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    This is an amazing update and an update everyone has been waiting for We worked so hard and we are so glad to finally have it out for you guys to enjoy The most important update is wilderness slayer, here is where you can start it. This is north of edge near the ditch The wilderness reward shop is amazing, it has special restores and blood diamonds which teleport you to bloodwood trees. And the most important is Dreadnips, being the first 317 server to have this we are making history! Another big plus from this update is us re-working clue scrolls fully and fixing everything that didn't work, plus adding a clue scroll shop to get items you need for clues, also rewards will be reworked in future to be made much much better <3 The new NPC is named Hassan and south of edge You can also now examine a clue scroll to know the reward it will have! Content Updates Added a limit on the amount of bots you can kill for rewards a day to 5 a day, this will reset when you kill 5 players or wait 24 hours Added plant pot and trowel to iron man store so you guys can plant trees We have added crossbow limb smithing which is also amazing for iron men Wildy Wyrm teleport tab/scroll has been added, same with the blood diamond it has been added to teleport to bloodwood trees More nechs have been added to the slayer tower with respawn time cut in half Some code has been cleaned up to put less strain on the server in the future to reduce any lag the longer fury runs like for example when it ran this week for a whole week and it lagged sometimes Cooking burn rate has been fully reworked and you should burn less food now You can now use a bucket of water on clay to make soft clay Clue scrolls are now only 1-3 solves for easy 2-4 for meduim 3-5 for hard and elite Content And Bug Fixes Hits bug fix so sometimes when people and NPC's didn't take damage Wrath and Retribution prayers have been fully fixed and are now good to go for PvP and most importantly Dh pking Skill x2 event is properly showing in the quest tab now Ornament kits has been re-written such as infinity and putting on and off the items Dragon fires shield is full now messages are now being filtered properly Wilderness item noting has been properly fixed Cannon lag spikes have been fixed The way PK bots bank has now been reworked Amulet of glory now teleports at 30 wilderness and so does other dragonstone jewels, before it was 20 which was improper Kicking animation has been properly fixed Dragon Hally Special animation has been fixed Obby dagger now has all the proper animations and attack interface Honestly this update was all Nando he really worked hard and listened to a lot of you guy's to make it happen, even with his broken charger and old Laptop he always makes sure to make these updates happen Your ol Fury has a lot of IRL stuff to do atm because hes in America. When I get more free time or when i come back which in less then 10 days then I will be grinding 10 hours+ a day again, because currently I can only do maybe 4 hours a day or so which is not a lot for what Fury needs. That is the honest truth and we hope this update can really show you what Fury is about, we are doing thing's you won't see on any other server and we do it the best with the best gaming experience We are also designing lots of interfaces currently so you guy's will have some amazing content in the future added
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    Not a lot of servers can say they have been up for one year, but we have and its been a long ride I have had such a great time running Fury and we have been working to make it the best possible Pre-EoC server every single day and that's a lot of work, but considering where we started then its a BIG BIG JUMP From the start of Fury we have OVER 5 PAGES of Update logs. Can you believe how many updates we have done? We never stopped and we never want to stop, your donations have been helping fund Fury to keep it up this long and keep the game running for all the current, old and future players to enjoy. I would personally like to thank Nando for being an important part of Fury and helping it grow to what it has today, and I would also like to thank Greg the guy who created this all with me, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have Fury. I would like to thank all the Staff members who were apart of Fury over the last year Such as Muse who was our Ex-admin and an all around great guy. Urinalcake who was a great Moderator for many many months, but real life finally caught up to him. Badman the servers number one complainer, but was the first to get a comp cape, but a decent mod. Trodal a staff member who has been on and off many times, but also a great help by donating a ton to the server(still here). Lena Oxton a staff member who we hope will be back to enjoy Fury as this was his favorite game and his donations alone helped grow Fury beyond anything possible. Symbiotic the bank stander of the year award who recently got admin and actually put his time to good use by helping other players and making the forums active! (Still here) Ragnar is a guy who I had to help out when he had no money and I personally sent him $100 when he was at a low point in life, watching him grow with Fury in real life and in-game was a great sight and I am very proud of him and consider him a top moderator! Phanny Phart a name I hate saying, but it has to be done, you have been here since Fury started and became a helper and helped this server and played it for as long as I remember, thank you so much! Sammy a staff member who made some of the best guides on Fury, but again life took over and her time on Fury was here and there, but her commitment back then was amazing. Exivel I had no idea how to spell your name, and I still struggle..... its a weird name, but you have been a great moderator and really cared for the staff and tried to be the best staff member there was with your ideas and support in-game! X Even though your time was short, you did have a small impact on making Fury great for those months you were staff and I would like to thank you, sad to see you go though AdamR even though you are still kind of new to the staff team, your impact the last few months has been memorable and I would like to thank you! I would also like to welcome all the new Staff Members such as Dreams and Astro Maddi We hope you make your impact on Fury and make your place remembered for the players and myself! I would also like to thank all the donors we have had Each one of you is amazing and Anciency your a funny guy, you are our top Donator, but even when you don't play I love hearing about your crazy Belgium lifestyle, your partying your clubbing, your Girlfriend, and of course YOU MAN! Thank you for your donations and I hope your got your money's worth by playing Fury and helping it grow. I would also like to Thank all the players who report bugs, and keep logging in everyday and telling me hello when I login! I love you guys and I love logging in to Fury to make the players happy, because when you guys are Happy I AM HAPPY! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT YEAR, Lets make it another and fill it with AMAZING MEMORIES! <3
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    1. Nomad Boss World Event Every 2 Hours(?), a Nomad will spawn in the center of Varrock, Yanille, Ardounge, Lumbridge, Lunar Isle, Taverley, etc. A server message will appear in chatbox saying: "Nomad has spawned at Yanille!!! Kill him for all sorts of goodies!!!" Also, add 'Nomad: Active/Inactive' category in Quest Tab. We could give nomad a shit ton of hp so that players will be forced to kill it as a team. Also, Nomad could drop useful and rare pvm/pvp/skilling items very often, so players will actually want to kill it together. We could also have one Nomad spawned by Death in the Wilderness that is twice as rewarding as the Safe-Zone one. Ideas for Drops: Item Name, [Amount], (Drop Rate) * LMK WHAT YOU THINK FURY & COMMUNITY * - Amulet of Fury or Uncut Onyx, [1-3], (1/65) - Shards of Armadyl, [20-40], (1/3) - Armadyl Runes in Bulk, [250-750], (1/3) - Single Dharok's Pieces, [1-4], (1/60) - Armadyl Crossbow, [1], (1/150) - Mystery Boxes [2-4] (1/40) - Dragonstone Bolts (e) [275-875], (1/12) - Ruby Bolts (e), [125-675], (1/18) - Onyx Bolts (e), [275-875], (1/15) - Hard Scroll [1-3] (1/5) - Elite Clue Scroll [1-2] (1/10) - Noted Frost Dragon Bones or Ourg Bones or Infernal Ashes,Dragon Bones, [10-25], (1/1) - Noted Pure Essence, [3k-7k], (1/4) - Runite Ore, [75-225], (1/14) - Zamorakian Spear, [1], (1/215) - Ganodermic Flakes, [165-875], (1/17) 2. Buff Drops of the following: - Sigils from Corp by [4.5%]? - WildyWyrm in general, add drops as well 3. Welcome Back To Fury-PS Login Interface A custom Log-In Interface that greets returning players back into the game with recent updates and currently Active Events. 4. Add Armadyl Crossbow to Commander Zilyana's & Minions' Drop Table: 5. Wildy Slayer NPC list I provided Fury 6. Did You Know? Server Message Quick Facts 7. Christmas Event: Frozen Key Chest that drops Xmas Ghost Robes, Anti-Santa, Regular Santa costumes, Xmas Wand, Cane, & Sled !@!@!@@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@! 8. In-Game Respected Member (Ex-Staff or $2500 Claimed?):Respected Member (Group List - Courtesy of Forums AdminCP) 9. In-Game Veteran Rank (2 Million Loyalty Points or 1 Year of Playing on Fury-PS. (ex. I Have 2 Million Loyalty Pts.) Veteran lol @ZzStaticc 10. In-Game Global Moderator Rank for Ragnar and future staff members similar to him: 11. In-Game Forum Moderator Rank for Dreams and future staff members like him: 12. Give DragonBone Melee & Mage both outstanding stats given they cost 750 Soulstones: - Give them a nice full set effect 13. Fight Kiln Minigame If we have TokHaar-Kal cape in-game, we need Fight Kiln Minigame. 14. Fix Un-Binding/Binding in Dungeoneering & Add Smithing & Fix Dungeoneering Bugs 15. Badman's Custom Dungeon for Dominion Gloves (Goliath, Spellcaster, & Swift): 16. Make Dominion Sword 1-Handed, Buff Dominion Staff slightly. 17. Boss Pets of all Current Bosses: - General Grarrdor, TDs, Jad, Glacor, Ice StrykeWyrm (Freezie), WildyWyrm, Kree'Arra, Dagg Kings, Nex, Corp, Bork, Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole, Commander Zilyana, & K'ril Tsutsaroth etc. - This will give players more incentive to kill bosses even after they have all their armor/weaponry/rare drops. Players will actually want to kill Kalphite Queen or Giant Mole for example if that means there's a rare drop of a Boss Pet involved in the drop table. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THESE SUGGESTIONS BELOW! LMK WHAT I MISSED! @Fury
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    The biggest update log in Fury history are you ready? The work that has been put into this update is insane, and sadly it did take 10 days since the last update to release it, so bear with us and enjoy it! Fully New tutorial is finally finished, the best part of it you can now get a fire cape and 5m if you kill the pk bot. You will get to experience the best gear Fury has to offer and will get taught things you never knew before about Fury as a new or old player. Hope you enjoy! Another thing you guys wanted to be added was a statue collection bag, and guess what that is added, but will be added into the vote shop soon, or any other suggestions you guys have While we are finishing up our drop interface and teleport we have added a ::whatdrops command so people can now find out what drops your dragon claws? Content Updates Players can now recolor already colored items by using the item such as a blue SoL on the loyalty npc again to maybe make it pink? Items worth over 100k will now be removed from the general store every 5 minutes Whip vine, and all the glacor boots will now be added to the world drop notification's A combat level limitation has been added to the easy wilderness slayer tasks Added more kalphite spawns to the kalphite caves and some that were missing Clue scroll drops has now been added to the drops command and examine NPC's option An edgeville lever has been added which will take you to 50 wilderness and then back to egde to promote the pking, no point of taking you to ardougne Content and Bug fixes Elvargs head was sell-able for 5m, but now its alchable as well The skill 2x event which happens twice a day is finally fully fixed Fixed clue types being dropped after you already have that one Corpreal beast has fully been fixed now, with all the attack animations and gfx and timers Tormented demons have been fully reworked and fixed with the proper attack animations gfx and timers as well Zamorak was a big pain in the ass as it had so much stuff to redo specifically, but that was also all fixed Any other chamber monsters and other gwd bosses and minions have had their Attack animations and gfx and timers fixed also(the most important for most of you) Bloodwood tree and forsaken bloodwood tree has been all fixed(if you didn't know you couldn't chop the forsaken one, and it also gives double the logs) Leather crafting has been fully fixed and the cowl now displays correctly also the window will now close properly Thieving stall directions have now been corrected Wilderness Moss giants have been fixed now with the proper animations Sorry guys this update took so long, we promised it would come out earlier, but we kept adding in more and more amazing things. We will have another big update soon and that one will be even more packed then this one We will keep making Fury better thanks to your support and help guys with the bugs we have and content suggestions you guys offer us! Lets also give a big thanks to Nando for doing an amazing job this update and for taking some of the work load while I was gone I will be back now and the updates will be more action packed and insane, plus you will see me in-game more again because ill be back!
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    You can access the youtube video by clicking on the title of the video, or by clicking on the 'youtube' button on the bottom right hand corner of the video. Make sure that you like, comment your IGN and suggestions, subscribe and turn on the notification bell to get posted when I make videos to ensure you get the first comment and a potential reward! =)
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    Yoo, so thought I'd post a bank pic before I get cleaned again, I'm not showing full bank cause its just one, huge unorganized tab Instead I've just put all my good shit in one tab, I don't have an impressive number of skilling resources or anything so no point showing Bank Not in pics: Another set of claws, set of steads, ragefires, glaivens, pernix set, torva helm and plate, tok ring Drop Log 4x blanks in common drops are glaiven boots
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    Hey guys, I once livestreamed on this server for a little bit and quite enjoyed it. At school just recently before I finished, I learnt how to edit videos and want to record some of my own to see how I go. This server will thrive off active YouTube videos and may inspire others to participate and make Fury just that little bit better . I would like you guys to comment down below and/or like this thread if you think I should go ahead with this. Also, I would very much appreciate content ideas that I could try to cover to showcase the awesome and unique features Fury has to offer, giving other's a reason to join the server and for you guys to enjoy some Aussie entertainment . Some content ideas could be like:- loot from 100 clue scrolls Road to Iron Man Collection Log Completeion loot from 2-3 hours of Frost Dragons Road to Completionist Cape Donator in a Day Challenge Thanks, Astro Maddi
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    Astro Maddi's Slayer Guide Hello and welcome to my slayer money making guide. In this guide, you will learn what monsters are good for loot and making money and which aren't. From this guide, you can make the choice to either continue with the task although it doesn't give much money, or you can do a very hard task which provides great loot! Most of the good alchable loot has been highlighted. So, without further or do, let's begin the guide! *Note* These drop rates are according to a regular game mode with sapphire donator rank. Step 1: - (Ctrl + f) [enter your task monster’s name] Step 2: - (Ctrl + f) [enter specified loot if you are in search of any]
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    If you'd like a shitty forum sig like my current one, post below and I'll make one up for you. Obviously the design will be slightly different (different colours and variations in text effect), and there will only be a quote under your name if you tell me what quote you want. Guess you could use this template; Name: Quote:
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    Ahhh yes, I bet a lot of you expected this to happen. It's been on my mind for a while, but I've lost interest in the game and it seems many others have. I'm not here to start drama or anything, but it seems to be a constant hierarchy and there's no need for it on such a small server. I'd like to thank @Dreams @Symbiotic @Exivel and Ragnar for supporting me and encouraging me to join the staff team. Also Alex, thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy experiencing being a staff member. I have just been accepted into my dream university course and I need to focus as much as I can on it next year and prepare for what the future has to bring for me. Furthermore, I simply don't need the added stress of the constant bickering.. I signed up to help the community and have the title of a helper, not to get abused daily for trying to help the server. So as of 21/12/2018, I hereby resign of the status of Server Support, but I am not quitting entirely. I will come on and lurk here and there, I just don't have time to help manage a server. Thank you very much for giving me the chance guys, but for now it's goodbye. Also, Zzstaticc, good luck on being a staff, its very different from what you think it would be, don't say I didn't warn you.
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    You Literally pretty much just copied this from the wiki... Direct Quote: Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim in F2P, surpassed by the deadly red spider and revenant knight. Hellhounds are also known for their very high drop rate of hard clue scrolls. 2nd Direct Quote: Hellhounds can be an excellent way to train melee for F2P players, as players can exploit their weakness to slash with the Rune 2h sword and Gravite 2h sword, possibly getting more experience per hour than Deadly red spiders. Keep in mind: hellhounds are found only in the Wilderness in F2P worlds, so beware of the risk of PKers. The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhound
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    Application Form Timezone: GMT (UK) Discord Tag: Zzstaticc (Saphire Donator) Languages: English InGame name: Zzstaticc Your contributions to Fury: $35. 420hours in 3 months. No AFK. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I Feel i would make a great addtion to the team as i will always go out my way to make sure players are understaning what they are doing and go the extra mile to support them and help with the Fury experience wether its just being someone to talk to when online, needing help with supplies or quests/achievements or even giving them items to help with the first step into the true expierence of Fury RSPS. Furthermore with the growing number of people wanting to start youtube for the server i will also be able to assist in this due to my knowledge of youtube background and video editing software. i am currently studying in my spare time HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT for front end webdevelopment. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I am a very active player spending between 4-6 hours a day throughout my day. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Communication. Eagerness to help. Ability to be active as much as possible.
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    Sorry to see you go, bud. The server will never be the same without you, Lena, Phanny and Exivel.
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    Welcome to AdamR's Corporeal Beast guide, in this guide i will be displaying the new method and minimum gear to solo corp. Note- for this guide you will need to have at least 99 magic, Ganodermic armor either, a Farseers kite-shield or any kind of spirit shield and minimum a Staff of Light. Firstly lets begin with items and inventory: Item setup Now you need Ganodermic armor due to the high magic defence bonus you get from wearing ganodermic armor. you want your best tier ring although you can just wear a Ring of Wealth (I) or whatever you have available to you. Also, as a substitute to Max Cape you can wear a god cape from mage bank (which has better magic attack stats), shield wise you have to have any type of spirit shield or a Farseers kite-shield due to the high magic defence bonuses they provide, boots can either be Ragefire or Infinity boots, use your best in slot. Finally, barrows gloves are a must along with either a Fury or an Arcane Stream Necklace. Inventory Setup Inventory wise you need at least three 4 doses of Extreme magic potions 4 brews if you make a mistake and 5 super restores or 2 super restores and 3 prayer potions as well as the runes to cast blood barrage. Blood barrage cast Note make sure you have the defence symbol enabled before you go to the Corporeal Beast when casting blood barrage Prayer- The Method- You can skip to 45 seconds if you only want to see how to deal with the dark core. Also, you want to space at least 7 game spaces away from corp. Note- When dealing with the dark core you want to move as soon as he dives until at least 3 squares away. Within the video you can see first hand what i mean by doing so. Welcome to the end of the guide, i hope you understand fully on the method and gear setup. Now good luck on getting your spirit shield pieces. Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on discord, in game or comment on this forum. AdamR
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    Alright So ima Try to Explain This Phase By Phase For soloing, Although Watching the Guide will help you ton's more with placement seeing it in action so on so forth. However For Phase's Im Going to Be Breaking Them Down. Tip: Don't Go In Mid stay on the outside Phase 1: Prayer Melee: The Fight: Hop in The Fight and Start Dpsing Nex Down With Melee Prayer On (You should be preoverloaded) Continue to Fight Nex (Make Sure to use Your Specs Early) If needing to Eat make your yak grab nex attention that way you can save more food/Hp. Once Nex Hits The Hp for you to attack the Minion Make your Yak attack nex agian and turn your prayer to Mage Prayer (Melee When Nex Is On You,Mage when not) Switch Your side prayer onto piety and get your rapier out and dps the minion down. Phase 2: Prayer: Range The Fight: As usual this is Hell Phase, KEEP RANGE PRAYER UP THIS WHOLE PHASE. Go ahead and switch back to your range gear with range prayer and rigour on (ReOverload here) Go ahead and start dpsing Nex and continuing to use your yak as a tank when needing to eat here (Super useful with the amount of damage you take on this phase) When Nexspawns the shadow's under you, GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE FAST. Once Nex reach's the HP to attack the minion go ahead and switch to Piety and Rapier and unload your Spec's and dps it Down, KEEP RANGE PRAYER ON. (Drops Brew's Towards the Next Minion if needed if your yak is low, as shown in the video and juggle them) Phase 3: Prayer: Melee This is the 2nd hardest phase, Go ahead and switch back to your range weapon and turn on protect from melee, Spawn your Titan Once your yak dies (It should die somewhere around this phase) Nex has abilities on this Phase such As, Siphon: Don't attack Nex when this happens if you hit a 50, she heals a 50. Blood Reavers: She can Spawn anywhere from 1-3, Make sure you get rid of these quick as she can absorb them and heal herself. Blood Sacrifice : She will try to steal some of your HP to herself, Make sure you're paying attention to chat as you will get a warning for it. Just move a tad Bit away. Once Nex is Low enough Get your Steel Titan to tank for you and switch your prayer to Mage and Melee her Minion down (Using Your Specs of course, and switching to piety) Phase 4: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Not Much goes on in this phase, Just keep melee prayer Up and Continue to Fight her until she call's for her minion to help, get your steel titan to tank as needed throughout the phase and once you get on her minion use your titan to tank while killing it and switch over to Piety/Mage Prayer. Phase 5: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Your Steel titan may die on last phase or the phase before, Just spawn your 2nd titan pouch and Unload on Nex the entire time, Use your Scroll's throughout the fight of P3,P4,P5 as needed. Nex Has Some abilities on this phase but nothing DPS Heavy, She will switch between Soulsplit and Protect Melee, Obviously don't use your spec's when Nex is praying Melee, Continue to Fight Nex down and Once toward's the end of the phase make sure you eat up so you don't die to the wraith and the end as it can hit 60, You can still go back in and get your loot (It's not gone forever) But try not to die as you just accomplished something that is pretty hard to do which is soloing Nex. Congrats to everyone who may have achieved a solo kill and Anyone who plan's to do so. I hope you all the best Luck and all the Best fortune! Happy Hunting! -Max
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    Alright So this is My first time making video's/Editing So the quality of it is Not fantastic at this time, and i was extremely Nervous Making This, But however i was super excited to start making video's Of this server. My Editing and Transitions will be better Over Time but for the time Being Here is a Video ShowCasing QBD and How to defeat it.
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    So I won 25 deathtouched darts from Zachtx's giveaway and thought I'd show the loot from my nex kills (: +2% droprate for regular account +3% for Ruby donor +6% ferocious ring (5) -> Thanks Iprometheus for letting me borrow the ring +10% Zeesaa Hax Thanks again Zachtx!
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    Yes let it sink in, we didn't have an update for two weeks because we have been working on new insane interfaces, and of course STEALING CREATION to which we had to make 6+ separate interfaces to match the original ones from pre-eoc We will be the first 317 with stealing creation or any server in 317-500 revision. This is a major because we will be finishing up the other minigame's which players loved and remembered and maybe fist of guthix might be next I am so proud of this achievement that we will be going on and hiring youtuber's to let everyone know that we did it! And we will keep breaking records and make sure Pre-EoC servers can live on and prosper without any OSRS. Stealing Creation Yes this is on Fury, GET YOUR DOUBLE EXP ITEMS RIGHT NOW! Fun with the Fury boys! Amount of clay left in a game, map and and clay amount scales with players in the game! And when you finally win, coughs I mean lose You will get this amazing score board New Drops Interface - Easy to use and noob friendly, just do ::drops Content Updates Warning message added to ::gamble command. Added a Gamble block command which will prevent people from being cleaned. Slayer helmet bonus has been added while on tasks. Content and Bug Fixes Tutorial accounts getting stuck has now been fixed. Armadyl minion now fly around freely and are there to destroy YOU! Clue scrolls not dropping properly has been fixed. For example if you have a clue scroll tier you will not receive another one of the same tier until you finish the clue. Tutorial rewards has been fixed because some people sometimes got two rewards instead of one! Pm chat options was temporarily broken due to adding new interfaces, but has been fixed. Bloodwood tree spawns have been fixed and now spawn in three locations, not just two. Blood diamond has been fixed to teleport you to the new third location and so fort. Any issues related to teleport interface has now been fixed. Sorry this update took so long, but all our focus was to make this mini-game happened, it was super difficult, but it has been done! We are now officially the first and we will keep expanding our mini-games and content this coming month. So tell your friends to hop on and enjoy Fury with us
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    I am so excited to finally announce our first interface which was hand made and took a lot of work to implement. All this took a long time to produce this one interface, but its the start of something great with many more interfaces to come! So this is it, our Teleport interface! It comes with a toggle to teleport the old way if wanted, but this way is 100x faster so no point really. Content Updates Molten glass making has now been added, the full process from seaweed to soda ash, to getting buckets of sand and using it on a furnace. Any Slayer tasks assigned now will never be the same one you just had. Also amazing new Nex sets have arrived in the donor store, these nex sets give half of the void bonus of what they are intended for, such as pernix now has the void effect but halved + the nex set effect making it the best in slot armor for any situation. Bug and Content Fixes We have recently discovered some memory leaks in old code left from the old development team, this has now been fixed for good and the small lag spikes you recently experienced should never happen again. This also now allows us to expand construction fully to the 2nd floors and to the dungeon floors. Godwars dungeon was broken for a bit for hitting and spawning from the last update when we fully reworked it, this has now been fully fixed. forever and GWD should be very enjoyable to do now! Fixed an issue with NPC's not processing or re-spawning properly due to height changes, such as slayer tower monsters and mithril dragons. Bonus exp + vote book mixing together or separate has now been fully fixed as well . We recently experienced an issue with shooting star, but that has been fixed so you should see your alien friend again now! Slayer tasks have now been fixed which still give a task when its on your cancelled list. Noted helmet of neitznot has been fixed now. We are sorry about this weeks lack of update, we were focused on fixing bugs and making a system to which we can implement all our future interfaces much quicker. We are also very happy to even now have an interface, its a big step forward into the right direction and we are excited to add interfaces to everything in Fury!
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    Thank you so much for this huge update, Fury and Nando! And just in time for my bday! These boss/gwd/pvm/wildy updates will greatly improve the quality of the server! Love u guys! haha can't wait for the vote store and highscores =)
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    Bolin's Farming Guide Hello Fury players, and welcome to my comprehensive farming guide! I hope through this guide, I can show you how to train your farming skills, as well as show the benefits of being a skilled farmer! Why train farming? Not only is it a requirement for the max cape (one of the best capes in the game), the fruit and items gained from farming are useful for a variety of skills, such as Summoning, Herblore, Woodcutting, Fletching and more! This is a fantastic method for ironmen to get items they need for Herblore and Summoning. Plus the farming cape looks nice: How do I start farming? Like the majority of skills in Fury, we have a Skills Teleport located here: Click on it and hit next until you get to this screen: Then the game will give you many different options to teleport to. These are where are the farming locations are to train at. Teleport to Catherby, as this is the closest farming shop to a teleport. Go to the shop located just a short walk from the teleport location. Talk to Martin the Master Gardener and he will open the farming shop! You will need the following: Rake, Seed Dibber, Watering Can, Spade, and Woodcutting Axe to start. (Rake) - Used to pull weeds from various patches, you only need this in inventory in order to clear a patch of weeds. (Seed Dibber) - Used to plant seeds in empty patches and also tree seeds in plant pots. (Watering Can) - Used to water allotment and tree patches, is essential for survival of plants. (Spade) - You can find this in the Bob's general shop at home, as well as all the farming tools: If you use a spade on a grown tree after you check it, you can clear it out without having to cut it down, or you can cut it to get logs from the trees you plant. In addition, there are a couple other useful things in this shop: (Plant Cure) - Used to cure diseased herb patches and trees. Will prevent from dying if they are diseased. (Filled plant pot) - Used to plant tree seeds and used in tree patches. I've got the tools, now how do I earn EXP? I'm glad you asked! So now we have all the tools necessary for farming, but where do we start? In Catherby, we have a variety of seeds for sale, but in limited quantities. This will help us get started. There are 4 types of patches and allotments for farming, each with their own types of seeds, I always recommend planting the highest you can. Here are the 5 types of patches you will see in Fury: Allotment - Used for vegetable and fruit farming, usually the least amount of exp, but they grow really quick. Flower - Used mainly for crop protection, very minimal exp. Herb - The most useful of the patches, used to grow every herb needed for Herblore. Medium amount of exp. Fruit Tree - Grows all types of fruits, Large amount of exp. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Wood Tree - Grows the 5 main types of trees used in woodcutting, the most amount of exp per patch. Use seed on a filled plant pot and wait until it sprouts. Where can I find all the patches? For Herb, Wood Trees, and Fruit Trees, I recommend a specific rotation to ensure maximum exp. All of these teleports will be found in the Farming Teleports in the Skilling section. Each Herb patch comes with allotments and flowers, whereas fruit tree and wood tree patches are by themselves. HERB ROTATION - Falador (Patches), Canafis, Catherby, Ardougne. Wood Tree Rotation - Lumbridge (City Teleport), Varrock (City Teleport), Falador (Farming Teleport), Taverley (Farming Teleport), Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Trees) Fruit Tree Rotation - Grand Tree (Farming Teleport, Fruit), Catherby (run east until you hit the mountain/beach), Tree Gnome Village (Farming Teleport), Brimhaven (Farming Teleport), Lleyta (Mining teleport, Isafdar, north and east) I understand this but the EXPERIENCE! What do I need to plant? Patience. Farming is all about patience. Learn it well. So for level 1 Potatoes are good as they are the only item you can plant at level 1. (Allotment) Level 2 - Marigolds are the next you can plant until level 5 (Flower) Switch potatoes out for onions until level 7. (Allotment) Switch onions out for cabbages until level 12 (Allotment) Add Guam to your farming rotation at level 9. (Herb) Switch Marigolds out for Rosemary at level 11. (Flower) Switch Cabbages out for Tomatoes at level 12. (Allotment) Switch Guam out for Marrentill at level 14. (Herb) At Level 15, you can start planting Oak trees from Acorns. This will increase experience drastically. At this point, I only recommend doing trees and herbs. Allotments are still ok exp, but not worth the time invested usually. Switch Marrentill out for Tarromin at level 19 (Herb) Switch Tarromin out for Harralander at level 26 (Herb) Add Apple Tree Seeds to your rotation at level 27. (Fruit Tree Seeds) At level 30, switch Oak trees (Acorns) out for Willow Trees. At Level 32, switch Harralander for Ranarr (Herb) At Level 33, switch Apples for Bananas (Fruit Tree) At Level 38, switch Ranarr out with Toadflax (Herb) At Level 39, switch Bananas with Oranges (Fruit Tree) At 42, switch Oranges with Curry (Fruit Tree) At 44, switch Toadflax with Irit (Herb) At 45, switch Willow Trees with Maple Trees (Wood Tree) At 50, switch Irit with Avantoe (Herb) At 51, switch Curry with Pineapple (Fruit Tree) At 56, switch Avantoe with Kwuarm (Herb) At 57, switch Pineapple with Papaya (Fruit Tree) At 60, Switch Maple Trees with Yew Trees (Wood Tree) At 62, switch Kwuarm with Snapdragon (Herb) At 67, Switch Snapdragon with Cadantine (Herb) At 68, Switch Papaya with Palm (Fruit Tree) - Cap on EXP on Fruit Trees At 73, Switch Cadantine with Lantadyme (Herb) At 75, Switch Yew with Magic Seeds (Wood Tree) - Cap on EXP on Wood Trees At 79 , Switch Lantadyme with Dwarf Weed (Herb) At 85, Switch Dwarf Weed with Torstol (Herb) At 91, switch Torstol with Fellstalk (Herb) - Cap on EXP on Herb patches How do I get seeds? Help! Alright here comes the tricky bit. Not all seeds are found in the farming shop. Some are dropped by NPC's (monsters) and others are awarded from nests dropped while woodcutting. Here are my best recommendations for Seeds for Farming: Giant Mole - Drops claws and skins which can be traded for nests. Dagannoths - Drop Herb seeds frequently, and are really easy to kill. Woodcutting - Drops nests which contain seeds and rings. Mutated Jadinkos - Drops pretty much one of every seed. Nex - Drops Magic Seeds, Torstol Seeds Glacor - Drops maple seeds. Desert Strykewyrm - Yew, Torstol, Maple seeds Ice strykewyrm - Torstol, Maple, Snapdragon seeds Abberant Spectres - Drop each type of herb seed pretty frequently. Elite Clue Scrolls - Elite clues sometimes give tree seeds. Well, that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed my farming guide! Please let me know if you have anymore NPC's that drop tree seeds, or any additional information for this guide!
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    Bug fixes Wishing-Well - You can only input whole numbers by mills. so for example; 1,200,000 is OK to input, but 1,200,001 is NOT. Dungeoneering tab dissapearing should be fixed now. Npc respawns; Rock crabs timer fixed and npcs being invisible/not showing has been fixed. Rev cave 'invisible wall' has been fixed. It is now fully accessible. Dfs effect has been rewritten. it now holds 50 charges max and deducts 1 charge every use. It has a cooldown of 1 minute after every use. Teleporting method has been adjusted to fully block any incoming hits. (please report if anything still occurs) Divine prayer drain has been fixed for magic hits (it did not apply correctly for magic hits before) Cooking burn rate has been adjusted to be more realistic. Bloodwood logs are now alchable. Dag king tasks have been removed. A new task has been added as 'Dagganoth Kings' which all 3 will now fall under so you may kill any of the 3 for this task. Player combat pathfinding has been adjusted so no more funny movements while combating. Soulstones are no longer obtainable from any bots in deep wilderness. ONLY EDGEVILLE now. EDIT!!!! Rare drops/announcements has been fixed. Slayer exp has been fixed. Berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons has been added. Player combat running up/disturbing position has been fixed.(safe spotting ect) Soulstones x2 & pest points x2 displaying active on panel fixed. Npcs attacking while dead has been fixed. I will be doing ongoing bug fixes ect while I'm finishing up wilderness slayer so expect that soon.
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    FLOWER POKER (FPING) So i have decided to make a Flower Poker guide as the number of people wanting to get involved is rising and the amount of scammers is becoming apparent so this guide will stop them if the steps are followed.. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS GAMBLING SO LOSS OF CASH AND ITEMS ARE AT RISK. PLEASE ONLY GAMBLE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. 100M NETT WORTH NEEDED TO FP. MIDDLE MAN NEEDED TO WITNESS EACH HAND AND HOLD ITEMS/CASH. PLEASE USE A MEMBER OF STAFF IF AVALIABLE OR A HIGH LEVEL DONATOR. TRUSTED MIDDLE MAN ONLY. IF NO MIDDLE MAN AVALIABLE TO WITNESS PLEASE USE SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE IN CASE OF SCAM. BOTH PARTIES PLANT AT THE SAME TIME. DONT GET AHEAD OF YOUR OPPENENT IN THE PLANTING PROCESS BY MORE THAN 2 PLANTS. So in order to get started all you need is 100m net worth and a brave heart to part with your cash or items! In this guide i will simply explain how to play and the colours of the flowers to help you understand. First thing you need to do is get yourself over to ::gamble. This will teleport you to the gamble area which is the enterance to castle wars. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE A WARNING MESSAGE IN CHAT WHEN YOU TELE THERE. After this go talk to the Gambler and buy yourself some Mithril Seeds ready to play FP. So now you have your seeds and you are ready to FP. find yourself an opponent and agree an amount to FP and make sure a MIDDLE MAN is present! so the aim is to plant 5 seeds and hope you match the following hands but beware if you dont match any of the following your hand will be a bust. so in this order, your hands will be: 1P - 1 Pair of any colour 2P - 2 Pairs of any colour 3Oak - 3 of a kind. 3 plants of the same colour FH - full house. 3 plants of the same of one colour and 2 plants of another colour 4Oak - 4 of a kind. 4 plants of the same colour 5Oak - All 5 colours are the same! white and black plants can be your friend or a nightmare. They automatically repeat the plant process for both people. So if your on the way to a bust and your last plant is a white or black, then it will of saved you losing to your opponent for that hand. In the above example, this is what a 3OAK will look like. Now you know the basic in's and out's of flower poker you can get yourself out there! Anything you guys want me to add comment below and ill be sure to add it! also if you want me to run through FP with you and im online ill be more than happy to do so! Enjoy!
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    How do I make money? Early game, you can Thieve for money. Slayer is also a good option. You can purchase Dragon Chains for 25 slayer points at any slayer master. This will alch for 5m. What do I do with Strange Rocks? When you get a pair of rocks from 1 skill, you can use them on the Plinth at home for experience. Sometimes it wont be a pair - you just have to try and see if your rocks work. How do I get to my slayer task? Right inside the ::slayer portal, there's a woman dressed in white called the slayer teleporter. She will take you right to your task for a small fee. What's the difference between accounts? Legend is the slowest account to train. Regular skills are excruciatingly slow, and combat skills are considerably faster than RS. Extreme is faster, skilling is around 10x faster than RS. Combat stats are pretty quick still. Ironmen are twice the Exp rate of Extreme, and stand alone, meaning they cannot trade with other players to get items and must acquire them alone. Regular accounts are fast to train, twice the speed of Ironmen. PvP accounts allow you to train combat extremely quickly, faster than regular accounts. Skilling is the same as regular. Does summoning work? Summoning is fully functional, beast's of burden work, as do the special's of almost all summoning creatures. Does Dungeoneering work? You can level dungeoneering, complexities and floors function correctly. Dungeoneering works, however Fishing, Crafting and Smithing inside is a work in progress. Which gear Degrades or Decays? No gear degrades. Chaotics have infinite use, as do barrows, even PVP gear such as Statius. How do I start Herblore without the Druidic Ritual quest? You can clean Guam's from level 1 When is bonus exp activated? Bonus exp is activated Thursday Night at Midnight, and lasts until Sunday Night at Midgnight, server time. You also get bonus exp from vote books. A vote book PLUS weekend exp give 1.95x experience, almost double the regular exp. How do I get Barrows Gloves? There's a Gypsy Tent in Varrock that contains the culoromancer's chest. If you speak to the Gypsy, she'll let you start the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is just a boss battle. The boss battle is completely safe, and deaths will not cause you to lose your items. You can start the boss battle by teleporting to Varrock using the City teleport in the spellbook, you then speak to the Gypsy and walk into the portal. The toughest boss is the Horror From the Deep boss, the Gelatinous Mother, who has to be killed using specific attack styles. Some people opt to just use melee, which can takes some time. To break this fight down, you kill a number of bosses before the Gelatinous Mother spawns. She will change colors ever few seconds, with each color representing her weakness. Orange: Melee Green: Ranged Red: Fire Spells Brown: Earth spells Blue: Water spells White: Air spells. You can switch attacks to kill her efficiently using this color guide. How many waves do I have to complete to get my fire cape? The fight caves is wave 60-63. Jad is similar to how he was in Pre-Eoc, with the same animations and graphics as in the 2012 era. You will need to learn to pray switch based on his animations or sounds. An easy way to complete this: Sit on protect magic spell. If Jad shakes his hands, pray ranged until this hits, then switch back to protect magic. Recognizing his ranged attack with the wiggly arms will make the fight much smoother. You can get to Jad via the Minigame Teleport in the spellbook. I want to donate, is there any promo codes? I believe that "Thread" gives a discount. Are there any freebies? If you played runique, you can ::claim runique to get a mystery box. You can also ::claim furylove when you've played for a certain amount of time. I believe this is around 50 hours play time. This also gives a mystery box. Can I apply for Staff? See ::thread 8. More experienced and helpful players will have their applications considered. What are the players named PB07, PB42 etc? These are PK Bots. You can kill them for gold. They're found all across the wilderness. Some are agressive, others are not? I got a message in chat saying that 'The presence of an Evil Tree has been felt across the land'. What is this? The evil tree can be grown, and chopped to give farming, firemaking and woodcutting experience. You can get to this using the spirit tree at home next to the general store. Talk to him, if there's an evil tree present you can teleport right to it. I got a message in chat saying that a star has crashed. How do I get to this? You will have to navigate here yourself. If you check the quest tab, it will say where the star has landed. Type ::thread 257 for a star location guide. What is a Bloodwood Tree? A Bloodwood Tree spawns in the Wilderness and can be chopped for it's valuable logs. You can alch these for 500k each! So chopping a tree can grant 25m, based on 50 logs obtained. What's the Wildywyrm? The Wildywyrm spawns in the wilderness and is a boss with high health and low accuracy. You can teleport straight to it using the Boss Teleport. What gives a drop rate increase? Your gamemode gives varying drop rates, generally the harder the game mode the higher the drop rate. Additionally, a ring of wealth gives a 2% increase. Ring of Wealth (i) gives a 4% increase. Ferocious ring gives a 6% increase, Tok ring gives an 8% increase. How do I find the price of an Item? You can ask help chat for a price check. ::thread 396 has a list of general prices. For any more questions, reply to this thread and I will answer! TIPS: Starting Slayer Killing Bork grants 200,000 Slayer Exp on a regular account. 100,000 on Ironman. 50,000 on extreme. 5,000 on Legend. You can get to Bork by using the Boss teleport in the spellbook, then going to page 3. There's a range of slayer masters at ::Slayer Starting hunter You can catch Baby Implings from level 1 at Puro Puro. Obtaining a Cannon Cannons are obtained from Nulodean. He's in the usual spot next to the dwarven mine, west of Edgeville. You can walk here by heading west from home, past the monastery and west onto the base of the mountain. Here is the dwarven camp where Nulodean resides. An early goal for a combat oriented account is to get a cannon. They're around 800k for the set, and cannonballs can vary from 2k to 4k a piece. You get 40 cannonballs for each steel bar, so i'd recommend making them. You can have thousands of cballs for about 30 minutes of work, mining and smithing. If you're familiar with Dagannoth Kings, Rex drops Steel Bars, Coal and Iron Ore, making him a great source of cannonballs. He can be killed easily with magic and safe-spotted early on. If I had to start again, the first thing I'd do is get 43 prayer and 70 magic, then i'd safespot Rex until I have enough Steel Bars for about 10k cannonballs. Training Prayer You can use your bones/ashes on the altar at home for prayer experience. A gilded altar gives more, and the wilderness chaos altar gives the most exp.
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    Hello all players new and old! This video will be explaining all of the awesome features FuryPS has to offer! Here is a list summary of the things that will be explored: - - New interface - Quick tour of home - Stealing Creation - Wildy Player Bots - Wildy Slayer - Poly dung - Jadinko Lair - Corporeal Beast - Fully Working Nex - Fully Working Queen Black Dragon - Advanced Agility Courses - Blood Tree - Shooting Star - Fully Working Dungoneering - Construction - Whole new teleport menu - Working achievements and completionist cape - Donator shop with high rewarding items - Dzone (Mummy Warriors, NPC, Runite Ore, Coal, Teleport to Forinthry dungeon and KBD) - Rzone (Forinthry Dungeon and KBD Teleport, All fishing spots, Grenwalls, Mummy Warriors, runecrafting ZMI altar Skeletal Wyverns, 4 runite rocks + 4 adamatite rocks + 3 iron ore for 2 ticking, a furnace and bank deposit, Magic trees + yew trees, dwarf guy to pickpocket for good money) DISCLAIMER: I forgot to pick a third winner, here it is
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    1. Boss yes, drops no way re-do them 2. Maybe, I was thinking instead for Nex and Corp to make all the people killing the boss if they do over 100-200 damage to get a drop as well, so up to 5 people can get a drop per kill? 3. Draw it out how it will look like in paint 4. Armadyl crossbow no 5. 6. 7. So you got a chest with keys, but how do you obtain the keys, whats the event? Is the event just a chest you buy keys from the donor store? 8. Maybe 9. Whats the point if only one rank shows? Your an admin and want to be a vet too? 10. Again multiple ranks 11. Again multiple ranks 12. Could be used to make PvP gear, and make it do bonus damage in PvP like 15-20% more 13. It is being added yes 14. If we add smithing, we will only make it able to smith and smelt 3-5 items a dungeon run. 15. Will be considered if you can think of different requirements for it, and a location for it with a cord and the full drops tables 16. Already being done on our next major donation store update 17. Boss pets is a boring add imo, but if people want it, it could be possible. Just feels too custom
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    looks great mate +1 to everything well thought out suggestions and detailed post good job my guy <3 oh and first. Still a +1 to all suggestions, would also like to see construction cleaned up in the future after all these updates
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    Hope you enjoy the video =) If you enjoyed it, leaving a like, comment and a subscribe on the video is very much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Logs: Base XP: With Vote: With x2 Event/Weekend and Vote: Arrow Shaft's 200 290 390 ShortBow's 200 290 390 Long Bow's 400 580 780 Oak Shortbow 660 957 1287 Oak LongBow 1000 1450 1950 Willow Short 1332 1931.4 2597.4 Willow Longbow 1660 2407 3237 Maple Short 2000 2900 3900 Maple Long 2332 3381.4 4547.4 Yew Short 2700 3915 5265 Yew Long 3000 4350 5850 Magic Short 3330 4828.5 6493.5 Magic Long 3660 5307 7137
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    Looks AWESOME! Tyvm!
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    Here, remember it was made in like 5 mins lol but it should do until you get yourself a nice sig And there's a version without the partyhat;
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    Welcome Examine, seen you around pretty cool guy
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    Welcome to the forums side of Fury. Hope you enjoy your stay, feel free to PM me ingame or on discord anytime. I'll do my best to respond ASAP
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    Hey guys I would like to start a discussion on the bosses we currently have in the game and they're drop tables. the first boss I would like to be looked at is Qalphite Queen, the drops suck if I'm being honest really gives you no point to farm this unless its a slayer task and even then you'll just skip the task or do normal kaphites, what I suggest is to buff the table for some rare drops example: raw materials for skilling and maybe ornament kits instead of them being in the vote shop I would have to say it would be nice to see these things happen to other bosses like Giant mole and D-kings gives them more of a reason to go bossing. I understand we wont to keep this a Pre Eoc server but adding things to this to make it great in its own way would be amazing like Boss pets or even adding in a New boss one Designed by Fury himself that drops unique rewards (higher tier weps) and even add in a fury amulet drop as well to the fury boss just would be iconic to receive a fury from the fury boss. Please can I get everyone's opinion on boss drops and new bosses, any way thanks for reading Snowy.
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    Welcome buddy! hope u enjoy fury always glad to see someone new on forums =]
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    Few things I have noticed on the new interface: * There is no X button, you can currently only cancel it by clicking in the minimap or actually teleporting somewhere. It might be nice to add this ability in case you still need to bank real quick. * I'm missing a few skill specific teleports (I'm not sure whether these have purposely been removed or not). A few include: - Most farming patches teleports (Catherby, Falador, Ardougne, Tree Gnome Village, Taverly and Brimhaven) - Mining (Varrock-east mine) - Isfadar teles you to the mining location, but there no longer an option for the hunting area or magic trees. I can see why some of them might have been removed because you can walk to most of them pretty quickly, but I'd still prefer to use the old teleport system because of these important skilling teleports ): Nonetheless, I think the interface is great and I love the favorite option. I just hope to see some of these teles being implemented at some point.
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    Hey guys just wanted to start a discussion on the next tier of donor zone I have some ideas that ill like to suggest feel free to add your opinion on what you think or what you'll like to add yourself. So the list I have so far will be: Frost dragons 4-5 dragons Gold/coal living rock mineral mine deposit 6-8 rune ore rocks Higher tier crafting store holding more diamonds gems and sell dragonstone even provide dragon hides Pure essence shop selling up to 250-500 at a time 5-6 magic trees Shop that provides living rock mineral bait to catch rocktails/cavefish Higher tier Mummies that drop more supplies and better drop rates Extra Herb patch New thieve store providing more XP but not as much Gold per hour 3-4 dragon imping spawn Some of these ideas might seem O.P but please keep in mind it is a $500.00 donor benefit and that Is a lot of money to donate to the server so you should be rewarded fairly I like to think. Please give me feed back or what else you think this zone should have thanks guys for reading this.
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    I 100% support this as a diamond donor. I donated $527 to this server and that is a large jump from $150 from ruby zone. This would give players who love the server more incentive to donate and help support our server in the long run. I strongly believe this will cause an influx of diamond donors which is what i think we are in desperate need of right now. This would highly add on to the diamond donor experience. I would also like to add some suggestions to the zone: A better/faster RuneCrafting method than the altar at ::rzone A wider variety of hunting npcs than ::rzone A new/worth-while thieving or pickpocketing method (maybe a diamond donor exclusive gem stall that lets you get a wide variety of gems that will be worth while for crafting)(legends will grind on gem stall for hours to help them get 99 crafting as well as selling them to other players) (maybe a 95 thieving req.) Farming patches: lots of herbs, trees, etc in a convenient arrangement Have Frost Dragons or another npc like Nomad or another cool/unique npc that drops elite/hard clue scrolls (preferrably hard for 3a melee )
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    Hello everyone! I'm Meknes, I recently got back into playing RSPSes (long time fan and player of Runescape and related private servers), I'm new to forum use but I thought there was a first time for everything. I'm glad to be here playing with you guys and I hope it's an enjoyable experience.
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    Majority of the things in POH aren't coded such as the games in the games room as well as the dungeon, which simply cannot be built. Furthermore, if we could get marble to be white over blue which looks like it was coloured in MS paint it would make houses look a lot cleaner. Finally, can we have an option to rotate rooms without removing the room completely and rebuilding it. Thank you, very much for reading this suggestion
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    +1 this forsure! nice work lena
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    Awesome update guys! thanks for posting the update thread Wildy slayer should be fun. I can't wait for highscores to be fixed and vote store to be reworked.
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    If you are new to PVM, or don't know the correct method to do Graador in GWD (God Wars dungeon) then hopefully you will be ready for your next Bandos trip by the end of this guide. Item Requirements: Hammer, Runes to cast 'Vengeance', Preferred special attack weapon. Note: Turmoil isn't necessary however it helps tremendously. You can use Piety and protect from melee as a substitute - If you have access to summoning, such as war turtle or Pak Yak make sure to check out medium requirements as well. When teleporting to GWD make sure you have either deflect magic or protect from magic prayers enabled due to Saradomin Priests and spiritual magers at the teleport spot. After teleporting to GWD run West until you reach this goblin with a banner (as shown in the image below.) The reason why you will be getting your kc off this goblin is due to him having 1 hp and spawns every second. You are going to need to kill this goblin until you reach the required kill count (KC); Regular player: 15 Bandos KC Sapphire: 12 Bandos KC Emerald: 10 Bandos KC Ruby: 7 Bandos KC Diamond: 5 Bandos KC Dragonstone: 2 Bandos KC Onyx: None required Ideal minimum gear (some items can be substituted) This is the ideal minimum gear required to kill Graador, depending on your opinion you may want to change a few items or inventory setups, although this is my personal favourite when I was starting up. Below is a link to the method i use to kill Graador in this setup. Next is the medium method of killing Graador as well as the item setup. This is the inventory used within the Pak Yak as well. Note: with the medium method of killing Graador depending on how often you get hit you can stay for up to 3-10 kills roughly. The basic idea is to aggro Sergeant Steelwill (the mager) with your pak yak whether you want to kill Graador himself or Sergeant Grimspike first is entirely up to you. Furthermore you should switch to soulsplit to heal up on minions at the end of the kill unless you are being hit fairly hard by Grimspike or Steelwill. Finally the Best in Slot method. This personally is the best in slot i have available to me but you can upgrade with Dominion sword, Kiln cape/Comp cape Torva helm (if you aren't on task) With the pak yak inventory looking like this. Now the way this method is different to the others, is due to the overwhelming hp bonus you get from Torva, as well as having an sgs to get you to full prayer and high hp using SS (soulsplit) if you want to you can totally ignore the mager however, if you want to avoid taking the risk of extra damage you can use your pak yak to draw aggro from Steelwill like in the medium method. While using this method you can theoretically last forever or until you run out of supplies which will take a very long time. Congratulations, you are now ready to solo Graador with ease. Finally, if you have any questions about any of the methods feel free to contact me via this forum post, in game or discord. I will be happy to clarify anything that you may be confused about. Now i apologise if I've missed anything out on the guide, let me know if i have and i'll be sure to update it. Good luck with your drops.
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    Hellooo. I will be updating this as the day goes on and I do more. dungeoneering rune counts has been fixed. Dungeoneering spellbooks has been fixed. Dungeoneering party panel has been fixed when finishing/leaving dungeons. Added a new command for map problems in dung. use ::dungmap Familiar draining/timers fixed. Clue Scroll drops has been fixed. Veracs tomb resetting on exit fixed. Reminders to vote & join forums/discord is now automated every 15mins. EDIT!!! fixed damage prevention from npcs. so u don't gain exp anymore if the npc blocks the damage. It blocked the damage but exp was still being gained. fixed players logging into a black map from a previous dungeoneering session. workshops in POH will now update properly.
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    The picture below is 100% Lena's work. I'm not taking credit for this, merely using it as a reference for what I and others think should be in vote store. Everything you see in picture i agree with EXCEPT: Moon Clan Outfit (you can easily just make an npc drop this for welfare gear and its a huge waste of space for better vote items, not to mention it looks like a homeless person's clothes), we should increase the prices of bunny ears, sled and easter basket to: bunny = 225pts, sled = 500pts, basket = 350pts or something high af like that. I also think Penance skirt and fighter helm should be in Slayer Rewards shop instead (i agree with leaving fighter torso in the store; i think its a good idea), decrease price for afro or remove it, decrease price of flippers and gnome scarf (like make flippers 27 and scarf 8), remove backpack. What I think we should add on top of this Vote Shop Rough Draft is: KEEP FULL DRAGON (OR), ADD FULL PROFOUND DECORATIVE ARMOR, ADD FANCY BOOTS, KEEP ORNAMENTAL KIT As for the Skilling Box (i agree with price): This should include the gear that Lena was talking about in Staff Chat like: Black Ibis, Runecrafting robes, Master Runecrafter Robes, and other Skilling outfits such as that maybe even Gold Mining Outfit pieces Skilling Supply Box (i agree with price): make this drop secondary herb supplies in bulk notes, bulk herbs, bulk ores/bars, bulk logs (magic/yew), bulk planks, etc I also agree with your Brawler Gloves idea, fury. Either we add them to vote store or add them to Slayer Rewards Store. We could remove d def and move to Slayer Store or just leave it in there OR add them to vote rewards (idk if theyre already in there or not) Profound Decorative Armor and Fancy Boots: