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  1. Donating for bars

    Sorry will fix it this update, thanks for donating bud <3
  2. Are you a cool iron man? You got some cool pictures or videos you want to share? Then share it over here at our amazing iron man MEDIA section! I will be giving 3 COOL Iron man a mystery box each for those COOL media posts you guys make. Show us what you are made of Fury Iron man!
  3. Well an iron man has to do things differently, they can't obtain item's as easily as regular players and they have to unlock content harder like enchanted valley for an example. An iron man is a very fun and rewarding game mode, but Fury has so many hidden gems that the best way for iron man to play is to share the information he knows with other iron man in these amazing guides you guy's make. This is a very important section as the road of discovery for iron man is a long one, and if you guy's can contribute some guides towards this mode, It will make it more fun to play, as an experienced player helping a noob learn Fury Iron man is great. So because there is a limited amount of iron man and there is no guides here I will give for the first 5 guides made in the iron man section by iron man 3 mystery boxes each depending if it fits the quality Fury looks for Thank you very much and enjoy playing Iron man!
  4. The Ironman club

    I don't see this section used very often and there was a good reason behind it, no one could of made threads, but now all that is enabled. I would like to tell all you solo players, all you iron man! WELCOME to your own forum section, here you can discuss the things you overcame and can help other iron man along the way.
  5. And the cape is basically tokhaar kal in stats has +8 str bonus for comp cape, the only item that will have ava's effect is ava and comp cape
  6. It takes too much time

    Just learn to manage it my g and keep having fun on Fury <3
  7. Refunding Runique Donations!

    Message Fury in-game boys <3
  8. Huge June Update - Part 2!

    Actually added now, only dungeon's incomplete now are frost and the moss, but those will be in the next update <3 Hope you guys enjoy and if you find some bug's don't mind telling us, we have a new developmental team so its a learning process
  9. Huge June Update - Part 2!

    Forgot to push actually two of the resource dungeon's, an important one is blue dragons, and didn't push my change for passive iron drags steel and TD's which would make killing these NPC's easier Next update you can expect all the resource dungeon's fully done and working perfectly though
  10. This is the update you guys, were waiting for! This was the one we lost sleep over and I only slept one hour trying to get this out for you guys ASAP! We have two developers working on Fury currently and again as they learn the source then overtime the updates will be bigger and filled with more quality! I would like to thank the development team and our lead developer Dioxin for helping make this update happen and staying up these long nights with me, I would also like to thank our other developer if he would like his name disclosed or not Lets begin with the updates Thieving guild now has a notification in the quest tab indicating when the event will start, we will also add one of these for double experience and pest control and any other events we have in the future Edimmu is now 100% 95 dung requirement, you guy's had your fun testing it for us and now its good to go Resource dungeons, have all been completed, but the frost dragon one and the moss giant one. I am thinking what to do with the frost dragon room because in the room for wyverns we put frosts there, so then I might have to remove wyverns from ::rzone put them there, put frosts in here and etc, but feedback would be lovely for today's update We have also added all the item spawns to Resource Dungeons so it could be a way to collect those starter herbs, those blue dragon scales, or maybe even limpwurt roots all for free Muddy chest has been released with an amazing drop table falling into four categories , the first being Food, then Bars, Runes, and Gems, if you land on any of them you will get a nice reward, great for iron men and regular players alike We have added in a possible clan chat name dupe fix which would also fix people who have bad wifi and keep dcing and then the server won't let you on because it thinks your ip is still connected to the client We have added a pest control fix so the games all end now properly and we will be doing pest control events again soon Claiming vote books in dung will not work now and will say to claim outside of a dung The activate curse achievement should now be working properly 100% of the time We improved the attack speed of kalphite queen and now she should attack normally instead of 5 times a second Nex Insta-kill dart bug paired with the reloading of the regions bug has now been fixed, so you can now climb up the rocks for nex and then climb back down if you want to start another kill Corporeal beast is now a 40 second timer for re-spawning Fixed the Evil tree and everything about it so it should be 100% smooth now Fixed the Shooting star and everything about it so it should also be 100% smooth now, but we need to observe it live The thieving guild events are still in testing and we want to make the thieving guild a very lively place with all the best thieves so starting a thieving event is still easy and can make you over 20m coins in less then 10-20 minutes making it better then stalls Updated all the fishing experience for shark and monkfish All the fishing spots in Living rock cavern have now been fixed to a normal click range, same applies to dung Familiars can now be brought into construction without fear of them disappearing Added a rocktail fishing spot to ::rzone as well We have also added a new death NPC lurking in the north-west house of edge, its a new Death and hes sitting on his soon to be throne(this is the start of wilderness slayer, souls collection update, and a future death boss fight I would like to thank you guys for sticking with us while we were making this update happen, as you guy's knew we had a lot of bug's reported this week and it was our goal to squash a huge part of them, and I am glad to say we did, and this following week we hope to squash them all! We are making PvP updates here and there, but full focus will go into it possibly by the end of this week or maybe at the end of next week depending on the plan's and suggestions/bugs you guys have for us Thank you once again for patiently waiting, the Fury team loves you guys <3
  11. double exp events

    Also support, I could possibly see if i could add a Current event to it, such as a thieving guild event a double exp event or pest control event which is double pc control points on this new update
  12. This is a 2 part update that will happen, first of all because we want to see how the things we added work, such as all our bug fixes, because if they are working perfectly we can fix the rest of the bugs by the end of today. Same applies for thieving guild, I want to see how to improve it with suggestions from you guys Thieving guild update is fully released with 4 NPC's to thieve from, All doors will be picklockable, and a new 4 hour event happens now with the Guild master, during the testing phase he will pop out almost instantly, but when we are finished with this update you will need 4k hanky points with the hanky points you obtain being only 1-4 depending on what you thieve We have also added the Nex fix and a bit of other bug fixes in regards to stuff just bugging out of nowhere We have also released a thieving guild outfit to be obtained from the thieving guild, its a full black ibis suit Part two will be the full update when we learn and get feedback from this one, as we have new developers working now, this feedback loop is very important to make much better updates Feedback thread -
  13. Today is the first day of update, I want to know how we can improve it? Nerf or buff give us all the suggestions Maybe make it tier based where when you teleport in first will be the low level stuff, then you move onto higher level NPC's in the middle room, and then we want to add in black jacking Also we want to make it 1 2 and 4 hanky points obtained from these NPC's Should we make a thieving guild shop with the hanky points to include new types of blackjacks and other cool thieving rewards? Do you like obtaining a jewel and chalice from the guild master its over 5-25m per event you can obtain is this too much or too litte Please leave us all the feedback to make this update banging!
  14. Does the ava's upgrade on pre-eoc? If yes then no we didn't add it yet, if no then no
  15. Incorrect Password

    Resolved Can login now and play again buddy!