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  1. Free Forum Sigs

    @Examine i did mine, Hci Rollcoal, dreams, trodals check them out
  2. Dreams updated bank 10/30/18

    its funny cuz that cosmetic tab looks awfully familiar <3
  3. Dreams Queen black dragon guide!

    Excellent guide bud, I will be sure to make good use of it when I become active in about 2-3 weeks time.
  4. Astro Maddi's helper application

    Timezone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), (GMT+10) Discord Tag: timtams123#9240 Languages: English InGame name: Astro Maddi Your contributions to Fury: I have made two guides which were important to the Fury community as there were none like them, and I plan on making several more very soon.I contribute to the community by giving advice constantly throughout the day. In a lot of cases, I will personally go out of my way to make sure the person inquiring gains the answer they were seeking. I have a general understanding of a lot of things in RuneScape, but I learn fast from others, especially the other Staff Members about particular aspects of the game that are different from OSRS and Pre-EOC. I am only human and make mistakes, but I play the game solely to have fun, and what I consider fun would be to put a smile on other's faces. Thus, helping the community in every way, shape or form is one of my perks towards FuryPS. I have made one guide which has gotten a lot of great reviews from the public, and I intend on making several more guides just to make playing the server slightly easier for those who need the help. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I have always considered the staff team very polite and helpful which is similar characteristics to myself. There is no doubt in my mind that the current staff members help enough, however, the main addition that I can contribute to Fury and the Staff Team is that I live in Australia. Over the time from playing this server, I have realised there is a 'dead' period where there is no staff online for several hours due to requiring sleep. Luckily, when the staff members are asleep, it is about 12:00PM - 7PM for me which is convenient in 2 ways. 1, I am usually always free in the afternoon periods whether it be on holidays, weekends or even school. 2, the other members of the Staff Team can have a weight lifted from their shoulders as they can now sleep whilst I am online during the time when they need to sleep the most. My personality is very likeable, I'm easy to talk to and I have some special 'Australian humour' =) How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Daily, I was averaging about 3-4 hours a day (whilst doing exams). Now that I am free from all that, I average 3-6 hours a day but have had days were I was playing for more than 10 hours a day, mostly during the 'dead' period when there are no other staff on. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: The three most important qualities of a member of the Staff Team is respect for the communities; having an understanding of how to tolerate different individuals accordingly. Helping the community, especially in the 'help' clan chat whenever I can, aiding with my ability. If I don't know the answer for whatever reason and cannot find the answer from researching online, I can always ask discord or other staff members for future reference. Finally, maintaining control within the community; dismissal of toxic pollution from internet trolls, and rewarding those whom do good deeds. (An extra quality) However, the most important aspect of anything, is to enjoy what you are doing, and helping players is definitely what I enjoy the most about FuryPS.
  5. Slayer Drops Guide with Tips

    Astro Maddi's Slayer Guide Hello and welcome to my slayer money making guide. In this guide, you will learn what monsters are good for loot and making money and which aren't. From this guide, you can make the choice to either continue with the task although it doesn't give much money, or you can do a very hard task which provides great loot! Most of the good alchable loot has been highlighted. So, without further or do, let's begin the guide! *Note* These drop rates are according to a regular game mode with sapphire donator rank. Step 1: - (Ctrl + f) [enter your task monster’s name] Step 2: - (Ctrl + f) [enter specified loot if you are in search of any]
  6. Dreams helper application

    Definitely recommend this fella to be apart of the FuryPS Staff Team. Whenever I'm online, he is always on. As Symbiotic mentioned, he is friendly, mature and helpful; very helpful. Out of all the players that play FuryPS that aren't apart of the Staff Team, Dreams would be the most active and cooperative. +1 from me =)
  7. Herblore 1-99 guide

    Hey guys this is my first guide for Fury (please give critical feedback) Herblore is a skill that is mostly used for the level 96 ability, making overloads. Cleaning Herbs To start herblore, cleaning herbs is a must. It is recommended to level your herblore in stages that will be in the following. 1 - 5 Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf 5 - 11 Cleaning Grimy Marrentill 11 - 20 Cleaning Grimy Tarromin 20 - 25 Cleaning Grimy Harralander 25 - 30 Cleaning Grimy Ranarr 30 - 40 Cleaning Grimy Toadflax 40 - 48 Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf 48 - 54 Cleaning Grimy Avantoe 54 - 59 Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm 59 - 65 Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon 65 - 67 Cleaning Grimy Cadantine 67 - 70 Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme 70 - 75 Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed 75 - 99 Cleaning Grimy Torstol ****Disclaimer**** Cleaning herbs is decent experience but not the best. However, it is recommended to clean all herbs that you have if possible. A clean herb is required for the next part of this guide, potion making. Making potions is where the experience will flow in easily. Experience Rates without bonus experience or vote Regular and PvP Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 200xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 152xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 252xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 300xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 320xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 352xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 400xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 452xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 472xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 500 Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 524xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 552xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 600xp Ironman Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 50xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 76xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 126xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 150xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 160xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 176xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 200xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 226xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 236xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 250xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 262xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 276xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 300xp Extreme Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 25xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 38xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 50xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 63xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 75xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 80xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 88xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 100xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 113xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 118xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 125xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 131xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 138xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 150xp Legend Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 2.5xp Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 5xp Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 3.8xp Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 6.3xp Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 7.5xp Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 8xp Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 8.8xp Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 10xp Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 11.3xp Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 11.8xp Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 12.5xp Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 13.1xp Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 13.8xp Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 15xp Making Potions 3 - 30 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Guam + Eye of Newt 30 - 34 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Marrentill + Bear Fur 34 - 38 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Toad's Legs 38 - 45 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Ranarr + Snape Grass 45 - 63 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Irit + Eye of Newt 63 - 66 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs (can be obtained from using special ability on spider familiar) 66 - 72 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Cadantine + White Berries 72 - 76 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak 76 - 78 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Lantadyme + Potato Cactus 78 - 81 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Torstol + Jangerberries 81 - 88 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Crushed Nest 88 - 89 Recipe: Super Attack (4) + Clean Avantoe 89 - 90 Recipe: Super Strength (4) + Clean Dwarf Weed 90 - 91 Recipe: Super Defence (4) + Clean Lantadyme 91 - 92 Recipe: Magic Potion (4) + Ground Mud Runes 92 - 96 Recipe: Ranging Potion (4) + Grenwall Spikes (obtained through hunter or off other players) 96 - 99 Recipe: Extreme Attack (4) + Extreme Strength (4) + Extreme Defence (4) + Extreme Magic (4) + Extreme Ranging (4) + Clean Torstol (use Clean Torstol on one of the potions to combine) Experience Rates without Bonus Experience or Vote Regular and PvP Attack Potion - 1000xp Defence Potion - 1800xp Agility Potion - 3200xp Prayer Potion - 3500xp Super Attack Potion - 4000xp Super Restore Potion - 5700xp Super Defence Potion - 6000xp Ranging Potion - 6500xp Magic Potion - 6900xp Zamorak Brew - 7000xp Saradomin Brew - 7200xp Extreme Attack - 8800xp Extreme Strength - 9200xp Extreme Defence - 9600xp Extreme Magic - 10000xp Extreme Ranging - 10400xp Overload - 40000xp Ironman Attack Potion - 500xp Defence Potion - 900xp Agility Potion - 1600xp Prayer Potion - 1750xp Super Attack Potion - 2000xp Super Restore Potion - 2850xp Super Defence Potion - 3000xp Ranging Potion - 3250xp Magic Potion - 3450xp Zamorak Brew - 3500xp Saradomin Brew - 3600xp Extreme Attack - 4400xp Extreme Strength - 4600xp Extreme Defence - 4800xp Extreme Magic - 5000xp Extreme Ranging - 5200xp Overload - 20000xp Extreme Attack Potion - 250xp Defence Potion - 450xp Agility Potion - 800xp Prayer Potion - 875xp Super Attack Potion - 1000xp Super Restore Potion - 1425xp Super Defence Potion - 1500xp Ranging Potion - 1625xp Magic Potion - 1725xp Zamorak Brew - 1750xp Saradomin Brew - 1800xp Extreme Attack - 2200xp Extreme Strength - 2300xp Extreme Defence - 2400xp Extreme Magic - 2500xp Extreme Ranging - 2600xp Overload - 10000xp Legend Attack Potion - 25xp Defence Potion - 45xp Agility Potion - 80xp Prayer Potion - 87.5xp Super Attack Potion - 100xp Super Restore Potion - 142.5xp Super Defence Potion - 150xp Ranging Potion - 162.5xp Magic Potion - 172.5xp Zamorak Brew - 175xp Saradomin Brew - 180xp Extreme Attack - 220xp Extreme Strength - 230xp Extreme Defence - 240xp Extreme Magic - 250xp Extreme Ranging - 260xp Overload - 1000xp All the herbs can be easily obtained through farming, killing dark beasts or off players. Most of the ingredients listed are buyable from the NPC that gives herblore supplies. The other's were listed on how to obtain the said ingredient. CONGRATULATIONS! You just reached the milestone of Level 99 Herblore. Thanks for reading my guide, Astro
  8. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Rimmington Star City Teleports -> Falador run east to the bank then run directly south.
  9. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    Star at Varrock. Teleport to City -> Varrock and then run east. It's behind the bank