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  1. Okay, basically, it is really easy to kill these demons. Getting to the demons requires little to no effort, in the following images, you will see a step by step guide to getting to them. First step: Find "Boss Teleport" teleport. This is found under the B letter. Second and third step: Navigate the menu, which popped up on top of your chat. Find first, the "More" option, click on it. Following this, find the "Tormented Demons" option. Clicking on this option will teleport you to the demons, run a bit east and you'll see them. You will not need a safe spot, you will be able to make due with just being far enough so that the demon does not use melee to attack you (5 squares I believe). Currently I am using this setup, which of course isn't optimal. Although this is the case, I have no problems killing these Tormented Demons. It is easy and proves easy for even the simplest of RSPS players As you can see, I use an ice barrage juxtaposed with a staff of light. This provides more magic bonus, therefore I prefer this to saving water runes with a water staff. This of course, is purely personal preference and you'll make the money for runes back with just rune armor drops anyway. Using a DFS significantly reduces your magic (by -10), so this is not recommended, but I just kept it on for good looks. From research so far, I have yet to see the Tormented Demons to protect from mage, as well as cause trouble with their shield. You'll be praying mage/range and to know, when you'll be praying which, is not at all hard, especially after a couple kills under your belt. The following bits of this guide will illustrate the process of protecting yourself. So this orange ball is what the Tormented Demons use for their magic attack. The NPC will lay back a little bit, before making a "puking" motion towards you. This is your indicator to protect from mage. Following the motion, they will spit out an orange ball of flame, from which you will need to defend yourself. The ranged attack is a bit harder to spot, due to it's inherit lack of density or eye-catching color. It's stardust looking magical powder, which causes trouble, when gone unnoticed. The demon makes a swinging motion from right to left with his/hers left arm, and then chucks the left arm towards you. This is your indicator to protect from range. Some notable drops include: Currently on the market for ~300 million coins. The dragon claws. Brutal and pimping, this item offers you an offensive item, requiring two hands to use (so no dclaws+dfs for you, mister). The claws are most often used for their special attack, withdrawing 50% of your special bar. The special attack is almost like two dragon dagger special attacks at once. Wild, is it not? The Tormented Demons also drop the three ruined dragon armor pieces, required in the process of making a dragon platebody. The ruined dragon armor slice. The least rare of the three pieces. The ruined dragon armor shard. A bit rarer than the last. The ruined dragon armor lump. The rarest of the three and undoubtedly, the most beautiful. *note, in the eyes of the dragon platebody, all three are equal. The demons also drop a good amount of seeds and herbs, which will accumulate over time, should you take the time to collect them. Should you lose yourself in your thoughts, or get carried away by an interesting inquiry, there's no need to worry. You'll be fine for 4-5 hits, even without prayer. The demons don't hit too hard, but 20+ still. You can use whatever gear you feel like, as long as it's magic. The demons will not be the end of you. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! This will also provide useful for updating the guide with missing information. IGN: Kogemata Hopefully this guide helps at least one of you With kind regards, Kogemata
  2. Recipe For Disaster Guide

    Very good guide, nice, easy, understandable, simple and to the point!