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  1. New Pking results?

    yer i'm going to write a topic on renewing spec because it takes a while standing around , thanks for the comment
  2. man its awesome all I've been doing is pking lol well done
  3. New Pking results?

    Just like to say this new pking with the bots is awesome! you can make bank if you hit them hard , very nice loots and you can get random drops to! keeep it coming fury maybe be able to renew your spec at that health lady but other than that its wicked.
  4. Skate's Helper Application

    nice application
  5. Sad sudden farewell

    such a shame take care my friend
  6. Item protect

    Hey I've been testing my item protect when pking and its bugged, every fight i check my prayer and that i haven't ran out when i die, Ive tested this like 10 times and it just doesn't protect so i cant take any decent spec weapon when i pk now somebody got an answer for me please much appreciated
  7. Godwars Event

    cool add me and pm me on fury and i shall add you to the list is that your in game name to?
  8. Zammy GodWars

    hey just a quick one , just been to Zammy god wars and the boss spawns but you can't see him so you think that your ok to turn off your pray to save it then boom he hits you, also some of the minions you can't reach to attack which defeats to object of using soal split . thanks
  9. Godwars Event

    will do sir thanks i'll count you in then? hehe
  10. How awsome is Fury PS?

    Would just like to say ever since i started this server it has got better and better! The community is really cool everyone knows everyone , we all get on and help each other out. Staff have been brilliant , really welcoming and kind its nice to see. Other than that theirs Awesome Fury deals if you want to donate speak with him he'll Huck you up big time It really is the most complete server out there and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys gaming, anyway enough sucking up peace out.
  11. Resource/Drop Guide

  12. Godwars Event

    great I'll update you more when Ive gathered more people
  13. Godwars Event

    Hey were going to be hosting some god wars events very soon! just pm me on discord or in game and tell me which boss you would like to slay first i was thinking a team of between 5-10 all loots split equally. We will also be slaying nex, message me if you interested. ideally requirements are to have 90+ cbt skills and tortoise , yak ,unicorn ,titan! any questions feel free to ask. thanks Jmz rulze10