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  1. gem mine

    i think other gems should be added as trying to get dragonstone is hard but I think you should be able to mine it at say lvl 97 mining
  2. gem mine

    there is an issue at this gem mine, it wont allow me to mine these how I can mine the opal gems, can someone help me please, I am at the Neitiznot mine
  3. Dung issue

    dark rooms and cant move forward has happened before aswell
  4. Clue scroll

    I have found a clue scroll however when I have tried to complete it dosn't want to work the scroll says: cheer in the barbarian agility arena, headbang before you speak to me, Equip a steel platebody, maple shortbow and bronze boots would you guys be able to sort this as I would like to complete my clue scroll I have tried all different ways for the task to be completed but nothing is working
  5. Hello

    Hello everyone, hope all is good and would like to thank all staff for their time and effert into the server