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  1. Forum Search Bar

    Bump. Would be good if the search bar can be added shortly, the default theme is too bright for my eyes.
  2. Giant Mole - 27/01/2018

    Molten glass is no longer in the construction store. I attempted to make molten glass manually as you would on RS via bucket of sand/soda ash on furnace but nothing happens. Tried the 'Superglass Make' Lunar spell which 'makes glass without a furnace' but again, nothing happens. Can you please add molten glass to the store or have it so you can make them? Thanks.
  3. Forum Search Bar

    Since there is no category for forum suggestions, this seemed to be the area to place this topic in. Could you please add a search bar on top of the forums so we can easily search for whatever we need to find, rather than trying to go through each category and pages and threads to find what we're seeking? Cheers.