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  1. Suggestion/bug list

    Gem bag doesn't work also
  2. Hey all!

    hello and welcome to the server.
  3. Moose - Legend Training

  4. Voting is not giving rewards!

    @vie and others, you can re-vote on runelocus to get 4 votes per 12 hours
  5. Scimstall @ Home

    I was joking lol. >.>
  6. New to the block

    Welcome man! hope to see you ing
  7. Bug Fixes - 18/01/2018

    very nice work! keep It up
  8. yeah I bought like 70 lol
  9. 1. An increase of % to the tokens will make dungeoneering more fun and give people more incentive to do the skill. 2. I have played many RSPS and a lot of servers have this feature (if not a prestiged mining, once you've achieved the max level you can mine x2/x3 dust) - saying this, some of the rooms in dungeoneering require 100+ levels to open the doors. Maybe there could be a way to scale out the prestiged exp via game mode? for example; I have recently learned that you can exceed 200m+ experience in a skill. so @ 104,273,167 exp (scaled out per game mode) you receive x2/3 dust per sction mining the star. This way it doesn't become to OP and is still a challenge. 3. There is already a portal at donator zone for some bosses, however - instance boss tickets > with or without bank booths > costs (vote points/slayer points) to buy > increases your drop % by a few > once you leave/logout of the instance you then lose the instance. I don't like the idea about frost dragons, this will become way to OP for when the server grows. Nonetheless, it would be more appealing for donators at your level if there were to be a boss that only YOU could attack with some nice drops. > This would happen after $500+ or so.. 4. Donator capes are cool. Something swanky and fasho about them that adds a nice feature. 5. Barrows is important to a pre-eoc server as its the heart of training/pking until the player can get better gear. A drop increase in this minigame will increase the amount of people who do barrows. > Not only as a donator benefit, but increase the barrows drop rate overall. 6/7. YES. it would be nice to spice the chest up a little. chest rewards increasing from 5-25% as the rank increases. 8. In all fairness, I think the drop rate is above the average rsps. With your game mode + row (if it works :p) + donator benefit drop % (which could be tweaked maybe) you're fine. The reason it seems so low, is that the player count isn't high enough for people to be camping bosses for drops. Also, we don't have a drop announcement for rare/any drops at all. 9. % chance of burning less food - this will come in handy for those who chose to play the following game mode; extreme and legend. Why? - because cooking is a slow-ish skill for the exp rate.
  10. Progress Update - 10/01/2018

    cool stuff man! sawmill will be working right?:P
  11. finally done it first to max on extr!
  12. Some small suggestions

    Agree with these. Also the alch 100m items one etc is a little too excessive haha
  13. Sammy's summoning guide

    nice guide and well explained. keep em coming in!