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  1. *RARE* Yellow Partyhat

    If you're interested in buying , PM me in-game - The Pocay
  2. ISO these items (CASH OFFER)

    I am willing to pay (CASH) for the following items: Dominion Sword Dominion Crossbow DFS Full Pernix _________________________________________________ Add and PM me in-game if you've got any of these for sale. Thanks! IGN: The Pocay
  3. Get to know me (:

    I also just realized I posted this in the wrong section but uhhh, don't tell anyone :')
  4. Get to know me (:

    Pocay here! I'm 17 years old currently living in Washington state. I am Hawaiian and SOUTH Korean. This is actually my first time back in the RSPS scene. I am very familiar with Runescape and its private servers. Weird little flex but I have the 10 year cape on rs3 (: I'm a defensive back for my High-Schools football team and if you ever want to talk football, I can put up a good argument! I am very caught up with memes and spend most of my day on Instagram meme pages. It's 1 am as i'm typing this so a lot of it probably makes no sense but uhhh, YEAH! Feel free to pm me in game if you wanna chat, trade, or gamble (: IGN: The Pocay