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  1. Free Forum Sigs

    The background color is identical to that on this forums. So it makes the background look opaque, when it's actually not You might have to fuck around with the background color to match whatever forum you're uploading it to.
  2. Free Forum Sigs

    Glad you like it man!
  3. Free Forum Sigs

    Here you go man, attempted to add the ironman logo but it's up to you if you like it Ay man looks dope, did you use Photoshop for them?
  4. Free Forum Sigs

    I'll do this ASAP, don't have photoshop on my laptop so when I'm home I'll get around to doing this.
  5. Welcome to Fury Kirk!

    Welcome to Fury Rage! Seen you a few times in-game, also watched you pull a H'ween from a dono box too. Luck mf
  6. Free Forum Sigs

    Thanks guys! If I end up getting enough requests I might end up making a new thread where I offer ones that I actually put a bit of time into
  7. Free Forum Sigs

    I'll be honest, the mod crown was hard to fit in because it sort of looks out of place because they're all 8-bit pictures but I tried to add it anyway lol (looks strange to me but you be the judge). Also tried my best to add the quote in at a readable size Crown; No Crown;
  8. Free Forum Sigs

    Haha, glad you like it man If you want to get rid of that border around your sig, instead of adding the picture straight from your pc you have to add it through url. Not sure why but adding a picture straight from your pc gives you that border around it. Ay cheers man, literally take like 5 minutes to make
  9. Free Forum Sigs

    Here, remember it was made in like 5 mins lol but it should do until you get yourself a nice sig And there's a version without the partyhat;
  10. Free Forum Sigs

    If you'd like a shitty forum sig like my current one, post below and I'll make one up for you. Obviously the design will be slightly different (different colours and variations in text effect), and there will only be a quote under your name if you tell me what quote you want. Guess you could use this template; Name: Quote:
  11. Hello

    No worries champ, I work very hard on the server so I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.
  12. Damn the zbow drop, ridiculous rng lol, gz on drops and winning giveaway
  13. Draynor

    I agree, definitely more important things to be done first but I thought I'd chuck a thread up about it so its on the radar for an eventual fix
  14. Draynor

    The Willows at Draynor look like playdough and the fishing spots interfere with cutting them down, not sure if there's much that can be done but would be nice to have the area fixed The visuals of the trees dont bother me at all its more the fact that when I try to cut down a tree I accidentally try and fish constantly.
  15. Hip-Hop Playlist

    I'm slowly building a public Hip-Hop playlist, thought I may as well drop the link here in-case there's a few others here who are interested. There will be quite a few tracks you've more than likely never heard of on there, and no there is no mumble rap on this playlist, sorry Also, let me know what you think of X (itsxmusic) he's a huge talent from LA, if you're into Hip-Hop you'll probably appreciate how smooth this man is.