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  1. Thanks! See you around I will miss you too Edem Thanks Astro. I hope to be back in the future!
  2. Hey everyone, It’s been a long time coming and many hours played, but due to some reasons I have decided to quit playing for a bit (might come back when the server gets more active). It has been a pleasure being around such a nice community and I’m definitely gonna miss a few of you guys! Special thanks to the (ex) staff for their help and dedication to the server and to Dirk and Edem for all the banter we’ve had on here. As I have been grinding this account since day one I thought it’d be cool to show what I have achieved in my time on Fury (hence why this is not placed in the farewell thread ;P). Game stats: Bank: (No I'm not giving any of it away ;P) Highscore ranks 5/12/18: My legend alt: My slave alt has pretty much all crystal key cosmetics and some other valuable junk like silver ore but w/e. Again thanks to everyone for the great time and hope to see you around sometime! All the best, Zeesa
  3. Sym's December Suggestions

    Love the features! Definitely a +1 for me. I think Nomad would be great fun as higher level/end game content or even mid level masses. How would the drops work though? Will it be highest damage or perhaps some sort of splitting feature (besides lootshare) as you require more people to kill it. Keep em coming!
  4. Nice Little Surprise

    Nice one! Gratz
  5. Belkin's Bank

    Nice bank Belkin! Time to collect all sets
  6. Hi

    Welcome! Enjoy ur line lmao
  7. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Search: god Nice bank bb. Can you give me free st0ff pls
  8. One Year Anniversary

    Congrats on Fury's first year! I hope to see many more coming . Thanks to everyone who helped making this server so enjoyable and of course thanks to you Fury for being the reason this server is still running! happy days
  9. Love the updates! And yay for 1 year anniversary
  10. Zeesaa's helper application

    Thanks! I have a few guides planned for whenever I get back to the Netherlands Can't do much on my laptop over here Thanks Sym! ty bb xx
  11. Nice guide! Keep em coming
  12. Zeesaa's helper application

    Timezone: GMT+1 Discord Tag: @Zeesa | Desmond Languages: English and Dutch InGame name: Zeesaa Your contributions to Fury: I'm always trying to answer as many questions as possible in cc and in private chat. Also trying to help new players better their game and make it more enjoyable for them by showing the ins and outs. I'm always actively trying new content and giving my feedback on it + report all the bugs I encounter in game, either to Fury or Nando directly or on discord. I also try to give the server a good image by addressing troll or toxic behaviour to people and to staff if necessary. I'm also planning on releasing some guides when I get my computer back (: Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I think I'm generally a friendly and helpful person and a lot of new people tend to ask me question in pm because of this. I also know quite a few things about the server as I'm constantly grinding and trying to find what works best (and discovering things that might need fixing). Besides, I have been playing Runescape for about 10 years now which really allows me to help others even more with their in-game related questions. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: About 3-5 hours a day during the week and 6-8 on weekends. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: You gotta be social and helpful, willing to help others to have a pleassant experience. Enjoy the server and also willing to help improve it. and ofcourse enjoy being staff! Nothing is more frustrating for new players than seeing staff members being annoyed with all their questions
  13. Youtube Videos

    I'd love to see some fury content +1 for me
  14. Why, Hello there...

    Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around