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  1. Some really creative ideas that followed up on the Legend accounts - I especially like the new update that lists whether the players are Legend or any other status as a player type. I also came up with a similar idea in my suggestions, whereby we recieve the same title pre to the in game name. Instead, having roles added whereby someone could be ‘HOW TO MAKE YOUR MARK’, ‘Economic’, ‘Ideas’ and ‘Spiritualist’ anything that represents you in one word. Thanks, Joshie
  2. Updates

    Any activity on the server, being discussed: along side IRL activity. The server is running great as of right now, the changes that are happening are positivisely and absolutely in the right directions. This is also reflected in my IRL - so if anyone has been missing me on the server (thank you) and I’m sorry if things got a little weird. But I was doing everything to get to the stage, where I’m at right now. So now - it’s next stage. I start University studying Youth Work and Community Development, I’ve also moved out of ‘home’. This week. The whole rigmarole I’m experiencing is the same on both platforms - looking forward to the future. Stay with this, guys, this looking towards the possible future being of a positive nature and helpful and impactful. I guess, yeah I’m sorta known as a weird guy - in the server and in real life too. I’m okay with that. I accept it’s all for good work. Let’s just carry on updating, suggesting for updates. Going on what we feel could be infinitely beneficial to the outcomes of one outcome. Here. On Fury RSPS. And irl. Anything real. Anything real.
  3. How awsome is Fury PS?

    Can I get an Amen ^^^
  4. Excellent updates. Thank you in response to your listening ability into coheresing that into change on the server that has been demanded, requested. A for effort. A for consistency. Keep up the great work Fury and team. Excellent work, you’ve earned it. Well done Joshie
  5. Buying Red Phat

    Not needed anymore! Thanks guys.
  6. Joshie - Application for Helper.

    Thanks Everyone! There's a little surprise on it's way to you guys, via the Discord, in a short while I'm sure. Please respond to that via Discord, or in game.
  7. Timezone: GMT+1 Discord Tag: Joshie#1124 Languages: English InGame name: Joshie Your contributions to Fury: Since I started, I have been a consistently active player, on the Discord, and in Game. I also have recently started being active on the forums, and this will only be getting more and more active, as the server grows. I also have obtained Emerald Donator, in this time. (Although) I have not donated $, to the server, that doesn't mean my contribution isn't equal to the contribution of $, as my contributions by redeeming the scrolls, have accumulated economical growth as cash has been spread across the server, 5x $10 scroll, at 300M each time. I also have dedicated several hours into dedicated helping to those on the server that need assistance. My other contributions are surrounding the plans I have for the future, whereby I plan on as of next week, taking the plans into action with streaming around 8 hours a day, on Fury, helping the server grow, and also, providing entertainment for viewers to enjoy the server, in viewing terms, influencing them to participate in joining the server also. https://gyazo.com/fdffe45a2207a9d31905faac5cc88359 Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I would make a great addition to the staff team, due to my level-headed, and polite, consistency; in terms of knowing how to deal with heated situations that may arise. I have been called 'Therapist Joshie' in the 'Help' CC, on occasion, due to defusing a heated discussion quite recently. Whereby I structured model into practice. Simply using the 'It's your turn to talk "", now' model. This would be continued and I would also be creating a positive influence and impact on the server through several methods, communication in terms of marketing purposes - advertising the service across platforms that are allowed and beneficial to the server itself. I am also highly active on the server, and becoming very-well known, very quickly, due to my sociable nature. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I spend between 12-15 hours a day on the server. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Benevolence (kindness), acuteness (attentiveness), and most importantly, respect. Thank you for reading, if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to PM me on forums, discord, or in game, and we can discuss further. Joshie
  8. Buying Red Phat

    Message me in game if you have one for sale please.
  9. Sad sudden farewell

    Best wishes in the next part of your journey, Sir.
  10. Joshie Suggestion Thread

    Also - I'd like to suggest adding coin share to the game. Whereby the GE instantly buys the item for medium street value, splits it between players the coin share in bossing. This adds gp to the economy, where it is needed, and can be change to player only in the future when the server is more active, so players pay for the item itself, but whilst there is little cash in game: the cash comes from the GE itself, and the items are left in the GE to be sold, returning the cash back into the GE. Coinshare, would be a massive improvement to the server.
  11. Godwars Event

    Good lad Whistler! We're going to smash it!
  12. Joshie Suggestion Thread

    #7 - Another implication I would like to be added: For the skilling points to be easier to obtain - it's currently very difficult to obtain any form of reward from the skilling statue at home. This is because you cannot have more than the pair added of each skill, to the statue, therefore I'm left with spare rocks, gained from skilling. One way to simply fix this would be to still allow to add pairs onto the statue after obtaining the first pair. This would be an easy way to fix this. This one is an important one, as I feel the community would prefer this way a lot more the the current status. I've also heard from players, and Ryan in game supporting this idea. Making it easier to receive skill rewards, also incentivizes the use of skilling more.
  13. Suggestions #1

    Trying my best to format my newer threads in a better fashion.
  14. How awsome is Fury PS?

    That's ma boi! Definitely the most growing, amazing community out there. Complete, to say the least. Sucking up, ftw!