alch magic stones from construction shop Bury 5000 bones: blood barrage chaos dwarves with a bonecrusher in inventory or click on 5000 bones Offer 5000 bones: use 5000 bones on altar Scatter 500 ashes: click on 500 accurshed ashes, I suggest barraging demons in forinthry dungeon to get fast ashes Bury 1000 frost dragon bones: kill 1000 frost dragons and bury their bones, if you have high dungeoneering you can use the cave where skeletal wyverns are on RS Complete 100 dungeons: complete 100 dungeoneering dungeons Teleport 10000 times: teleport 10k times, i suggest buying teletabs Unlock 150 songs: run/teleport around the map until you unlock 150 songs Mine 1000 runite ores: mine 1000 rune ores, this sucks but no way around it Kill 10,000 monsters: kill 10,000 NPCs, this should happen naturally but you can barrage chaos dwarves to do this quickly Vote 100 times: open 100 vote books Create a fury: get an uncut onyx from someone or buy it using tokkul in tzhaar area, use a hammer on cut onyx and follow the instructions Deal 15m damage: barrage chaos dwarves Kill QBD 100 times: boss>Queen black dragon, 100 times, this takes a while Reach Max Level in all skills: reach 99 in all skils, you do not need 120 dung Defeat 500 boss monsters: kill 500 npcs that show up in boss teleports
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    Woo finally! This one's been in the making for literally months. Thanks to Urinal, Badman & Watari, they have been testing it for a few weeks however there will be bugs so make sure to report them to me so I can get them fixed asap. Improvements: Agility arena timers & fixes Emotes redo: max, comp, dung, turkey, seal Direction facing; on login, spell casting, new region etc... New game loop system (Should making interacting/actions snappier) New game tick/timer system New player/mob sync system Player variable saving system Changes: Imp jar loots Conversions: All the listed things have been converted entirely to a new programming language (from java -> kotlin), organised, cleaned out and documented: this will make adding content around them much quicker, and easier in the future for updates such as pvp. Floor items Vote book rewards Players Mobs Familiars Items Objects Projectiles Messages Game world Multi combat areas
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    sorry for the long vid but i wanted to make sure u Guy's really understand my pathing on how i do this on a really easy way
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    Pest control is dead right now, which is a real shame. I think a fair bit of work went into making it and nobody is playing. Here's a list of suggestions that, if they all come at once during a "Pest Control Rejuvenation" Update, would hopefully encourage activity. 1. Fix points structure - the veteran boat should give a hefty bonus over the intermediate and novice boat. 2. Donator Incentive - the +1 at emerald+ and +2 at ruby+ aren't great. Maybe give each rank +2: (sapph +2, emerald +4, ruby +6, etc..). Keep in mind full elite void with all helmets is a whopping 1475 points. 3. Coin Reward - the current coin reward is terrible, if pest control is halfway ok money (nothing great) it's a viable strategy for new players, which would give a refreshing alternative to thieving. Also more interesting for new players who ask "how do i make money to start". Scaling the money reward with donator status would be nice too. Dstone and Onyx already have this. (Possible suggestion: +10% Saph, +20% Em, +30% Ruby, +40% Diamond, +50% Dstone, +100% Onyx). On top of this, maybe for the first hour of a new account, a +100% coin boost from PC? Not sure, could be fun. 4. Bots - when Greg added pc he said if not enough people played he would consider adding bots. I think bots would not only make it playable at non-peak times, they would also encourage more real players, because they wouldn't have to wait / spam people to go to pc. 5. Events - double points on weekends. Also, the random PC event system that was mentioned in an update post either doesn't work or doesn't announce it. 6. Achievements - Easy: complete 1 pest control boat, Medium: complete 5 pest control boats, Hard: complete 25 pest control boats, Elite: complete 50 veteran pest control boats As a side note, the veteran knight should tell you the correct amount of points you got, he doesn't include your donator bonus right now. Also, the portal dropping messages shouldn't be filtered by the Game: Filter option.
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    Mostly bug fixes Improvements: New combat animation loading, checked every weapon/shield animation Changes: Decreased drop rates for rune defenders Fixes: Summoning pouch requirement fix Level 88 dagannoth hp fix Wilderness rift position & wilderness fixes Missing map fixes Godsword animation fixes Withdraw 0 placeholder fix
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    Finished with finals in 3 days. I can taste the end of the semester.
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    Sorry for the wait but lots of content fixed, changed added and plenty more to come! Slayer! Find the slayer master cave up the ladder at home! Consequence of these changes will mean the majority of slayer tasks will be reset, if you have any issues with tasks talk to a member of staff and they'll help you out Improvements: Slayer Forinthry dungeon & revenants Stronghold of security Kalphite lair Lumbridge swamp caves Changes: Farming patch removal change Added thread and needle to ironman store New npc spawn format (43-54% faster on tests) Black friday sale removed Dragon combat changes Fixes: Equipping items achievement fix Spirit wolf npc Summoning familiar id fixes Dreadfowl familiar Npcs added: (not limited to) Grotworm drops Young grotworms Dark beasts combat Crocodiles Nechryael combat Abyssal demon combat All slayer tower npc animations Al fremennik slayer dungeon combat & animations Kalphite lair npcs Catablepons Banshee Ducks Bears Cave bugs Cave slimes Dwarfs Lizards Revenants Ghosts Goblins Minotaurs Flesh crawlers Ankou Crocodiles Brine rats (tele to be added soon) Dust devils (tele soon also) Harpie bug swam (lantern added to slayer shop) Dagannoths (new tele soon)
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    Thieving Guide _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, everyone! Although Thieving is one of the easiest skills to max out, I figure a guide showing you exactly how long it will take to achieve 99 Thieving, or even 200m XP could be helpful! Thieving is a nice and relaxing skill to train and it is also one of the best ways for new players to make some quick cash. It was also the first skill I got to 99, which automatically makes it the coolest. - Chillpwned _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Merchant All of the items that you receive from stealing, you can sell to this merchant for the prices that I have listed below. A common training method is banking all of the items and then when you're finished thieving, take the items out noted and sell them all at once. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 1 to 25 - Crafting Stall Experience Per Steal = 1,020 XP Potential Rewards: Chisel - 297 Coins Ring Mould - 1,470 Coins Gold Ring - 5,282 Coins Necklace Mould - 1,334 Coins It will take you 8 steals to reach level 25 Thieving. At level 25, you can move on to the Food Stall. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 25 to 45 - Food Stall Experience Per Steal = 1,320 XP Potential Rewards: - 3,200 Coins It will take you 41 steals to reach 45 Thieving. At level 45, you can move on to the General Stall. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 45 to 65 - General Stall Experience Per Steal = 1,980 XP Potential Rewards: Hammer - 289 Coins Empty Pot - 44 Coins Warhammer - 12,359 Coins Tinderbox - 765 Coins It will take you 196 steals to reach 65 Thieving. At level 65, you can move on to the Magic Stall. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 65 to 85 - Magic Stall Experience Per Steal = 2,600 XP Potential Rewards: Air Rune - Cannot sell to store Fire Rune - Cannot sell to store Earth Rune - Cannot sell to store Water Rune - Cannot sell to store Law Rune - Cannot sell to store Rune Essence - 16 Coins Pure Essence - 97 Coins It will take you 1,081 steals to reach 85 Thieving. At level 85, you can move on to the Scimitar Stall. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Level 85 and on - Scimitar Stall Experience Per Steal = 3,200 XP Potential Rewards: Iron Scimitar - 306 Coins Rusty Scimitar - 21,431 Coins! It will take you 3,054 steals to reach 99 Thieving. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fun Facts! From level 99 to 200m XP in Thieving, it would take you 58,427 steals from the Scimitar Stall. When stealing from the Scimitar stall, you receive about half Iron Scimitars and half Rusty Scimitars per inventory. This means you get approximately 304,318 coins per inventory. On your way to 200m XP in Thieving, which requires 58,427 steals, you will make approximately 635,013,850 coins. If you're an Ironman, you're still poor! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations on 99 Thieving!
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    So starting today on the end of 24th 6 PM EST we will be doing our Black Friday Sale, The end of this sale will be 6 PM EST 26th This includes every $10 spent in the store, you will get 1 Mystery box Meaning if you buy a Nex armor set worth $150, you will get 15 mystery boxes worth $30 for free! Not only that any donations over $10 will have a 10% chance to be doubled, this only includes single items, does not count for items under $10 since every item has a separate chance of being doubled! And any donation over $25 has a 15% chance, so lets say you purchase Vesta armor piece which is $10 it has a 10% chance of doubling, but if you buy a divine worth $35 it has a 15% chance of doubling to turn into 2 divines Not only that buying a divine gets you 3 Mystery box's, so you anything you buy during this sale you will never lose! Also any custom donation meaning any item you want custom obtained like items we don't offer in-game and never will you can donate for! A custom item is worth $150 with a 20% discount this sale! So be one of the first ones with a cool custom item no one else has. Not much information on this as we are still creating a system for this We will be offering double experience the whole weekend as well so enjoy your grind! Thank you and have a Happy THANKSGIVING! An Amazing Black Friday, and a Grind happy Weekend! Expect a different sale on Cyber Monday
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    Hey Furies ! My name is Storm and I would like to apply for the Gfx designer rank on this server , I am a gfx designer since 13 years old until now , I been studying Graphics for like 4-5 years and I do enjoy it a lot and I'm always inspired to make new content and even get better , I'm not the best Gfx designer but I do know I can fit this position on here because I can benefit the server with my skills , I can always learn new stuff because no one is perfect and I would love to be a gfx designer on such amazing server , I will show you some of my previous work that I have made on September + October because I wasn't really making Graphics on November because I was in the military , so it would be a great honor to be Gfx designer on this server and I really think I can benefit it in any way and not just in Graphics , I hope you enjoy my Arts and tell me what you think down below !
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    Hey guys, just for the newer players that may not have the link, all BETA testers should be posting the bugs they find here. I do not think that this post is unnecessary, because when I first joined the BETA testing, I did not know where to post the bugs that I found; so, there it is. Remember, the point of the BETA testing isn't for you to just level up your account and get rich, as your account WILL be reset upon the official release of OnyxPS. The point of the BETA testing is for all of us to come together and find any bugs that may take away from the proper experience of the game. We, as the BETA testers, should be experimenting with every aspect of the server to make sure that everything is running smoothly; remember, the quicker that we all find bugs and post them to the link I posted above, the quicker the owners will get to them, resulting in an expedited release of OnyxPS. Happy bug-hunting! P.S. - Suggestions to change the server, and bugs that are currently in the server are two completely different things. Suggestions that anyone may have should not be posted in the link that I provided above, but can be posted in the proper forum board here. Just click start a new topic, and you are ready to go. -Beale
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    It's the first post on these forums, so it has to be perfect. What do I write, what do I say? It has to be inspiring to those who go back and read this. Maybe talk a little bit about myself? My name is Cameron although usually everyone just calls me Chill. I am 20 years old and currently attending the University of North Florida as a Sport Management major. I play Ultimate Frisbee for my school and I am hoping to play on the professional team here in Jacksonville within the next year or so. I played private servers for 6+ years and I prefer the forums more than I do the actual game. Private servers are all about the community and I am dedicated to making sure that the community on each server I play is the best community that there is. I welcome all of you to OnyxPS and I wish all of you the best of luck. I have high hopes for this server because I know the owner is a skilled programmer who has experience owning top-tier private servers. I expect everyone to be the best person they can be when it comes to helping this server and this community grow. I believe in all of you. Love, Chillpwned
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    Hello Everyone! My name is Ben, also known as Zraelic during Guthix. I'm 20 years old, from South-Eastern Wisconsin, and currently going to school at UW-La Crosse for a Computer Science major. I'm a friendly guy that is down to help anyone out, heck I'll even join up with you if you're looking for some company (In game you weirdos). On another note, I've played many of private servers, but nothing tops the friendly community that Alex and his crew pull together. I'm very anxious to see the improvements Onyx has, the sneak peaks sure make it look great. If anyone is looking to get in contact with me for questions or just to chat, you can direct message me on here or add me on discord Thv#8433 . Looking forward to seeing you in Onyx! Your new friend, Ben