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  1. Why, Hello there...

    i meet you once or twice already lol nice to see you on forums.=]
  2. Dreams iron man goals

    it says its a drop from qbd if not then ill take it off tahnks for the support yea going to take a long ass time to do but should be alot of fun thanks for the support =]
  3. Hey everyone i will be starting an iron man soon and i would like to post the goals i have in mind. ill keep this updated when i finish the goals and the date i finished it. ()=not finished (x)=finished Green text= set finished Barrows Dharork's Ahrim's Karil's Torrag's Verac's Arkisae ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Helmet ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Body ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Legs ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon ( ) Weapon Glacors DKs Ganodermic TDs Corp Edimmu ( ) Steadfast boots ( ) Berserker ring ( ) Gano helm ( ) Dragon claws ( ) Divine ( ) Blood necklace ( ) Glaiven boots ( ) Archer ring ( ) Gano body ( ) Plate slice ( ) Ely ( ) Crystal bow ( ) Ragefire boots ( ) Seers ring ( ) Gano legs ( ) Plate lump ( ) Spec ( ) Crystal shield ( ) Staff of armadyl ( ) Warrior ring ( ) Polypore stick ( ) Plate shard ( ) Arcane Nex Queen Black Dragon ( ) Pernix cowl ( ) Virtus mask ( ) Torva Helmet ( ) Zaryte bow ( ) Royal torsion spring ( ) Royal bolt stabilizer ( ) Pernix body ( ) Virtus Body ( ) Torva Body ( ) Royal sight ( ) Dragon kiteshield ( ) Pernix legs ( ) Virtus legs ( ) Torva legs ( ) Royal frame Godwars Dungeon Capes ( ) Bandos frozen key ( ) Armadyl frozen key ( ) Zammy frozen key ( ) Sara frozen key ( ) Godsword shard 1 ( ) fire cape ( ) Bandos hilt ( ) Armadyl hilt ( ) zammy hilt ( ) sara hilt ( ) Godsword shard 2 ( ) TokHaar-Kal ( ) Bandos chest plate ( ) Armadyl helmet ( ) zammy spear ( ) Sara sword ( ) Godsword shard 3 ( ) Max cape ( ) Bandos Tassets ( ) Armadyl chest plate ( ) Steam battle ( ) Comp cape ( ) Bandos boots ( ) Armadyl chain skirt IGN: iron Dreams I wanted to add some xp goals in some skill but i wasnt sure what to do so this might come up later. Wish me luck on this journey =] it will be a long ass one.
  4. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    i meet you a few times =] gald to see you on forums buddy
  5. Hello

    hey pappadragon! nice to see you on forums. we are always here to help u you ever need somthing
  6. hey nice loot man gratz on what u got =]
  7. damn nice bank bro! keep it up lol
  8. Dreams helper application

    Timezone:PDT Discord Tag:Green bay113#3557 Languages:English InGame name:Dreams Your contributions to Fury:I have many guides on forums and i have a lot of fun making them and wish to keep going Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: i am very friendly to all players, i know a lot about the server and i spend a lot of time online. i feel like people seeing me reach for my goals like going for comp cape and maybe a maxed legend someday will help them keep playing and trying to reach for what ever they want to achieve. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?:can be up to 8-10 hours a day Time on dreamsTime on Green bay113 What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?:helpful,friendly, responsible. i spend a lot of time on the game and i talk to everyone i see. i try to help anyone who needs it in help chat or who pm me. i still have lots of goals in the game i would love to achieve and love seeing other reaching for their goals, i would like to be apart of the staff team because i feel i can help the server grow just as well as the staff you have now.
  9. Sym's Bank Update 11/2/18

    good shit bro keep up the great work bank is looking better then ever
  10. Dreams Stealing Creations guide!

    Thanks for your support and feed back sym means alot keeps me motivated to make more =]
  11. Hey everyone and welcome to my stealing creations guide. In the few games i played so far and from talk around fury not many people know or don't remember how to play the game. So i wanted to make this guide to help you guys out. =] hope you enjoy 1st) how to get to the mini game easy =] 2nd) How to start You need at least 2 players on each team to start the game. The mini game wants you to have an even team so its not a land slide win for a single team=] It goes off combat levels and skilling levels. you can join a team if the total levels is ahead of the other team. Now that we got are even teams and the game has started. The goal of this mini game is to have a higher total points over the other team so you can work together and work by yourself to get your win. 3rd) Playing You will start in a place like this. game go for 20 min after the timer gose to 0 the game is over In the middle of the room you can deposit all of your clay and items that you make during the game. you and your team can pick up these items from the boxes around the room. So you want to see if your team has deposited any thing that can help you out. but be careful looting these item will cost you some points. 4th) getting points To get points there is skilling spots all over this area. and this is where your skills come in handy. the skilling spots are leveled from level 2 up to level 5 the lower level skillings spots are faster to get with any tools but cost less points, and the higher ones will take longer but more points. These are what the skilling clays look like This is the level 1 clay that everyone can get clay from with no req Mining you will need level 20 mining for level 2 40 for for level 3, 60 for level 4 and 80 for level 5 Hunter you will need level 20 for level 2 40 for level 3, 60 for level 4 and 80 for level 5 Fishing you will need 20 for level 2 40 for level 3, 60 for level 4 and 80 for level 5 Only 1 level 5 will spawn in each game and its always random so it helps to have all your skills up for this mining game 5th)what to do with clay You can go back to your own base and deposit for your team. Or you can go to these building around the area and you can make everything you need armor, food, barriers, etc.. 6th)Skill needed in the mini game Mining- to mine the higher tier rock Fishing-to fish the higher tier pool Hunter-to catch higher butterfly area =] Smithing- to make higher tier melee armor and weapons and high tier pickaxe and hatches Agility-to jump over the wall. to help get away from your enemy Construction- To make higher tier barriers to stop the enemy team from taking your clay =] Cooking-to make better food Crafting- to make better magic and range armor and to make a better staffs as well as harpoons and butterfly nets Fletching- to make higher tier bows and arrows Herblore- To make higher tier potions Runecrafting- To make more runes Summoning- to make higher tier familers Thieving- to help pickpocket your enemy 7th)Helpful tips about your game play I recommend finding the level 5 spawn to see what skilling tool you need to make then going to the nearest level 2/3 to get fast clay and make that tool. go to the level 5 and get 1 clay then remake the tool with level 5 clay. after you have a level 5 tool you want to make a barrier around the level 5 so only your team is aloud inside the area . you will need to make 4 barriers to place it around the level 5 so u got to work fast after then level 5 is gone you work your way down to level 4 then 3 and so on. The enemy team is able to attack your barriers to break them so you have to work as a team to get as much as you can in a short amount of time 8th) Pvp This is a pvp friendly area. killing the enemy can slow them down and also reward you in point (not giving points atm work on clay untill its fix =]) so dont be afraid to gear up and mess some people up =] there is Fog area the area you can hide in and can not be attacked in. there is also walls and rifts around the area you can jump over to get away from an attacker . fog =] Fog is also nice you can hide in it and pop out when an enemy runs by and pickpocket them or attack them. killing a player is the same as killing in the wild they lose all the items they have and spawn back with nothing (also not working atm will delete when fixed =]) 8th)End of games and rewards Once you end the game you get points base on your score in the game This is the good part =] with your points you can talk to rewards mystic to buy double xp tools and armor and weapons This guide took awhile to do so some feed back would be awesome. it is alot to add so if i did miss anything please feel free to let me know. Thanks to all the people who posted pic on google for me to use =]
  12. good shit fury and nando! stealing creations has been fun so far keep up the great work
  13. Examine's Introduction

    Welcome buddy! hope u enjoy fury always glad to see someone new on forums =]
  14. Aright i know its been awhile but here is the updated bank so far! Hope you enjoyed =]
  15. Hello everyone and welcome to my runecrafting guide! the xp rates on this guide will be for a reg account with no additional bonus xp at all. Sit back and relax and enjoy the guide =] I 100% recommend you work on runecrafting during bonus xp weekend or while using the vote book bonus xp. You can also stack both of them Method for emerald and lower ranks Level 1-65 Zmi alter. You want to go next to the chaos alter and go down the ladder. Here you can pick for 2 paths 1.) If you okay with getting attacked from some low leveled mobs run all the way south till u hit a wall then run all the was east until you hit the alter 2.) If you are a low level and dont want to be hit, run down the s shape road its a little longer but you take no damage and just squeeze through the crack on the wall. From level 1-65 you need to do around 25 runs at 18,272 xp per run Levels 65-77 Death alter Now that you are level 65 u can buy alter tabs from wizard Elriss in the runecrafting guild. From 65-77 doing death runes you will need to do around 96 runs at 10,800 xp per run Level 77-99 blood runes This is the same steps as death runes just buy blood tabs instead From 77-99 doing blood runes you will need to do around 1020 runs at 11,340 xp per run. Method for ruby rank and up 1-99 ruby zmi alter From the bank you just run North to the 2nd room and just past wizard mizgog you will see 2 alters. From level 1-99 using ruby zmi alter you will need to do around 757 runs at 17,232 xp per run. Thanks for sticking through the guide and i wish you all luck on your long journey to 99 runecrafting.