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  1. The RETURN of X

    being hacked sucks
  2. Herblore 1-99 guide

    nice job Astro. Added to the guides list.
  3. Skate's Helper Application

    Was a great guy. Always helpful. +1
  4. Sad sudden farewell

    Apparently my computer has been a victim of a RAT attack. Unlike popular opinion, yes my computer does has antivirus programs running at all times. It can happen to anyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Fury although I do not want to leave. The decision has been made for me. I will miss all my friends, Symbiotic, Lena, Ryann, and Astro Maddi. You guys made the every day struggle so much more bearable. The day I come home from the ER I found out what happened. I'm sorry for anything this person has done on my account. Especially if they said harsh things to anyone. Those who know me know I would never do what was done. I will see you guys around. This tugs on my heart. -Bobbydaniel
  5. alot of hard work behind the scenes
  6. Soul Mages - Filling out the wilderness

    Seems to be a pretty good concept
  7. Hiya, I'm iPrometheus/Rob

  8. PvM Suggestions

    I can't disagree with anything suggested here. It all sounds very exciting +1 from me
  9. Nice guide, Added to list of guides
  10. Suggestions #1

    Highly confusing post. The price recommendations you've made are roughly the same as they are now. You've not nearly added every cash generating action the server has to provide. If you could PM me in-game I'd like to learn more about what it is you are trying to get through here. EDIT: Thanks for more clarification at the end of the post. Cheers
  11. Suggestions #1

    So what exactly is your suggestion for the server? This sounds like a lawyer wrote it and I can't seem to understand what you're trying to accomplish here.
  12. Bobby's 99 Fletching Guide

    Thanks sym!
  13. Bobbydaniel's List of guides (updated 8/31/2018)

    Thanks for the feedback <3