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  1. All I can say is that I love this server, one of my favourites. I wanna play here more with the friends I made because every one of them were like a family, might be a vague way of saying it, but truly everyone was kind,friendly and helpful. I really do want to get more involved with the server and see the it grow because it has smart things like nex drops for up to 5 people or corporeal beast for up to 3 people, I have not seen that anywhere,tradable pk point system is a great thing aswell it gives a sort of reward for the pkers because you cuold ussualy save up for items or sell them to players for a decent amount of coins, it was sad to see the last few days before the shut down, at that moment I was online a lot and I would see the few (3-4) players online the same ones in fact it was truly heart breaking to see the server dying after the time I spent playing on it with some very cool people who I still tried to hype up for the relaunch (even though I was out of hope at that time). So yeah, I do believe the server can be great if we had updates,bug fixes and some more activities to do. Sorry for the long note for you guys. Thank you for reading, I love you all. Hope for the best!
  2. Tbh i dont want a wealth reset atleast because im losing a lot then... the server is great actually, just needs some updates,bug fixes and a bit more of custom bosses and more things to do, for the few months that i played it was really fun and i put a lot of time into it so thats why id be sad if there was an item reset i have the feeling i wuold just quit because of an item reset...