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    Wasn't quite expecting to see that here, to be honest. lol
  2. I appreciate the feedback, but my intentions here were only to show the very basic of information on getting images from your client to the forum. Personally I use Puu.Sh, a snippet tool, in which all of the photos in the thread were taken. Just don't see it as basic information and computer skills.
  3. PLEASE GIVE ME PICTURES OF YOUR PETS Here's a few of my cat.
  4. There is a really nice button in the client that looks like this: . It can be pressed and a screenshot of your current ingame screen to be saved to your harddrive. Now, some of you might have wondered, "Now where exactly do I find this magical Screen Capture?" LOOK NO FURTHER. This guide will show you in depth step by step how to take, find, and upload a screenshot to the forums with little or no computer experience. STEP 1 Take a screenshot. I know this step might seem a bit redundant, but to stay true to the preamble, I have to say this. To take a screenshot with the client, simply press the button on the bottom right of your chatbox located here: Once you press this button, a message in you chatbox will appear like so: You might think to yourself "well, what is and where is my data folder...?" A data folder is a place where an application stores data on your computer. Fury is of no exception, and has a data folder that is easy to find. STEP 2 Finding your Data Folder(PC ONLY) To find your data folder open your File Explorer. It has an icon that looks like such on windows 10: it is usually located on your taskbar, but you can search for it on your computer by typing in File explorer in the search function. Once opened, you should see a screen like so: Click on and open your Local Disk (C:) The filepath that you will follow to get to the screenshots folder will be as follows: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (your account) > .fury > screenshots The screenshots are named by the date and time they were taken. This makes it easy to sort and find the ones you are looking for. STEP 3 Uploading your Screenshot to the forum This, while being one of the easiest parts, is one of the most crucial parts. To upload an image to the forum you can simply drag and drop it from the file explorer that we pulled up in the last step, or you are able to select the image(s) that you wish to upload via the media uploading feature provided by the forum. When you press "choose files..." you can go to the same filepath: and select the screenshot(s) you wish to upload. Thank you all for viewing my guide. I hope it has helped. Here's a picture of my cat to help sweeten your experience.
  5. Hello Friends

    Hello everyone who views this thread. My forum name is Boolin, but I mainly play on "No Combat" ingame. I love skilling and resource collection. I haven't been playing very long, but I am really enjoying playing the server. It's filled with very helpful people and people who share my love of runescape private servers. Here's a lil peak at my stats I enjoy skilling and watching youtube and netflix. Multitasking is a fond skill of mine. I enjoy using the forums and reading all the wonderful posts that are made by everyone here, regardless of how few and far between they seem at times. I look forward to seeing everyone around ingame!
  6. Staff Application

    I like the enthusiasm of wanting to help others, but you should probably take a look at the requirements of being a helper before you post the application. Might want to edit it with the required information!
  7. Sym's December Suggestions

    It's a bit rough, but that's what I see when I think about it in my head. Or a list instead of sections like I put.
  8. @Dreams

    I appreciate the feedback! It doesn't take too long to make them, but they do look very nice.
  9. @Dreams

    Hello friend. I told you that I'd help you get rid of that horrible signature... If you want anything changed, let me know. (I can't remember what donator you were, but I think you said it was diamond.)
  10. Road To Completionist Iron Man | Episode 2

    Had me dead at "GWAMS"