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  1. I tend to disconnect frequently due to unstable internet, and it is a massive pain to have to put in my bank pin every time I have to reconnect. The title says it all. It's just a simple quality of life request but it would make my life easier, and others with an unstable connection.
  2. Wildy Wyrm (with basic equipment)

    Nice guide man, looks very professional. will we be seeing a bloodtree guide next? :')
  3. Evicite's Runecrafting Guide

    Thank you man, i appreaciate the feedback
  4. Runecrafting is a pretty simple skill, since you only have to change what you're doing once or twice, but the skill is very tedious and time-consuming. Especially in game modes like Legend. The one upside to it is that if you get the clicks down it becomes pretty AFK so you can watch a movie or something while doing it. What you will need: Pure Essence 96+ Summoning (For a Yak) Death Teleport Tabs (Once Level 65) 50+ Defence Tanky Gear You can do Runecrafting without the Gear/Defence by using the safe path to the left in ZMI but this will be longer per run. You can also do it without the Yak but I wouldn't recommend it as you can do 2 inventories per run instead of 1, effectively halving your max time. 1-65/1-99 (ZMI Altar) (Skilling -> Runecrafting -> ZMI Altar) To start Runecrafting you will want to go to the ZMI Altar with your pure essence. I would recommend favouriting the teleport, this is so you don't have to click through the teleports every single time. Once you have teleported follow the path and go down the ladders near the Chaos Altar. If you have a low defence then take the safe route to the left, I wouldn't recommend doing this as it will take you a lot longer. Once at the end of the path, you will need to click on the altar to get your runes/XP, after this teleport home, bank, and repeat. You can do this until level 65 if you want to do Death Runes which will give you more XP an hour but this is reliant on you being focused at all times and will require a lot more essence. If you would rather do it casually then do ZMI from 1-99. 65-77/65-99 (Death Altar) To get to the Death Altar, you will need to teleport to the Runecraft Guild and buy Death Altar Tablets from the Wizard Elriss. After you have bought your Death Altar Tablets keep them in your inventory at all times and follow the same process as before. Get your pure essence, use a tablet to teleport, make your runes, teleport home, bank, and repeat until 99. 77-99 (Blood Altar) Blood runes will get you to 99 slightly quicker than deaths. On Regular there is barely any difference so do whichever you prefer. You can get the tablets the same way as Death altar tablets and you will follow the same routine as deaths. XP RATES All of my XP/Essence calculations are based on a 2 inventory run (56 Essence on ZMI, 54 Essence on others). The ZMI Altar rates will vary as it is random runes, sometimes you will get more, sometimes less. ESSENCE NEEDED Honestly, I'm not sure if this is right, because the essence needed seems a bit extreme but everytime I calculated it I got the same answer. So either you need this amount or I'm an idiot and calculated it wrong.
  5. Evicite's Fishing Guide

    Welcome to my fishing guide, this is my first guide so please comment any mistakes I may have made and I will fix it. The equipment that you will need to get from 1- 99 are as follows: 1 Small Fishing Net 1 Fishing Rod & Bait (None Ironman) 1 Fly Fishing Rod & Feathers (Ironman Only) 1 Lobster Pot 1 Harpoon Keep all the fish you get to then cook later for XP Levels 1 - 25 (Shrimps & Anchovies) To start, you will want to bring your small net and go to Draynor using the woodcutting teleport. (Skilling Teleport -> Woodcutting - > Draynor) Levels 25 - 40 (Pikes) (None Ironman) After getting level 25, switch to bait fishing in the same spot. There is also a bank right beside you in case you forgot your fishing rod and bait. Level 25 - 40 (Trouts & Salmon) (Ironman Only) If you are playing an Ironman then you will want to fish Trout & Salmon at the Barbarian Village instead. This is because you can get the feathers from chickens easier and quicker than bait. (Skilling Teleports -> Fishing -> Barbarian Village) Level 40 - 62 (Lobsters) Once level 40, you should move to Lobsters at the Fishing Guild. If you prefer at Level 50 you can move to harpoon fishing the lobster spots to get Tuna and Swordfish. Swordfish will give you more XP than lobsters, but Tuna gives you less. I prefer to just do lobsters straight to 62 since it is consistent but Harpooning could potentially be faster if you are lucky. (Skilling Teleports -> Fishing -> Fishing Guild) Level 62 - 76 (Monkfishes) After getting Level 62, collect your small net and teleport to the Fishing Colony. Be aware that the fishing spots say Lure and Bait but this is wrong, just click on any of the fishing spots to the north and you will get Monkfish. (Skilling Teleport -> Fishing - > Fishing Colony) Level 76 - 99 (Sharks) Finally, once you have made it to Level 76, make your way back to the Fishing Guild. This time Harpoon fish the spots shown below and not the same ones as lobsters, these will only give you Tuna and Swordfish. (Skilling Teleport -> Fishing -> Fishing Guild) Since it is impossible to know how many of each fish will drop, such as Shrimp and Anchovies. Each "Fish Needed" will be how many of that certain fish you would need without any of the other. Remember to bank and cook all the fish you have after getting 99. This should also get you 99 cooking. XP Rates Fish Needed