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  1. Mining Guide

    Incredible Mining Guide, Box! But what about for the players that are skillers, and don't have any combat XP, that can't go to the LRC? And deeper into that, go two routes: 1. 77-99 Grinding (Sandstone or something similar) if you're not looking for Smithing XP 2. 77-99 Ore Mining if you're trying to save materials for smithing. Aside from that, amazing guide! I loved it!
  2. Herblore 1-99 guide

    Awesome guide, Astro! I was also planning on making an in-depth Herblore Guide at some point in the future, but you've got it covered, and very well done! Appreciate the guide, keep em comin!
  3. Craftwork's Introduction

    Of course I do! Thanks! Thanks man! And I'm already enjoying the server! I hope everyone enjoys my company!
  4. Prestige System + Shop(s)?

    Hey, and that's cool! Not looking for support, just any feedback at all! Was just a suggestion!
  5. Craftwork's Introduction

    Hey guys. Craftwork here, and I figured I would finally formally introduce myself. My name is Nick. I am 20 years old, and live in good ole' Tennessee. I got really big into the RSPS scene a few years ago, when I was probably 16/17 years old. I was starting to learn basic 317/545 java server-sided coding and was planning on doing it longer-term. However, my time learning to code was cut short when school got in the way after going to college, which didn't quite work out anyway, because I was forced to drop out due to financial reasons. During my time in the RSPS scene, I had run my own server for about 8 months, was a Support on 2 different servers for probably about a year and a half between the two, and a Mod on another for another 3 months or so, before the server went down. Here I am, a few years later, at 20, trying to get back into the RSPS Scene. I joined this server a few days ago, and have about 35 hours of playtime so far as a Regular Skiller. I have many goals for this server, as I used to, and I plan on achieving every single one of them. I've already posted a Goals & Achievements Post on the forums so go check it out if you haven't already. Anyway, I hope to make an impact on everyone here on Fury in one way or another, and I hope to, eventually, make friends with each and every one of you. So far, I've loved getting to meet the community of Fury, and the Staff/Support Team is incredible so far. Nothing but good things to say about this server. I hope to see you all around either in-game or around the forums! Craft
  6. Prestige System + Shop(s)?

    Yeah of course. The point values weren't set in stone. It was just so people had an idea of how it would work. Thanks for all the feedback, guys!
  7. Craftwork's 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Thanks Sym! It's nice to see the server staff pay attention to all posts, not just those created by experienced players. I've always been big into the RSPS scene, and I love helping out anyway I can. I was a support on a server a few years ago for like a year, and I was Mod on another for about 6 months, also a few years ago. I took a break from it so I could get my life on track (Which didn't work too well xD) and now I'm back, just how I left. Expect to see plenty more posts from me.
  8. Prestige System + Shop(s)?

    Hey guys, Craftwork here with a little idea that I've seen from other private servers I've gotten invested into in the past. It's a simple prestige system with a shop or two involved. There are multiple ways this could be done, but I'm going to post the most efficient two that I've seen/been a part of. #1. Overall Prestiges For this way, the condition needed to prestige would be simple -- Get every stat to 99, the same as Max Cape Requirements. If an individual that has maxed out were to prestige, every stat would be reset to 1, and his 'Prestige Rank' would be increased from 0 -> 1. There could be one NPC that has multiple shop options for varying Prestige Rank Milestones (1, 3, 5, 7, 10, etc if you decide to go past 10) In each shop, there are increasingly better and more desired items that individuals could buy with either coins, or 'Prestige Points'. These points would be obtained simply by prestiging, awarding players a set amount of Prestige Points based on their account gamemode. Something like so: Regular -- 25 Points Extreme - 50 Points Legend - 100 Points #2. Individual Stat Prestiges If this way is the one that gets used, it's a bit more complex but very very similar to the first. Instead of having to completely max out in order to prestige, however, you would only need to achieve 99 in a single skill. For instance, if I had 99 Woodcutting and 99 Firemaking, I could prestige them both. My Woodcutting and Firemaking levels would both be reset to 1, though my Woodcutting would be Prestige 1, along with my Firemaking. My other skills would all still be 99 and Prestige 0. This would also change the shop(s) and the 'Prestige Point' distribution, as it's skill-by-skill instead of the account as a whole. Something like so: Regular -- 2 Points Extreme -- 4 Points Legend -- 10 Points Also, the shop system would have to differ from the first one because there would be no Account 'Prestige Rank', only individual skill Prestiges. You could make a more complex shop system, similar to the first, though having desired items for any specific skill in the corresponding shop. For Instance: Prestige 1 Woodcutting Shop (Dragon Hatchet, etc.) Prestige 2 Woodcutting Shop (Lumberjack Outfit (Possible XP Boost?), etc.) So on and so forth. The chances of this suggestion getting thoroughly thought about and even implemented into the FuryPS Scene is highly unlikely, but I thought I'd give my input on how it could possibly be done, given how I've seen it done and how much I've seen it thrive in the past. I'd like to get as many people as possible to leave feedback, so I can truly see what the Fury Community thinks about my idea(s). I'll be sure to respond to everyone! Thanks!
  9. Yeah of course. Any method that requires the gathering of materials is going to depend on demand. However, all 3 of them are valid methods for beginners, or skillers such as myself, to do in order to bring in some money earlier on in the game without having requirements that are TOO demanding.
  10. ***Craftwork's Money Methods*** Back with a few more methods to increase that stack of cash which, if you're like me, looks really depressing 99% of the time: These methods are going to be using a variety of different skills, and prices will be posted as accurately as I can get them. As always, any information is appreciated, and will be added to the guide as soon as I get a chance. Thanks ahead of time, guys, and I hope you enjoy these few methods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #1: Making Overloads Requirements: -- 96 Herblore -- A bit of cash, if you don't want to farm the herbs yourself. How-To: -- First, create Super Sets (Attack, Strength, Defense, Range, and Magic) -- Then, turn those Super Sets into Extreme Sets -- Combine the Extreme Sets with Clean Torstols to receive Overloads. -- Overloads sell for approximately 1m each. Media: SUPER SETS = + /// Super Attack = Level 45 = + /// Super Strength = Level 55 = + /// Super Defense = Level 66 = + /// Super Ranging = Level 72 = + /// Super Magic = Level 76 EXTREME SETS = + /// Extreme Attack = Level 88 = + /// Extreme Strength = Level 89 = + /// Extreme Defense = Level 90 = + /// Extreme Magic = Level 91 = + /// Extreme Ranging = Level 92 OVERLOADS = + + + + + /// Overloads = Level 96 Extra: -- This method is also a great guide to getting 45 - 99 Herblore. Stock up to mass produce Overloads on your grind to 99 Herblore! -- Herbs can become pretty expensive, so farming them yourself is 100% the cheapest option. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #2: Raw Fish Requirements: -- If 40 Fishing: Lobster Pot -- If 62 Fishing: Small Fishing Net -- If 76 Fishing: Harpoon How-To: -- Based on your Fishing Level, gather whichever tool you'll need from the above list. -- Adventure to the Fishing Guild, where 99.9% of your money will be made. -- FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! FISH! Prices: -- Raw Lobsters = 10k a piece ///// 270k per inventory (27 + Pot) -- Raw Monkfish = 15k a piece ///// 405k per inventory (27 + Net) -- Raw Sharks = 20k a piece ///// 540k per inventory (27 + Harpoon) Fishing Locations: -- Lobsters and Sharks: Fishing Guild ///// Bank is to the left of my location in the picture. -- Monkfish: Fishing Colony ///// Bank is directly to the right of my location in the picture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #3: Logs Requirements: -- 30 / 45 / 60 / 75 Woodcutting How-To: -- Based on your Woodcutting Level, you will go to either: -- Draynor (30) -- Seer's Village (45/60) -- Isafdar (75) -- Cut trees down, and bank the logs! Prices: -- Willos = 2.5k a piece ///// 70k per inventory -- Maples = 5k a piece ///// 140k per inventory -- Yews = 10k a piece ///// 280k per inventory -- Magics = 15k a piece ///// 420k per inventory Woodcutting Locations: -- Willows: Draynor Village -- Maples and Yews: Seer's Village -- Magics: Isafdar Well those are the basic 3 methods I have right now, on top of the one I made a separate guide for yesterday. Let me know what you think, for those of you who actually read all the way down to this point. Thanks for checking out my content, and you can expect more to come. If you guys want to see anything specific, whether it's a guide, update posts, media, or anything else, let me know. I'll post about what you guys want to see! As always, feedback is always appreciated! Thanks guys!
  11. Craftwork's 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Oh nice! I'll be sure to add that in as another alternate method!
  12. Craftwork's 1-99 Smithing Guide

    Awesome. Thanks so much Lena! The information will be added to the post!
  13. Craftwork's Super Easy Money Making Guide

    Thanks man. I appreciate it. Trying to get more involved in the forums. Hope you'll see me around more.
  14. I just thought I'd share this method of EASY profit I found today in case anyone doesn't know about this yet. This is a very very easy method, with only 1 requirement. It's really simple, but it's making cannonballs from steel bars. The only thing that makes it a tricky method is that steel bars aren't sold much, unless you find the right people, which is rare. Typically, you'll have to mine the ores and smelt the bars yourself, but it's still EASY money. Think about the numbers... Steel Bars are typically sold for about 80k a piece. 1 Steel Bar produces 40 Cannonballs when bashed with a hammer on any anvil (Still don't know how that happens.) Cannonballs are running for about 3-4k a piece. So 1 Steel Bar = 120-160k in cannonballs. *** *** *** *** *** When making Cannonballs, your inventory is simple: 1 Hammer 27 Steel Bars *** *** *** *** *** 27 Steel Bars (27 * 80k) = 2,160,000gp 27 Steel Bars * 40 Cannonballs = 1080 Cannonballs per Inventory 1080 Cannonballs (1080 * 3-4k) = 3,240,000 - 4,320,000gp *** *** *** *** *** If sold for 3k a piece, 1 inventory profits you 1,080,000gp If sold for 4k a piece, 1 inventory profits you 2,160,000gp *** *** *** *** *** If you choose the manual labor route instead of buying your Steel Bars, you will be gaining 3,240,000-4,320,000gp per inventory of smelted Cannonballs. I just thought I would put this out there for you guys in case anyone was in need of a simple, relaxing semi-afk money making method. As always, leave me any feedback you can think of!
  15. Craftwork's Goals and First 24 Hours

    Haha thanks Lena! I'll be updating the thread once a week, every Saturday. If I notice that I'm progressing too quickly to where it'll only be 2 or 3 updates before I'm done, I'll update more frequently, maybe twice or three times a week. But I'll be sure to keep the thread updated until everything is that beautiful bright green.