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  1. Farming Charms

    You Literally pretty much just copied this from the wiki... Direct Quote: Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim in F2P, surpassed by the deadly red spider and revenant knight. Hellhounds are also known for their very high drop rate of hard clue scrolls. 2nd Direct Quote: Hellhounds can be an excellent way to train melee for F2P players, as players can exploit their weakness to slash with the Rune 2h sword and Gravite 2h sword, possibly getting more experience per hour than Deadly red spiders. Keep in mind: hellhounds are found only in the Wilderness in F2P worlds, so beware of the risk of PKers. The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Hellhound
  2. Slight Farewell

    I've been Pretty Inactive for the past few day's or so i've had alot of things going on i tend to be back in a few weeks/Month, but i fully intend to come back and finished what i started, just figured i would address this.
  3. Sym's December Suggestions

    I stand behind all of these aswell. +1
  4. Nice Little Surprise

    https://gyazo.com/408804c326c4ffd957d9b71d2c4c8909 Was doing some legit nex Solo's and i actually got a drop. Pogchamppp
  5. Hey everyone, Here is a quick little video showing you guy's the method to get the best xp rate's in dung as everyone always has ton's of question's regarding What complexity to do highest floor the dung reset all of that. So i thought i would showcase exactly what to do and walk you through the process. I Hope everyone enjoyed the video and happy dunging. -Max
  6. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 2

    Good video Astro Keep it up.
  7. Loot From 100 Crystal Keys

    What's going on guy's im back with another opening, today's video is gonna show you guy's loot from 100 crystal key's i hope you guy's enjoy ! -Max
  8. Linked Above is A Video Showing you the easiest way's to get 1-99 Herblore, Below i will Give you all the information, Regarding XP Rates and a rough estimate of how many potion's you will need to make! I hope you all Enjoy as this was alot of Number's and xp rate's i had to go through manually. -Max Everything Marked with a asterisk(*) Is how many you will need to make/Clean(Rough Estimate As i didn't add in cleaning and etc.) Potion Type: Base XP: With Vote: With x2 Event/Weekend and Vote: Cleaning Guams 1-3 100(*2) 145(*2) 190(*1) Attack Potion's 3-30 1000(*14) 1450(*10) 1900(*7) Defence Potions 30-38 3000(*6) 4350(*4) 5850(*3) Prayer Potions 38-45 3500(*9) 5075(*6) 6825(*6) Super Attack 45-53 4000(*20) 5800(*13) 7800(*10) Hunter Potion 53-66 4800(*75) 6960(*51) 9360(*38) Super Defence 66-72 6000(*67) 8700(*46) 11,700(*34) Ranging Potion 72-76 6500(*67) 9425(*46) 12,675(*34) Magic Potion 76-81 6900(*124) 10,005(*86) 13,455(*64) Sara Brew's 81-85 7200(*145) 10440(*101) 14040(*75) Super Anti 85-91 8400(*196) 12180(*135) 16380(*100) Super Anti(Alternative)85-99 8400(*1166) 12180(*804) 16380(*598) Extreme Magic's 91-99 10,000(*710) 14500(*459) 19,000(*373)
  9. Road to Finishing Comp Cape EP. 1

    I Know Astro is Doing a Ironman Comp Serie's But i just wanted to finish out my comp cape on my main so ima record it throughout and bring you guy's along on the journey! Hope you guy's Enjoyed i hopefully fixed audio and music being to loud etc make sure to let me know! -Max
  10. Solo Nex Guide!

    Alright So ima Try to Explain This Phase By Phase For soloing, Although Watching the Guide will help you ton's more with placement seeing it in action so on so forth. However For Phase's Im Going to Be Breaking Them Down. Tip: Don't Go In Mid stay on the outside Phase 1: Prayer Melee: The Fight: Hop in The Fight and Start Dpsing Nex Down With Melee Prayer On (You should be preoverloaded) Continue to Fight Nex (Make Sure to use Your Specs Early) If needing to Eat make your yak grab nex attention that way you can save more food/Hp. Once Nex Hits The Hp for you to attack the Minion Make your Yak attack nex agian and turn your prayer to Mage Prayer (Melee When Nex Is On You,Mage when not) Switch Your side prayer onto piety and get your rapier out and dps the minion down. Phase 2: Prayer: Range The Fight: As usual this is Hell Phase, KEEP RANGE PRAYER UP THIS WHOLE PHASE. Go ahead and switch back to your range gear with range prayer and rigour on (ReOverload here) Go ahead and start dpsing Nex and continuing to use your yak as a tank when needing to eat here (Super useful with the amount of damage you take on this phase) When Nexspawns the shadow's under you, GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE FAST. Once Nex reach's the HP to attack the minion go ahead and switch to Piety and Rapier and unload your Spec's and dps it Down, KEEP RANGE PRAYER ON. (Drops Brew's Towards the Next Minion if needed if your yak is low, as shown in the video and juggle them) Phase 3: Prayer: Melee This is the 2nd hardest phase, Go ahead and switch back to your range weapon and turn on protect from melee, Spawn your Titan Once your yak dies (It should die somewhere around this phase) Nex has abilities on this Phase such As, Siphon: Don't attack Nex when this happens if you hit a 50, she heals a 50. Blood Reavers: She can Spawn anywhere from 1-3, Make sure you get rid of these quick as she can absorb them and heal herself. Blood Sacrifice : She will try to steal some of your HP to herself, Make sure you're paying attention to chat as you will get a warning for it. Just move a tad Bit away. Once Nex is Low enough Get your Steel Titan to tank for you and switch your prayer to Mage and Melee her Minion down (Using Your Specs of course, and switching to piety) Phase 4: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Not Much goes on in this phase, Just keep melee prayer Up and Continue to Fight her until she call's for her minion to help, get your steel titan to tank as needed throughout the phase and once you get on her minion use your titan to tank while killing it and switch over to Piety/Mage Prayer. Phase 5: Prayer: Melee The Fight: Your Steel titan may die on last phase or the phase before, Just spawn your 2nd titan pouch and Unload on Nex the entire time, Use your Scroll's throughout the fight of P3,P4,P5 as needed. Nex Has Some abilities on this phase but nothing DPS Heavy, She will switch between Soulsplit and Protect Melee, Obviously don't use your spec's when Nex is praying Melee, Continue to Fight Nex down and Once toward's the end of the phase make sure you eat up so you don't die to the wraith and the end as it can hit 60, You can still go back in and get your loot (It's not gone forever) But try not to die as you just accomplished something that is pretty hard to do which is soloing Nex. Congrats to everyone who may have achieved a solo kill and Anyone who plan's to do so. I hope you all the best Luck and all the Best fortune! Happy Hunting! -Max
  11. Hey Everyone! Here is another Video showcasing some of the loot you can get from Armadyl(Kree), I know it's only 50 kills but ill be expanding more and more kill's as time goes on and will be recording them all over time to eventually make some huge Boss Drop Log Videos! I hope you guy's enjoy this video -Max
  12. Armadyl Guide

    Hey Everyone, Here is a quick little Armadyl Guide to show you guy's how to do armadyl in a fairly efficient way! Hope all of you enjoy and happy hunting -Max
  13. People Alway's are confused about this so i felt that i needed to make a video explaining this! -Max
  14. Just Some Note's Sorry For the Music at 2:20 Forgot to stop my Spotify, I thought it edited the volume out of the clip but i guess Not. The Mouse Get's Fixed afterawhile(I started recording this before the nex guide last guide, Thanks to Astro for Telling me the fix solution for it) I hope you guys enjoyed this video, it took a long ass time to make. -Max
  15. So Welcome To My Fury Nex guide today i have a video of a duo with me and hole that we did recently, Now i explained the best i can in the video and you can watch the video for tactic's and what to do on each phase but for the sake of it im going to break this down into Phase's and how do handle each one aswell in text. So lets get Started! Helpful Tip: NEVER step foot into the cross on the middle of the boss arena, stay on the outskirt's at all times. If you walk into the middle and she does her ability you will get recked. Hard. Other Helpful Tip: When your Yak Run's Out Of Food,Spawn a steel Titan as a pack yak would be pointless at this Point, Helps alot with extra Dps and Tanking! Phase 1: Prayer: Mage This will be a Standard Tank and Spank if you will. You will be in the North West Corner of the fight arena, and will be praying mage You will DPS nex down until she say's "Fumus Don't Fail me" At this point you will attack Fumus, and get your yak to attack Nex for you. (See the guide for a demonstration on that) Phase 2: Prayer: Range This is BY FAR the worst Phase, Once you're done dpsing Fumus down you will switch to Range Prayer and start pulling nex to the North-East corner of the Map, She will occasionally spawn these dark circle's under you that will absolutely Wreck you (Hole and i got hit by them one each in the video and it wreck's your hp) Try not to stand there for to long, as soon as they spawn get the hell out of dodge. Fast. Nex does alot of Dps on this phase and will wreck you alot so be very careful here and making sure you're full Hp constantly. Once you have Nex down enough Hp on this phase see will Say "Umbra Dont fail me" This is the Time you will Turn and start attacking the minion.( Make sure you make your yak attack Nex and tank for you to reduce damage) REMINDER: She can( and will ) Continue to keep spawning the dark shadow's under you so don't think you're safe just yet. Phase 3: Prayer: Melee Congrats, You made it out of the worst possible part of this fight by far, Once you're down with Hell Phase (Phase 2) Switch your prayer to melee and proceed Down to the South-East Corner, This phase is pretty cake she will spawn Blood Siphon Reaver's from time to time, Make sure you immediately get off Nex and DPS them down, if you don't kill them in time she will eat them and regen Hp and make the fight Longer then it need's to be. She will occasionally target you and it will give you a message in your chat to "RUN" make sure you do just as that says and RUN (Not far a few steps will do, don't take it literally and circle the whole boss area like i've seen people do) Once you're down enough with her HP you will ask her minion for assistance like the other Phase's get off Nex and start dpsing the Minion Down. (Continue to Use your Yak To tank while doing so to reduce Damage) Phase 4: Prayer: Melee After You're Down Attacking Her Minion and Killing it, Move on Down to The South-West Corner where most of the remainder of the fight will happen. This Phase is super simple there is Nothing to Actually worry about here but just eating (Hope you brought Enough Food) Keep that Melee Prayer up and Proceed to Just Dps Nex and when she call's for her minion to help her, just DPS and kill it and you're clear of Phase 4! Phase 5: Final Phase Prayer: Melee Once that Minion Is Down, Nex will call for the help of Zaros, She will occasionally switch between SoulSplit And Protect Melee. This Final Phase is Super Easy as well Just a simple Tank and Spank while Keeping that HP up Until the End of The Fight, Once the fight is nearing a close, Make sure you're pretty full Hp as Nex will Use Wraith when she die's and it hits Around 40-60. Don't Die to This and absolutely Hate yourself. You can still go back and grab your loot, but Imagine Thinking you're done and you managed to do and then getting one shot and wondering what just went wrong so fast. Roller Coaster of Emotion's There (Try to Avoid That in all seriousness) Congrat's Everyone You have completed Nex and are now Super excited to start Grinding Nex for those sweet Gear everyone love's so much. I Hope Everyone enjoyed the Guide and the Video and i wish you all Luck in your Quest to Combat Nex and Succeed. God Speed -Max