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  1. sorry i was quoting a removed link which was to a scam site, not the OP. but in regards to the OP, since i purchased my ranks with ingame money i dont have the email proof ): allgood anyway, still enjoying myself on here.
  2. is this legit whatttttt edit: no its not legit RIP runique is defs still dead. fury is god now anyway
  3. I only came to this server as i received an email about this update, Runique was a great server and i had poured many hours into that server. How "Im Jordan" get into runique highscores? i was a superdonor ($60) on runique but since updating my pc i dont have any proof. still this server looks great and im definitely a new player! look forward to the fun to be had here. thanks guys. Runique username: Youbeforeme (super donor $60) Runique Alt: Mebeforeyou (regular donor $10)