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  1. Yeah the Mining suit gives that bonus, i've tested that, however it seems like the agility set gives more. If anyone is able to do more testing, PM me. I need to know 1) Does the set give a bonus when handing in tickets 2) Does the set give a 28% bonus for the wildy agility course 3) Does the set give a bonus when completing the Gnome Advanced course and the Barbarian Normal course
  2. TheGiggleMan, who has both the Body and Legs from the set, has given me the exp gain for 2 courses both with and without the equipment. I have calculated that together they give a 27-28% exp bonus. After amending the calculations, it turns out it's worth buying the body and legs regardless of your game mode. The payoff is always met providing you plan on getting 99.
  3. Thanks Lena. So, it's not 1% per piece? you only get the bonus when using a full set and it's 2.5%? That means my calculations will be a little bit off - looks like it will be barely worth it to get the set even on legend if this is correct I'll buy a piece and test the bonus, thank you for your input! I really should have done this to start with. Appreciate that Lena. Thanks Zeesa! Happy to have helped. I'll review this and make sure it's correct
  4. The agility equipment In case you didn't know, agility equipment bought with tickets gives a marginal experience boost. TESTING HAS SHOWN THAT EACH PIECE, ON A REGULAR ACCOUNT GIVES A 14% BOOST! So I recalculated the payoff, and the results were extremely surprising. Thank you, TheGiggleMan for helping me get the data on exp gains for the body and legs. The Data Equivelent exp is the amount of exp you would get for turning in the tickets (200). Exp needed to pay off is the experience you must gain for the bonus experience from the item to match the exp from turning in the tickets. So for regular, it's 8.7m exp required for the bonus exp to be 1.2m. This is the pay off amount, so the amount of exp you must get to outweigh the amount you would get from tickets. Tickets Equivalent exp (REGULAR) Exp needed to pay off (REGULAR) Equivalent exp (Iron) Exp needed to pay off (Iron) Equivalent exp (Extreme) Exp needed to pay off (Extreme) Equivalent Exp (Legend) Exp needed to pay off (Legend) Body 200 1,232,000 8,796,480 616,000 4,398,240 308,000 2,199,120 30800 219912 Legs 200 1,232,000 8,796,480 616,000 4,398,240 308,000 2,199,120 30800 219912 If you have the boots and cape and wish to help me with my analysis, feel free to contact me to contribute. Username: "Dish" / "Ryann" I have tested with boots alone, they give NO BONUS when used without the set. EXP/Ticket Regular Iron Extreme Legend 6160 3080 1540 154 Cost Body - 20m Legs - 20m Cape - 7.5m Boots - 5m The below assumes you're starting from 0 exp. SUMMARY Regular You should buy the body and legs if you plan on getting more than 9m experience. So, if you're level <86 and plan on getting 99, buy the body and legs! Ironman You should buy the body and legs on an Ironman if you plan on getting 99 Extreme You should buy the body and legs on extreme if you plan on levelling agility past 80. Legend You should buy the body and legs on legend if you plan on levelling agility past level 58. Regardless of game mode, you should buy the body and legs if you plan on getting 99 agility. The boots alone appear to give NO IMPROVEMENT, and should not be purchased. I need further testing to confirm if using the boots with the set gives a marked bonus. Exp data: Barb Course Adv Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Obstacle 4 Obstacle 5 Obstacle 6 Obstacle 7 Completion Total Exp Improvement 308 1826 2106 2106 2106 2106 2106 57564 73008 28% 2059 1014 1170 1170 1170 1170 1170 47970 56893 0% Gnome Course Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Obstacle 4 Obstacle 5 Obstacle 6 Obstacle 7 Completion Total exp Improvement 877 877 585 877 585 877 877 3081 8636 27% 585 585 390 585 390 585 585 3081 6786 0%
  5. Loving the updates. It feels great to bug report or suggest something, then see it in the next update. Keep it up guys.
  6. Bolin's Construction Guide

    Great guide! I would train construction using the same methods
  7. Thanks man! I'll look into doing that as I improve my guide
  8. How do I make money? Early game, you can Thieve for money. Slayer is also a good option. You can purchase Dragon Chains for 25 slayer points at any slayer master. This will alch for 5m. What do I do with Strange Rocks? When you get a pair of rocks from 1 skill, you can use them on the Plinth at home for experience. Sometimes it wont be a pair - you just have to try and see if your rocks work. How do I get to my slayer task? Right inside the ::slayer portal, there's a woman dressed in white called the slayer teleporter. She will take you right to your task for a small fee. What's the difference between accounts? Legend is the slowest account to train. Regular skills are excruciatingly slow, and combat skills are considerably faster than RS. Extreme is faster, skilling is around 10x faster than RS. Combat stats are pretty quick still. Ironmen are twice the Exp rate of Extreme, and stand alone, meaning they cannot trade with other players to get items and must acquire them alone. Regular accounts are fast to train, twice the speed of Ironmen. PvP accounts allow you to train combat extremely quickly, faster than regular accounts. Skilling is the same as regular. Does summoning work? Summoning is fully functional, beast's of burden work, as do the special's of almost all summoning creatures. Does Dungeoneering work? You can level dungeoneering, complexities and floors function correctly. Dungeoneering works, however Fishing, Crafting and Smithing inside is a work in progress. Which gear Degrades or Decays? No gear degrades. Chaotics have infinite use, as do barrows, even PVP gear such as Statius. How do I start Herblore without the Druidic Ritual quest? You can clean Guam's from level 1 When is bonus exp activated? Bonus exp is activated Thursday Night at Midnight, and lasts until Sunday Night at Midgnight, server time. You also get bonus exp from vote books. A vote book PLUS weekend exp give 1.95x experience, almost double the regular exp. How do I get Barrows Gloves? There's a Gypsy Tent in Varrock that contains the culoromancer's chest. If you speak to the Gypsy, she'll let you start the Recipe for Disaster quest, which is just a boss battle. The boss battle is completely safe, and deaths will not cause you to lose your items. You can start the boss battle by teleporting to Varrock using the City teleport in the spellbook, you then speak to the Gypsy and walk into the portal. The toughest boss is the Horror From the Deep boss, the Gelatinous Mother, who has to be killed using specific attack styles. Some people opt to just use melee, which can takes some time. To break this fight down, you kill a number of bosses before the Gelatinous Mother spawns. She will change colors ever few seconds, with each color representing her weakness. Orange: Melee Green: Ranged Red: Fire Spells Brown: Earth spells Blue: Water spells White: Air spells. You can switch attacks to kill her efficiently using this color guide. How many waves do I have to complete to get my fire cape? The fight caves is wave 60-63. Jad is similar to how he was in Pre-Eoc, with the same animations and graphics as in the 2012 era. You will need to learn to pray switch based on his animations or sounds. An easy way to complete this: Sit on protect magic spell. If Jad shakes his hands, pray ranged until this hits, then switch back to protect magic. Recognizing his ranged attack with the wiggly arms will make the fight much smoother. You can get to Jad via the Minigame Teleport in the spellbook. I want to donate, is there any promo codes? I believe that "Thread" gives a discount. Are there any freebies? If you played runique, you can ::claim runique to get a mystery box. You can also ::claim furylove when you've played for a certain amount of time. I believe this is around 50 hours play time. This also gives a mystery box. Can I apply for Staff? See ::thread 8. More experienced and helpful players will have their applications considered. What are the players named PB07, PB42 etc? These are PK Bots. You can kill them for gold. They're found all across the wilderness. Some are agressive, others are not? I got a message in chat saying that 'The presence of an Evil Tree has been felt across the land'. What is this? The evil tree can be grown, and chopped to give farming, firemaking and woodcutting experience. You can get to this using the spirit tree at home next to the general store. Talk to him, if there's an evil tree present you can teleport right to it. I got a message in chat saying that a star has crashed. How do I get to this? You will have to navigate here yourself. If you check the quest tab, it will say where the star has landed. Type ::thread 257 for a star location guide. What is a Bloodwood Tree? A Bloodwood Tree spawns in the Wilderness and can be chopped for it's valuable logs. You can alch these for 500k each! So chopping a tree can grant 25m, based on 50 logs obtained. What's the Wildywyrm? The Wildywyrm spawns in the wilderness and is a boss with high health and low accuracy. You can teleport straight to it using the Boss Teleport. What gives a drop rate increase? Your gamemode gives varying drop rates, generally the harder the game mode the higher the drop rate. Additionally, a ring of wealth gives a 2% increase. Ring of Wealth (i) gives a 4% increase. Ferocious ring gives a 6% increase, Tok ring gives an 8% increase. How do I find the price of an Item? You can ask help chat for a price check. ::thread 396 has a list of general prices. For any more questions, reply to this thread and I will answer! TIPS: Starting Slayer Killing Bork grants 200,000 Slayer Exp on a regular account. 100,000 on Ironman. 50,000 on extreme. 5,000 on Legend. You can get to Bork by using the Boss teleport in the spellbook, then going to page 3. There's a range of slayer masters at ::Slayer Starting hunter You can catch Baby Implings from level 1 at Puro Puro. Obtaining a Cannon Cannons are obtained from Nulodean. He's in the usual spot next to the dwarven mine, west of Edgeville. You can walk here by heading west from home, past the monastery and west onto the base of the mountain. Here is the dwarven camp where Nulodean resides. An early goal for a combat oriented account is to get a cannon. They're around 800k for the set, and cannonballs can vary from 2k to 4k a piece. You get 40 cannonballs for each steel bar, so i'd recommend making them. You can have thousands of cballs for about 30 minutes of work, mining and smithing. If you're familiar with Dagannoth Kings, Rex drops Steel Bars, Coal and Iron Ore, making him a great source of cannonballs. He can be killed easily with magic and safe-spotted early on. If I had to start again, the first thing I'd do is get 43 prayer and 70 magic, then i'd safespot Rex until I have enough Steel Bars for about 10k cannonballs. Training Prayer You can use your bones/ashes on the altar at home for prayer experience. A gilded altar gives more, and the wilderness chaos altar gives the most exp.
  9. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Very nice, using your familiar to tank is exactly what I would do. You can also make your familiar tank Graardor while you take steelwill, but being resourceful with your pet is the important thing Nice guide, thank you!
  10. Bolin's Farming Guide

    Maybe i'll start again just so I can put this to use
  11. I'm loving the consistent update threads. Great work guys - I'm a happy player
  12. Dungeoneering

    +1 - I think it's time to focus on dungeoneering. Smithing needs fixing, so you can make armor and weapons with the required level. Interfaces are currently buggy and inviting people to your party is tedious due to the buggy restrictions to invite. Primal weapons/gear needs adding, and boss drops seem like the obvious way to include them. It feels like it wouldn't take too much work to fix the reset button. Potions need to work inside dungoneering to ensure C6 floors are all completeable. Right now, some doors require level 104 to open. Priority I'd say is: 1) Create a user friendly interface 2) Fix exp rates. Prestige exp formula code is complicated and makes no sense. It equates to 1 exp per floor completed before prestige, the code could be replaced all together as it's not doing what its intended to do. Add bonus exp for being in a party - encourage team play. Increase the exp for completing all complexities, with the most exp increase at C6. 3) Add boss drops. This feels like it would be easy to implement. 4) Fix smithing and potions. Again, easy to implement. All the supplies are there in the shop and as drops, so it's pretty straight forward to make them work.
  13. hci rollcoal's helper application

    +1 Best of luck man!
  14. Virtual levels

    I would +1 for the levels alone, as long as you can toggle them.