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  1. Why, Hello there...

    Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around
  2. Free Forum Sigs

    Sick mate!
  3. So I won 25 deathtouched darts from Zachtx's giveaway and thought I'd show the loot from my nex kills (: +2% droprate for regular account +3% for Ruby donor +6% ferocious ring (5) -> Thanks Iprometheus for letting me borrow the ring +10% Zeesaa Hax Thanks again Zachtx!
  4. Draynor

  5. Damn papi still waitin on that giveaway. Nice bank
  6. Great update! Thanks for the amazing new content and I'm glad to see most major bugs fixed.
  7. Dirks Bank

    nice karil's skirt
  8. Dirks Bank

    428 helm of neitz just in case
  9. A farewell for now.

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you get well soon!
  10. Few things I have noticed on the new interface: * There is no X button, you can currently only cancel it by clicking in the minimap or actually teleporting somewhere. It might be nice to add this ability in case you still need to bank real quick. * I'm missing a few skill specific teleports (I'm not sure whether these have purposely been removed or not). A few include: - Most farming patches teleports (Catherby, Falador, Ardougne, Tree Gnome Village, Taverly and Brimhaven) - Mining (Varrock-east mine) - Isfadar teles you to the mining location, but there no longer an option for the hunting area or magic trees. I can see why some of them might have been removed because you can walk to most of them pretty quickly, but I'd still prefer to use the old teleport system because of these important skilling teleports ): Nonetheless, I think the interface is great and I love the favorite option. I just hope to see some of these teles being implemented at some point.
  11. Great job on the interface! I'm excited to see all the new things that can be accomplished with it. + yay for memory issue fix
  12. Amazing! I'm always very excited to see these big updates come out
  13. Epic! Can't wait to see what other stuff you guys have planned
  14. Dirks Bank

    Gratz Dirk! Nice bank