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  1. Not spoken with you much but when I have, its been a pleasure. Hope to see you back eventually!
  2. Sym's December Suggestions

    Some well thought out ideas here, I support this +1
  3. Belkin's Bank

    Yes I will do some more pvming for the sets That's in the plans! probably this month some time.
  4. Belkin's Bank

    This is just a quick flex of my recent drops from my slayer tasks, not bad for an ironman huh?
  5. Fury Herblore Guide 1-99 Easiest Methods!

    Keep up the videos bro, you can definitely see an improvement each time you release one.
  6. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 1

    Good luck man, I will be watching these, might pick up some tips too.
  7. Buying x2 $10 donations

    As stated in title, I am buying 2 $10 donations for my ironman account so you will have to donate with my username (Belkin) I am offering 10 dragonfire shields, fury, fury orn kit, berserker ring (i), ring of wealth (i) and steadfast boots and 107m cash. This is roughly 900m of items/cash.