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  1. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Maybe i'll start again just so I can put this to use
  2. I'm loving the consistent update threads. Great work guys - I'm a happy player
  3. Dungeoneering

    +1 - I think it's time to focus on dungeoneering. Smithing needs fixing, so you can make armor and weapons with the required level. Interfaces are currently buggy and inviting people to your party is tedious due to the buggy restrictions to invite. Primal weapons/gear needs adding, and boss drops seem like the obvious way to include them. It feels like it wouldn't take too much work to fix the reset button. Potions need to work inside dungoneering to ensure C6 floors are all completeable. Right now, some doors require level 104 to open. Priority I'd say is: 1) Create a user friendly interface 2) Fix exp rates. Prestige exp formula code is complicated and makes no sense. It equates to 1 exp per floor completed before prestige, the code could be replaced all together as it's not doing what its intended to do. Add bonus exp for being in a party - encourage team play. Increase the exp for completing all complexities, with the most exp increase at C6. 3) Add boss drops. This feels like it would be easy to implement. 4) Fix smithing and potions. Again, easy to implement. All the supplies are there in the shop and as drops, so it's pretty straight forward to make them work.
  4. hci rollcoal's helper application

    +1 Best of luck man!
  5. Virtual levels

    I would +1 for the levels alone, as long as you can toggle them.
  6. Herblore 1-99 guide

    Beautiful guide, you covered everything! I think a Herblore guide was needed here too, so thank you!
  7. Just my 2 cents. The only people who would disagree are the people who have never gone into the wilderness and seen how ridiculous it is. And i'm someone who PKs pretty often. It's just too easy to get found in the wilderness. When I logged last night, there was 0 people in the wilderness. When I logged in now, 0 people in the wilderness. Death sounds like similar to what i'm wanting, something in the wilderness the encourages people to join and pk each other. I think bounty TP feels too forced honestly.
  8. It's in a PvP area. With the bounty tele you're always at risk of being attacked, so running around the wilderness looking for them means you're probably gonna get attacked. There's usually 0 people in the wilderness. The reason for that is super obvious. The bounty TP is currently scaring people away from the wilderness. PKers get a free tele to anyone who enters the wildy while they're in. I don't think this tele is healthy to the game as it stands. There isnt enough players in the wilderness, and there's no cost/cooldown on the TP. It's better to make it safer, so more people come into the wildy to PvM, then pkers get more variety of people and will find players in more locations. I don't think you realize how annoying it is to have a PKer tp to you every single time you enter the wildy (if its just you and them in the wildy, that's how it is). I know wildy is meant to be dangerous, but what's the point in all this new content if you just get attacked whenever you go wilderness. If a PKer sees there's 1 person in the wilderness, they can enter and get a free TP. There needs to be some kind of restriction to this. Soulstones aren't named PK points. Their name gives them flexibility, they don't have to be from players only, and this is good because you rarely get to kill players. The point of this thread is you're always at risk in a PvP area. The mages force you to run around the wilderness. I want to bring more players in to the wilderness, then there's more people to PK for pkers. It's better to have 10 people in the wilderness and have PKers run around trying to find them, rather than 0 people in the wilderness because its too easy to find one person as a pker.
  9. Thanks for the positive feedback guys, that's +4
  10. Whetstones

    There's a lot of bugs as it stands, I agree they should take priority. I think this kind of thing would help Fury stand apart from the other RSPS's, hence why I suggested it
  11. PvM Suggestions

    The phoenix boss is a great suggestion. I think the level should be a little higher as it's a boss monster, but everything else sounds great. To add to this: All wilderness bosses should drop PvP boxes in my opinion. Instead of the Vecna Skull, have the Phoenix drop a Golden Feather. It's originally from the Eagles Peak quest but fits the Phoenix boss better, this can be sold to a general store for 4m. The Vecna Skull could be a drop from Chaos Ele, which is more fitting as it's a magic boosting item. Having this boost your magic by 2 to 9 would be better, as currently an extreme magic potion takes your to 106 magic. Vecna shouldn't go higher than 108 without buffing extremes first. Death should give QBD and KBD as tasks. Better rewards should be added for completing death tasks, especially if in a streak. Slayer store could do with a couple of new items to buy. More money for the PvP box artifacts Revenants drops reinstated I don't know if Fury wants this, but I would love to see this as the phoenix lair. A couple of phoenix eggs dotted around and it would be perfect