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  1. Greetings FURY*PS

    Good morning and afternoon fellow FURY*PS Participants. I'd like to introduce myself, my name is RedditKorean and thus far I may have met some of you already but for those who I haven't met I'd like to give a warm hello to you. So far I am enjoying the RSPS as it's been awhile since I've been on a Computer and thus haven't been on a RSPS in some time. I'm a veteran Runescape player from OSRS and Post-EOC, I'm very familiar with the private server content people release too, but that was all before I sold my Gaming RIG. But a few things about me, Firstly; I love to spend free time on a computer or working on my car, I'm friendly and willing to help anyone in need even if I don't 100% know myself. I'm dedicated and willing to keep at it when the tough gets tougher. So in Conclusion, I picked Legend Mode and I'm striving for a Max Account. Good-Luck to me and I hope I don't want to die by the time that's even a possibility. As well I live in Australia so yes, it is hot here and yes everything does try and kill you here, especially my dog and my misses. Look forward to meeting you all and getting to know everyone better. P.S. If anyone can do Banners, Media etc... I want some work done if you could PM me.