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  1. Armadyl Godwars bug

    Hey just to let you no theres still no minions at armadyl godwars so you can mainly just use restores and camp please fix its to easy thanks
  2. A farewell for now.

    i hope things get better mateey live a happy life
  3. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    wow dude your banks awesome man!
  4. nice one i can go back to god wars
  5. purple p hat sale

    hey i'm selling my purple hat for 2.5b accepting items worth up to 2.7b please pm me in game at jmz rulze10 thanks
  6. Diamond Donor Zone

    to spend 500 dollars maybe these are reward able benefits who knows some ideas are good i think
  7. pking tips

    hey so Ive heard people struggling to kill hybrids when pking and torag armored bots well Ive found it easier to be using a rapier and full dh, bots safe to about 500 hp ish and dh hits nicely through that . be careful of your low health though them dds spec can catch you out! also using a chaotic maul on void rangers actually k0s them you can make 5-10m in a trip. any questions or tips on pking guys please comment Ive been testing all types of gears good luck!
  8. Sammy's unorganized bank pic

    nice bank man
  9. I should uninstall soon. Bank

    nice total level and items you have matey
  10. New Pking results?

    yer that would be great instead of standing around waiting for it to go up that sounds kool