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  1. Honestly even just a wealth reset with new content and everything would be fine with me.
  2. +1 to Regis on some of the parts, i liked the idea of keeping the dominion stuff, I don't have any upgraded sets so that's out of the question for me, but i did have 2 dominion crossbows, also my tokkul ring.
  3. Items/Stats should definitely be reset if you're "re-launching" the server and trying to attract new people. I agree with Lena, the most issue i had was the lag tbh.
  4. Afterzun Staff Application

    Timezone: Eastern Discord Tag: NoChill#4762 Languages: English InGame name: Afterzun Your contributions to Fury: My runescape knowledge, knowledge of things in the server, reporting bugs when found. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I've been playing runescape since classic, I know the original game, i've been playing fury for a little while now so i know things about fury, I help with anything i can, i've been staff on other servers a long time ago, as well as co-owner of a few. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Atleast 3-4 hours, depending on my days off, i mostly play at night, i work during the day. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Knowing how to handle an issue, Knowing how to help people with questions or anything they may need, also communication to the owner/other staff members.