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  1. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Good job man! Very detailed and well described. I don't know whether you have mentioned it or i might have missed it, but you don't have to cut down the trees if you don't want to You can also use a spade on it to clear them (works for both regular and fruit trees). Keep em comin!
  2. Awesome update! I'm definitely gonna check out dem bloodwood trees. Also very glad to see most of bugs people were experiencing are fixed
  3. Dungeoneering

    +1 for me and I fully agree with Ryan's points
  4. Greetings FURY*PS

    Welcome! Good luck and have fun with maxing ur legend account
  5. Virtual levels

    +1 from me!
  6. Sym's Bank & Stat Update 9/11/18

    Guessing harralander is your fav strain ; ) nice bank tho
  7. Nice guide! Must add that the woodcutting and fishing methods are very dependent on demand though. Keep em coming
  8. Whetstones

    I think this has some great potential! Just something to think about (although you've probably already taken it into consideration), how much of an increase will it be? How much influence will it have on low level bossing? If your chance of hitting high is increased significantly, there might be some people (ab)using this to grind certain high value items, thus potentially crashing the item and/or cash economy. Nonetheless, I think this could be a great update if carefully thought through