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  1. Haha, would be pretty awesome, inb4 spectral
  2. Slayer Drops Guide with Tips

    This is huge!
  3. Oh man this is a nice find. Accaurcy seems pretty high with magic!
  4. I don’t really think this method is viable anymore. Bagged magics are 3m ea as of now. Maybe add a little heads up for people strolling through the guide section.
  5. hci rollcoal's helper application

    +1 from me. There are currently not enough supports in my opinion. Rollcoal is super active and is always responsive in CC when people are asking for help. Giving him a more noticable role as support will help him being able to stand out more to people in need of help.
  6. I should uninstall soon. Bank

    Nice! Keep going!