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    Hey guys I would like to start a discussion on the bosses we currently have in the game and they're drop tables. the first boss I would like to be looked at is Qalphite Queen, the drops suck if I'm being honest really gives you no point to farm this unless its a slayer task and even then you'll just skip the task or do normal kaphites, what I suggest is to buff the table for some rare drops example: raw materials for skilling and maybe ornament kits instead of them being in the vote shop I would have to say it would be nice to see these things happen to other bosses like Giant mole and D-kings gives them more of a reason to go bossing. I understand we wont to keep this a Pre Eoc server but adding things to this to make it great in its own way would be amazing like Boss pets or even adding in a New boss one Designed by Fury himself that drops unique rewards (higher tier weps) and even add in a fury amulet drop as well to the fury boss just would be iconic to receive a fury from the fury boss. Please can I get everyone's opinion on boss drops and new bosses, any way thanks for reading Snowy.
  2. A farewell for now.

    get better lena hope to see you back to finish off your 200m all <3
  3. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    where's the bronze armour set?
  4. Diamond Donor Zone

    Hey guys just wanted to start a discussion on the next tier of donor zone I have some ideas that ill like to suggest feel free to add your opinion on what you think or what you'll like to add yourself. So the list I have so far will be: Frost dragons 4-5 dragons Gold/coal living rock mineral mine deposit 6-8 rune ore rocks Higher tier crafting store holding more diamonds gems and sell dragonstone even provide dragon hides Pure essence shop selling up to 250-500 at a time 5-6 magic trees Shop that provides living rock mineral bait to catch rocktails/cavefish Higher tier Mummies that drop more supplies and better drop rates Extra Herb patch New thieve store providing more XP but not as much Gold per hour 3-4 dragon imping spawn Some of these ideas might seem O.P but please keep in mind it is a $500.00 donor benefit and that Is a lot of money to donate to the server so you should be rewarded fairly I like to think. Please give me feed back or what else you think this zone should have thanks guys for reading this.
  5. AdamR's Helper application

    I think Adamr deservers this title as he is helpful and also is great to have banter with.
  6. Vote Shop Feedback?

    I agree with this update to the shop Lena great idea
  7. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    your bank is goals to be honest looks like you almost have got all the items in game
  8. Snowys Bank 11b total xp

    Hey guys this is my bank so far, will update every few weeks showing my progress to rank 1