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  1. AdamR's Helper application

    +1 very helpful and knows runescape very well. I believe he would make a good member of the team! good luck man!
  2. Construction bug

    Have recently been doing construction, everything went smooth for the first hour or so. I was adding in dining rooms and glitched, had to Xlog. This happened a few times. When I re-open client and log in, I'm at edge bank and everything is black. I can see people and npc's but no details such as trees buildings etc. but if I relog again, it fixes it. thought id share the experience with staff! thanks!
  3. Dungeoneering

    +1 Many players, myself included would love to see primal armor and weapons be brought in. Boss drops and donor store would be the best bet for that. I agree with Ryan 10 fold with the new interface and dung party bugs. That's the #1 reason I haven't done much dungeonerring, too buggy to team and it's just boring by yourself. The smithing topic, being able to smith according to correct level would be nice too!
  4. hci rollcoal's helper application

    Time zone: EST Discord tag: Hci rollcoal Languages: English & French Ingame Username: Hci rollcoal. Contributions: I recently joined discord, and the forums, so I will be able to help more. I help everyone and anyone I can! I am told multiple times daily about how helpful I am to others, and I love making new players feel welcome! If their are questions to which I cannot answer, due to the lack of knowledge or frequent changes, I direct all players to help chat, or Fury himself. I spend about 8-12 hours online due to being out of work from surgery for the next few months, but on average afterward, it would still be 3-5 hours a day. I believe I would make a great help staff because I have nothing to gain. I'm just another one of the guys, having fun! There is nothing more satisfactory than people letting you know that you have helped them out so much, and for the simple fact that I enjoy doing it. Hello my friends of fury!, I have been a very active member for over a month now. I'm on discord also. I thrive to help others, new and veteran players. weather its a question about pvm or skilling. prices or guidance, ill be there. everyone that joins when I'm online get's a nice warm welcome, and I do my best to notify them about all the benefits and that if they have any questions to pm me. I'm very dedicated and loyal to this server and believe that I would be very good at helper staff. thanks everyone for their support!