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  1. Account Ban

    lol i watched you scam
  2. Sym's December Suggestions

    oh fuck yea fury +1 100% please look at this lol let me get fourms mod rank in game =] i love the nomad idea would be dope af to get all players online to go kill a would boss and fix drop rate of corp
  3. Huge Giveaways! over 1.3b in items!

    good shit man keep up the great work
  4. Belkin's Bank

    not bad man you need to get a tok ring =]
  5. @Dreams

    Looks very nice man. I appreciate the time you and astro pit into making them for me. I might have to rock both of them lol
  6. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 2

    good shit man keep up the grind!
  7. Loot From 100 Crystal Keys

    nice man. wonder who has more cos me or you =]
  8. AdamR's mediocre bank

    not bad brotha keep up the grind brother
  9. Fury Herblore Guide 1-99 Easiest Methods!

    nice work again brotha!
  10. Road to Finishing Comp Cape EP. 1

    good shit boy! love that i can hear you know lol. few noise things kinda sucked to hear like some high pitch noises but i'm sure will be fixed in time. keep up the hard work these video are really getting better with time
  11. kinda late to this. but i looked into it cuz i want to get all 4 of the shields on my iron man....tested and its bad ass thanks for the input adam im 100% doing this on my iron man
  12. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 1

    that's a good 1 brotha hurry up with ep 2 =]
  13. Loot From 50 Armadyl Kill's

    nice man. 1 thing is its really hard to hear you wit your mic low and the music on. but other then that good shit my man!
  14. Solo Nex Guide!

    damn man long ass fight lol nice video keep up the hard work!
  15. Armadyl Guide

    once again good shit man! keep up the great guides.