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  1. Anciency's Staff Apply

    FuryPS needs new staff members, and out of all the players, i'd say you are probably the best candidate since you are a veteran player, have plenty of experience and knowledge in the game and have donated an incredible amount to keep the server alive. Definite +1 GL
  2. Goliath gloves need buff

    goliath gloves give +1 extra stats than barrows. ._.
  3. How do you trade in dh set?

    use on bank
  4. Iprometheus Helper/Staff Application

    hmm Idk what rag means then +1
  5. Iprometheus Helper/Staff Application

    You need to have at least 3 guides on forums, 25 posts on forums, 100 hours ingame time and a few other things.
  6. Astro's Resignation

    Ahhh yes, I bet a lot of you expected this to happen. It's been on my mind for a while, but I've lost interest in the game and it seems many others have. I'm not here to start drama or anything, but it seems to be a constant hierarchy and there's no need for it on such a small server. I'd like to thank @Dreams @Symbiotic @Exivel and Ragnar for supporting me and encouraging me to join the staff team. Also Alex, thank you very much for allowing me to enjoy experiencing being a staff member. I have just been accepted into my dream university course and I need to focus as much as I can on it next year and prepare for what the future has to bring for me. Furthermore, I simply don't need the added stress of the constant bickering.. I signed up to help the community and have the title of a helper, not to get abused daily for trying to help the server. So as of 21/12/2018, I hereby resign of the status of Server Support, but I am not quitting entirely. I will come on and lurk here and there, I just don't have time to help manage a server. Thank you very much for giving me the chance guys, but for now it's goodbye. Also, Zzstaticc, good luck on being a staff, its very different from what you think it would be, don't say I didn't warn you.
  7. Great guide mate. If I could make a suggestion, perhaps adding in an alternative method which is downloading OBS to screen record for evidence and/or use snipping tool for quick and easy screenshots/snippets of certain things
  8. Staff Application

    umm who is this guy? I haven't played since Friday when I went on my cruise. Did he start playing then? I think its a bit early for u to start going for a staff application when u have 1 rushed guide which was copied and pasted and probably started playing the game 4 days ago. Tip for getting staff follow the rules and requirements for a staff post evidence of your time played and/or donations (if you have any) be helpful with everything that you can, make suggestions, go out of your way to help players Make sure the other staff members can see you helping You cannot bankstand (A.F.K) your 100 hours, they must be spent grinding You need to have knowledge of the server which will come in time from playing it everyday, not for the weekend. Make more guides and try to be helpful; being original and not copying other's work and claiming it as your own is a good start YOU CANNOT ADVERTISE YOUR STAFF APPLICATION, THAT IS AGAINST THE RULES Overall, I don't even know you, and I think you made your account the other day. -1 from me
  9. PVP Bot Guide! - My Ultimate Way To Pk

    fuckk yeah!!! awesome guide brother.
  10. Flower Poker(FP) - GAMBLE RESPONSIBLY

    great guide! btw, order is 1p, 2p, 3oak, full house, 4oak, 5oak btw
  11. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    +1 from me bro. try and make some vids or guides on forums tho, cuz that's where the mertis happen
  12. Account Ban

    sorry, we don't affiliate with scammers, and repeating offenders.
  13. Account Ban

    ive alerted the staff team, ill reply when u are unbanned
  14. Account Ban

    Your main is 'Whatsbofa'? The main account was permanently banned for refusal of giving the items back after admitting to scamming. As a result, both of the accounts have been banned until the items are returned. If you choose to return the items, let us know and the accounts will be unbanned.