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    If you'd like a shitty forum sig like my current one, post below and I'll make one up for you. Obviously the design will be slightly different (different colours and variations in text effect), and there will only be a quote under your name if you tell me what quote you want. Guess you could use this template; Name: Quote:
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    So I won 25 deathtouched darts from Zachtx's giveaway and thought I'd show the loot from my nex kills (: +2% droprate for regular account +3% for Ruby donor +6% ferocious ring (5) -> Thanks Iprometheus for letting me borrow the ring +10% Zeesaa Hax Thanks again Zachtx!
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    I'll be honest, the mod crown was hard to fit in because it sort of looks out of place because they're all 8-bit pictures but I tried to add it anyway lol (looks strange to me but you be the judge). Also tried my best to add the quote in at a readable size Crown; No Crown;
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    Here, remember it was made in like 5 mins lol but it should do until you get yourself a nice sig And there's a version without the partyhat;
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    Welcome Examine, seen you around pretty cool guy
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    Oh haha, didn't think of that. That's actually making sense haha. I'll give it a go, cheers again man hopefully see you around in-game
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    The background color is identical to that on this forums. So it makes the background look opaque, when it's actually not You might have to fuck around with the background color to match whatever forum you're uploading it to.
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    Glad you like it man!
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    Bro you did a fucking awesome job, I love it 1000% thanks so much <3
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    Here you go man, attempted to add the ironman logo but it's up to you if you like it Ay man looks dope, did you use Photoshop for them?
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    I'll do this ASAP, don't have photoshop on my laptop so when I'm home I'll get around to doing this.
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    They look dope, thank you man 👍🏼
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    lol those sigs look dope nice work examine
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    Welcome to the forums, Examine.
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    Must be nice, I had 27 the other day and just got a bunch of Skilling stuff😥 Congratulations man
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    Damn the zbow drop, ridiculous rng lol, gz on drops and winning giveaway
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    Some dank drops if i say so myself. Lucky af tho. keep up the good work
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    Timezone:PDT Discord Tag:Green bay113#3557 Languages:English InGame name:Dreams Your contributions to Fury:I have many guides on forums and i have a lot of fun making them and wish to keep going Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: i am very friendly to all players, i know a lot about the server and i spend a lot of time online. i feel like people seeing me reach for my goals like going for comp cape and maybe a maxed legend someday will help them keep playing and trying to reach for what ever they want to achieve. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?:can be up to 8-10 hours a day Time on dreamsTime on Green bay113 What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?:helpful,friendly, responsible. i spend a lot of time on the game and i talk to everyone i see. i try to help anyone who needs it in help chat or who pm me. i still have lots of goals in the game i would love to achieve and love seeing other reaching for their goals, i would like to be apart of the staff team because i feel i can help the server grow just as well as the staff you have now.
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    Damn papi still waitin on that giveaway. Nice bank
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    Gimme your money! Lol. Awesome bank dude and if you don't know anything where to use that money pm me
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    Ooh i'm late! Regardless, welcome to the server buddy! Enjoy your stay, and you know where to find us when you need something.
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    Welcome to the forums side of Fury. Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to PM me ingame or on discord anytime. I'll do my best to respond ASAP
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    Welcome buddy! hope u enjoy fury always glad to see someone new on forums =]