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  1. Free Forum Sigs

    Yeah he's not on these forums, he wanted me to do it for him I like it, could you change the name to 'Orly' instead, as he's changed accounts sorry to be a bother. I like the background of it honestly, and I think he would too. Just a name change would be sweet from 'Iron Pants' to 'Orly'. If you want to change it around background wise you can; he didn't really tell me what he wanted, something basic like you've done. Don't worry about how tight you are with time, I'm happy to wait I keep him updated from time to time, so we ight
  2. Free Forum Sigs

    Requesting for a friend of mine Name: Iron Pants Quote: None; he just wants it plain and simple but to look somewhat decent too <3
  3. Free Forum Sigs

    Oh haha, didn't think of that. That's actually making sense haha. I'll give it a go, cheers again man hopefully see you around in-game
  4. Free Forum Sigs

    Are they suppose to show black in the background, or is it how I saved it haha? Looks fine on here, when it's on a different forums, it looks black boxed. (Example) then down a bit it looks fine on here.
  5. Free Forum Sigs

    Bro you did a fucking awesome job, I love it 1000% thanks so much <3
  6. Free Forum Sigs

    Too ez ty
  7. Free Forum Sigs

    Name: Fe Network (For another server, HCIM mode). Quote: One Life, Challenge Accepted! With maybe this somewhere in it/behind it somehow?