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  1. Vote Shop Feedback?

    Hey guy's so I have been seeing some discussion over Vote store and currently we are adding brawler gloves. We are also considering making a Skilling box which will have rewards following this format Common 650/1000 Item name Uncommon 300/1000 Item name Rare 45/1000 Item name Legendary 5/1000 Item name If you guy's have any other ideas for the Vote Shop and if you guys can help us fill in the Skilling box which will contain the Rarest skilling outfits then please tell us
  2. I know guys, a lot of you been seeing multiple updates this week and you have no clue what they are about, well we had to hot fix some things multiple times, sometimes our fix didn't work so we had to try something new Wishing Well has been added and now will double any resources gained in most gathering skills! This means more goodies for people to use and sell and makes skilling more profitable for all, I myself will try and fill the well once or twice a day. We have also now added a name change scroll, you can find it in the in-game donor store for only 1000 Donor points or claiming a $10 scroll Content and Bug fixes Wilderness Wyrm locations have been fixed, and now will not show up in clan wars, in a future update you will be able to teleport to the wildy wyrm using wilderness slayer points Torso is now un-tradable Name change scrolls now make your name capital Shooting star has been fixed and won't disappear now after 10-30 minutes and stay for the full hour its intended Evil tree has now been fixed for proper times and all the items you obtain from it All teleportation has now been fully fixed, this includes spirit tree teleportation as well Should now be smooth Corrupt zuriels staff can now be used to cast mismiac spells The experience lamp you get from tutorial should for PvP game mode now Wishing well now requires a 1m minimum to put in with 1m intervals All glove's from RFD now have proper defense requirements for future PvP White berries on the Rare drop table are now noted Crossbow speed has now been fixed Players in Wilderness now properly updates Content Updates Wilderness targets now have a no risk limit if you get a target you can fight each other regardless of the risk All experience gained in wilderness for combat vs a player now is 1x - This means if you fight a player ONLY not an NPC (We actually messed this up and will fix it next update, sorry) Iron man shops have now been updated with more items, to complete all achievements We have improved the combat formulations and attacking even more, now PvP should be even more smoother same with PvM Double experience event which happens every day twice a day is now in the quest tab You can now check Crystal key chests rewards by doing ::drops cc Vine whip now has a special and shoots little vines from the ground dealing damage with the same time as your whip Wilderness teleports have been reworked to include modern teleports Sorry about this update not being so meaty, we did do a lot of behind the scenes and this has been a stressful few days We are also aware of the achievements still being messed up for people and we are trying a final solution before I manually revert each persons achievements to those affected and its only 10-15 people This issue happened because we tried to add two new achievements and something broke it. We will fix this as soon as possible and we want to try our automated solutions because automated solutions are better for future issues when we code tools and commands like this We are also for some peoples banks being empty and peoples accounts not being accessible for a few hours, this is the result of us creating the tool to fix achievements We are also aware of the PvP risk and gambling restrictions being annoying. I am considering of removing the PvP risk next update and making gambling minimum 100m As you guys see it wasn't a good week for us, but no matter how much life knocks us down we will keep getting back up and making Fury the best we can! We really hope to get back on track this week and catch up all the time we lost with the issues we had this week! Thank you for everyone who plays Fury everyday!
  3. Unexpected server response

    Resolved sorry buddy If anyone else got affected let me know
  4. Bobbydaniel's helper application

    Approved application Welcome to the staff team bud
  5. Suggestions #1

    Its not just the complex language its the formatting which starts sentences at half the page ? If you want to make a good thread formatting is key!
  6. Suggestions #1

    Can you format this better, I read half of it and my head hurts, I want to continue reading, but I really can't. Make it a forums post not a document your sending to me. Also a lot of the wording seems complex to me and a player to understand and agree with you, a lot of the things you stated could of been explained more simply, and some of the things you explained made no sense because it wasn't explained properly, this applies to the GWD minions, and the simplistic part could of been applied to teleportation, the reason teleportation was like that for a while was because of a dialogue change we did and we tested it, had nothing to do with the servers and stuff like that....
  7. Yes this has been pinned and featured, and I will be unpinning Muse's thank you for this amazing new list of guides format
  8. Bobbydaniel's formal introduction

    What a formal intro and after reading about woodcutting being your favorite skill, it made me want to find a tree irl and smash it with my head, other then that welcome to Fury
  9. Slayer FAQ

    Symbiotic helping the noobs <3
  10. Thanks for all the feedback guys much love and hope you all enjoy fury <3
  11. Hey guys so today we added our wilderness bosses, the final one will be Death, and possibly another one, but I don't want to do something too custom that is why i am trying to tread on a good road and stick with pre-eoc logic Wilderness/Wildy Wyrm The first wilderness boss was wilderness wyrm, he can be found around the wilderness and drops the new ancient mace which will be smiting noobs down and making people lose banks soon <3 It also drops a fury and other noticeable drops Picture *coming soon* Elvarg The next wilderness boss we added was Elvarg, we thought it made sense and he somehow flew to the wilderness to reconnect with his brothers, he is an older green dragon and the wisest, so his drops are much better then other green dragons and he will drop 1-3 noted dragon bones, and 1-3 green dragon hides tanned, yes you heard me tanned, because he tanned himself while flying(not really, but yeah) and other good drops! He can be found in 16-18 wilderness north of west dragons, do you think we should move elvarg deeper into wild, possibly north of east drags? PvP mode A PvP Game mode has been added! It will have 0% drop rate increase, offer 1500x combat experience, and same experience rates for skilling as a regular, but now regulars get 2% extra drop rate thanks to this new game mode for PvPers Do you guys think with this update we should up the iron man drop rate then as well to possibly 5% since they can't trade and are as hard as extremes in a sense where you get your owns equips? Now lets separate the rest of these updates into 2 sections Bug/Content Fixes Soulsplit was draining the prayer from the other person wrong, it would actually drain double then what it should have, and we have made soulsplit a proper prayer now, draining 1/5 of the damage now 1/2.5 of the damage We fixed the global drop message completely, now you should get all the rare drop notifications when i finish updating prices for all items, and you will have the proper notification of the person getting the drop if there is two or more of you Fixed maul defence style experience, it gave shared, now gives only def Bone offering for all the altars has been updated and been made properly, The best altar is in the wilderness, the worst is at ::home, the 2nd best is burners inside your PoH home You can now chop Ivy with a full inventory since Ivy doesn't give you anything anyways, but experience Ground item's have been re-worked again with another fix Fixed a null pointer with some staff multiplying, applies to the new staves we wanted to add such as (colored ancient staffs) Enchant crossbow bolts interface has been properly updated with all the correct rune amounts, please don't click on enchant lvl 5 or 6 to enchant your bolts like some of you did, just click on the crossbow on the normal spellbook, an interface will appear and you will be fine once you have the runes and the bolts you want to enchant in your inventory! Lootshare has been properly fixed and gives the proper notifications now for drops The evil tree has been fixed and now will show all the EVIL Trees not just normal and oak? We don't know how it happened, but should be properly working now Content Updates We have now added a players in wilderness counter inside the quest tab Legend now get 3x Dung experience as opposed to 1x before! We have re-worked the dialogue system so people can't skip it so fast, this means people can't get stuck on the tutorial anymore from skipping it too quickly, but this will not affect teleportation dialogues. All strange rocks when you get one now will say to go to the plinth in edge bank home, and to gather two rocks to actually be able to put it on the plinth not one, so this will save a lot of staff time. All tracking for Top Donors and Top Voters of the month has been added, we will implement this system to track the top Pkers of the week soon Anytime you try and use an overload in wild now, or come into wilderness overloaded, it will revert your stats to pre overload All untradables when you kill someone in wild will give 85% of their coin value, 15% gets taxed to the server and for the person to get it back he has to pay 100% of the price! This in turn makes pking untradable item users profitable and creates a nice little money sink. We hope you guys enjoy this weeks update, Nando has worked really hard to make it happen, after our mess up's last week, we take our updates really seriously and are making sure they come out properly now, even if it is a slower process its much more worth it. This update was split apart into two parts and the second part will be updated before the end of the day. We have been working tirelessly so you guy's can enjoy your Summer playing Fury, we want you guys to tell all your friend's about Fury! It means a lot to us that everyone who plays loves Fury. We keep getting more and more bugs out of the way and keep adding in content slowly, but surely. By the end of the August we expect full PvP content to be done, Fury to be much more Bug FREE, and possibly our first minigame done(not counting tournaments)
  12. Just PM Me in-game guys and ill see what I can do Done buddy enjoy your rank <3
  13. Winner of the Dhaork's event is TOMSVERK! Magic died in the first round *coughs* kill noobs *coughs* 2nd place went to exivel and 3rd went to White/Argau Thanks for participating, we had lots of fun, and I got to learn more about PvP to make it a bit better for you lads!
  14. Its a new month and its a new way to do update logs, the coolest and most important updates will be on top with an example shown, all the other updates and fix's we have done will be at the bottom of the thread Jewel making Sorry no bracelets But everything else is good to go, no enchanting of the jewels yet, but amazing crafting EXP! Bolt Enchanting You can enchant all the bolts now for mage EXP! Tree Farm Patch Finally an update so many of you been waiting for! Get ready to use those tree seeds for a good use, the whole process of tree farming now works. A very important update people have been waiting for Target Teleporting ' Every spell book can now find a teleport to target system, we are considering to make it 100 soulstones? But for now free, or should keep it free forever? Thats pretty much it for the major updates, some cool updates will be below Bug fixes Master Construction cape and hunter should be working properly the emotes now Fixed all the ores in the mining resource dungeon Herb, seed, and ore pack has been reduced to under 3 quantities per item you obtain The PvP symbol being everywhere was fixed now Any combat delays have now been fixed to make sure 1 ticking and other PvP mechanics are working more properly Movement fix for thieving macro has been patched Fixed a major trade bug where you can take gp out of the trade Content updates Anti-Macro added to agility training Plant pot added to farming shop New Promo/claim codes added Ancient mace special added Wildy Wyrm drop table created for now, but release next update? Burnt bones have been added and now give 200 base experience Added a Dag supreme to the dag instance Changes for Impling respawn time - Such as Dragon imp, and nerfed its bone rewards Noted items in wilderness have been finally added all NPC's drop noted items now More PvP Changes for combat We have also done a lot more updates not written here, and some more commands for mods and helpers Thank you for playing Fury once again and hope you guys enjoy these updates. We do this for you guys! We will be back on track full blown PvP updates now, just wanted to get some skills out of the way for people who have been asking for these things for a long time! <3 Love from the Fury team!