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  1. Sym's December Suggestions

    1. Boss yes, drops no way re-do them 2. Maybe, I was thinking instead for Nex and Corp to make all the people killing the boss if they do over 100-200 damage to get a drop as well, so up to 5 people can get a drop per kill? 3. Draw it out how it will look like in paint 4. Armadyl crossbow no 5. 6. 7. So you got a chest with keys, but how do you obtain the keys, whats the event? Is the event just a chest you buy keys from the donor store? 8. Maybe 9. Whats the point if only one rank shows? Your an admin and want to be a vet too? 10. Again multiple ranks 11. Again multiple ranks 12. Could be used to make PvP gear, and make it do bonus damage in PvP like 15-20% more 13. It is being added yes 14. If we add smithing, we will only make it able to smith and smelt 3-5 items a dungeon run. 15. Will be considered if you can think of different requirements for it, and a location for it with a cord and the full drops tables 16. Already being done on our next major donation store update 17. Boss pets is a boring add imo, but if people want it, it could be possible. Just feels too custom
  2. Not a lot of servers can say they have been up for one year, but we have and its been a long ride I have had such a great time running Fury and we have been working to make it the best possible Pre-EoC server every single day and that's a lot of work, but considering where we started then its a BIG BIG JUMP From the start of Fury we have OVER 5 PAGES of Update logs. Can you believe how many updates we have done? We never stopped and we never want to stop, your donations have been helping fund Fury to keep it up this long and keep the game running for all the current, old and future players to enjoy. I would personally like to thank Nando for being an important part of Fury and helping it grow to what it has today, and I would also like to thank Greg the guy who created this all with me, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't even have Fury. I would like to thank all the Staff members who were apart of Fury over the last year Such as Muse who was our Ex-admin and an all around great guy. Urinalcake who was a great Moderator for many many months, but real life finally caught up to him. Badman the servers number one complainer, but was the first to get a comp cape, but a decent mod. Trodal a staff member who has been on and off many times, but also a great help by donating a ton to the server(still here). Lena Oxton a staff member who we hope will be back to enjoy Fury as this was his favorite game and his donations alone helped grow Fury beyond anything possible. Symbiotic the bank stander of the year award who recently got admin and actually put his time to good use by helping other players and making the forums active! (Still here) Ragnar is a guy who I had to help out when he had no money and I personally sent him $100 when he was at a low point in life, watching him grow with Fury in real life and in-game was a great sight and I am very proud of him and consider him a top moderator! Phanny Phart a name I hate saying, but it has to be done, you have been here since Fury started and became a helper and helped this server and played it for as long as I remember, thank you so much! Sammy a staff member who made some of the best guides on Fury, but again life took over and her time on Fury was here and there, but her commitment back then was amazing. Exivel I had no idea how to spell your name, and I still struggle..... its a weird name, but you have been a great moderator and really cared for the staff and tried to be the best staff member there was with your ideas and support in-game! X Even though your time was short, you did have a small impact on making Fury great for those months you were staff and I would like to thank you, sad to see you go though AdamR even though you are still kind of new to the staff team, your impact the last few months has been memorable and I would like to thank you! I would also like to welcome all the new Staff Members such as Dreams and Astro Maddi We hope you make your impact on Fury and make your place remembered for the players and myself! I would also like to thank all the donors we have had Each one of you is amazing and Anciency your a funny guy, you are our top Donator, but even when you don't play I love hearing about your crazy Belgium lifestyle, your partying your clubbing, your Girlfriend, and of course YOU MAN! Thank you for your donations and I hope your got your money's worth by playing Fury and helping it grow. I would also like to Thank all the players who report bugs, and keep logging in everyday and telling me hello when I login! I love you guys and I love logging in to Fury to make the players happy, because when you guys are Happy I AM HAPPY! THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT YEAR, Lets make it another and fill it with AMAZING MEMORIES! <3
  3. Some recommendations for the video would be the following Make a proper title so you rank properly on youtube and people can find Fury "Fury RSPS - Skilling Plinth/Rock Guide" That will put you up towards the RSPS keyword and people will click on the title more based on that Next write a description and don't link runescape.com You could make it a simple 2-3 liner such as the following "Hey guys and welcome to my Fury RSPS guide, I hope you learned something from it and if you want to play Furyps go to https://furyps.com/" That would work better for the description Now you would also have to make proper tags "Rsps" "Runescape" "OSRS" "Furyps" "Fury RSPS" "rs ps" "runescape private server" "rs private server" "runescape ps" Those are just some examples All those tips would help increase views and rank you higher on youtube You can also like the video yourself and share it in the Fury discord and other RSPS based discords so people can find the server better I recommend doing this for all videos as this will help increase exposure Thanks for the great videos!
  4. Yes let it sink in, we didn't have an update for two weeks because we have been working on new insane interfaces, and of course STEALING CREATION to which we had to make 6+ separate interfaces to match the original ones from pre-eoc We will be the first 317 with stealing creation or any server in 317-500 revision. This is a major because we will be finishing up the other minigame's which players loved and remembered and maybe fist of guthix might be next I am so proud of this achievement that we will be going on and hiring youtuber's to let everyone know that we did it! And we will keep breaking records and make sure Pre-EoC servers can live on and prosper without any OSRS. Stealing Creation Yes this is on Fury, GET YOUR DOUBLE EXP ITEMS RIGHT NOW! Fun with the Fury boys! Amount of clay left in a game, map and and clay amount scales with players in the game! And when you finally win, coughs I mean lose You will get this amazing score board New Drops Interface - Easy to use and noob friendly, just do ::drops Content Updates Warning message added to ::gamble command. Added a Gamble block command which will prevent people from being cleaned. Slayer helmet bonus has been added while on tasks. Content and Bug Fixes Tutorial accounts getting stuck has now been fixed. Armadyl minion now fly around freely and are there to destroy YOU! Clue scrolls not dropping properly has been fixed. For example if you have a clue scroll tier you will not receive another one of the same tier until you finish the clue. Tutorial rewards has been fixed because some people sometimes got two rewards instead of one! Pm chat options was temporarily broken due to adding new interfaces, but has been fixed. Bloodwood tree spawns have been fixed and now spawn in three locations, not just two. Blood diamond has been fixed to teleport you to the new third location and so fort. Any issues related to teleport interface has now been fixed. Sorry this update took so long, but all our focus was to make this mini-game happened, it was super difficult, but it has been done! We are now officially the first and we will keep expanding our mini-games and content this coming month. So tell your friends to hop on and enjoy Fury with us
  5. Dreams Queen black dragon guide!

    Awesome guide man! Thanks a lot <3
  6. Button for teleport

    What events are you referring to buddy ?
  7. I am so excited to finally announce our first interface which was hand made and took a lot of work to implement. All this took a long time to produce this one interface, but its the start of something great with many more interfaces to come! So this is it, our Teleport interface! It comes with a toggle to teleport the old way if wanted, but this way is 100x faster so no point really. Content Updates Molten glass making has now been added, the full process from seaweed to soda ash, to getting buckets of sand and using it on a furnace. Any Slayer tasks assigned now will never be the same one you just had. Also amazing new Nex sets have arrived in the donor store, these nex sets give half of the void bonus of what they are intended for, such as pernix now has the void effect but halved + the nex set effect making it the best in slot armor for any situation. Bug and Content Fixes We have recently discovered some memory leaks in old code left from the old development team, this has now been fixed for good and the small lag spikes you recently experienced should never happen again. This also now allows us to expand construction fully to the 2nd floors and to the dungeon floors. Godwars dungeon was broken for a bit for hitting and spawning from the last update when we fully reworked it, this has now been fully fixed. forever and GWD should be very enjoyable to do now! Fixed an issue with NPC's not processing or re-spawning properly due to height changes, such as slayer tower monsters and mithril dragons. Bonus exp + vote book mixing together or separate has now been fully fixed as well . We recently experienced an issue with shooting star, but that has been fixed so you should see your alien friend again now! Slayer tasks have now been fixed which still give a task when its on your cancelled list. Noted helmet of neitznot has been fixed now. We are sorry about this weeks lack of update, we were focused on fixing bugs and making a system to which we can implement all our future interfaces much quicker. We are also very happy to even now have an interface, its a big step forward into the right direction and we are excited to add interfaces to everything in Fury!
  8. Astro Maddi's helper application (edited)

    I love the time zone, even though I am back to this time zone now, I do not see you as much as I used to 3 weeks ago lets say?
  9. Dreams helper application

    A lot of people approve of you, but I need to see the guides and more commitment to the forum side of things
  10. Trodal Helper/Forum Mod Application

    Re-Approved again, welcome back to the staff team!
  11. Bolin's Helper Application

    Where you at bud, have not see you on in a while
  12. AdamR's Helper application

  13. Added some awesome images for you boys
  14. The biggest update log in Fury history are you ready? The work that has been put into this update is insane, and sadly it did take 10 days since the last update to release it, so bear with us and enjoy it! Fully New tutorial is finally finished, the best part of it you can now get a fire cape and 5m if you kill the pk bot. You will get to experience the best gear Fury has to offer and will get taught things you never knew before about Fury as a new or old player. Hope you enjoy! Another thing you guys wanted to be added was a statue collection bag, and guess what that is added, but will be added into the vote shop soon, or any other suggestions you guys have While we are finishing up our drop interface and teleport we have added a ::whatdrops command so people can now find out what drops your dragon claws? Content Updates Players can now recolor already colored items by using the item such as a blue SoL on the loyalty npc again to maybe make it pink? Items worth over 100k will now be removed from the general store every 5 minutes Whip vine, and all the glacor boots will now be added to the world drop notification's A combat level limitation has been added to the easy wilderness slayer tasks Added more kalphite spawns to the kalphite caves and some that were missing Clue scroll drops has now been added to the drops command and examine NPC's option An edgeville lever has been added which will take you to 50 wilderness and then back to egde to promote the pking, no point of taking you to ardougne Content and Bug fixes Elvargs head was sell-able for 5m, but now its alchable as well The skill 2x event which happens twice a day is finally fully fixed Fixed clue types being dropped after you already have that one Corpreal beast has fully been fixed now, with all the attack animations and gfx and timers Tormented demons have been fully reworked and fixed with the proper attack animations gfx and timers as well Zamorak was a big pain in the ass as it had so much stuff to redo specifically, but that was also all fixed Any other chamber monsters and other gwd bosses and minions have had their Attack animations and gfx and timers fixed also(the most important for most of you) Bloodwood tree and forsaken bloodwood tree has been all fixed(if you didn't know you couldn't chop the forsaken one, and it also gives double the logs) Leather crafting has been fully fixed and the cowl now displays correctly also the window will now close properly Thieving stall directions have now been corrected Wilderness Moss giants have been fixed now with the proper animations Sorry guys this update took so long, we promised it would come out earlier, but we kept adding in more and more amazing things. We will have another big update soon and that one will be even more packed then this one We will keep making Fury better thanks to your support and help guys with the bugs we have and content suggestions you guys offer us! Lets also give a big thanks to Nando for doing an amazing job this update and for taking some of the work load while I was gone I will be back now and the updates will be more action packed and insane, plus you will see me in-game more again because ill be back!
  15. This is an amazing update and an update everyone has been waiting for We worked so hard and we are so glad to finally have it out for you guys to enjoy The most important update is wilderness slayer, here is where you can start it. This is north of edge near the ditch The wilderness reward shop is amazing, it has special restores and blood diamonds which teleport you to bloodwood trees. And the most important is Dreadnips, being the first 317 server to have this we are making history! Another big plus from this update is us re-working clue scrolls fully and fixing everything that didn't work, plus adding a clue scroll shop to get items you need for clues, also rewards will be reworked in future to be made much much better <3 The new NPC is named Hassan and south of edge You can also now examine a clue scroll to know the reward it will have! Content Updates Added a limit on the amount of bots you can kill for rewards a day to 5 a day, this will reset when you kill 5 players or wait 24 hours Added plant pot and trowel to iron man store so you guys can plant trees We have added crossbow limb smithing which is also amazing for iron men Wildy Wyrm teleport tab/scroll has been added, same with the blood diamond it has been added to teleport to bloodwood trees More nechs have been added to the slayer tower with respawn time cut in half Some code has been cleaned up to put less strain on the server in the future to reduce any lag the longer fury runs like for example when it ran this week for a whole week and it lagged sometimes Cooking burn rate has been fully reworked and you should burn less food now You can now use a bucket of water on clay to make soft clay Clue scrolls are now only 1-3 solves for easy 2-4 for meduim 3-5 for hard and elite Content And Bug Fixes Hits bug fix so sometimes when people and NPC's didn't take damage Wrath and Retribution prayers have been fully fixed and are now good to go for PvP and most importantly Dh pking Skill x2 event is properly showing in the quest tab now Ornament kits has been re-written such as infinity and putting on and off the items Dragon fires shield is full now messages are now being filtered properly Wilderness item noting has been properly fixed Cannon lag spikes have been fixed The way PK bots bank has now been reworked Amulet of glory now teleports at 30 wilderness and so does other dragonstone jewels, before it was 20 which was improper Kicking animation has been properly fixed Dragon Hally Special animation has been fixed Obby dagger now has all the proper animations and attack interface Honestly this update was all Nando he really worked hard and listened to a lot of you guy's to make it happen, even with his broken charger and old Laptop he always makes sure to make these updates happen Your ol Fury has a lot of IRL stuff to do atm because hes in America. When I get more free time or when i come back which in less then 10 days then I will be grinding 10 hours+ a day again, because currently I can only do maybe 4 hours a day or so which is not a lot for what Fury needs. That is the honest truth and we hope this update can really show you what Fury is about, we are doing thing's you won't see on any other server and we do it the best with the best gaming experience We are also designing lots of interfaces currently so you guy's will have some amazing content in the future added