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  1. 21/09/18 - September Updates

    nice 1 nando! keep up the good work
  2. Eovi Intro!

    nice to see you on forums eovi! glad to meet you.
  3. Dreams bank and stats (Legend)

    nah i bought ruby rank. i dont fp bank anymore
  4. Dreams bank and stats (Legend)

    thanks boss. but im broke af atm lol
  5. Damn lena sick bank and stats keep up the good work =] im sure u will hit level 2 dg some day lol
  6. Bolin's Farming Guide

    dude your fucking gifs are killin me
  7. Dreams helper application

    Timezone:PDT Discord Tag:Green bay113#3557 Languages:English InGame name:Dreams Your contributions to Fury:Friendly and knowledgeable Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?:I spend a lot of time on forums and in game and just got back on discord so i can be reached anywhere and any time i'm needed. i have goals of my own and love helping other achieve there goals as well. i love this server and i only want the best for it, and want it to grow to be #1 server. i am very active in game chat and i'm getting better at forums. if i get helper rank or not i will still be a very active player and try to help whoever i can. This is one of the best community i have ever been a part of and i cant wait for us to grow even bigger. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: around 8-10 sometimes more and sometimes less What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?:friendly, knowledgeable, and reachable. i am a very friendly player and like to joke and have a good time with other players, and i play a lot i know a lot of prices guides and tips to help players achieve there goals. and i am on a lot during the day, and i'm on discord on my PC and on my phone. So i can help even tho i'm not sitting at my computer.
  8. Trodals Bank and Stats

    damn! nice bank dude ill be like that 1 day =]
  9. This will be a step by step guide on how you can post your awesome pictures on the fury forums. =] Lets get started I'm going to assume you have taking the picture already. Step 1. go to https://imgur.com Step 2. Log in Step 3. Click New post on the top left of the screen Step 4. Click browse Step 5. Choose your picture and click open Step 6. Rick click the picture and click Copy image address Step 7. Now on forums click insert other media and click insert image from URL on the bottem right Step 8. right click and paste into bar Now click insert into post and it should show your picture! =] I hope this helped anyone that wanted to make guides or show pictures of there account. Thanks for reading and hope to see you in game =]
  10. Dreams bank and stats (Legend)

    Thanks man i'm about 300 hours in =]
  11. Yes i'm taking sym's idea =] and no im not even on the same level as him lol. lets get started Im a legend account and is where im at atm. My crystal key's tab some random drops and loots tab My pots and food tab my pvp/ mummy's tab My runes tab My skilling tab My summoning tab My gear tab My cash and stats atm Thanks for reading! cya in game =]
  12. Greetings from Dreams =]

    I'm kinda late to this but i would like to tell you guys about how i'm playing fury and my goals. So first off hi my IGN is Dreams and Green bay113 i mostly play on my legend account dreams. i have around 300 hours played and plan to get way more! when i first started my goal was to get ruby rank and have full Torva, since then i was able to reach this goal and i was able to get alot of the money for rank with in game gold. my next goal atm is to hit diamond and i would like all 3 nex sets. its not something i can do over night but its still within reach. i would love to talk to you guys in game and to hear about some of your goals in fury ps as well. Thanks for reading and cya in game =]
  13. I should uninstall soon. Bank

    hey, you got better stats then i do lol im at 300 hours =]