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  1. Sammy's crashed star guide and locations

    nice guide, might need a little bit of English check, there are a lot of simplifications and stuff, pretty annoying in a guide. Example: u is written you and ur is your ...
  2. Sammy's Dagannoth Kings guide

    i really love this guide,i have started a rogue/cleric and its help me a lot now when you say leveling solo with 5 lvl highers than you,are you talking with CE or DD on,or without them?
  3. Bobbydaniel's List of guides (updated 8/31/2018)

    Monster Drops - Post what you find and I or a staff member will Edit it onto the list. THIS IS NOT COMPLETE I NEED YOUR HELP Slayer
  4. Wildy Wyrm (with basic equipment)

    For me its not even working with the internal 3rd party controller. only test with USB 2 Maybe there are some further properties needed, the apple SSDTs have much more entries for XHCx.