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  1. So this update isn't a big one as the last one because that one took a lot of time, but this update is still important! Also thanks for all the donor ranks for coming yesterday and helping out with testing the whole zone and helping me make changes according to those statistics I saw! ::rzone is now back to Ruby+ Donors only Mummy warriors are buffed to 1500 hp and drop table slightly nerfed, Wyverns have an interesting drop table now too and it should be best way to get a visage now The NPC dwarf trader in the rzone is now pickpocket-able with 1 thieving, but to get a potential 4x rewards you would need 99 agility and 99 thieving, the gloves of silence really help here! Vine whip is now +100 str and +102 slash, this was meant to be from the start as we put in the donor store for $30, but its finally buffed to what it was supposed to be Bandos was slightly nerfed to not have 1 hko potential, as when i did the math and tested it myself you can walk in and get hit around 120 if they all max hit, now it should be around 100, so don't forget to use protection prayers Achievements were fixed, such as open 10 PvP boxes, kill 100 frost dragons, and kill 100 revenants, if anything else is broken achievement wise let me know and ill fix it! More updates in the future as this is a small one to finish the stuff from yesterday such as the ::rzone and to fix any bugs or issues you guys told me about recently. Media
  2. Hey guys so its my first update log, basically ever on Fury, and I had the help of Muse for some of these updates, so thanks Muse! Warriors guild now has 16 armored npcs automatically spawned, this should be a great place for iron men to obtain their starter armors now and as well as earn money Multi zones in Fury have been fixed all around, so when you enter wilderness or other areas, Multi zone should be correct I have updated over 100 NPCS+ for a new drop table and almost all the bosses, I will be observing the economy for a day or two before making further tweaks and changes Polypore staff is now craftable using a polypore stick with 3000 polypore spores and these spores can be obtained from ganodermic beast The donor store now has deathtouch darts for 199 points or $2, and vote shop has items added to it, and so did the melee store, we have a ton of shop updates upcoming in the next update We have released our Ruby Donator zone and as for now its still being tweaked and updated so it will be open to any donor rank from sapphire to test it and help us make it better. Do ::rzone to access it We have populated wilderness with tons of NPC's and we will be adding new bosses to it as well such as elvarg and other cool things in the future, Wilderness NPC's are a work in progress, but with multi zones fixed killing frost dragons should be a breeze The Crystal Chest has been revamped and more prizes have been added to it, it now gives all the barrow items and a whip, so get your keys out and start opening up those chests! This is one of the first batches of updates, I am getting back into it and spending a lot of time learning how to do things, but I am getting faster and faster everyday. I might have missed something, but this should be the majority! So updates to expect would be the thieving guild with tons of new thieving npcs/stalls/chests, full wilderness NPC's with possible Wilderness slayer if i can add it in, another donor zone, more drop updates, shop updates, more items to obtain, and new NPCs/bosses to slay! If you have any questions or ideas on what we should do next or what should we change please let us know in the Discord, the forums, or in-game. Muse and I are always listening to you the players. Media Warriors guild First room in Ruby donor zone, theres 9 in total!
  3. Goodbye

    We will all miss and Greg and hopefully after his one month Europe trip he returns to Fury Other then that Muse and Me and possibly another Dev I am looking for will be taking over a majority of Fury's work which was left in the dust the past few months, this includes small bugs, annoying things in-game, shops, drops, new npc's, donor zones, new home, interfaces and lots of other cool stuff. Plus after all this is done we will be releasing wilderness slayer and our PvP system while we run checking on how PvP is functioning atm with the new updates.
  4. PvP updates - Give feedback

    Thank you all for the feedback
  5. Its legend mode for a reason 5x combat 1x experience With our servers events you can get double EXP for skills Or with VOTE BOOK + Bonus exp weekend you can get another x2 experience Which makes combat x10 and exp x2
  6. Ragnar's Armadyl Guide (UPDATED)

    Should also include the kill count needed, how to make the mith graple, where to buy it, where to use it, and basically all the steps in general! Other then that its too straight forward and needs some depth.
  7. Crashed Star Sprite Bug

    We will resolve it today or tomorrow, thank you for reporting it <3 Collect that stardust for now boys!
  8. Trodal Helper Application

    Application is approved, I enjoyed your guides and re-read through them, hunter one I already posted on, but the fletching one is missing the pictures Sorry it took so long to approve you, we had staff full, and people to demote Welcome to the team man
  9. Trodal's Fletching Guide

    Pictures are missing for the logs and stuff you can fletch!
  10. We are working on our first stages of the PvP update The first bit of content is completely redoing magic, with this will be the release of Polypore staff, Staff of Armadyl, surge spells and other goodies. This will also balance magic out and be the first bit of balancing done towards a combat skill. We got a few more to go During this time we also want to add exclusive PvP shops, PvP content, and ways to make pking easier for people who just join, such as premade set ups for all players. There might be a new game mode involved as well gaining pvp based rewards at a 5-10% better rate, but the main purpose of the account would just to be to pk, also their combat would be x1000-x1500, and skills would be the same as regular mode. PvPers like to login and pk, they want to make money from pking and ignore usually most other aspects of the game until they get a liking for the PvP aspect as a whole. So to attract a Pker their early game has to easier, with this our content ideas are as follows Amulet of souls system with a new grim reaper NPC + Grim reaper boss - Will not go into detail on this, its 100% and its a surprise! ^This above is not am amulet you can wear, but are trophies, you basically capture a persons soul randomly, can be used in a shop with the grim reaper in the future New PvP shops - We want to add Pure stores, Zerker store, Main store, and a store to buy all your lunar ancient, pots and food at, all at npcs found near the ditch with a bank booth placed there We want PvP to be all around wild, so we will add Wilderness slayer and possibly expand a task system to make wilderness profitable Wilderness warband's with a fury twist may be added if the players want this, would expand into getting PvMers into the wilderness and getting experience, once again PvMers and PvPers both in the wilderness = Wilderness acitvity All drops in the Wilderness will now be noted, and we want to make wilderness slayer to be interesting for this aspect, and create hot spot zones which would make money making in the wilderness profitable and at the same time have a website based heat map which will show where most of the PvMers/money makers are. We already have frost dragons in the wilderness, Green dragons, Red dragons, Chaos elemental, I feel like the drops for these need to be improved, and at the same time we need a ton more NPC's in wilderness! We have the chaos tunnels and Revenant caves, as you know chaos tunnels have no wilderness, but the Revenant caves do, chaos tunnels would work on pvp worlds, but not normal worlds. So to find a solution to this we would ask the players You guys can come up with NPCS to add to the wilderness and some drops to go along with this! Interfaces for pking will be added, as i said before the premade set ups which pull from your bank, possible bounty hunting where people can put gold on your head if you die, and a very important interface would include clans, so we could see high clan activity and being one of the first pre-eoc servers in a long time to hold real pre-eoc pking tournies! No more OSRS/Pre-eoc mixes or just pure OSRS. This time it will be PURE PRE-EOC PVP! Also any other interfaces you would like to see let me know. We will of course also be considering PvP worlds and we will of course have a target system, the best way to make money is to collect amulet of souls and to collect any PvP drops through pking and sometimes the occasional rare PvP boss which you obtain from revs! Other then that we would love to hear your feedback, and your ideas! This PvP update gets me excited and you the players should be as well! For the poll please vote carefully, if you would we would like it if you could only vote on 3 things at a time from the 7 choices you have. Thank you for playing and being a great community, we are working our butts off to make sure the summer is a blast for you guys.
  11. Fishing Guide By Old

    Great guide, need to update it when we add in monkfish
  12. Im sure if you completely disable all settings, your memory usage and fps would be high and should be 0 lag there. GWD still teleports the same for old players its just for any new player who didn't unlock it yet will now automatically go to trollhiem
  13. Future Updates Poll

    Need more feedback guys
  14. Future Updates Poll

    Thanks for the feedback
  15. Future Updates Poll

    Everyone come cast your votes, we are wanting feedback