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  1. Hellooo. I will be updating this as the day goes on and I do more. dungeoneering rune counts has been fixed. Dungeoneering spellbooks has been fixed. Dungeoneering party panel has been fixed when finishing/leaving dungeons. Added a new command for map problems in dung. use ::dungmap Familiar draining/timers fixed. Clue Scroll drops has been fixed. Veracs tomb resetting on exit fixed. Reminders to vote & join forums/discord is now automated every 15mins. EDIT!!! fixed damage prevention from npcs. so u don't gain exp anymore if the npc blocks the damage. It blocked the damage but exp was still being gained. fixed players logging into a black map from a previous dungeoneering session. workshops in POH will now update properly.
  2. Bug fixes Wishing-Well - You can only input whole numbers by mills. so for example; 1,200,000 is OK to input, but 1,200,001 is NOT. Dungeoneering tab dissapearing should be fixed now. Npc respawns; Rock crabs timer fixed and npcs being invisible/not showing has been fixed. Rev cave 'invisible wall' has been fixed. It is now fully accessible. Dfs effect has been rewritten. it now holds 50 charges max and deducts 1 charge every use. It has a cooldown of 1 minute after every use. Teleporting method has been adjusted to fully block any incoming hits. (please report if anything still occurs) Divine prayer drain has been fixed for magic hits (it did not apply correctly for magic hits before) Cooking burn rate has been adjusted to be more realistic. Bloodwood logs are now alchable. Dag king tasks have been removed. A new task has been added as 'Dagganoth Kings' which all 3 will now fall under so you may kill any of the 3 for this task. Player combat pathfinding has been adjusted so no more funny movements while combating. Soulstones are no longer obtainable from any bots in deep wilderness. ONLY EDGEVILLE now. EDIT!!!! Rare drops/announcements has been fixed. Slayer exp has been fixed. Berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons has been added. Player combat running up/disturbing position has been fixed.(safe spotting ect) Soulstones x2 & pest points x2 displaying active on panel fixed. Npcs attacking while dead has been fixed. I will be doing ongoing bug fixes ect while I'm finishing up wilderness slayer so expect that soon.
  3. can't edit furys post =( anyways, both players dying in a duel result in a 'tie' now. divine shield prayer drain fix. fixed bug where players end their own streak when dying to npcs. pkbots; they all respawn in 30 seconds after being killed. adjusted prayer mechanics, prayers should be fine now. all are now aggressive, but randomly, at a randomized rate. removed account restrictions when killing bots. bots don't get stuck at ditch anymore. all bots within distance of you in a multi area will now attack you(CAREFUL!)