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  1. All Herblore Secondaries

    As of right now, the herblore shop only holds a few herblore secondaries. Herblore is tedious as is, without a limited 100 supply of the secondaries, and not all major potion secondaries being available. Now, I know Fury doesn't want the game to be "too easy" making a lot of the regular "buyable" skills much harder to attain, but the main factor and hard part of herblore, is just getting the herbs. Getting the secondaries shouldn't be a limited amount and not for all major potions. So what I'm suggesting is have the herblore store be overhauled, to include the secondaries for all major potions, and in noted form. There's no real added difficulty to having limited supply and non-noted other than just an annoyance and basic time limit to being able to purchase more. Would like to hear everyone input on this!
  2. https://gyazo.com/0046e92cb4bfb74666684cc2547e32f1 Was talking to you the other day about this Fury. Finally found a picture on runique cached highscores showing my rank.
  3. As of right now, from what I gather the only way to receive the Tokhaar-Kal cape is via the PKP shop. My suggestion is to add it into the game, via upgrading a fire cape with tokkul. My suggestion to the amount of tokkul would be equivalent of beating Jad 15 times. Easy for some, not so easy for others, but it means that it can be acquired by everyone one way or another. Thanks for reading!