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  1. Winter Break

    All good man, I’d imagine most people will be understanding.
  2. Two Feedback Ideas

    I know a graphic designer who makes websites for a living I can maybe ask if he can do it for a cheaper price if you want.
  3. Dark Beasts

    Probably just due to their attack and max hit configurations were forgotten. I’d imagine there’s a few more npc’s like that.
  4. Donor benefits - 07/12/2017

    Thanks for the update, needed a few extra donor benefits. plus metal drag fix helps with slayer.
  5. donator zone

    Yeah I recommended something similar but sadly I think they’re working on smaller fixes for stability and content for all, before donators as of now.
  6. Maxing event screenies (second to max)

    Congrats again Urinal. (Should of done it on extreme though 😉)
  7. Ooh looks good when I have high enough slayer level I’ll definitely camp out for a set of Gano.
  8. Donator Benefits Suggestion Thread

    I believe that the donator zone should be expanded, Some slayer monsters, higher level slayer monsters making it somewhat easier for donators to access the monsters. A few bosses but the lower tiered bosses maybe. Possibly even the wilderness bosses. A few General shops in the Donator zone like the ones at home. (Melee, range, mage, food, skilling) Add the slayer portal as well. There could also be an NPC added with all skilling items there making it easier for donators to access skilling. As of now there is runite rocks and the urns for skilling. I do believe a few more should be added. A furnace and anvil for smithing, some higher level trees, Fishing spots and a range. Etc. I believe that these things would entice people to donate if they haven’t already.